tagExhibitionist & VoyeurShe Likes Showing Off Ch. 01

She Likes Showing Off Ch. 01


My wife of eleven years is Sara.

Sara is what is known as a "blonde bombshell" a "hottie". She has blonde naturally curly hair that reaches halfway down her back. Her breasts are natural and are firm and taut with nipples that are generally hard. She stays in great shape with a firm flat stomach. Her pussy is always shaven smooth and her legs are long and not muscular but taut and very sexy. She is five foot eleven inches tall in her bare feet.

She has never really been bashful and wears clothing that is not slutty but accentuates her body.

I have been over the last several years getting her to loosen up a bit. When we go shopping I ask her to unbutton an extra button on her blouse so that her cleavage is more visible. As we walk around guys look at her and try to sneak peeks at her breasts.

I always find it very exciting and although she says nothing I know she finds it exciting. When we get home it always leads to sex.

One day we were getting ready to go shopping and she came out in her usual attire. I looked at her and shook my head.

"What?" She asked.

"I think your outfit needs some changes to it."

"What is wrong with what I am wearing?"

"I think today we need to lose the bra."

"What? You want me to run around with no bra on?"

Although she acted shocked I could tell the idea was exciting to her. Her nipples became so hard that they were pressing against her bra and causing them to poke into her blouse.

"That is exactly what I want." I replied.

"Ok, if that is what you want." As she turned and went back to the bedroom.

My dick was getting hard already knowing that her breasts unleashed and her hard nipples was going to cause more looks than ever.

She quickly returned.

I watched her as she walked into the living room. Her full breasts were undulating up and down and back and forth with each step. Her nipples were rock hard and poking at the material of her blouse.

"Honey, I really should not go out in public like this."

"You look fabulous!" I replied.

She was also wearing a pair of form fitting jeans that held firmly to her tight ass. On her feet she was wearing a pair of high-heeled sandals.

"Let's go." I said as I opened the door to the garage.

As she walked past me I placed my hand on her ass letting my finger rest between the tightly packed globes of flesh in her jeans.

"Damn!" I exclaimed.

"Oh hush." She said turning to me grinning.

We got to the mall and our trip was turning out as I had hoped it would. Guys, young and old were checking her out and several were staring at her breasts.

"My gawd honey, every guy in the place is staring at my tits. I feel so self-conscious." She whispered to me as we walked along.

"Is that what you really want are guys checking me out?"

"I'm proud of you and just let them be jealous. Yes, I like it." I replied.

We walked past a store that specializes in ladies lingerie and revealing clothing.

"Let's go in here and look around." I said as I pulled her toward the store.

"Sam, what are you doing?"

"Clothes shopping for my baby."

I had a master plan to help fulfill my fantasies and clothing was going to be a big part of the plan.

I headed toward the swimsuits. I began flipping through them as she stood and watched me. I pulled several off the rack and handed them to her.

"Sam, I can't wear these."

"Why not? We have a fence around the pool and nobody can see in. It is for my benefit."

"You are terrible." She said as she headed to the changing room.

She turned back to me and said, "Come on. I'm not going to parade around the store after I put them on. You will have to be by the dressing room."

I followed her as she disappeared behind the curtain.

I could hear her undressing and then, "Sam, this is way beyond revealing."

"Let me see."

She pulled back the curtain slightly.

She had on the yellow one that was nothing more than a g-string bottom that barely covered her pussy. The top was so small that it just did cover her areola. Her hard nipples looked like they would poke a hole in the fabric.

"WOW! That one is a keeper."

"Sam, have you gone completely crazy?"

"Crazy in love with you."

She looked in the mirror again and said, "Step back I'm trying on the other one."

I again heard the rustling of clothing and them the curtain pulled back.

"Oh yah! That is also a keeper."

It was a one-piece suit but was a thong bottom with a suspender top that just covered her areola again. The suspenders attached to the bottom, which was just high enough to cover her pussy.

"Stay there. I saw a couple of other things I liked." I told her.

I went out to pick out a couple of negligee sets I had been eyeballing while she was changing.

"Here try these on." As I handed them through the curtain.

"Sam?" I heard from behind the curtain.

Again, I heard her changing and the curtain pulled open slightly.

"Yep! It is a keeper. Try the next one on."

She was embarrassed to be in a store even if it was the dressing room. Her face was red but she looked hot. I had picked out a sheer black negligee that had an equally sheer robe. The negligee was a one piece that left nothing to the imagination. It simply covered her body in a black transparent silky fabric. Her pussy was clearly visible and her big tits looked seductive in it. The robe just simply added to the sexy, lacy look of the outfit.

The curtain pulled back again.

"Alright, we will take them all."

"Sam, why spend the money you know you will just take them off as quick as I can put them on."

"It is all in the visual my dear." I replied.

She was not aware of my plans of course to show her off even more.

I walked away from the curtain to browse the store some more while she got dressed.

My cock was rock hard just anticipating the fun we would have with these outfits.

While I walked around, I found another black corset with matching garter belt, g-string and black hose. I snatched it up knowing it would fit.

Sara came out of the dressing room with her new clothing in hand.

We went to the register and she saw I had added another outfit.

"What is that one?" She asked.

"Just another one I found that you will look very hot in."

We walked out and into the mall again and my mind was racing with my plans. It was going to start next weekend.


The week seemed to pass slowly as I anticipated the weekend. I knew I would have to start my plan slowly so that Sara got more and more accustomed to showing off her body to other men.

Finally, Saturday arrived and it was a warm and sunny day, which fit right into my plan.

"Sara, put on that little yellow suit we bought last weekend and get some sun. I want to have a little fantasy session today."

"And exactly what is this fantasy?"

"I want to be the pool guy who comes to clean the pool and finds you lying out by the pool in your tiny suit. I want you to tease me with your body."

"You are so baaaaad."

"I know but it will be fun. You wait and see."

Sara kissed me and turned to go change.

I left and went to the garage to wait for a while so she could get changed and situated in her lounge chair.

I waited and messed around in the garage for about twenty minutes to give her time.

I walked around the house and peeked through the fence to see if she was ready.

Sara was standing by the lounger spreading oil on her body. As I watched her glimmering body and her rubbing the oil all over I got a hard on. Her ass looked wonderful shimmering in the sunlight and the small string of the suit disappearing between the beautiful globes of flesh.

She put a towel down on the lounger and then sat on it and laid back to get some sun.

I went back to the garage to let my hard cock subside before I went to the backyard.

After my cock finally relaxed and I took my mind off her glimmering hard body I headed around the house to clean the pool. I opened the gate and walked through to the pool.

I saw Sara and said, "I'm very sorry ma'am I did not know anyone was home."

She looked up and said, "That's ok Manny you can work as long as you do not mind me being here."

I thought "Manny?" She was already getting into this.

"Oh no ma'am I don't mind as long as you don't care." I replied.

"It is fine with me. Besides the pool needs a good cleaning."

"Ok, I will be out of your way shortly."

I began the cleaning process on the pool.

Sara grabbed the oil and again began to apply it to her stomach rubbing to the top of her suit bottom. She then began rubbing the oil on her tits making sure to get all of them including the sides, which were hanging seductively from the very small top.

I kept cleaning and acting as if I was stealing peeks at her. Several times, she would catch me watching her.

She then began to roll over in her chair. I watched as she rolled. She turned and messed up the towel she was lying on and had to straighten it out. She got on her hands and knees as she did this pointing her ass in my direction.

My cock instantly got hard as I looked at the string running between her cheeks. It just covered her little pink rosebud and then went to her pussy. Her pussy looked like it was trying to suck the thin fabric into her. Her pussy lips were clearly outlined.

She got the towel straight and laid back down. Her tight ass was now glimmering in the sunlight. She kept her legs slightly spread apart so I could see the outline of her pussy.

"FUCK!" I thought. I was ready to stop this game, go over there, and fuck her hard and fast.

I kept cleaning and watching her.

She reached behind her neck and untied the string there. She then reached behind her and untied the string around her back.


"Yes Ma'am?"

"Would you mind while you're here to rub a little oil on my back?"

"No Ma'am not at all."

I walked to her and sat on the lounger next to her. I grabbed the oil and drizzled some on my hands. I then with shaking hands reached for her and laid my hands on her back. My cock was nearly ready to explode.

I ran my slick hands along her strong sexy back and shoulders spreading the oil and rubbing it in.

I began to get up and she asked, "Would you mind doing my legs too please?"

"No Ma'am, I can do that."

I drizzled some more oil and scooted down on the lounger. I placed my hands on the back of her thighs and began rubbing. I could not take my eyes off the patch of cloth covering her pussy as a small wet spot began to develop. She was enjoying this as much as I was.

I smoothed the oil onto her calves and again began to get up.

"Manny, I think you forgot some."

I reached for the oil and drizzled some more on my hands knowing what she was saying.

I again breathing heavily placed my hands on her tight ass cheeks. I began rubbing the oil in and just knew my cock was going to explode a load of cum in my shorts. It was so strange. I have touched her ass many times in the past but now it almost felt like I was doing it for the first time and that I was doing it as Manny. I let my fingers run along the crack of her ass and to the fabric covering her pussy. The wet spot on her suit had grown even larger.

I finished and got up.

"Thank-You Manny." She said.

I wiped my hands on a towel and went back to the pool unable to speak.

She laid there for about five minutes and then again began to roll over.

When she did, she left her top on the lounger. She rolled onto her back. Her big, full tits were spread out on her chest and her nipples even in the heat were rock hard. She laid there with her sunglasses on but I knew she was watching me as I worked.

Her pussy now with the damp fabric sucked into her was clearly outlined. I could see almost every detail. She reached for the oil and rubbed it into her naked tits. She paid especially close attention to her hard nipples and puckered up areolas. I knew it felt good on her hard nipples because she was spending an inherent amount of time on them.

"Manny I hope I'm not embarrassing you. I just do not like tan lines."

"Oh no Ma'am you are not bothering me at all."

She grinned and laid her head back down.

My cock was jumping at the thoughts racing through my mind as my fantasy is to actually get her to show off like this to our real pool boy and to whomever else I can get involved.

I kept cleaning the pool and Sara laid there for about another ten minutes before getting up. She stood by the chair glimmering in the sunlight and turned to me.

"Manny, is it ok if I get in the pool?"

"Yes Ma'am that would be fine. I'm almost done and I will get out of your way."

"No hurry Manny."

I watched her as she moved to the pool's edge. Her full tits swaying from her stride. She dove into the pool. I watched as her naked ass gleamed in the water.

She swam underwater until she reached the side of the pool where I was working. She popped up out of the water.

"Wow that feels great on my hot skin."

"Yes Ma'am I'm sure it does."

She then swam to the ladder next to where I was working and climbed out of the pool.

I had just finished and said, "Ma'am I'm all done now. I will be going."

Sara walked very seductively toward me. She leaned against my arm. Her tits were on either side of it. She then reached for my hard cock.

"Manny I could not help but to notice you seem a little stressed."

"Yes Ma'am I am."

"Why is that Manny?" She asked as she continued to rub my hard cock through my shorts.

"Well Ma'am. If you don't mind me saying so. You are a very beautiful woman and spreading the oil on you has caused a little stress."

"A little. I don't think I would call this a little stress."

She then unzipped my shorts and reached in to pull my hard cock out into the bright sunlight.

As she stroked my cock she said, "No Manny I don't think we should call this little."

She then turned to me, squatted down in front of me, and sucked my cock into her mouth.

"Ma'am I don't know if we should be doing this. What about your husband? What if he comes home?"

"He is away and will not be home today. Don't worry Manny my husband gets excited when other men look at me." She replied pulling her mouth off my cock.

"But does he get excited when you suck on another man's cock?"

She pulled off again but kept stroking my cock, "Not sure about that one but I'm thinking he might even like that."

She dove back onto my cock.

I stood there watching her red lips wrapped around my cock and watched it slip in and out of her mouth. The thought of her having sex with another man had never really crossed my mind but in the heat of having my cock sucked and our role playing it sounded good at the time.

She pulled off my cock again, "Manny would you like to fuck me?"

"Oh yes Ma'am I would."

Sara then stood up and reached for the tie that held her tiny bikini bottom on and pulled it. It fell loose from her hips and she pulled them off. She then walked over to the ladder coming out of the pool and grabbed the rails bending over.

I walked to her and behind her when she said, "Manny fuck me good and hard. I'm so fucking horny I need it hard."

I guided my cock to her pussy. I easily slipped inside her not remembering a recent time when she was so wet. I sunk my cock fully into her pussy and she moaned.


I began to slide in and out of her, each inward thrust brought my groin against her ass, and the sound of our skin meeting was resounding inside the fenced backyard.

She reached between her legs and began to finger her clit as I pounded her hard and fast.

"Oh fuck I'm cummmmming!" She groaned as her body jerked with the spasms of her orgasm.

Her pussy clinched down on my cock and I was then groaning, "OHHHH GAWD YESSSSS!"

My knees buckled as the force of my orgasm hit me and my cum raced up my shaft and exploded deep inside Sara's pussy.

Sara stayed leaning against the ladder as I leaned into her with my cock still buried inside her. My cock began to deflate and I pulled out of her trailing a string of our combined juices.

She stood and turned to me, "Manny you are a great fuck. We will have to do that again sometime."

"It was my pleasure Ma'am." I replied as she kissed me then dove into the pool naked.

I stripped off my clothes and dove in behind her. We played around naked in the pool for a while then went inside and showered. The shower got us so worked up we fucked again in the shower.

That night lying in bed I got another hard-on thinking about my plan.

Today was step one in seeing my true fantasies come to reality.

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