tagGroup SexSharing Her Best Friend's Husband

Sharing Her Best Friend's Husband


It had been a long day of sales calls and highway miles, and the setting sun was glaring directly into Sophia's eyes as she pulled into town. Tomorrow would be another day of customer appointments and driving before she was back home, but at least she wouldn't have to stay in another hotel room. Tonight she would be staying with two of her dearest friends, Mike and Maria. It had been over a year since they were last able to coordinate their schedules, so Sophia had manipulated this trip to allow for some much needed catch-up time.

The shade from the trees provided a welcome barrier from the blinding sun as she turned onto a drive leading to a rambling ranch on the outskirts of town. She pulled around to the garage, parked the car, then got out and stretched beside her car. She took in the peacefulness of the area: quite the contrast to her city apartment. The house wasn't very far from the road, but the large yard and landscaping afforded a great deal of privacy on all sides.

"Sophie! You finally made it!"

Sophia spun around to see Maria, her best friend since grade school and most trusted confidant, walking towards her with arms outstretched.

"I am so happy to be here! Gosh, you're a sight for sore eyes," Sophia said, returning Maria's hug. "Its so good to see you; I've missed you so much!" She added an extra tight hug for emphasis, then leaned into the backseat of the car to grab her bag. "I'm looking forward to a long evening of chatting and relaxing!"

"Well, come on in; we'll get you settled and maybe go for a swim before dinner." Maria led the way through the open garage door into the spacious kitchen.

"Wow! What smells so good?" Sophia inquired, breathing in the aromas coming from the oven.

"I hope you don't mind, but I decided to cook. I'd rather stay in than go out tonight, but of course if you want to go out..."

"No, staying in is just fine with me! I really don't want to get into a car again any sooner than I can help," Sophia laughed.

"Great! Dinner won't be ready for a while yet. Would you like a drink? Mike taught me to make a mean margarita," Maria winked.

"Under Mike's tutelage I am sure that you have learned much... I'll take one right after I dump my stuff and change. Point me in a direction!"

"You'll be in the room across from us again; we're redecorating the one on the end, and the fourth room is just packed with stuff."

"Redecorating?" Sophia looked quizzically at Maria. "Anything you want to tell me?"

Maria laughed, "It's not what you are thinking; no kids in our future! Now scoot. I'll be waiting for you with that drink."

Sophia waved and went down the hall, past the living room on the left and dining room overlooking the backyard on the right. Entering a hallway that branched off to the bedrooms and bathrooms, she went through her appointed doorway.

The house was huge: 4 bedrooms with 2 and a half baths, for just the two of them. Mike and Maria had purchased the place from his parents when they decided they wanted to retire early and move to Florida.

Sophia kicked off her heels as she entered the room, knocking them under the night stand to the right of the bed, a particularly comfortable queen-size that had nestled her well on her previous overnight visits. There was also an attached bath, shared with the other room on this side of the hall.

She padded over to the door to check it out as she unbuttoned her blouse. Maria had thought of everything. New scented candles and designer soaps were arranged around the edge of the soaking tub. A nice long soak really appealed to Sophia at that moment, but it could wait. A swim in the pool and drinks on the deck before dinner would be just fine.

Back in the bedroom, she draped her blouse and slacks over the desk chair and they were soon joined by her bra and panties. Catching a glimpse of her reflection in the mirror, she paused momentarily to appraise herself. Her face was attractive, and framed by long, dark brown hair that fanned over her shoulders, covering the tops of her 36C breasts, almost to her perky, dark nipples.

She put her hands on her waist and twisted, viewing her buttocks in the mirror. She had a nice, high, rounded butt that looked particularly good in pants. Her legs were long and shapely and they lead up to the short dark curls that covered her mound, neatly trimmed to a small V. All in all, she was an attractive woman, but not, she felt, the petite doll that was Maria!

Turning to rummage in her bag for her swimsuit, Sophia pulled out a black one-piece and a light cotton cover-up. Moments later, she rejoined Maria in the kitchen.

"I just took our glasses out to the deck. Here's a tray of cheese and crackers to munch on, if you would carry them out, please. I have the pitcher of happiness!"

Sophia noticed that Maria had stripped down to a red two-piece suit with a sarong to match. The red was stunning, and complemented her shoulder-length blond hair and fair complexion. Compared to Maria's petite frame, Sophia always felt rather awkward and ungainly.

Sophia opened the French doors to the deck and was reminded again of the heat and humidity that carried long into the evening hours. The cool comfort of the house difficult to leave. The pool had been a fairly new addition during Sophia's last visit, but it was clear they had continued to work on the surrounding area to make it even more inviting. She also noticed an addition of a hot tub just to the left, beyond the French doors.

Walking over to the table where Maria had placed the glasses, Sophia set down the tray. Turning to her hostess, she asked "Do you mind if I take a quick dip first?"

Maria motioned towards the pool with a laugh. "Have at it!"

Pulling the cover-up over her head, Sophia walked to the edge at the deep end and gracefully dove in. The cool water was a shock, but became more and more tolerable as she swam the length and back. Several laps later, Maria joined her. They raced the last lap to the shallow end, Maria reaching the edge just inches before Sophia.

"I figured that the best way to get your attention was to join you!" Maria joked.

"Sorry," Sophia smiled apologetically, "you know how I am around water."

Standing in the waist-deep water, Sophia noticed the gentle motion of the waves lapping just below Maria's ample breasts. It was clear from her pert nipples that the water was on the cool side for her, too.

"Mike called while you were powering through your laps, he's going to be delayed a couple of hours, so it's just the two of us for the time being." She shrugged as she led the way out of the pool. "He is really looking forward to seeing you, so I told him not to be too late."

At the table, she bent over to open a cleverly disguised fridge and removed the pitcher of margaritas. After deftly filling both glasses, she raised hers.

"To good friends."

Sophia echoed both Maria's motion, and the traditional toast.

Taking a long drink before settling onto a cushioned bench, Sophia glanced around at the luxurious surroundings, relishing in the euphoria that was stealing through her body.

"Its so good to have you here," Maria said from her lounge chair. "We just don't get to see you often enough."

"I know. I miss you two. Work has been picking up and with even more money going into our travel budget, who knows? Maybe it won't be so long between now and my next visit!" She beamed at the thought of more frequent visits. "Its such a beautiful evening, hard to imagine that summer is already over."


An hour passed as they caught up on recent news, Maria's job and the woes of Sophia's single life. The pitcher of margaritas had long since been depleted and they enjoyed a few beers that were in the little pool side fridge.

"It's not like it was when we were roomies and going out every night to dance and have fun..." Sophia trailed off. "It was just more fun when we worked together to bring someone home. We had some wild times, didn't we?" Taking a long drink from her bottle, she tapped the side with a long, red nail, "This one is dead, got any more over there?"

Maria opened the fridge and produced the last beer. Walking it over to Sophia, she stumbled slightly. Reaching to catch her, Sophia placed her hands on the smaller woman's hips. A moment ticked by. Sophia was suddenly very aware of the warm and silky skin under her hands. Pulling Maria's hips gently forward, Sophia leaned in and placed a lingering kiss just below Maria's belly button.

From above her she heard a slight gasp of surprise.

"You don't mind, do you?" Sophia asked coyly, just before toppling the smaller woman into her waiting lap. Pleased by the lack of struggle from Maria, Sophia was encouraged. Putting her lips to Maria's head, "You are my best friend in the world, the only woman I have ever wanted. I love you," she whispered into the blond hair. "Are you okay with this?" Her fingers gently rested on Maria's bare belly. Maria's body trembled in response, but she remained still.

Emboldened by the lack of resistance, Sophia brought her free hand to one of Maria's luscious breasts, cupping it through the bikini top, her thumb stroking the already hard nipple. Moving on from the breast, Sophia's hand traced Maria's collarbone and then the back of her neck, tipping the pliant woman's head back making her full lips available for the gentle and coaxing kisses that soon rained down upon them. Maria's surprise quickly faded and she ardently returned the kisses.

The silence of the encroaching evening was punctuated by the quiet moans of the women as their kisses became more passionate and their hands began to explore one another's body.

Breathlessly, Maria stood and silently held her hand out to Sophia, leading her to the doors hidden beyond the hot tub. The evening shadows were beginning to grow, but a flip of a switch just inside the door bathed Mike and Maria's bedroom in a gentle glow. Maria continued to lead Sophia, directly to the imposing, king-sized bed, and then proceeded to help her out of her suit. The air conditioning kicked on, chilling them both. Pulling the coverlet and sheet back, she motioned Sophia in. Then disposing of her own swimwear, she joined her under the covers.

Facing one another, their hands sought out the other's body, fingers intertwined as they shivered and giggled with anticipation, breasts lightly caressing against each other. Brushing a lock of hair out of Maria's eyes, Sophia kissed her lips softly and was pleased to feel Maria's hands running the length of her back, pulling her closer as if to meld their bodies into one. The enthusiasm of Maria's response spurred Sophia to the exploration of her friend's gorgeous body. Her hand stroked Maria's jaw as they continued to kiss, her fingers trailing away down the side of her neck, past the collarbone and towards Maria's right breast. Through the kiss, Sophia could feel Maria's excitement and anticipation. As Sophia pulled away from the kiss, Maria's hands caught her head and pulled her back for another deeper, searching kiss. Then, releasing her hold, Maria then settled back to let her friend lead.

Little kisses delineated the path down Maria's throat, then shoulder and down to circle her breast, not immediately centering on the nub of flesh that begged for attention. Sophia smiled through the kisses at the rising impatience in Maria's moans. Maria's normally large, light areolas were suffused with blood, tight and puckered, like a small crown surrounding the rigid nipple that was the destination of Sophia's tongue. Her lips encircled the areola and her tongue drove relentlessly around Maria's nipple, causing the smaller woman to arch her back with pleasure. Sophia switched to a gentle sucking, tugging motion on first one nipple, then the other, grazing each one with just enough teeth to make the woman under her cry out from time to time.

The faint smell of chlorine was replaced by another, more intoxicating, fragrance that rose from Maria's flesh, urging Sophia to continue her path to the neatly trimmed patch of hair above Maria's slit. Sophia heard the gasp of anticipation as she parted Maria's nether lips, her dark nails a strong contrast against the delicate pink flesh. Gently, with thumb and forefinger, she stroked and then captured Maria's engorged clit, rolling it back and forth between them.

"Ahh! Oh, that is so good," she gasped. "Please.." she was cut off by the sensation of Sophia's tongue lapping at her accumulating juices with long, slow, gentle strokes. Releasing the clit, Sophia directed her tongue to worry the nub as she slowly slid two long fingers into Maria's yearning pussy. Crouched between Maria's legs, Sophia took her time to thoroughly explore her friend's body, relishing the response her actions elicited.

"Oh God! Sophie that is so good. Oh more, please more!" Maria thrashed under Sophie's fingers and tongue. Feeling the quivering in Maria's thighs, Sophia added another finger and began thrusting in earnest.

"Oh yesss!" Maria's fingers found Sophia's hair and grabbed a handful forcing Sophia to hold her place. "That is so good, I'm cumming!" she screamed as the first orgasm wracked Maria's body.


The house seemed uncharacteristically dark as Mike pulled in the drive, but then he figured the girls would probably be out back on the deck or swimming. As he entered the house he could smell the dinner that Maria had promised him, though it was quickly approaching overdone.

"Hello?" he called out, as he turned off the stove, realizing no one was in the kitchen or dining room. He moved on to the French doors and looked out to the pool. The landscaping lights were on and fully illuminated the area clearly showing that they weren't out there either.

He peered into the living room as he passed it heading towards the bedrooms, then he heard the unmistakable sound of his wife as he spied the light coming from under their bedroom door. It was a demanding cry that she made as an orgasm crashed over her and one that caused parts of him to respond quite happily even if he was momentarily confused. The door wasn't shut tight and he quietly nudged it open further to see Maria bucking against Sophia's face, her beautiful breasts bouncing erratically and her face a mask of pleasure. Sophia's fingers were frantically working between her own thighs, matching the pace that she had set for Maria with her tongue. His hand strayed mindlessly to his stirring cock and he adjusted himself to a more comfortable position as he contemplated the scene before him.


Maria was building towards her second orgasm when she opened her eyes to see her husband, naked, standing at the foot of the bed. The plush bedroom carpeting had muffled Mike's footsteps and with her attention firmly focused, Sophia was unaware that he had joined them.

Maria winked at her husband and silently welcomed him to join them. Mike had once admitted to her that he thought Sophia was incredibly beautiful and sexy, now was her chance to fulfill his fantasy. She stroked Sophia's hair, enjoying the meeting of their eyes as Sophie looked up at her, not missing a beat.

"Its okay," Maria whispered. A moment later Sophie's eyes shot wide open as Mike's hand stroked her hip. "Shhh," Maria placed a hand on her shoulder, "its okay. Its Mike."

Sophia faltered a moment as Mike joined them on the bed. "Is it ok if I take over for your fingers, they look tired." He winked at her as she nodded, not saying a word.

Positioning himself behind her, Mike bent to lap up the juices that were beginning to coat her thighs, feeling the tremors that his tongue caused run the length of her legs. His fingers spread her lips open and he deftly placed a kiss there, his tongue dipping inside of her, as if he were kissing her mouth. She whimpered into Maria as he pulled away and knelt behind her. She thrilled to the feel of him spreading her legs farther apart and his hands firmly grasping her hips. He stroked the head of his cock back and forth across her opening, once, then twice. Frustrated and eager to have him inside her, she surged back, trying to impale herself on his member, but he stopped her, wanting to savor the moment.

"Oh, Mike, please fuck me!" she begged. She lowered her mouth back to Maria's clit, slowly working her fingers in and out of Maria's tight pussy.

Sophia felt Mike's fingers parting her lips, pulling on them and pinching them, gently stroking the tender flesh of her opening, but not prodding or entering her. She wriggled and writhed trying to entice him further, but he remained resolute. Leaning over her back, lips near her ear, he whispered, "You have lost your focus and you're neglecting my wife. Make her cum. Put your whole hand inside her. Fist her. Make her cry out and I then will fuck you."

Maria, hearing his words, gasped and struggled to hold still as she felt Sophia's fingers slightly withdraw and then the coolness of the lube that Mike poured onto her mound and across Sophia's hand. Then the fingers resumed their forward progress into her body. As Sophia's knuckles grazed her clit Maria groaned deeply. Before pressing onward, Sophia worked her hand gently in and out, allowing her middle knuckle to repeat its assault until Maria grabbed her wrist.

"More. Sophie, I need more. I want your hand in me now."

"Ok, baby, here I go."

Looking into Maria's glazed eyes Sophia pressed forward, deeper into the sweet, hot, wetness of Maria's pussy.

"I'm almost inside" Sophia whispered as she made the final push, marveling at the feeling of Maria's muscles contracting around her hand and wrist. Resting for a moment, Sophia slowly began to move her hand, slightly wiggling her fingers, then making a fist she started gentle thrusting motions. With her other thumb she stroked Maria's clit.

Sophia savored Maria's scent and the wet, sucking sounds her hand made as she pulled it from Maria's pussy and then thrust back inside her. The squirming woman impaled upon her arm and the cries that were torn from her throat brought Sophia a sense of power that intensified her arousal. Pearly juices coated her own thighs as she was helpless to relieve her own growing need. Knowing that Mike was watching made her hotter and more determined to drive Maria relentlessly to a screaming orgasm. With a twist of her wrist on a forward thrust, Maria raised off the bed.

"Do that again", she screeched, her body arching violently as Sophia repeated the motion. On the third stroke, Maria came, bucking, squirting and screaming from the force of her orgasm. Shuddering from head to foot, it took several moments for Maria to settle enough for Sophia to slowly withdraw her hand.

Rolling to her back beside Maria, her own chest heaving with the exertion and intensity of the moment, Sophia's hands dove between her legs to relieve the craving she felt within.

"No no no! What do you think you are doing?" Mike admonished her as he drew her hands away, above her head.

"Oh, Mike," she groaned, "please, I need to cum."

"Of course you do," he nodded understandingly, straddling her body. She strained to get a full look at him, but he had positioned their bodies in such a way to hide himself from her curious eyes. Sure she had seen him in swim trunks and it was clear that he had maintained his athletic build. Not prone to the muscular, he had a trim build, broad shoulders, a nice chest with dark hair that trailed down to his waist and hips. A tipsy Maria had once giggled when she told Sophie that she had never been with a man so well endowed, but would not elaborate further, just that their sex life left her "breathless."

"Just lay back here against the pillows." Pressing her shoulders back, he massaged them lightly. Moving down her body, he gently kissed the undersides of her breasts while his hands continued massaging their way lower. Taking another pillow from the floor he motioned for her to raise her hips and he slid it under her. It was a firm wedge that raised her sex several inches off the mattress and he pushed it far enough under her back that her butt was barely supported by it.

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