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Sharing the Sauna


I'm writing this story in order to share a rather extraordinary experience, at least for me. You see, when I was first married to my beautiful wife, I was rather reluctant to share that beauty with any other eyes. Sure, there were a few moments like taking her top off out in Waikiki bay (with a surfer nearby in the water) and some backyard flashes that my wife has long since forgotten. But other than those moments, there was nothing to make me think of ever sharing her body with anyone else's eyes, let alone anyone else.

That all changed on a recent ski vacation in Colorado. We had not been on a ski vacation since before our children were born. I really pushed to return to one of my favorite activities, but I was alone in that feeling as the children and the wife were not into the daily runs down black diamonds and bumps. However, as long as we stayed somewhere that had "amenities" and some things to do OTHER than skiing, the plans were on.

In the years that followed our early romance and sex, both had died down quite a bit. Those few moments of seeing my wife flash and go skinny-dipping became something to remember and I became large in the barge every time I thought of it! Somewhere along the way I found my way to some websites that contained erotic stories. As a guy with a discerning eye, I was surprised to find that the situations in the stories pleased my senses even more than the pictures that had normally done the trick for so many years; especially the stories of wives exposing themselves in public and even having sex with other men! What was going on with me?

Back to Colorado: Just before we were about to go on vacation, I caught up with a friend of mine, whom I skied with many times in my twenties. He was since divorced and just like 20 years ago, was always looking for an excuse to do some bumps. I told him where we were going and asked him to join us, but at the expense of his own room. One reason was that the kids didn't quite know Jim, and the other was that the wife had gotten more conservative that even I originally was.

My wife has always loved Jacuzzis and saunas though we never had much opportunity to use them. At this resort, there were a few Jacuzzis around the property (some right in the rooms, but that's another story) and a few saunas near the gym and pool areas. We had frequented the saunas a few afternoons and each time I had been very forward until finally succeeding to get my wife to wear nothing underneath her towel. She usually wore a one-piece suite to the sauna (for some reason she never wears a bikini because she's introverted about her amazing 34DD tits). So it was fun to make progress each day (while the kids were in ski camp) getting her to drop the top part under the towel and eventually drop the entire suit under the towel. My raging hard on was more noticeable each time, but by the time we got back to the room and the kids, there was not much time to take care of that situation; call me blue balls!

By about the 4th day, we were in the sauna and I was pulling the towel from her chest. After my assurances that nobody was around the sauna at this time of day and that we could hear him or her coming, I got her to drop her towel at least to her waste. What a site; 34DD sweat-beaded tits! Even at 42, my wife can stay up there with the best of them! I couldn't take it anymore and after some major feels I told her I had to go drain the beast in the shower. What I wouldn't give for her to just lift that towel and sit on my lap in that sauna, while I massaged her tits and pumped right into her tight pussy! But she was scared to be caught so I went and blew my load in the nearby showers; wonder what she did?

The next day I reminded her about my friend Jim, whom she faintly remembered was going to ski with us. Although she wasn't in the mood to go tagging along with one of my friends, she acquiesced.

Meanwhile, now on the 5th day, we went back to the sauna again. This time it was even easier to get my wife to drop her top AND loosen the bottom of the towel, where I got a nice shot of pussy as she bent over to lay a towel down on the bench. I managed to move my finger right into place and finger fuck her right then and there. While she tried to listen for anyone coming, I was reaching around and fondling her tits while doing some nice work on her pussy and asshole with my finger. She came hard but just when I was preparing my dick to enter her, she heard someone else coming and threw on her towel.

As we passed the couple coming into the sauna, I think they could tell what was going on and my wife was not so conservative as she held the towel around herself. The couple could see her naked right side as we walked out. This turned us both on. I loved having her just about naked in the sauna where someone just might get a peek at those 34DD's! That night, I assumed a similar position with her as we did in the sauna and I stuffed what she called a "surprisingly bigger" me in and out of her pussy from behind. In my younger days my penis was about 7 inches long but thin, but how it's more like 6 inches but thicker. That night it was BOTH!

After spending some time with Jim and my wife on the slopes later that day, we all went back and had some drinks (again a rare occasion for my wife) and talked into the night after the kids went to sleep in the other room (always get a suite!). Jim reminisced about his marriage and things his wife and he used to do on their ski vacation. It was surprising they were now divorced after he told us about their escapades of flashing, having sex in the hotel Jacuzzi, and even having sex with another couple in their in-room Jacuzzis.

I thought my wife would be a little miffed at this kind of conversation but she interjected a few times about what Jim and his wife did, how it felt to be seen, and how it finally happened with another couple. I even let out how I had pulled off my wife's top in the sauna, which got an elbow from her, but a nice stare at my wife's tits from Jim. Whatever the conversation was, my wife was a bucking bronco that evening, straddling over me with those 34DDs and bouncing up and down on my suddenly larger member. I knew something was UP when she starting sucking my finger as I was banging her from behind. She never liked to suck dick, but this was a pretty good imitation!

Day 6 we skied a little in the morning and went for our afternoon sauna again. I told Jim that we were on our way there and it was too bad he wasn't staying at our resort because it'd be a good show today; hopefully I would finally get to fuck her right there in the sauna. But Jim said he had a guest pass to the health club next to the sauna. He waited for me to say something and when I didn't he said, "seeya down there". I wasn't sure if he was going to sneak a peek, but I was getting aroused just thinking of Jim peeking into the sauna at my wife's 34DD's while I was messaging them and pumping her from behind. Little did I know that this was the least of what he'd see!

The wife and I went to the sauna and this time she had a somewhat smaller "workout" towel. It looked great, as the bottom of her ass was peeking out and the top of the towel just barely covered the nipple area of her tits, leaving 70% of her tits exposed. The cleavage looked GREAT and I was barely able to keep my dick hidden under my own towel. Just as I was about to make some moves, none other than Jim comes by in his towel and perks up about his free club pass and his surprise to see us here as well. My wife gave me a look, but I shrugged ignorance. Watching Jim stare at my wife's tits had cum dripping down the side of my leg.

We began to get a little more comfortable and talk about our conversations the other night, as my wife was commenting how I would never show her off like Jim did on his ski vacations with his wife. I said that I wasn't any different than Jim that way and she just never really asked me. And I added that I would prove it. We all laughed as I pulled at her towel, but just a little tease is all we got as she hung on.

Just when I thought the fun was over and I would have to go beat my meat back at the room, my wife went to pull back a little to lean against the sauna wall but I was sitting on the end of her towel. She pulled herself right out of the top of the towel and her tits were out on display for Jim. That moment will be forever in my brain; her glistening tits popping out just a few feet from Jim. He let out a 'whhhoooooaaah' and she blushed, but didn't move to cover as quickly as usual. I took the opportunity to say, "What's done is done" and asked her to leave the towel down and relax, "Jim's seen them now!" I loosened the towel and brought it down to her lower waste where it was covering her lap but little else. Even the side of the towel was down just below the top of her ass, what an AMAZING site!

Jim could not stop staring. My wife was getting self-conscious when I tried to break up the tension by saying how shy she is even though her tits are so gorgeous. Jim vehemently agreed and told her she should pose in a Mom's Playboy edition! At this I showed how firm her large tits were by sliding my hand under my wife's left tit, lifting it some, then sliding my hand around it. Her nipples were up in seconds and they are perfectly round and pop up about 1 inch.

I heard her moan a little and say "no" softly, but then I rolled my hand over the top of her chest and down over her tits, gently stroking here nipple again and then the other tit as well. Jim was almost drooling and his towel was a large tent at this point, just like mine. My wife noticed and must've wanted to see what was under there because she just let me go and massage her tits. Then I leaned over and gave a little lick of her nipple, then moved to kiss her in appreciation. She really got into that kiss.

As we did the French lock, I massaged her tits while I pulled the towel away from her lap. I slid my hands down her belly and back up over her tits as I kissed her. I could see Jim holding his meat. I think my wife could too because she started moaning to my kisses which she hasn't done in 20 years. As I slid my hand between her legs, she resisted with a soft "no", but as I continued to probe her wet pussy with my finger, all the while keeping that kiss planted, she started to roll her hips to the motion.

I told her to lie back down on the bench as I rubbed her tits and stomach and ran my hand down between her legs. There she was, naked not only to me, but my old friend as well, and I was loving it. I moved back behind my wife's head and knelt there while continued to kiss and massage her body. I reached for her legs and pushed them apart, Jim's face just a foot away from her pussy. I reached down and slid my finger along her silky wet pussy as her legs started to rock open and close. Then I sat up a little and while firmly massaging her tits laid my member right over her face.

Just like that night when she sucked my finger, she grabbed hold of my cock and started sucking while I was rubbing her tummy, tits, and pussy. At this point I motioned to Jim and he knelt right in front of her pussy. He leaned in and the tip of his cock brushed her pussy as I separated her lips. My wife looked down and whispered a soft "no", but I knew it was way too late.

I quickly let her know that I wanted to feel her reaction to getting fucked by a good-sized cock (Jim was my length but much thicker) and this was about the best present I could ever want. At this she leaned her head back, put her hands around my ass, pulled my cock into her face, and licked the hell out of it. Jim pushed home and started pounding away. My wife's tits were rocking up and down and back and forth while she was going to work on my cock better than any blowjob I could ever remember. Jim was pumping away. She was moaning more than I ever remembered and really started pushing her pussy back into Jim. I couldn't take it; the scene was better than anything I dreamed of with her. I came hard, but my dick stayed semi-hard. Then she wailed as well.

Jim pulled out and came all over my wife's belly. We quickly switch places as I told Jim that he had to feel my wife's tits. As she leaned back against him, he reached around and slid both hands over her tits and moved his hands all around those luscious globes.

Here I was, watching my conservative wife with her tits being fondled by my friend after being fucked by him. Then she turned her head and started kissing Jim. I couldn't believe it, but the site was AWESOME. Jim reached under her, pushed her ass up, and really got a good handful of that ass too. He was sliding his hand up between her legs. As he held her hips up, I got a raging hard on again and knelt in front of my wife and stuck my cock right in.

As I pumped away, Jim leaned her shoulders down onto the bench and got up on his knees as she put his cock in her mouth. Unbelievable. I was pumping into my wife's raised up pussy while another man was massaging her tits while she leaned back and took his cock into her mouth. I never would have believed it possible. I stuck my finger in her asshole as I fucked her and she groaned and moaned and rocked and had at least 2 loud orgasms.

At this point, I could see some faces peeking in the windows of the sauna. They must've been beating off out there, watching what was going on. Jim and I both came again, almost at the same time, him on her tits and me on her belly and pussy.

When it was over, nobody said anything. But when my wife saw faces peeking in, she just grabbed her towel and header out to the shower. She didn't cover a thing as she walked through the locker room. She looked SO sexy with cum on her naked body and those nice round tits and ass walking by all the stunned faces. I was half hoping some of them would grab her again and take her on (another story).

Well, the next day was day seven and the end of our vacation. We didn't say much about that episode, but something definitely changed from that point on. I starting thinking of other new ways to get my wife involved in something like that again, but I knew it would have to start somewhat innocently. This summer sure was going to be different.

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I let a guy fuck my wife in a sauna

I was having a sauna with my wife and we were both naked. When a young guy came in and sat opposite my wife. He was staring at her big boobs and shaved pussy, at first my wife had her legs closed. Shemore...

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