tagInterracial LoveSharon Goes Back to School Ch. 12

Sharon Goes Back to School Ch. 12


Originally Nick Scipio

Story continuation RogueAlan

NOTE: new readers, this should mostly stand alone, but there's lots you've missed, apologies, but I hope you find some good bits in the past chapters.

I have outline through chapter 17... beyond that, i think we'll have to leave Sharon to your imaginations.

As ever, I welcome an attempt to pick up any of the 'side characters' & spin your own yarn about the story... it wouldn't be fair, otherwise, considering Scipio's generous consent to this.

a couple notes in closing, NS, that Sharon art was spot on... I couldn't have drawn it better if I could draw! RP, that latest girl you sent falls squarely into my 'this could be Sharon' radar. Thanks!

I've said it before, Bram Stoker in Victorian England wrote a story about a 'hero' who was thoroughly evil but overcame the social blocks that kept men & women from enjoying each other & sex. It's not so different from what Scipio, Just Plain Bob, Slirpuff, & any other erotica writer generates today... It's NOT real... It's not meant to be real... I'd never have my wife sleep around, wouldn't 'share' her, & honestly have never seriously contemplated or pursued cheating. That said, the imagination is supposed to be a free playground. If you like the story I've continued here, great. If it's not you thing, & honeslty part of it haven't been my thing, either... keep looking... you'll find soemthing. Or better yet, write your own!

pax RA

Chapter 12: Stripping Glory

Sharon woke in the same place she'd passed out, lying on the foam & nylon 'Stage' that had been set in the ZB great room. She was relived that someone had covered her with a blanket, & saw the bag in which her costumes had been provided had been set to one side. Rubbing her head, she paused, finding the horns Joyce & Kelly had glued into place the night before were still there. She suppressed a groan when she first tried to get up-- her entire body ached. She lay still for several minutes, remembering the night before, amazed that she'd taken most of the football team... several times. Her head throbbed when she shook it in amazement, reminding her she'd had far too much to drink.

Her bladder was protesting the delay, though. She struggled upright, absently letting the sheet fall away from her body. She looked down, realizing her breasts were on display, & shrugged after a moment of panic-- no one in the frat hadn't seen them before. She stood, looking with some dismay at the dried cum flaking away from her legs & off of the costume. She picked up the grocery sack & hobbled gingerly toward the bathroom in the heels which had somehow stayed on her feet throughout the evening.

She sighed, pausing as she tried to settle onto the stool. Whoever had covered her up had also replaced the 'tail' in her ass. She didn't wonder that she hadn't noticed on the walk to the bathroom. Fortunately, the long nylon tail had draped to the side, & she leaned forward, slipping it out easily enough, & absently wrapped the tail around her hand to keep it off of the floor as she relaxed her sphincters. She groaned quietly as the pressure in her bladder eased. Only as she stood did she realize she hadn't bothered to close the door to the cramped single stall off of the great room. She sat back down, remembering her heels, not caring that any of the frat members might walk in.

The straps at the top buckled into place, & fit her ankle tightly; it was no wonder they'd stayed on. She took them off, & tucked them into the bag, along with the tail. Her purse, as well as the skirt & blouse she'd bought on Saturday were in the bag, along with the sluttier version of the outfit that she'd worn the night before. The thong & bra she'd been wearing on the drive back were missing. Typical. She smiled, seeing the black bong she'd used the night before had been put into the bag.

She chose the more conservative blouse over the mini-skirt, after spending a minute cleaning the worst of the matted, dried, & drying jism off of her thighs, she dressed. She rinsed the stiff butt of the 'tail' off, putting it & the rest of her costume from the night before into the bag before she slipped out of the bathroom & returned to the frat's main room.

There were a few brothers snoring quietly on the couches & love seats that were strewn about. The clock above the big fireplace read 10:14. Her first class was long over, she wasn't about to go to the 2nd class dressed as she was. She considered trying to find something to eat, but opted to see if Shaun was still in his room & had her keys. She climbed the stairs, remembering as she did the fun of the prior night as she'd won the series of tests to become Demon Bitch. She absently touched the horns poking from her hair, smiling to herself.

She knocked, then went into Shaun & Dave's room when no one answered. She paused, seeing long brunette hair draped over Dave's arm, & red hair spilling over the edge of Shaun's raised bunk. She knew what she felt as she saw that: jealousy. She told herself she shouldn't feel that way-- it was one or another of her Sisters, after all, & she'd certainly been busy with other frat members the night before. She looked around, finding her keys were sitting on the desk beside Dave's impressive computer system. She paused, wondering just how many images & movies of her parading about naked & having sex with young black men were on the hard drive. She shivered, reminded again how precarious her life was; she was their sex toy & had no real say in the matter.

Slipping out of the room, she thought that it was a good thing they were at least making sure she enjoyed herself. She went out the side door & around to find her car. Approaching from the front, she didn't see the new ZB Bitch bumper sticker that had been applied, as well as a license plate frame with the ZB letters & 'Size Does Matter' alternating. She did have to readjust the seat, as Dave had completed the drive to the frat. She bit her lip, imagining what he & Kelly had been doing along the way.

Safely back at her apartment, Sharon took a long shower, relieved as she luxuriated under the steaming spray that she hadn't awoken to more garish or obscene permanent marker 'artwork' or worse... The frat members seemed uninterested in marking her with hickies, & she did not find any bruising; she mused she could go home & Chris would never know how she had spent the night before.

She dried off, then donned the thin robe that hung in her closet. She noticed absently it was time to do the laundry, but found she was too tired to consider sorting or even carrying the pile out of the closet. She sat down after retrieving a single serving bottle of Asti & an orange from the fridge... It was time to go to the grocery store, as well. She tried to remember if she had eaten dinner. The last real meals she remembered were what she had at home.

Sharon shrugged, reminding herself she also didn't remember the last time she had been to the gym. She resolved to go to the student's center after her afternoon classes. On the way home she could get groceries, too. Standing, she groaned quietly-- they hadn't bruised her, but she could definitely tell she'd worked hard in the past 12 or 18 hours. Instead of throwing on sweats for class as she'd intended, Sharon flopped onto the bed, face down. She didn't bother climbing under the covers before sleep took her.

Sharon groaned as a hand shook her shoulder again. She blinked awake, embarrassed to realize she'd drooled onto the pillow while she was sleeping. She sat up, as always thinking for a moment she was at home & Chris was waking her up for another day of the life she'd known before school.

Dave was sitting on the edge of her bed. She managed a smile, then checked the clock. Blue numbers told her it was after 6PM.

"Is something wrong?" she asked, rolling over entirely, suddenly worried that she had missed something; the last thing she wanted was to make Dave or Shaun angry. The young man just smiled & shook his head.

"Naw, we just weren't sure if you'd gone home or what," he tweaked a nipple that had been exposed in her turn, "Shaun wanted to make sure you were all right." Sharon smiled in relief; it felt good that Shaun had been worried about her.

"Oh, no, I just figured everyone was tired & so I should head home to get cleaned up." She had a sudden thought, "Am I supposed to be... uhm, hosting anyone tonight?" Dave chuckled at her euphemism.

"Naw, we figured the Demon Bitch needed some time to recover, so no day work for our prize ZB Bitch." He stood up from the bed, heading toward the doorway, "Shaun told me you're worried about being seen on our little movies." Sharon nodded.

"You said it was just for you... the pictures," she knew it was useless to argue, but couldn't help herself. She bit back a new wave of guilt and embarrassment at how easily she'd been duped.

"But they are just for us," Dave answered, "Most of what you do with us is only for Shaun & I to look at to remember when you aren't around." Sharon eyed him skeptically. He shrugged, "Of course, what you do with the rest of the frat... Hell, they have us have everyone sign the release forms when they visit the frat. Mostly it's so women don't have fun, then get cold feet & cry 'rape' later. But over the years, you're right, they've found it's simply too good an opportunity to pass up. So yeah, we splice the best bits of you & the other girls at our parties... The movies & the web sites bring in millions, Sharon." Sharon swallowed-- the number seemed too big to believe. "There's not a chance that's gonna stop." She waited, wondering if he had a proposition.

"Isn't there anything you can do?" she asked when he didn't go on, "I mean, you must hide the identities of the frat members, right?" Dave shrugged.

"Sure, some of them."

"So why not hide mine, too?" He snorted.

"It's no lie you've got a rockin' body, babe, but there wouldn't be much interest if we hid who you are... Sure, for awhile, I guess, but only because they'd demand that we show who you were... or they'd try to find out by getting around whatever I did... It'd mean there was more interest in who that married white wife was, you understand?" Sharon nodded mutely; it did make sense. "But like I said, it's mostly from the ZB parties that we get footage." Sharon nodded more eagerly, hoping he had an answer. "We expect you to pull your weight, you know, but if you don't want to be filmed at the parties, we may be able to work around that." Sharon sighed in relief.

"Thank you!" she clutched at Dave's muscular arms, "I'll keep... hosting," she went on, "& anytime you or Dave or the other brothers need... relief..." she blushed & couldn't finish. Dave just nodded.

"You understand sometimes we'll still need you at our parties..." she nodded reluctantly, but assured herself Chris would never know what she was doing in her apartment at school. "I'll run the numbers," Dave went on, "& I'll get back to you in a day or two." He'd moved beyond the doorway. Sharon blinked, wondering why he hadn't asked for her to at least blow him. She wondered if he'd left, when she heard his voice, "But you'd better get ready, now... I think your first 'client' is due in the next hour."

Sharon wanted to remind him he had just told her they were going to give her some time to recover, but knew she didn't have a choice. She paused, robe hanging open, as she pondered whether to empty her bladder, to grab a bite to eat, or to do a hit off of the bong to take the edge off before her visitor arrived.

Remembering the new bong that'd been left in the bag, she grabbed it & a ZB Bitch tank top out of the drawer & headed to the bathroom; she could manage two before she went to work...

Sharon was more than irritable when Dave walked in a week and a half later. She'd been in the shower, & leapt out into the front room hearing someone moving around, worried it was another 'ZB Payback,' as she'd come to think of them. She'd tried to get ahold of him repeatedly beginning the Thursday after the 'Halloween' party, but neither he nor Shaun had responded to her calls. & when she had tried to visit the Frat Friday night, she had arrived to find a party in full swing. One or another of the ZB Brothers had invited her in & had provided her with the night's booze du jour before another had calmly but firmly insisted that she needed to leave 'for her own good.' He had calmly explained that Dave had told everyone she wasn't going to be partying with the frat except for the special occasions while escorting her out of the House.

Sharon had gone home to find a disgruntled young TA sitting on her porch. He'd complained that she'd made him wait for 30 minutes, & had only backed off when Sharon had asked if she needed to call Shaun to see if another Sister could help him out. That had been proof he was bluffing in making his threats, and Sharon had responded in a much more aggressive manner than she would ever think of attempting with anyone in the frat.

She'd roughly stripped the young man down, sucking his unimpressive cock almost violently, knowing she was over-stimulating him. He'd barely managed to get between her legs with the condom on before he'd cum, & Sharon had simply lay beneath him, making it more than plain he'd done nothing for her. Not wanting anyone to complain or refuse future aid to the Frat, she was usually almost comical in her vocal encouragement & theatrical in her feigned orgasms. He'd left, obviously aware that he'd been less than adequate in her performance, & Sharon had enjoyed at least briefly the sense of power she felt from that.

In fact, his very presence was an example of why she'd been trying to reach Shaun or Dave. Starting the evening after Dave had visited, she's serviced 5 various toadies of the Frat before falling asleep in thoroughly sex messed sheets. A knock on the door the next morning had interrupted her preparations for school, & instead of making her classes, she'd spent the day servicing an unending stream of ZB Brothers & chip holders. There was barely time to clean up between visitors. Having grown used to the 2 or 3 guests 3 nights a week, Sharon had been desperate for a break on the weekend by Thursday, when it'd become obvious her new 'schedule' wasn't temporary. In the first 3 days of the week, she'd had sex no fewer than 29 times. The relentless '3 in the morning,' '4 in the afternoon,' & '5 at night' left her no time to shop or eat. & she certainly hadn't made it to the gym.

She'd tried to call Dave, anxious to ask whether she was being punished for something, & later Shaun, wondering if he knew what Dave was doing to her, without success. After her 7 visitors for Friday day, she'd been determined to get answers, & after a week without any real sexual satisfaction, she'd also hoped to get off several times, so being turned away at the Frat had bruised her ego. There was little time to think about it, thought... A knock at the door as she wandered her small place, still naked from the last coupling, was proof enough she wouldn't be taking Friday off. She didn't bother dressing, opening the door stark naked, as she'd done occasionally early on in her service of ZB. But the deer in the headlights expression on the face of a notable professor in the journalism college offered the exhausted white housewife no pleasure.

By the time Dave sauntered into her apartment, Sharon had been desperately considering leaving to go home, no matter what ZB did; She'd stopped counting at 60, but was guessing it'd been nearly 80 visitors. From the look her neighbor offered as she went to the Range Rover to get the few groceries she'd grabbed in passing Sunday afternoon in the expected lull between the day & night shifts, Sharon was sure that the sour biddie knew what was happening in her rental. Honestly, she wouldn't have taken the chance that she might miss a 'customer,' but had run out of the once seemingly excessive stock of condoms. She'd grabbed what she could at the nearby Walgreens, so it wasn't proper groceries at all. The weed hadn't run out, but she'd simply been too busy to load the bong to make what she was doing seem safely distant.

She didn't wonder how Dave had a key to her apartment. She didn't ask if he was worried it was nearly 8 and she was supposed to be in class. Sharon knew that the only thing that mattered to Dave was what he wanted to do. Watching him helping himself to a bowl of her cereal-- the last bowl of cereal, she was fairly certain-- Sharon felt relief, mixed with anger & arousal & submission. She turned back into the bedroom, intentionally selecting the school mascot sweats to hide as much of herself as she could from Dave's gaze. He'd moved to the couch when she came out, still working on what had been supposed to be her breakfast.

"You win," she said tonelessly, flopping onto the couch within reach if he was interested.

"What do I win?" Dave asked, brow furrowing as he set the empty bowl on the counter.

"I give up... I'll perform at your parties... I won't complain about being on video, anymore." Dave tilted his head.

"Are you telling me you want your hubby to find out what you're doing?" Sharon shook her head, eyes going wide at the very thought.

"God, no!" she guessed then that he had been teasing her. "Dammit, I told you I have to protect my marriage... So I'll do whatever you want, but I'm begging you to be careful where people see my face..." she stopped, sure begging wouldn't help. "If he finds out & I'm ruined, I certainly won't be making you money as the married white black cock whore or whatever it is you're marketing me as..." Dave shrugged.

"I understood that, Shar'," he pointed to the jar on the mantle, "That's why we changed the schedule."

"Changed the schedule?" Sharon choked a bitter laugh, "You changed the schedule? I haven't been out of the house some days I've been servicing so many guys... They're not even frat members," she didn't stop to think about what she was pouting about as she pounded a fist on her thigh, "I'm about out of weed, I don't have food. I haven't been to class or the gym... I couldn't even enjoy the party this weekend where I might've actually had some good sex, instead of just sex. Dammit, I haven't cum since the Halloween party," she was embarrassed at having admitted that, but it was true.

"So you don't want to star in our videos, but working like this to show your appreciation for our taking care of you isn't as much fun as it was when you were performing?" Dave asked her skeptically. Sharon nodded, fighting back tears. "You're not upset about having so much sex... just that it's not good sex?"

"I didn't say that!" Sharon blushed as she argued, "I... I enjoy sex at the parties... God, I love that sex. & I'm willing to help out... I've been doing that for weeks, now," she didn't stop to wonder just how she'd gotten to the point that she was actually 'willing' to have sex with strangers. "But I didn't get to a single class... I barely had my clothes on last week. & there was no break at all during the weekend!" Dave shrugged.

"It's an example of how much your putting out on tape was helping us," he said, "Honestly, everything you did last week doesn't touch what your last DVD is still bringing in." He stopped, rubbing his chin for a moment. "But I can't argue... sex non-stop day in & day out would get old, even for me." Sharon sighed in relief & sank back in the couch, hoping the latest ordeal was over. Dave's cell rang.

He answered, spoke for a few moments with someone, then snapped his fingers & told whoever he was talking to that he had 'just the ticket.' He hung up, waving the phone at Sharon.

"I think that's called 'serendipity,' he chuckled, "This could be just the trick."

"What?" she asked. He waved the cell phone again.

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