tagGroup SexShirts vs Skins Ch. 02

Shirts vs Skins Ch. 02


With the team uniforms determined, Dave and John dressed in their Camp Wakanaki t-shirts, while Gina and Melissa were half-naked in their underwear and blue camp shorts, the four camp counselors got their match of soccer under way. John, unsure of what to do, quickly retreated to the trees that marked the goal post on their side of the field, while Dave dove straight into an attack, sprinting rapidly toward the ball that was being dribbled by Gina. Seeing Dave's approach, she gave the ball a swift kick with the side of her shoe, sending it hurtling perfectly in front of Melissa, who continued their drive across the dry grass.

Melissa seemed slightly uncomfortable with the ball, shuffling it between her feet as she gracefully pushed towards the boys' goal. Dave scowled and quickly back-pedaled, though he seemed to have his focus split between the ball and Gina's bikini-clad breasts that were staring him right in the face.

Gina was not oblivious to his stares, and reached for her breasts with both hands and cupped them, jiggling the firm flesh in front of Dave. "You want to look at these or the ball, jackass?" Dave was utterly in shock at Gina's sudden self-molestation, a state that he rarely experienced, causing him to slow his pursuit as the sight of Gina's slutty act finally reached his cranium. Seeing him slow down, Gina charged ahead, yelling, "Over here Mel!" The lanky Asian girl nodded, and kicked it forward, where Gina swiftly swooped in to gain control of it.

"Get out of the fucking goal and defend, douchebag!" came Dave's angry cry, and John sprinted towards the two attacking girls, getting in front of Gina and blocking her shot at their goal. This caused Gina to slow down, preparing to pass the ball to Melissa, but this allowed Dave to finally catch up once he'd shaken himself out of the shock, deflecting the pass to the side of the field.

"GET THE FUCKING BALL!" Dave yelled, and John sprinted with all his might, taking a few seconds to finally catch up to it, only to run into Melissa, her sports-bra clad breasts bumping into John's shoulders, her lithe torso pressed up against his. John was unsure of what to do, the chivalric side of himself telling him that it was wrong to fight a girl so, but deep-seated part of him told him that not only would Dave kick his ass if he didn't give it his all, Dave wouldn't get the opportunity to subject the girls to his depraved imagination. Nudging Melissa aside with all his might, he gave the ball a swift kick to the center field, where Dave and Gina chased after it.

Dave seemed to be pulling ahead of Gina, his longer legs allowing him to cover more ground with each stride, and Gina seemed to notice this. She lunged forward and grabbed onto his t-shirt, slowing him down and causing him to nearly fall. His grin returned to him, though, and swiftly one of his hands moved towards her breast, grabbing onto the underside of her breasts in what seemed to be an attempt to steady himself.

John was engrossed by this increasingly sexual battle that was going down in the middle of the field, but knew he had to focus and get the ball. Running with energy he didn't know he had, he ran ahead of Melissa's own attempts to reach the ball and got to it, the girls' goal clearly in view, with neither of them anywhere near enough to stop him from scoring. With a swift kick, he shot the ball at the open air, sending it careening towards the empty field between the two Camp Wakiniki t-shirts that marked the enemy goal. He was about to do it, he was going to win the game for them, the opportunity for Dave to subject the girls to the depths of his crazy imagination.

His pre-emptive celebration was crushed, however, when John saw the ball careen towards one of the t-shirts ... and promptly slide past it away from the field, barely missing the goal. John could hear Dave's loud cry of "FUCK!" burst out of him, some part of him glad that the kids would only be here tomorrow.

"That's fucking bullshit!" Dave said, as the game had become paused for Melissa to retrieve the ball. "You pulled on my fucking shirt, you bitch!"

"I tripped, asshole, get over it," Gina yelled back. "And in any case, you copped a feel of my tits, so you got your payback. If you want to touch these babies so bad -- " she said, suddenly grabbing onto Melissa's breasts when she returned with the ball, with a startled yelp from her, "-- why don't you win it fair and square?"

Seeing Gina basically molest her friend sent a surge of electricity through John's spine, reaching down to his groin as he felt his cock stir in an erection. He fought to control it, thinking of the heat of the day and trying to focus on the match, but he knew he couldn't truly focus with two beautiful, half-naked girls standing in front of him.

"Fine, bitch, we'll win it all right," Dave said, spitting onto the floor. "And there'll be more than just grabbing onto tits, let me tell you that."

Dave pulled John aside, and whispered to him, "That girl Gina's not half bad, so when she's halfway across the field and has the ball, lose Melissa and help me block her off so I can steal the ball and we can win this damn game." Plan in hand, the two guys jogged back across the field to ready for a true battle.

With one long, slim leg angled at ninety degrees atop the ball, her arms akimbo, Gina said, "You boys are going down right now." Lightning quick, she flicked it to Melissa, and both boys ran off to defend against their respective girl. John was quite a distance from Melissa, letting her get the ball across the field, albeit slowly as she kept it close to her, while the battle between Gina and Dave seemed pretty fierce; shoulders and hips butting into each other as they thundered across the field. Dave seemed to stumble for a moment, and Gina took this opportunity to surge ahead, calling out to Melissa, "I'm free! Pass the ball!"

Melissa promptly obeyed and sent the ball flying in her direction, and Dave's grin grew once again. His false stumble revealed, he sprinted forward to intercept the pass, as John ran right in front of the goal, ready to block any shot attempts that Gina made.

"Hey asshole," Gina said while still in pursuit, as the ball was still sailing in the air towards Dave.

"What," came Dave's reply, turning towards the skinny brunette for the fraction of a second.

Gina did not have any words for a rejoinder, she simply reached behind her neck where her bikini was tied up and pulled on the knot, and her bikini top came undone to reveal delicious pale breasts starkly contrasted against her own tanned skin, beads of sweat trickling down to the large pink nipples that features prominently in the center. Both boys became completely shocked for the second time that day, their mouths standing agape as they slowed to a complete standstill. Having become rooted to the ground, Dave did not even react when the ball bounced off his head towards the half-naked Gina, who now took firm possession of the ball. Within seconds, she'd sprinted towards the boys' goal and gave a thunderous kick, sending it right past Dave's shoulders; he could have easily reached out to block the ball, but the stunning sight of her naked breasts left Dave rooted to the spot, unable to even lift a finger, let alone an arm.

With the goal scored, the match ended in a victory for the girls. Gina started spinning cartwheels in celebration, her large breasts jiggling in the fervor of her celebration, and even Melissa gave a soft cheer from the field. Dave and John were still in shock, the fact that they had lost blocked out by the sight of the beautiful, bouncing breast adorning the celebrating brunette girl.

Gina was tying her bikini top back up when the guys finally worked themselves out of their boob-induce daze, and she flashed a grin right from Dave's arsenal and said, "So, guys, looks like these two girls beat you, and I think it's time to pay up."

John was ready to beg for mercy, preparing an argument about how Gina should have been fouled for that goal. Dave seemed to read his mind, however, and put a firm hand on his shoulder. "Forget it, dude," he said. "She may have won with a trick, but a win's a win. We didn't hash out penalty rules after all, so it should have been assumed anything's fair game. I would have done the same if the roles were reversed."

Turning to Gina, Dave sighed and gave an exaggerated bow. "Okay, Miss Winners, what do you want from your servants?"

"I...I think it's only fair if they take off their shirts, since we had to take off ours, right Gina?" Melissa said timidly, moving behind her friend and hiding her pretty tits from view.

"Only their shirts? He said he'd do the same if he were in my position, right? I think two cocks may have distracted me enough? So why don't the two of you guys come over to the skins team, and get down to your birthday suits."

Dave kicked off his shoes and ripped off his socks, throwing them haphazardly on the field. By the time John had got his footwear off, placing it neatly to the side, Dave was already in his boxers, having ripped off his t-shirt in one smooth motion, revealing the toned body of a soccer player, muscles showing on his lean frame, six-pack abs gleaming with the sweat of the summer heat.

In a move that was as shocking as the one that Gina had used to win the match, Dave then pulled down his shorts, revealing a crotch of trimmed pubic hair and a long, uncut penis, already slightly hard from the mere memory of Gina's naked breasts. Standing arms akimbo, he displayed his naked form proudly, and Melissa seemed to avert her gaze for a moment, only to return it to Dave's groin.

John knew that Dave had boundless courage and basically no sense of shame, but the haste with which he'd stripped was shocking. He was already in his boxers, revealing his own pale, skinny form that came from too much computer use, and he was filled with dread at the thought of stripping down in front everyone. He and Dave had seen each other naked in the showers before, but the thought of having to stand naked in front these two incredibly attractive girls made John's dick shrivel up in fear, and he tried to back away in hopes that he could escape this dare.

"For fuck's sake," Dave said, when he saw his friend's pathetic escape attempt. Walking over in two brisk steps, he grabbed onto John's boxers and pulling them down to the ground, revealing his circumsized, flaccid cock to all of them to see. Having seen his friend's erect cock being inserted into random pussies at school parties, John knew that both of them were of roughly equal size when fully erect at about eight inches, though Dave's had always been thicker, but the current difference in size made him grow red with embarassment.

Dave ignored John's blushing cheeks and turned to the girls. "Okay, what do you want us to do now? Jump in the lake? Run naked through camp? You girls can't be as timid as this. Well, at least not you, Gina."

"What Mel could think up of would surprise you," Gina said, "but what I'd like to know before I make anymore decisions is what you guys would have asked us to do if you had won. Not that I'm saying you had a chance, but what if."

"If you hadn't distracted us with your tits," Dave said, "well, I'd probably do the same as you're doing to us. Finish the job, and get both of you naked. But I wouldn't just let you guys take off your own clothes ... no, I'd make you strip each other. Slowly."

"Interesting," Gina said, one of her hands working its way behind her back towards Melissa, who gave a sudden yelp. Something was going on there, but neither of the guys could see what exactly. "What else would you have asked for, after that had happened?"

"Well..." Dave said, and John could see the cogs whirring in his friend's mind. "First I'd make the two of you french kiss, and then make you rub your naked, sweaty bodies against each other. You'd then move your hands to each other's pussies and rub each other off, slowly, putting on a show for us."

"Really?" Gina said, her grin growing from ear to ear now. "Like this, perhaps?" Suddenly Gina turned to face Melissa and spun the Asian girl around, her back now facing the guys. In one smooth motion, she yanked her friend's shorts down, revealing pink cotton panties clinging to a firm ass. Then, she smacked her friend's ass with hard with both hands, reddening the pale flesh that remained unhidden by the sheer cotton material and causing Melissa to let out a moan, one that seemed to yield more pleasure than pain.

Continuing to play out this notion that Dave brought up, Gina quickly unclasped the strap of Melissa's sports bra and let it fall to the ground, spinning her around once more to show off the pretty breasts on the skinny Asian girl, her nipples smaller than Gina's own but lovely all the same. Finally, she yanked down Melissa's panties, revealing a delicious pussy covered with a small strip of black hair, and Melissa was naked save her knee-length socks and shoes. She continued to moan throughout this forced-stripping, but never seemed to struggle against her friend's actions.

"The girl just loves it when I'm rough with her," Gina said, then lifted her arms above her and spread her legs apart. Melissa first untied Gina's bikini top and let it drop to the floor, revealing those amazing breasts that had won the girls the game, then got down on her knees, her lovely, naked ass sticking out towards the guys, and quickly yanking down the brunette girl's shorts, surprisingly revealing a clean shaven pussy.

Gina grabbed Melissa's ponytail and yanked her friend onto her feet, then pulled her face towards her for a lip-locking kiss, the other hand reaching to the Asian girl's trimmed pussy, causing Melissa to moan even louder, even through the gorgeous French kiss the two of them were engaged in. After what seemed like an hour to the guys, Gina parted their lips, forcing Melissa's head towards her bountiful chest, where the Asian girl began licking at her tits with wild abandon.

"Looks like you guys are lucky that I was already planning on getting naked and frisky with Mel in this field," Gina said. "It's far away enough from the female counselor cabin, where too many people are busy nosing around for me to pull us to pull out our double-dildo. Soccer was a nice pretense, and the two of you turning up was even better. Mel's never done a guy without me sharing him, and I think it'd be nice for her to fly solo for a bit. But first, I've decided what I want you slaves to do now. Get over here and start licking our pussies. Don't stop until I say so."

Dave immediately moved towards Gina and got down on both knees behind her beautiful ass, and John apprehensively joined his friend behind Melissa's own fine ass. The two girls had returned to deeply kissing one another, tongues leaping in and out of their mouths as they fondled each others' gorgeous breasts, though it was only their torsos that had become so entwined. Grabbing onto Gina's legs, Dave quickly stuck his tongue into her wet, waiting pussy, causing her to moan loudly, darting it in and out for a few seconds while rubbing his index finger against her clit, making her legs tremble in pleasure as she verbalized her pleasure with countless expletives.

John had never gone down on a girl before, and was nervous at what the taste would be like. Still, he couldn't believe he was given this opportunity to eat out a beautiful girl while she was making out with her equally hot friend, and abandoned his inhibitions and dove into Melissa's pussy. It was wetter than he could believe, her juices already flowing down the insides of her slender thighs, and he could feel Melissa tremble when as he began to lap her the wet juices flowing from her gorgeous pussy. It was somewhat bitter and a sour, but it was a unique taste in its own right. Plus, hearing Melissa's sultry moans emerge from her pushed the taste far away from his mind, as he went on pleasuring her with his tongue while she continued to surprise him with her sexuality.

In the meanwhile, Dave had daringly moved from Gina's pussy up towards her ass, licking around the rim of her asshole before plunging a wet finger inside, in the meanwhile sticking three fingers into her wet, waiting pussy. "Oh fucking god, oh fucking god," Gina moaned, moving Melissa's lips to her breasts as she got double penetrated by Dave's fingers while her girlfriend sucked on her swelling nipples. Moments later, she grabbed onto Melissa's body as her legs buckled beneath her, shaking in the sheer ecstasy that Dave's fingers were giving her.

"Okay, stud, it seems like you know a thing or two," Gina said as she sat down next to Dave, her legs still weak from the intense orgasm she just had. "Let's see just how well-trained my servant is, shall we? Whip out that fine cock of yours and stick it in me." As she said that, she pushed Dave flat onto the grass and wrapped a hand around his already stiff cock, guiding it into her pussy as she plunged herself onto it.

John could not believe he was watching his friend fucking this incredibly hot brunette cowgirl style at a summer camp. However, the next words that came out of Melissa's mouth seemed even more incredulous.

"Can I, um, stick your cock in my mouth, John?" she said, almost in a whisper. She'd already got down on her knees next to him, her pretty medium-sized tits sticking out as she held both hands behind her back shyly. "Wait, no, I mean I...I order you to let me stick your cock in my mouth."

John was utterly taken aback that such a beautiful girl would proposition him for oral sex, and was speechless for almost a minute, the moans erupting from Dave and Gina and the hormones flooding his brain simply preventing any thoughts from forming in his mind.

"Do it, Johnny boy. You're our servants, remember?" Gina said as she continued to ride Dave's cock. "Make sure she sucks you hard and good. It's a good learning experience for her."

Melissa turned a blushed at those words, color flooding her perfectly sculpted cheeks while her breasts turned a bright shade of red that made them even more appealing. "I've never gone down on a guy before, though I've seen Gina do it a few times, so I know not to bite and stuff. I've never actually done a guy without Gina being there, so I hope you'll forgive me if I don't do it right."

John's cock surged in a frenzy at the thought of the two girls engaging in some sort of menage-a-trois, and he thought he might come then and there. Following Melissa's lead, he lay on the ground, looking up at the sky in an attempt to expel some of the sexual energy from his mind so he'd last a little longer. In seconds, he felt warm, wet lips wrap themselves around his stiff cock, Melissa's tongue rubbing against the veins of his throbbing penis as she moved her mouth up and down his cock. She ate him up slowly, her tongue caressing every vein that throbbed along his engorged member, slowly taking him into her mouth inch by inch. Looking up, he saw her brush a few strands of hair around her ear, showing off her beautiful face pressed up against his groin, doe-like brown eyes gazing into his own. After a minute or two, Melissa's pace began to quicken, and John started panting from the sheer pleasure he was experiencing, his cock now bobbing in and out of her mouth at a rapid rate. In fact, Melissa had begun a low moan, imperceptible at first as all of John's senses had been engaged by the ecstasy he was experiencing, but as it grew louder John could not help but notice. He sat up further still, and saw that Gina and Dave's fuck session had encroached on their own, as John could see Gina eating out her girlfriend right underneath Melissa's prone, cock-sucking form, while Dave had one of Gina's long, supple legs wrapped around his neck and his cock ramming in and out of her vagina, much to her delight judging by the gasps of pleasure emerging in between breaths of muff-diving.

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