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She Gave In


Sarah was a typical young mom in her mid-twenties: two kids in school and a marriage gone flat. She was still good looking, but lacked confidence. Money was also tight, which was why she was glad to find a job as a clerk at a local bottling plant. Unfortunately, the plant was located on the other side of town and the bus connections meant it took more than an hour to get to work and even longer to get back. She was glad to meet a co-worker who lived close by and was willing to give her a ride.

Andy was a few years younger than her and single. He had rugged good looks and was lots of fun to be with. Andy took care of maintaining the production line so his shift ran a little longer than others. Sarah would wait for him to finish and they would walk to Andy's old pickup truck. More than once, Sarah caught herself thinking about what it would be like to be intimate with Andy, but then she told herself that she was too old. She didn't ask Andy's opinion, but if she had, she would have found that he had quite different ideas. She was all he thought about.

One summer afternoon, as they walked toward the truck, the two of them started kidding around and Andy ended up tickling Sarah. Sarah ran away into in a field beside the parking lot. Andy gave chase, catching her in the tall grass just as she stumbled and fell. He reached out to break her fall and, by accident, ended up falling on top of her so that they were brought face to face. Their eyes met. For an instant both of them froze. Then Andy brought his face closer and looked for a reaction. Sarah did not pull away. Andy then leaned in and gave Sarah a single soft kiss. Thrilled to find herself once again the object of a man's desire, she decided to give in to the pleasure offered by this young hunk ... so long as things didn't go too far. After a few minutes, she then encouraged Andy, first wrapping her arms around him and then slipping him her tongue.

It took her by surprise when Andy broke their embrace and apologized for taking advantage of the situation. Sarah fought the urge to pull Andy back down to her, but with her hands she continued to caress him. When he returned the favour, placing his hand on her hip, Sarah could feel her heart beating in her chest and she could feel herself starting to melt a little down below.

After a few minutes, though, Andy took charge and said that they had better get going, Reluctantly, Sarah picked herself up, dusted herself off and walked with Andy back to the truck. They drove in silence back to Sarah's neighbourhood but a couple of blocks short of her house, Andy pulled the truck to the side of the road. He then leaned over and tried to give Sarah another kiss. "Not here, someone might see us." she said. Sarah could have said "No" but she chose to say "Not here."

The next day Andy picked Sarah up at the usual time. As they drove off, he reached out with his hand to caress hers. She didn't pull back. A few blocks later, he put his arm around her shoulder and pulled her toward hm. Again, there was no protest. Sarah knew she was being naughty. She knew this was no way for a married woman to behave. Later, stopped at a traffic light, Andy pulled her tight to him, turned her face toward him and planted a kiss on Sarah's lips. She offered no resistance. Instead, she responded with her tongue and reached a hand around his neck, running her fingers through his hair. Too soon they were at work, but they agreed that they would get together during the lunch break.

When the lunch whistle sounded, they met at the pickup and, to avoid prying eyes, Andy drove to a deserted lot a few blocks away and parked about a hundred yards off the road near the shade of a tree. Andy then got out of the truck, grabbed a blanket and spread it, inviting Sarah to lie down. Lie down she did ... on her back and she beckoned him to join her. They were soon locked in a passionate embrace. It came as no surprise to Sarah when Andy's hands began to wander a little. She found that she was eager for his touch, so much that she guided his hand under her blouse. Andy surprised her with his patience. Although he caressed her mid-riff, he resisted the temptation of her breast and continued to focus his attention on kissing Sarah's mouth, face and neck. This created in Sarah a pent-up desire that she could barely control. When she urged him to go further, he said "Not now, we have to get back to work."

Sarah found the afternoon shift long and couldn't wait to get back together with Andy, but when the shift was over, Andy insisted that he had another engagement. Disappointed, Sarah climbed into the truck and they drove off. Without any encouragement from Andy, Sarah drew herself close and let her hands wander under Andy's shirt. From the bulge in his pants, she could see clearly enough the effect this was having on him, but when she asked if he wanted to park somewhere for a while, he said "No, not now. I've got to see my brother about something." As she climbed out of his truck, however, Andy made a point of instructing her that tomorrow he wanted her to go bra-less.

This instruction immediately made Sarah tingle down below. It also caused Sarah some distress. She wanted to please Andy, but after nursing two kids, her breasts were ample but no longer taut and her nipples were prominent, especially when she went bra-less. How was she going to get out of the house dressed like that without her husband noticing? Also, while she wanted to look good for Andy, she didn't really want to attract attention from the other men at the plant. Sarah figured she would solve the problem by wearing a bra out of the house. She would then take it off in the truck. She also wore a loose-fitting T-shirt, thinking that this way her nipples might not show too much.

The next day, when Andy picked her up, he complemented her on her looks, as he always did, but after five or six blocks, he pulled over and expressed disappointment with the fact that she had ignored his request to go bra-less. She told him she would fix that and proceeded to remove the bra ... in that way that women do without revealing anything. Acting like a slut, she then tucked herself right up beside him. He then gave her a long, wet kiss before getting the truck rolling again. With her body nestled against his, he spent the rest of the ride into work caressing her hair, her face and her neck, telling her how beautiful she looked. Occasionally he would caress the side of her breast through the fabric of the T-shirt. By the time they were parked, Sarah's panties were wet and she was filled with lust.

When they got to work, Sarah was hoping that Andy would let her put her bra back on, but he insisted that he wanted to see how the other men in the lunch room would react to her being bra-less. She and Andy had already agreed that, while at the plant, it would be better if they remained distant. As Andy expected, Sarah attracted a lot of attention. To her surprise, Sarah found that she rather enjoyed it.

The line needed repair work that day so Sarah and Andy couldn't get together for very long at lunch. When they did, Andy told her that his brother Jeff would be meeting them after work to switch vehicles. Jeff apparently needed the pickup and had agreed to lend Andy his panel van.

At the end of the shift, as Sarah and Andy walked toward the pickup, Sarah saw Jeff for the first time. He was a little older than his brother and every bit as handsome. When Andy introduced them, Jeff said "So this is the married friend you've been telling me about! You're right. She is beautiful. Bra-less too I see." Sarah blushed. "Where you two headed?" asked Jeff. Andy replied that he was about to take Sarah home but that first they were going to pick out some clothes for Sarah (which came as news to Sarah). Then he asked Jeff if he wanted to come along. Jeff agreed. Sarah said nothing.

Andy guided Sarah to the van and helped her in. Jeff followed in the pickup. Sarah noticed that the back of the panel van was empty apart from a few blankets and cushions. Half-way home, Andy pulled into a local shopping centre and found a shady place to park. Jeff pulled alongside.

Andy led Sarah into the Target store and walked her to the shoe section where he made her pick out some 3" black pumps. He insisted she wear them. He then walked her over to the clothing section and selected for her a tight-fitting scoop-neck T-shirt that he knew would display her cleavage very nicely. He also selected some tight-fitting jeans that would show off her long legs and fine ass. While she was changing, Andy told Jeff to pick out a few other outfits.

When Sarah emerged from the dressing room, she had just the slutty look that Andy liked in a woman. He called over his brother and the two of them admired this shameless wife, having her strike first one slutty pose and then another. Jeff discretely snapped a few pictures with his cell phone. Then Andy guided her back to the change room. This time he joined her. In that cramped cubicle, seeing how nervous she was, he kissed her and flattered her. Then he told her to lift her arms, and he slowly peeled off her T-shirt, revealing her breasts to him for the first time. As he showered her with kisses and played with her naked tits, he used his hand to manoeuvre her jean-clad legs so that one foot came to rest on the change stool. She did not resist. Instead, she wrapped her arms around Andy, kissed him, and whispered "Touch me." Andy felt her widen her legs. He then moved his hand down and began stroking the inside of her thigh until finally his hand made contact with her crotch. Sarah let out a low moan and he cupped her and applied rhythmic pressure. She then began rubbing her cunt against Andy's hand, slowly at first, then faster and faster. As she became more excited, her breathe came in snatches.

After a few minutes, Sarah pulled Andy close and whispered "I want you to fuck me."

"What?" asked Andy.

"I want you to fuck me right here and right now," breathed Sarah.

"Not here, Sarah, and not just yet," replied Andy.

Andy then broke off the kiss and instructed Sarah to remove her jeans. A moment later, she stood before Andy wearing nothing but her pink panties. She looked magnificent, her legs long and shapely, her breasts sitting proud on her chest, her face filled with animal desire. When he made he put the heels back on, she became irresistible. He had wanted to take things a little more slowly with Sarah but he couldn't resist the temptation to kiss this beautiful, nearly naked and very willing MILF one more time. With his hand he again urged her thighs apart. Again, he brought his hand up to meet her crotch, and again she ground herself into him and moaned. This time he really let her indulge her desires and heard her breath grow short. He could also feel her wetness. She held him close. With each animal thrust she said in a hushed but urgent voice "Yes. Yes. Yes." Sarah had never, ever been this excited before. Just as she was nearing her climax, Andy withdrew his hand. "Please," she begged.

"Soon Sarah," he promised. Then she heard him call out "Jeff, get in here and tell me how you think Sarah looks in this outfit." Before Sarah could react, Jeff had entered the cubicle. "She loves to be kissed," Andy told his brother. "Go ahead and kiss her. She's fantastic."

Sarah's head was spinning. There she was, a married woman, standing nearly naked in front of two young studs. One she desperately wanted to fuck. The other, every bit as handsome, was pulling her nearly-naked body toward him with the intention of kissing her and then fondling her.

She then heard Jeff order Andy to leave the room. When he was gone, she found herself alone with Jeff and locked in an embrace. She felt his hands roving all over her body. At first she offered some resistance, but not for long. Then she felt Jeff's hand slip inside her panties and start to play with the folds of her vagina. Jeff then slipped the panties from her body, leaving her completely naked. She knew she shouldn't be doing this, but she found herself spreading her legs and surrendering herself to him.

Jeff loved the feeling of a married woman completely under his control. Then he inserted a finger into her vagina and explored her, looking for her G-spot. She responded by rhythmically thrusting her hips forward. He soon found the walnut-like object and began stroking it. Sarah had never felt anything like it before and was overtaken by the sensation. Her breath was now coming in short sharp gasps and she felt an orgasm building within her with a power unlike anything she had even felt before. She tried to muffle the sound. What really took Sarah by surprise, though, was the fact that she ejaculated a stream of clear liquid. She didn't even know that was possible! It took a few minutes before Sarah's legs stopped quivering.

Before he left, Jeff helped her get into one of her new outfits. Whatever she wore, she had the perfect slut wife look. Then Jeff gave her one last kiss, told her she was beautiful and that he wanted to see her again soon. Then he left. It fell to Andy to pay for his purchases and lead an unsteady and dishevelled Sarah back to the van. He drove her home in silence. Realizing that she couldn't enter her house dressed like a slut, Sarah asked Andy to park the van about a hundred yards up the street from her house. Andy then joined Sarah as she climbed into the back of the van to change. He then instructed her to strip down to her panties before changing into her own clothes. This gave him a chance to see her beautiful long legs again. He told her to lie on her back with her legs apart and fondle herself. Fuck she was a beautiful woman.

Again he couldn't resist the temptation. Before returning her to her husband and their children, he wanted to play with her one last time, this time in the back of the van. At first Sarah was reluctant, mainly because she was exhausted, having been brought to the edge that day by Andy and then having been propelled to the most powerful orgasm of her life by Jeff. But gradually Andy's charm got the better of her and they embraced. As their passion grew, Andy heard her whisper "I want you to fuck me." Andy debated what he should do and decided to take things a step farther. "Your panties, Sarah, take them off." They were gone in a flash and there, spread before Andy was the most beautiful, and certainly the most willing, woman he was ever likely to see. She whispered that he should take off his clothes. Instead, Andy removed his shirt, then kneeled between her open legs and began to lick Sarah's delicious wet cunt. Sarah had never been licked in that way before, with such delicate skill, nor could she resist the temptation to reach down, grab Andy's head and pull him forward so as to make full contact with her thrusting pelvis and now-stiff clitoris. Then he inserted a pair of fingers into her and began to stroke her G-spot. Andy heard Sarah's husky voice rhythmically call out "Yes. Yes. Yes" with every thrust of her hips and he again felt her climax approaching. Should he let her come with him for the first time now, or should he keep her waiting? Feeling completely wicked, he said "Not yet, Sarah, not yet." He then pulled away and tried to calm her down. Her hips bucked madly. Andy could see her body go stiff reach as it reached for a climax by itself ... unsuccessfully. "You can't get me to that point and leave me hanging, Andy," she hissed. "It's not fair. It's not right. Drive me to a hotel room and fuck me!"

Andy was delighted. This was working out way better than he had hoped. "Not now, Sarah. I've got things to do. Your husband is expecting you, and so are your kids. Get dressed and go be with them. I'll see you in the morning. I'll arrive early, so be ready. By the way, tonight, shave your legs real smooth."

The next morning as soon as Sarah got in the van, Andy told her that if she really wanted to get fucked that evening, she would need to cooperate by wearing one of the outfits and putting on a show for the boys at the plant. Sarah thought about saying no, but instead nodded and said "You promise."

Once the van was stopped, Andy had Sarah climb into the back and he instructed her to strip naked. After admiring her body and complementing her as always, he took some suntan oil and proceeded to massage it into every inch of her beautiful body. Some parts received more attention than others. He gave her a good finger-fucking, but again he pulled away just as she was approaching orgasm. He wanted her to be lustful, not relieved. He then had her put on a short black skirt with matching panties. Then he made her put on a blouse, under which Sarah was told to wear no bra. Then he made her put on a black velvet choker. Andy made Sarah unbutton the blouse so that her cleavage was clearly on display. To complete the slutty image, on went the pumps and make-up. She was fucking gorgeous.

That day, Sarah was the talk of the plant. All the workers noticed her. They looked for every excuse possible to leave the bottling line and go visit her in the office. They invented excuses. They went without excuses. Never in her life had Sarah caused such a commotion. Secretly, she loved it.

By the end of the day, Sarah was ready to be fucked and tired of waiting. Yet there she found herself, in the parking lot, dressed like a tramp and waiting for Andy's shift to end. To her surprise, Jeff drove up. He got out of the pickup truck, made his way over to Sarah and told her she was the hottest looking woman he had ever seen. Then he took her in his arms and kissed her. Unsure of how to respond to Jeff's advances, but absolutely sure of one thing, she kissed him back. Then Jeff said "Sarah, get in the van."

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