tagNonConsent/ReluctanceShe Should Be More Careful Ch. 02

She Should Be More Careful Ch. 02


Authors notes: First, I want to thank everyone who voted and left comments. Second I want to apologize for the abrupt ending to my previous story, which was hastily written. So! I have attempted to amend that by taking extra care on this submission! Or I tried, I went in a slightly different direction than intended, so I hope you still enjoy it.Also this was always meant to be a series, not a single submission (Silly me, in my haste I forgot the whole 'To be continued' thing in the previous submission)...Heh. heh, yeah, I'm new... And comments (because of course we love them so) are always very appreciated! They give authors tips, criticism, thoughts, and (in the case of one specific comment last time) suggestions can even give the author inspiration for the next installment (or a whole new story). I'm rambling, though enjoy the story!

Liz's mouth gaped at the words. She felt like she was in a nightmare. 'He can't be serious' she thought. Her mind was buzzing with thoughts when she was jerked back to reality by slow circles being traced around her clit. Liz let out a small yelp. Her clit was over sensitized from the previous forced orgasm, and the slow teasing circles where creating a burning need. "Please, Please don't do this" she managed to whimper out. She got no reply and began to sob.'I don't want this, It's too humiliating. Being raped is one thing, but being forced to enjoy it?. Of course I always read fiction about this kind of thing, but it's totally different to in real life, I'm not suppose to feel this way!' Liz was having a hard time dealing with all the thoughts going through her head while she got closer and closer with each circle.

Tears where trickling down her cheek as a moan escaped her lips. Liz bit her already abused bottom lip to keep herself quite. 'I never make noise at home, why is it so hard to stay quite now?' Just as she thought this Jack started pumping two fingers against her spot. Liz screamed at the sudden sensation and she heard a satisfied chuckle from her captor.

Liz felt anger swell through her, a welcomed break from the anxiety, fear and humiliation of her other thoughts. She looked him in the eyes and opened her mouth to say what she thought of him.

Jack could see a change in his captive's attitude. When Liz looked in his eyes he saw defiance. Seeing she was about to say something, he knew she would regret, John gave two very hard thrust in her pussy. This earned him another scream. The scream then turned to sobs.

"If you keep fighting it, you'll only come harder" said Jack, almost cheerfully thought Liz.

She knew it was true, her orgasm was just building up more."S-stop Pl-"Liz was cut off by the moan that escaped her lips as Jack increased the pace of his circles in time with the thrust's of his fingers. She could feel herself about to burst, she knew it would be strong and wished more then anything for it to not happen.

"It's going to happen, sweetheart" Jack said silkily

For a moment Liz thought he could read her mind, but then realized she had been repeating "no, no, no, no" out loud. She distantly heard herself screaming as she was suddenly on the edge and then pushed over it. She hated herself, even at the very peak, she wished she would die. Liz hated how her inner walls clamped down on his fingers, and how she was screaming in pleasure at the hands of her captor. It felt like forever until she came down from her orgasm and stopped spasming.

Liz felt utterly defeated and exhausted. She glanced at his masked face, and saw the grin she knew she'd find. 'I hate you' she thought.

"What do you say?" Jack said, definitely cheerful thought Liz dazedly

"Thank you" Liz said mechanically.

"That wasn't so hard was it?" Jack said with the same cheerful tone

She felt darkness closing in, her mind was too exhausted, she was tired and having a major anxiety attack. She was glad, her mind was shutting down, having overloaded, and was giving her a break. Just before she passed out, she heard something in a far away place.

"Sweet dreams, Liz" Jack said with a kiss on her forehead. And then Liz was gone.

Jack untied her and scooped up her tiny frame. He took a moment to enjoy her sleeping form. He knew it would be awhile before she would be comfortable with him, so he enjoyed the passiveness she had in her sleep. Jack carried her until he was at the room prepared for her. It was a normal bedroom, not unlike her own,with a few adjustments. One of them being hidden camera's that would allow him to keep an eye on her. Jack placed her on the bed, then went to the dresser to get her some pjs so she wouldn't have to wake up naked.

Jack pulled out some cotton pink drawstring shorts and a matching pink tank top. He took the clothes over to the sleeping girl on the bed and tenderly began dressing her. Jack smiled as he thought about how sexy she looked screaming as she came for him. He knew she had to be pushed, she would hate him for a while, but she would come to love him. Jack couldn't help but take advantage of her passed out state and kneaded her nice B cup breast. Then did the same to the globes of her bottom.

When Liz was dressed, Jack tucked her in and turned on a fan. Liz had slept with a fan on since she was a kid, the white noise helped her sleep. Jack had noticed she always slept with a fan on, so he made sure to have one to keep her comfortable. Jack then turned to leave, he got to the door and turned out the light and prepared to leave and lock the door when he remembered something. He then turned the light on, gave a slight chuckle, and then went to the nightstand to retrieve something.

Jack pulled out a small nightlight and turned to smile at the sleeping girl. "Afraid of the dark? Aren't you?" He asked rhetorically. 'She really is adorable' he thought as he plugged in the small light. Jack then went to turn the light out and soundly lock the door.

A half hour after Jack had left Liz woke up dazed. Waking up in bed and hearing the noise of her fan Liz knew it was a dream. 'Damn, I haven't had a nightmare in years'. Liz thought as she curdled up to sleep more. 'When did I take off my panties?' Liz thought before she let the noise of her fan lull her to ignorant blissful sleep.

Jack had been preparing other things when he finally got a chance to check the camera's in Liz's room. He looked at the live monitor first. He smiled when he saw her still blissfully sleeping. He then re-winded to see if she had stirred at all yet. After going back 10 minutes he saw that she had woken up and went back to sleep. 'I guess she doesn't realize where she is yet' he thought with a mischievous grin. Jack then went to prepare her something to eat , and to get the syringe.

Jack came back to the room Liz was in with a tray that contained a toasted tuna sandwiche, a bowl of fruit, and almond milk. He also had a syringe in his back pocket. Jack could hear his heart beat in his ear. He placed the tray on the nightstand by her bed. Jack took a deep breath."Wake up, sleepyhead" Jack coaxed as he lightly shook her.

'Who is trying to get me up?,I don't have anywhere to be.' she thought annoyed. Liz grumbled and then turned over, away from whoever was bothering her.

"Come on, sweetheart, rise and shine" Jack whispered close to her ear in a husky voice. 'That got her up ' Jack chuckled as Liz yelped and stirred annoyed.

Liz was frightened by the sudden closeness, she tried to disentangle herself from the sheet and comforter to turn over when something struck a cord with her."That voice" Liz said almost inaudibly

"Sexy isn't it?" Jack said mock seductively, though instantly regretted it when he say how distressed Liz was.

Liz wanted to scream, but couldn't get herself to. She managed to get into a sitting position and backpedaled away from her capture. 'It wasn't a dream!' Holy shit It's still the nightmare!' was one of the countless thoughts going through her head. Liz was breathing so fast she was sure she was hyperventilating. On top of her anxiety attack and hyperventilating she found herself sobbing. 'You need to control yourself!' Liz ordered herself. She tried to breath slower."Hic"'No! I can't have hiccups now!' Liz held her breath to make the hiccups go away. After a few seconds she was feeling very dizzy. She exhaled and gasped for air. 'You look like an idiot' she thought. At the thought she glanced to see how smug the bastard was at her floundering.

His grin made her want to claw his eyes out. But then she noticed 'he's not wearing a mask, don't I know him?'

"Calmed down some?" Jack asked, making a real effort not to show his amusement.

Then it hit her, she remembered where she knew him from.

"Why I am here Jack?" Liz asked puzzled, with a note of hurt, and thick with fear. She never did anything to him that would warrant this. Then again, nothing she did could warrant this. She was somewhat aware he liked her, but he was too intimidating for her, so their relationship never became anything. Still he was never anything but nice to her. Or so she thought. 'At least he isn't a stranger' the more rational side of her brain told her.

"Questions later" Jack said sternly

Liz pleaded with her eyes. Jack looked into her big hazel eyes. "I'll answer you questions after you eat" Jack said in a softer tone.

He picked up the tray and settled it on her lap. "Eat" He said in a stern tone. Liz didn't want to eat, she wanted answers, she wanted to go home, she wanted to wake up. She looked at the food blankly. Always paranoid she wondered if it was drugged. Liz looked at the tray for several minutes without touching it, she had to many thoughts to think about food. Jack gave a sigh "I could tie you up again and feed you, if you like" Jack said giving her a warning. Liz's eyes went wide and she quickly grabbed a piece of fruit and popped it in her mouth. 'Seems the least likely to be drugged' she thought. She slowly nibbled through the bowl of fruit until it was gone.

"I'm not hungry" Liz said quietly

"You need to eat more then fruit, eat at least half a sandwich and your milk." said Jack

Liz gave him a defiant look. "I can get the rope, your choice" Jack said, 'really I think she likes being forced' Jack joked to himself. Liz gingerly picked up a toasted wheat bread tuna sandwich half, it was cut in triangles the way she liked. Come to think of it it was on wheat bread the way she like too. She took a small bite, and could have sworn it was "Natures Own" brand wheat bread, the kind she bought. Liz put it out of her mind because she realized she was hungry and ate the half, and the other half. She looked at jack hoping she wouldn't have to drink the milk.

"One last thing." He said gesturing to the glass.

"How do I know it isn't drugged?" She didn't know what good it did to ask, but she would anyway.

"I wouldn't beat around the bush about drugging you, darling." Jack said in the cheerful voice that pissed her off. Liz figured the sooner she drank it the sooner she would get some answers from this psycho. She drank half the glass, noting it was almond milk, which was the only milk she drank and when she set it down he said that she didn't need to drink anymore."Oh wait hold on" Jack said and retrieved two medication bottles from the nightstand. Liz went wide eyed as she saw her medication in his hands (the same bottles that where in her medicine cabinet at home). They weren't life necessary, one for ADHD the other for anxiety (though it only helped some) He gave her the 2 pills and she put them at the back of her throat and drank some milk.

"Answers now?" Liz said very quietly and didn't look at him. Jack gently cupped her chin to get her to look at him, but she flinched so he had to do it more forcefully until she was looking at him.

"Here is how it is going to go, Liz." Jack said softly but firmly " You are mine now, I am going to break down your walls until you realize that." Upon hearing his words Liz went wide eyes and started to panic, and get away from Jacks grasp. "Stop squirming." Jack said dangerously quite. Liz let out a wounded whimper and he could feel her trembling more than before. "I know you don't let any one in, you just pretend, no one knows about your anxiety, or your fears, or your fantasy's." Jack said the last part in a husky voice to let her know the meaning of his words. After a moment her eyes bulged. 'There's no way he knows about those online stories I read.' Liz tried to tell herself it was a coincidence, he was making a generalization.

Jack felt her tense up more if it was possible. "You need someone like me to break into those walls, and get you out,someone like me to push you" Jack said in a husky voice. 'He really is crazy' Liz thought. She was trembling and her breathing was rapid "I think deep down that's what you want" Jack said silkily. This wasn't entirely true, but he hoped it was and would make her believe it.

"So you kidnap me to get me to open up to you" Liz said, hysteria in her voice. Jack shrugged

"I don't like to put it in such nasty words" Jack said

"Theirs words the police would use" Liz said shakily, even though she tried to sound brave.

"*Tsk *Tsk, I am a powerful man and can get around the police, besides if you even try I will send a tape of you screaming your head off in the throws of an orgasm at my hands to your friends and family." Jack said menacingly, It hurt him to threaten her like this and felt something twist in his chest when he saw the shattered look on Liz's face and the silent tears fall down her now pale cheeks.

"I-I was tied up, I-I asked you to stop!" Liz said brokenly.

"A little movie magic and I can have it look like your loving it" Jack said levelly. Liz looked like she might shatter at any moment. Jack couldn't look her in the eye any more. He didn't trust himself not to crack and take her into his arms and tell her he wouldn't do that. Liz couldn't think, she felt empty.

"Don't I have any say?" Liz asked almost to herself. She felt defeated and broken. Liz couldn't bare the embarrassment if someone just catching her touching herself. She couldn't even imagine the horror of her family seeing her orgasm at the hands of this man.

"Trust me, sweetheart, you'll be happy I did this. Tell me deep down you never wanted something like this to happen."

"You didn't answer my question" Liz said mechanically. Jack grinned at her aversion.

"Some things you will" Jack said and then flashed that mischievous smile Liz hated."And others, must be forced." Jack said once again cheery. Liz got her chin free from his grasp and tried to backpedal when Jack efficiently caught her arm. "You know Liz, I was serious when I said I was going to fuck you." Jack said in an unreadable tone. Jack then pulled her close, while Liz was fidgeting and squirming. "You know another part of opening up, is opening up your fantasys, I know about those stories you read." Jack whispered in her ear. Liz could feel her face go red and started struggling in earnest. Liz always thought reading those stories would get her in trouble, she just thought someone might visit and see them on the history, not this!'She knew he would use them to say she wanted to be raped, maybe she needed a push, yeah sure,but this is more than a God damned push, it was rape! Liz thought as she panicked. when she felt a pinch on her thigh. Jack emptied the syringe into her upper thigh.

"Don't do this" Liz said weakly. 'What was that pinch ' Liz thought as it got harder to move. Jack held her tighter as he felt her movement stopping, the effect of the paralysis he injected her with.

"You know their was one story I saw that you re-read a lot,before you went to (ahem ) 'bed' you even sent emails telling the author how much you liked it." Liz felt her face go red as she understood he was talking about her masturbating before she went to sleep. "You know what the rapist used instead of tying the girl up?"

"W-what?" Liz squeaked out, finding it hard to talk.

"Paralysis" Jack whispered in her ear to make her flinch. Liz remembered that story. It went something like, A girl woke up after a party to find she was on a soft mattress in an unfamiliar room. She then comes to find out she can't move or talk because of a sip of coke she had earlier that night. A man then comes into the room and says something like, he won't hurt her he just wants to bring her pleasure. He shows her even if her head is telling her she doesn't want it her body does. He shows her how wet she is for him and then finger fucks her until she comes. Then he has great sex with her. She orgasms a bunch of times and sometime in the middle she doesn't see it as rape any more, yada yada. Liz didn't realize how stupid that story was until now.

Liz slumped in Jacks arms as she realized she couldn't move. 'Crazy bastard' Liz thought as tears burned down her cheeks. Jack gently laid her down on the soft bed and kissed her tears away. 'That was in the story too' Liz thought as fresh tears sprung to her eyes. "Please don't cry, I'm going to be gentle and make sure you enjoy it." Jack said with compassion in his voice. He knew she was scared, and probably hated him,but Jack had already decided she would have to hate him to love him. 'Please don't cry,I'm going to be gentle'.The words made Liz's stomach do a somersault, It was lines like that in stories that got her going.'Damn him' Liz thought, that line wasn't in the story though. One of the main reasons Jack wanted the paralysis was so he could be gentle and not have to worry about her fighting, and needing to tie her up, she could enjoy it more this way. He also hoped her anxiety medication would help her ease up too.

Jack positioned her so she was lying down on her back and had her head propped up by some pillows. Jack made short work of her pjs, the only gauge of her emotions he had was her breathing.

Once Liz was naked Jack noticed to his relief she was no longer crying. "Good girl, no more tears, alright?" Liz was lost in her own thoughts as Jack undressed her and hadn't noticed she stopped crying. His words snapped her back into reality. Liz was puzzled, she felt, almost like he cared. 'IDIOT!' The more rational,and/ or harsh side of herself said. 'He's crazy! He is blackmailing you, drugged you , stalked you, not to mentioned kidnapped! This isn't one of your stories! This is real fucking life!' Her fear was back and she couldn't believe she had let her guard down, even a little bit, but for some reason she no longer wanted to cry.

Jack was pleasantly surprised, her breathing was fast, but not close to hyperventilating. 'Probably the medication' he thought, but deep down hoped her defenses where dropping. "When I saw you at that bar, I thought you where the most adorable confident girl I ever saw." Jack said looking into those almond shaped hazel eyes. He wanted her to see he cared, small steps to her letting him in. Liz remembered that night, she was being loud and funny, she had a weird quirk that she liked having loud conversations and trying to make people around her laugh. Then she remembered her awkwardness toward him and felt her cheeks turn red. "I had to go talk to you," Jack laughed as he remembered her frightened reaction as he had countless times before, and felt blood rush to his cock. Liz knew what he was laughing at and she turned crimson. 'Why are embarrassed, stop giving him the satisfaction.' Liz scolded herself once again. "I thought it was so cute how shy and meek you where, but it also tore me up how you put walls up from me, well everyone actually" Jack said like he was telling her she had a problem and looked her in the eye.

'Who are you my therapist?' Liz thought in her head.'Be happy he's being you therapist right now and not just your rapist!'Liz told herself(did you get the pun?). Jack placed a hand on her arm. Liz took a sharp intake of breath, and would have involuntarily flinched if she could. Jack then leaned in and kissed Liz. Jack leaning in was slow motion in her head, her breathing was almost hyperventilating at the closeness, until his lips met hers, they where warm and pleasant. Liz felt that somersault again. 'It feels, kinda good' the thought that made it's way into her head shocked her and her breathing quickened again as what was happening sunk in. Jacks heart was overjoyed when he thought he felt her relax a little when he kissed her, and her breathing slow a bit. So he was more than a little disappointed that she resumed her quickened breathing. "I'm you're first kiss aren't I?" Jack said with lifting his lips off hers with a cheeky grin. Liz tried to will herself not to be embarrassed by his words, she evaded his eyes.'How dare he make light of something like that?' Still she felt the heat of a blush washing over her face, giving the answer away.

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