tagLoving WivesShe Hates It, But...

She Hates It, But...


She Hates It, But She Loves It

It had been 2 weeks since I had seen Beth. No one could have asked for a nicer day that day, nor could anyone have expected the surprise I got that day. My wife and I have been casual friends with Beth and her husband Joe for about 10 years. On that day I had ridden my motorcycle to a local lake intent on using another friend's pontoon boat for some fishing and recreation by myself. I soon found a good looking creek leading to a cove about 300 yards further in. I started fishing and using the trolling motor to move along. About 100 yards from the heavily wooded cove I caught a glimpse of what looked like 2 people naked or nearly so in the woods about 50 feet from the bank. I grabbed my binoculars and began scanning the area while drifting silently toward the cove.

Sure enough, there they were. A naked couple, she on her knees busily sucking his dick while he used his hands on the back of her head to offer his thrusts. Eventually I drifted within about 25 yds of the oblivious, wildly fucking couple. I dropped anchor quietly so as not to disturb them and ruin the free performance they were providing me.

After what seemed an eternity he finally stiffened and blew his wad in her as she wrapped her legs around his back and waist to pull her pussy into close hot contact with his groin. Her head was whipping side to side as she implored him "OH Fuck, OH Fuck, Give it to me!! Give me all your cum!! Fill my cunt!!"

What I could hear of her voice was familiar, and as I finally got a look at her face I recognized Beth. I also recognized that the owner of the dick buried in her pussy was NOT Joe!! I had no idea who he was, it was not Joe. Not knowing anything else to do I laid down on one of the benches of the pontoon boat and feigned sleep just in case they realized someone was there.

Just as I closed my eyes I heard, Beth say,

"Oh shit there's a boat let's get out of here."

Which confirmed two things to me: 1. I had been seen but not clearly and, 2. Joe probably had no idea his wife of 20 yrs was a little fuck fiend. It took me less than a minute to decide to take advantage of my discovery but, it had taken 2 weeks before everything else fell into place for me. Ding dong went the doorbell. Almost immediately Beth's smiling face was revealed as she opened the door.

"Hi there Jack" she said cheerfully. "Won't you come in?"

I smiled and entered closing the door behind me and let my eyes wander over her. Beth is 43, blonde (natural, not dyed) smallish breasts, bright green eyes, wonderful womanly hips, and smooth delightfully teenage like legs rising to a tight jiggle free ass, with no shelf of ass lying on her legs. She had on a housedress fastened entirely from hem to neck with buttons.

"It is nice to see you Jack, what brings you to our neighborhood?" she asked.

"Well Beth, I thought I would come over and fuck you today" I said simply.

"I don't think so" she said angrily.

"What ever would give u the idea, it is wrong, and you can put that out of your head, and take yourself right out the front door!" she spat out.

I stood slowly but moved quickly to take her in my arms pinning her arms against her sides. She tensed as if to make a fight of it until I said" Beth, do you remember the pontoon boat in the lake? The one you saw after your pussy was full of dick?" Her face went pale and she went almost limp as realization took hold.

"That was you?" she asked quietly.

"Yes it was me, and I enjoyed watching your ass move so much, I thought it was only right that I sample what you are obviously sharing around with others." I continued "I mean after all wouldn't joe be more pleased that you fuck friends instead of just strangers?"

I let her go since she had quit struggling. She stepped back, adjusted herself, looked at me and with resignation evident in her voice and eyes said," well I need to lock the front door, and we should go upstairs."

I followed her up the stairs and couldn't resist reaching out both hands to cup her marvelously tight ass thru her dress. She turned into a room at the top of the stairs. Once we were in the room she began to unbutton her dress and said "I have never before fucked anyone else in my house but my husband", "every other time I go somewhere and pick up a stranger".

"So how often do you go seeking a different dick?" I asked.

Again her green eyes sparked when she said "Look here I am not a slut! That guy you saw me with was the first guy in almost 10 years, and even before that I can count them on one hand!"

"I love my husband, and our sex life has been wonderful except for a couple times in our marriage and the last 2 years." She had finished unbuttoning her dress and let it fall to the floor. She had no bra on. Her breasts were so small she didn't need one. She very quickly peeled off the white lacy bikini panties she wore and deposited them on the floor as well. Her hands hung at her sides as she stood there awaiting any comments.

"This is what you get" she said. "Not very impressive am I?"

NOT VERY IMPRESSIVE my mind mocked her words. Except for her face and the fact that I knew her age, she could easily have been mistaken for a 23 year old. No sags anywhere, no cellulite, almost no vaginal gap between her thighs, and an almost hairless pussy just a small, downy, blonde patch just above her pussy lips.

"Beth I don't know who in his right mind would think you are unimpressive." I said softly.

I quickly shed my clothes and in true man fashion left them in a heap on the biggest shelf in the room, the floor. I pointed to my erection and said "obviously I don't agree with whomever said that to you."

I stepped forward and took her softly into my arms. She trapped my dick between her thighs and squeezed. The next thing I knew we had made it onto the bed into a 69 position, me on my back her straddling my head. I felt her tongue first on my dick, then her lips as she began to lick, suck kiss and fuck her face up and down on my stiff member.

I was gazing up close and personal at a 43 year old pussy that had never had a baby thru it and apparently very few other dicks. I began to return her favors with my lips and tongue working her cunt lips and soft inner folds. When I tasted the juices from her moistening cunt, I moved my licking and sucking lower to her clit which began to grow immediately. She also began to moan softly and began more urgently coaxing additional growth from my dick. I moved my hands to her ass cheeks, marveling again at their firmness and began to knead the wonderful globes in my grasp. As I pulled her asscheeks apart, I looked directly at her anal pucker and was delighted when I saw a pink sphincter nestled between the cheeks of her ass.. Amazing, I thought, pink, not brown!! I quickly brought my tongue to what my eyes had seen wanting to taste as well as see. As my tongue slow rolled up her ass crack and ran across her ass she stiffened as tho she had been hit by electricity.

"No!" she gasped out as she released my dick from her mouth.

"Not my ass! No one, not even my husband has ever been there!" she gasped.

"I will suck your dick, and you can use my pussy, but let my ass alone. That terrifies me!"

I still held her ass apart and moved quickly to lick her ass again. Again she stiffened as tho being electrocuted, this time tho she sat back trapping my face between her ass cheeks grinding down so my tongue momentarily penetrated her ass ring. Her hands gripped my thighs like a drowning woman hanging on to a life preserver.

"Oh Shit" she moaned, "that feels so fucking go-o-o-o-o-o-o-d!"

"Please stop, Please don't do that" she begged. All the while grinding her ass on my face like a dog humping a stranger's leg.

I lifted her off my face and said "Beth, why would you ask me to stop when you say it feels so good?"

"I don't know "she replied. "I also don't know why I agreed to have sex with you."

"Because you don't want your husband to know you have fucked other men, that's why bitch!" I spat back at her.

"And don't confuse yourself by thinking I am taking you against your will." "Look at where you are" I said more quietly.

"You are on top doing 69 with me." "It was your choice" I reminded her.

She rolled off me and lay back beside me. Turning her green eyes to me she said "Yes it was my choice and now it is my choice that you fuck me."

I raised up and got between her thighs taking her ankles and holding them back by her head. Her pussy was raised and spread awaiting the entry of my dick. I pushed forward, and her inner labia spread allowing me entry, yet clasping softly as my dick moved forward steadily till my balls nestled in her ass. Her eyes fluttered and then closed as she sucked lightly on her lower lip savoring the feeling as my dick penetrated to the depths of her being.

She looked at me and said "I hate me for fucking another man besides my husband."

"And I hate you for fucking me."

Her hips began a gentle rocking motion fucking herself onto my dick.

She licked her lips and said "But I love the way a dick feels going into me."

"And I love the orgasms that dicks provide for me."

"I even love the way my pussy smells after I get fucked and filled with cum."

"You invited yourself in. So get busy and make me happy. Fuck me you son of a bitch. Slam your dick into me. Make me sing to be a woman." she said quietly while smiling.

Beth may be 43 but her quim felt like a young woman's hot, tight, juicy and clinging to my dick every time I pulled back to make another thrust.

I began to hammer her, pushing the mattress down on to the springs with our combined weight every time I slammed into her. She continually humped her ass up to meet my thrusts. Her head moved side to side and she talked continuously.

"Fuck me"

"Shove it in"

"Oh yes"


"That feels so good"

"Wonderful dick"

"OHHHH keep fucking, harder"

Her legs wrapped around my waist as she got more and more into the fucking she was giving as well as receiving. After less than 10 minutes of solid hard fucking she orgasmed. Almost explosively. She shook like a leaf in a strong wind in the fall. Her pussy spasmed and gripped my dick like a fist. Her mouth formed an "O" and her eyes opened wide. The pent up juice in her twat turned on like a faucet wetting us both down . As she continued to tremble softly she licked her lips and said "Now give me your cum"

"Fill me up"

"I want your cum now!"

I stroked hard another 20 to 30 seconds and did just that. 5 times my seed spurted from my dick into this woman. This woman whom most would think would not even bear to hear such words as she had just used.

I had never had a ladylike whore fuck like her in my life!

I managed to roll off her and onto my back totally spent and sweating like I had just run a mile. My dick softening slowly against my thigh. I rolled my head to see what she was doing. She had risen to her knees spreading her thighs. She reached down to her cunt with her hand and brought it quickly to her mouth. She showed me our co-mingled juices just before she licked her hand clean.

"I told you I like the way I taste after being fucked." moving down so her head was over my crotch she said,

"And I like the way a dick tastes after it has fucked me."

Having said that she lowered her head and slurped my dick into her mouth savoring the taste and feel of my dick in her mouth. She cleaned me thoroughly not wasting a drop of cum.

She sat back on her haunches on the bed and placed her hand on my chest.

"I will let you know the next time you can drop by to fuck me." she said matter of factly..

"Please don't ever do this again?" she asked softly.

I grabbed her wrist and twisted hard and fast so she fell onto the bed. Then leaning over her I said "I will drop in and fuck you whenever I feel like it, cunt!"

"Don't you ever dare to give me an order again".

I stood and began to dress while she lay very still on the bed almost sobbing.

"Jack?" she said "the next time you drop by will you please fuck me in my ass?"

Those words were ringing in my head as I cranked my motorcycle.

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