She's 22 and Still a Virgin


I did feel it again. I even stroked it a couple of times. It did feel something like my dildos but they didn't throb with the inner strength I felt in the real thing.

I would have given anything to have simply laid down and taken it inside of me but I also wanted to see it come. I lay down across bed in front of my brother and said to him in a voice I almost did not recognize.

"David. Come for me. Stroke yourself until you come and shoot your stuff all over me. Please!"

He needed no urging. He did exactly what I asked. He took his cock in his hand and began stoking it. After just a brief moment his hand became almost a blur in the nearly dark room. After just another moment something hot struck my right breast. A second or so later my breast was being covered with hot cum.

It was a very erotic moment. From all that had transpired I was suddenly in the midst of my own orgasm. As soon as I started coming down from that I threw myself back on the bed then parted my legs as wide as I could to give Dave a full view. I instantly plunged two fingers into my slippery pussy and began finger fucking myself rapidly,

I came again almost immediately. I looked at his penis and noticed that it appeared to have recovered. I wanted it inside of me and spoke.

"Fuck me. Please fuck me."

His reply was accompanied with a groan. "No Kitten. Not tonight. I can't do it here tonight,"

"I need something bigger inside of me. Get me my friend. There in the night stand." He opened the drawer and took one in each hand. He looked at me with a question in his eyes.

"That one." I said pointing at the dildo. Let me have Robin. I named them Batman and Robin.

He handed me the one called Robin. I took it into my left hand. With hardly a break in my rhythm I slid my fingers out and Robin in. I was so hot and slippery that he went it without effort. My cunt welcomed him as I began stroking my friend in and out. Dave watched me with rapidly building passion.

Then he was again ready and his hand began rapidly stroking his cock. He reached over and scooped some cum from my left boob and used it to lubricate himself. I had a feeling that he was not far from another orgasm. I took his other hand and put it on that same breast. He didn't argue but began to pinch my hard nipple gently but firmly.

A minute later he said. "I'm gonna come pretty quick. Where do you want it?"

Without hesitation I said. "On my face. Come on my face."

He was still trying to get into position when the first spurt came. My mouth was open in my excitment and by some kind of luck that is where it went. As the spurting continued I was able to get most of it to hit my face and some more into my open mouth.

That was my first taste of the male ejaculate but was not to be my last. A few seconds later I came again. This time mightily. A moment later he fell to the bed beside me and we began to kiss and mumble dumb remarks of our great pleasure to each other.

A few minutes later we recognized the need for a mutual shower. I was there in an instant remembering with pleasure our earlier one. Dave dear had other immediate needs and headed for the other bathroom. A few minutes later I heard the door open.

"You still here?" He said as he stepped in behind me.

"Yes I am still here as you can see, and a long way from finishing, but since you're here anyway, why don't you do my front? You did mess it up after all. My back's still OK."

Not waiting for a reply, turned my naked front to him and held out the soap. There was a moment's hesitation and I didn't think he was going to do it, then the soap disappeared from my hand, and in a slightly gruff voice he said

"Do you want me to do the whole front or just the top?"

I grinned to myself, "all of it please" I answered, and bent back slightly to give him good access.

He began at my shoulders and then moved down, rubbing the soap on to his hands first and then rubbing his hands over my chest and my belly then finally my breasts. He paused to pay particular attention to my nipples pinching them lightly as he did. Then he moved downward. He reached my waist and started to move below on to my crotch. By now there was no cum to wash away and the tempo slowed considerably.

I shifted slightly, bending a little more back and opening up my legs a little. His hands seemed to move into a hypnotic caress mode rather than a wash mode. I was on fire! he seemed to spend much longer on my crotch than on my boobs but I wasn't complaining. I was loving his touch, loving the way it was making me feel.

I had great difficulty holding back the low moans that were threatening to erupt from me. Eventually I guess he felt he couldn't linger there any longer. He kneeled and moved on down the back and the outside of my legs all the way to my feet.

He moved slowly back up again, this time along the inside of my legs. The significance of that didn't strike me until he reached the top when his hands were gently stroking my inner thighs. Quite accidentally of course his thumb would brush ever so briefly across the lower section of my pussy.

I nearly jumped out of my skin the first time it happened. He quickly stopped and moved his hand away but it soon came back. This time my knees seemed to dip a little of their own volition so that his thumb brushed over even more of my pussy. God, I couldn't help wishing desperately that he'd just ram a finger deep inside me!

Better yet that he would speed things up and ram his cock deep inside me. Meanwhile in all the stories I had read heroine would be taking the hero's penis into her mouth at this point. As I thought about it for a moment I wondered.

"Do I dare?" I thought about it for a minute as I looked down found myself enchanted and inspired by the sight of his hard penis. I first took it into my hand then I bent and took about half it's length into my mouth. Then not knowing exactly what to do next I simply massaged it with my tongue.

I heard his faint moan as my fingers began to trail back and forth over the part not in my mouth. After a moment he placed his hands on my head and pushed me away.

"That's one of the most difficult things I've ever done."

"Then why in the hell did you do it." I shouted as I pushed myself away from him. With that I marched into my bedroom still wet and slammed the door behind me. Then I turned around and reached for the knob and turned the lock. It promised to be a long night.

I heard first a knock on the door then a twist of the door knob.

"Go away." I shouted. Then remembered how many times we had fought and ended up just this way in years past. I would let him twist in the wind for a while then forgive him I decided. An hour would be about right I decided looking the clock which indicated about five past midnight. At about twelve thirty I loudly turned the lock back and opened the door.

A few minutes later I heard him enter the room. We were in total darkness. I heard him walk quietly across the room. Then he slid onto the bed beside me, gathering me into his arms and kissing me. The first kiss was gentle then they rapidly grew more passionate.

His hard cock lay between us, pressing hard against my naked body. I writhed against it loving the feel of it's hardness. His hands were everywhere. Sweeping down over my back and my tight buttocks then down over my thighs and along my legs. Then back up again as I moaned into his mouth.

Our tongues became like wild snakes intertwining in a magic lustful dance. The heat grew and grew inside me. Then he pulled his lips from mine and rained my face with short, sharp, angel kisses, His tongue lightly trailing over my skin, sending shivers right through me.

He lifted slightly and moved his lips to my neck and my ears. The increasing shivers running up and down my body. Then they moved on to my breasts. Oh God, I almost exploded in orgasm as he took first one nipple then the other into his hot mouth and licked around them before whipping his tongue back and forth over them.

My whole body jumped and jerked as my breasts and nipples responded like never before, seeming to swell and lift onto his eager, probing tongue.

As his lips and tongue drove my breasts and nipples wild, his hand moved slowly around and began to lightly caress my nude pussy lips. Immediately my left foot drew upwards and fell to the side opening my pussy to his questing fingers.

I gasped loudly as his fingers slid between those lips to caress my throbbing clitoris.

"Oh yes, David, yes" I moaned as he stroked and stroked and stroked.

My whole body was on fire now and my own hands were running over his body, searching for and finding his throbbing cock. I began rubbing it against my belly then moving it slowly towards my pussy. Then to rub it against my virgin hole as his fingers still probed and twirled around my swollen clitoris.

"Oh, please, please, I want you David. " I cried out. my body lifting up and shuddering. But he seemed immune to my pleas, as his lips slowly left my breasts and trailed down over my belly to touch and tease the very top of my pussy lips. He paused and shifted himself until he was between my legs. His penis poised at the entrance to my vagina.

"Are you sure?"

I nodded.

Suddenly .......... I was no longer a virgin.

He was inside of me. Deep inside of me. The realization hit me at the same time the thrills began to course through my body. Then he shifted his body. I lost touch with his cock . A moment later I let go a cry of ecstasy as his tongue lashed unexpectedly into my pussy, lashing my clitoris in the same way he had lashed my nipples earlier.

The action was sending my body into the spasms of another even bigger orgasm. I could feel my juices pouring down onto his questing tongue as it thrust and thrust and thrust deep into me. I shuddered and shook uncontrollably, my legs lifting almost onto his back and spreading wide, opening myself completely to his loving.

I lost track of time as his tongue sent me from orgasm into orgasm each one more powerful than the last. Then just when I thought I could take no more, he lifted himself back up on top. Staring deep into my hot hungry eyes he thrust forward.

His hard cock unerringly penetrating my quivering cunt again thrusting so deep it felt like it was coming out of my throat. I screamed... long and loud.

He immediately halted, thinking he'd hurt me but I grabbed him and pulled him to me.

"Oh no, don't stop, oh God David don't stop. Fuck me, oh yes please. Oh God!"

He did fuck me. There were long hard strokes, sometimes slow, sometimes fast. Spreading my pussy lips and his penis filling me to overflowing. I loved it! Oh yes. I loved it. It was like nothing I had ever felt before. His mouth was once again devouring my breasts and nipples. Adding to the incredible sensations his cock was giving me as it plowed in and out, in and out with ever increasing fervor.

Then I felt his body start to tighten and he came! Oh boy. Did he CUM! I had an illusion of an express train emerging from a tunnel as his hot juices slammed into me. I felt them almost bursting through my body. I convulsed in an orgasm so strong I almost passed out.

All through it I could hear his whimpering cry and feel his hot cum jetting into me as he rammed his cock time and time again to the hilt in my shuddering body. "Yes, Joan, my darling sister. Yes, oh god you are so hot, so sexy. " He cried as he emptied his seed into me filling me to overflowing I could feel it dribbling out and down the crack of my ass.

I was holding him and squeezing him and almost sobbing with the ecstasy flowing through me. The he rolled me over, and lifted me to a sitting position on him, his cock still buried inside, still spurting juices,

"I must see you, must see those beautiful breasts."

I lifted my arms above my head and thrust my breasts forward, wanting him to look, wanting him to touch. I was totally without shame as I lifted his hands to my breasts and held them there as I bounced up and down on his throbbing rod.

Moments later I came again, screaming even louder than before as he stroked and played with my breasts and nipples as his juices slowly diminished, as his cock slowly softened. Then I collapsed on top of him and we kissed. A long lingering, lovers kiss that said more than words. A kiss that was both a thank you and a promise! We both knew it.

In the morning I awoke as he slept. I knelt beside him. I slowly, ever so slowly licked and sucked his cock. I took it deep into my mouth. He awoke. Soon my effort was making him moan and groan and shudder. I played with his cum filled balls and even stroked his ass cheeks as I road his knee with my pussy still leaking both our juices. That set him off. It felt like gallons and gallons of cum erupted from his cock, into my mouth.

Then unable to swallow it all over my face and down over my breasts. I loved it. No. I reveled in it.

Now I was a woman. A real honest to God woman.

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A very sweet and touching love story. Please continue and let us know what develops in the future.

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