tagInterracial LoveShopping on the Dark Side

Shopping on the Dark Side


Not long after I split from my wife of seventeen years, I was still in a place where I didn't feel quite ready to get back into the dating scene, but by the time of this story, I was getting closer to it and over the previous couple of weeks, I'd been thinking more and more about sex and wondering just where the hell I was going to get some. I was 45 years old and very keen to sow some of the wild oats I'd been hanging on to for all those years.

Maybe those thoughts made me more in tune with the females I encountered, or maybe I was just giving out horny vibes, but I began to notice that women were looking at me in a slightly different way.

One Saturday evening before Christmas I had gone into town to do a little shopping. The streets were packed and though getting what I needed was a little frustrating due to the crowds, I was enjoying strolling around checking out the talent.

I had made my last purchase and was just heading back to my flat, which is only a few minutes walk from the shops. My phone rang and I took the call as I walked. It was a friend catching up and while we were chatting, I half noticed a good looking black girl, maybe late twenties, struggling along towards me, carrying so many shopping bags she could barely move. As I got closer, she stopped and put down the largest of the bags, obviously finding it hard to keep going and needing a rest. As I passed by she happened to look up and caught my eye.

I smiled, as I always do and she smiled back a little weakly. I was still talking to my friend so I kept going, but something about her eyes made me slow down and just before I turned the corner, I looked back. She was bent down, still trying to hook all the bags back onto her arms and start up again. Now I like to think I'm a gentleman and that if I can, I will always help out a lady in difficulty and having passed her by I felt a little guilty. Also, I have to admit, there was a little flicker of interest there and I wondered whether maybe this might be an opportunity to get a date at the very least. I was conscious of the age gap, but I figured, at the very worst I could get a little practice at chatting a woman up.

I knew that she was more than likely married but you don't get anywhere if you don't ask and what could be a more natural way of striking up a conversation than offering to help?

I finished my call, turned back and walked up to her just as she managed to haul everything off the ground again. She was heading away from me and at first didn't notice as I pulled alongside her.

"Excuse me", I said and she turned towards me looking a little harassed and obviously really struggling under the weight.

She recognised me from a moment ago and smiled again. She really did have attractive eyes and I silently patted myself on the back for taking the initiative.

"Hi, you look like you're having a little trouble there. Can I help?"

The look of gratitude that came across her face was priceless and she gave me a big grin in return, as she lowered the bags again.

"Oh that's so nice of you," she said. "Would you mind?"

"Of course not. You look like you bought the entire store. Where are you heading? Maybe I can carry some of this for you."

"Thank you so much," she gasped as she let the bags and packages slide off her arms. "That's so gentlemanly of you. I just need to get to my car. It's just over there." She nodded across the road to a small car-park a couple of hundred yards away.

"No problem at all." I began to gather up the larger bags and pretty soon I could see just why she was struggling so much. Some of this stuff was really heavy.

"Wow," I joked, "what have you got in here? Lead weights."

"Presents for the kids" she rolled her eyes. So I was right about her being married, I thought, giving up on the dating idea and contenting myself that at least I would be doing my good deed for the day.

She chatted as we walked; telling me how tired she felt and kept repeating how grateful she was for my help and how nice this was of me.

As she was leading the way, with me straining behind under her load, I at least had the chance to admire her without seeming too obvious. She was about 5'7" and slim as far as I could see beneath her bulky winter coat. She was wearing heels and had a good sway to her walk. A few minutes of such a pleasant sight was recompense enough for a little heavy labour.

Shortly we came to her car and I gratefully put everything down while she opened up the back hatch. I helped her load the bags inside and we laughed a little other over how difficult it was to get it all fitted in and arranged so she could shut the hatch. I liked this woman; she had an easy way about her and was obviously confident in herself -- something I always find attractive. She had opened her coat up to load the car and I could see that she was indeed slim, but not too slim and had a good pair of legs emerging from a skirt that was short enough to be alluring but not so short as to lack class. Her sweater fitted her well and the curve of her breasts was clearly defined. My recompense was going up in value by the minute and I wondered how I might extend this encounter a little longer.

Finally she slammed the hatch down, turned to me and smiled. "That was really good of you", she said, "I don't know how I can thank you."

I am absolutely sure that she did not mean those words in any provocative way, but as we locked eyes, I know that I certainly felt a surge of excitement. The pause was only a split-second, but we held eye contact. I am sure that what I was thinking was completely obvious in my eyes but to my growing excitement, I got the impression that she was maybe thinking the same.

My mind raced. What I said next was going to be crucial and I mentally took a deep breath before opening my mouth.

"You could start with a kiss." I suggested, with a smile. I figured that either she would slap me, or look offended and make polite excuses, but what the hell, I had nothing to lose.

Her eyes widened and she gave a startled grin. "Well..." she started to say, but I stopped her by lifting my right hand and put my fingers on her cheek and ever so gently stroked my thumb across her lips. She looked even more startled, but made no attempt to move away or stop me and still she held eye contact. I knew then that I had her and any worries fled from my mind. Just keep the momentum going, I told myself.

I slid my hand further, brushing her cheek and sliding my fingers round the back of her neck entangled them gently into her hair.

I leaned forward and pulled her head towards me. She kept looking at me as my head came closer to hers. I stopped, with my lips just millimetres from hers and I could sense her tension, but more than that I could sense her arousal. This was a new experience for her -- I mean how often do you get kissed by a stranger in the street? But she was going with it, opening her mind to the possibility.

For some reason, I knew exactly what to do and how to play her, it all seemed to come so naturally. I placed my lips on hers and enjoyed the softness. I love the fuller lips of black girls and although hers weren't pronounced they were more than enough to heighten the sensuality.

Without hesitation as I pressed our mouths together, I slowly pushed my tongue forward and slid it between her lips. She gave the tiniest of gasps but there was no resistance. Her mouth opened and she allowed my invading tongue to slide between her teeth. Instantly, I felt my arousal growing and I could feel her breath quickening in response.

I stepped closer and pulled more insistently at her head, increasing the pressure while at the same time tugging gently at her hair. She let out the lowest of moans, every response from her encouraging me to greater heights.

Still alert for any sign of hesitation on her part, I stepped right into her body and snaking my hand inside her coat, I cupped her ass and pulled her whole body towards me, pressing her against my groin. I wanted her to feel my arousal; to feel the hardness that was now almost at full stretch in my pants.

She went with me, arching her body into mine, helping the pressure and at the same time her tongue met mine with equal intensity. We both breathed harder and ground our hips together.

I pushed her back a little so her back was against the car. Concealed inside her coat my hand stroked her taut cheeks through her skirt and I cupped my fingers so that the fabric was pushed into the crack of her ass.

I was really pushing into her now. Our tongues were wrestling inside her mouth, my hand was squeezing her ass with real force and she was grinding her pussy against my leg as I pushed it between her thighs as she opened up to me. She reciprocated by sliding her hands under my coat in the same way and squeezing my ass just as hard, in return.

Encouraged, I began to wonder just how far I might take this and I figured I had nothing to lose. Quickly I slid my hand down her leg, found the edge of her skirt and still concealed by the coat, swiftly slid beneath and ran my hand up her outer thigh. To my intense delight I found that she was wearing hold-ups, as I encountered bare flesh near the top of her thigh. I was liking this girl more and more. There was nothing stopping me now from gaining access to her pussy. I slowed my hand and for a moment revelled in the sensation of her warm skin beneath my fingers. She moaned again but began to stiffen up. I could see that I still had the initiative, but now she was worried about where we were. It was dark, but we were still in a public place and there were plenty of people around even though we were in a corner of the car park and partly concealed between the cars.

I knew it was important to stay in command and I knew exactly what I wanted. I pulled away from the kiss, but kept my hold on her hair and used it to tilt her head up towards me. She looked up at me, her lips parted and glistening, still breathing heavily.

At the same time, she began to dart her eyes around the car park, concerned at being seen.

"Let's get into the car," I whispered, "but first...." I brought my lips down to her ear and pushed my tongue inside for a moment. She squirmed and sagged a little against me. She obviously had a weak spot for having her ears licked, just like I do.

"But first" I whispered, "take off your knickers."

She looked panicked, but said nothing. I looked deep into her eyes. "Go on," I encouraged. "Nobody can see".

She darted her eyes nervously around again. No-one was near. I stepped back a little to give her room and to my amazement, still looking around anxiously, she crouched slightly, lifted her skirt as high as her stocking tops, giving me a swift glimpse of her dark upper thighs and in one swift movement, hooked her thumbs in her panties, slid them down her legs and quickly stepped out of them. Not giving her a chance to think about what she was doing, I took the lacy black garment from her, still warm from her groin, smiled and slipped it into my pocket. At the same time, I pulled her towards me again.

"Good girl," I said, plunged my tongue into her mouth again, ran my hand up her leg and felt the moist outer lips of her cunt, warm and pulsating against my fingers. "OK, now let's get in the car."

I opened the driver's door and motioned her in, she climbed inside. I shut the door, quickly walked round to the far side and climbed in the passenger's seat.

She sat upright, still breathing heavily, with her legs tightly together looking at me with a mix of anticipation and apprehension.

I reached over and cupped her cheek in my hand. I slid my thumb into her mouth and she closed her lips eagerly around it and began to suck as if she was licking a small cock. This girl was obviously a sensual creature.

"Now show me your cunt." I commanded. As if she was in a hypnotic daze, she turned herself in her seat, pushed herself back against the door and let her coat fall aside as she slowly opened her legs.

It was dark in there and there was not much room in her small car, but somehow she managed to crook her left leg up at an angle so her thighs were as far apart as she could get them in the confined space. I could clearly see the tops of her stockings and the dark area between.

I ran my free hand along the inside of her thigh, onto the bare flesh and further, till I felt the moistness again. She sighed, still sucking feverishly on the thumb of my other hand as my fingers slid inside her and she managed to open her legs even further, allowing me greater access. She was intensely wet and my two middle fingers entered easily. At the same time my thumb found her clitoris and I quite forcibly began to roll it back and forth across her pubic bone. She gasped loudly and threw her head back against the window. Her cunt began clamping down around my fingers and I realised that she was already coming. I had rarely seen a woman so quickly aroused. Maybe it was the excitement of the strange encounter; perhaps this was a fantasy fulfilled for her but whatever the reason, she was now bucking and moaning against my fingers, like a woman possessed.

She was biting down on my thumb so hard that I had to yank it from her mouth. Thus freed, she began to whisper throatily. "Oh God! Oh God!"

Eager to keep her arousal at its peak, I grabbed her breast through her sweater and squeezed hard while at the same time, I manoeuvred the little finger of the hand that was buried in her pussy, so that it nudged at the pucker of her asshole.

As she felt this tiny penetration, she squealed and bucked harder, forcing herself down onto me so that the finger slid inside her, up to the first knuckle.

I didn't let up for an instant, knowing that any hesitation on my part would give her too much time to think about what she was doing.

I slid off the passenger seat, so that I was now crouching partly in the foot-well and momentarily taking my fingers out of her, I grabbed her open thighs and pulled her towards me, sliding her across so that her butt was partly on her seat and partly on mine. This allowed me to open her legs even wider and before she knew what was happening, I had lifted her dripping cunt up to my lips and began licking her slit and swirling my tongue over her clitoris.

At the same I slid three fingers of one hand back inside her now gaping gash and the whole index finger of my other hand into her asshole. She went wild, bracing her one hand against the car roof and putting the other on the back of my head, forcing me into her pussy like a woman possessed.

She kept moaning as wave after wave of orgasm hit her, not caring about how much noise she made or who might happen to glance through the window.

After a few moments, her climax subsided and she fell back, still twitching as I gently licked at the juice which flowed from her pulsating slit.

My cock was rock hard in my pants and I needed release, but I knew it was going to be too awkward and too confined to for us to fuck here in the car. I also figured that at any moment she would start to wonder at what she had just done and begin to feel uncomfortable. If I could just keep her on a sexual high long enough, I might just get the chance.

Still rubbing her clit with my finger, to keep the feeling going, I pulled her head up. She looked at me a little dazed, but becoming slowly aware of her situation. No matter how much she had enjoyed herself, it was important that she didn't start to feel remorse. If I could get her back to my flat in time, I could get my satisfaction and she could get a lot more of what she had just so obviously relished.

"I need to fuck you", I said urgently, "but not here. Do you trust me?" she nodded.

"OK, I live right around the corner. I'm going to drive you there."

"I... I'm not sure, "she began to say, pulling herself upright and adjusting her clothes. I was losing the initiative.

I held her gaze and spoke authoritatively. "I absolutely have to fuck you. I know we only just met, but you can trust me completely. I know you want to be fucked, don't you?"

She looked away from me, but nodded almost imperceptibly.

"OK," I told her, "slide over to this seat." Moving quickly, I opened the door and as she began to move, I jumped out, slammed the door and made my way round to the other side.

"Good girl," I said as I started the engine with one hand and slid the other between her legs again. Almost instantly at the touch of my fingers she was re-aroused, her head lolled back and she parted her thighs.

I quickly backed out of the space, manoeuvred round the car-park and made for the exit, all the time gently stroking her and keeping up a running commentary, to keep her in the zone.

"We're going back to my place. You are perfectly safe. I'll look after you, but I am going to fuck you and fuck you hard. I know you want it and I want it too. You are so turned on that you can't help yourself. This is what you need. The orgasm will be unbelievable."

Within two minutes, I was pulling up outside my flat. I shut off the engine and pulled my fingers from her cunt. I paused for long enough to lean across and kiss her hard again, while at the same time pushing my cunt soaked fingers into her mouth alongside my tongue, so that she could taste her own arousal.

I pulled away, climbed out of the car, went round to her side and opened the door. Her skirt was still pulled up her thighs and in the streetlamp I could see her engorged cunt wet with her juices as she swung her legs round. I kept my eyes locked on hers, reassuring her and encouraging her at the same time.

I held her hand and pulled her the few feet to the outside stairs up to my flat. Whenever I felt her hesitate I would whisper more encouragement of the delights to come and how she could be sure of being safe.

Seconds later, we stumbled into my bedroom and I lowered her gently onto my bed, pushed her skirt up again and plunged my head back down between her thighs. Her hands went to the back of my head and she pushed me hard into her, grinding her clit against my teeth, shuddering with her need.

At the same time, I was feverishly shedding my clothes as best I could. After a moment, I stood again, pulled her to her feet, slid the coat from her shoulders, then grabbed her sweater and yanked it over her head. Her breasts were bursting from her bra and it took little encouragement from me to roll them over the top. I groaned with lust, she looked magnificent, panting and gasping. She joined in the urgency and fumbled the side fastening of her skirt and then the zip, letting it fall round her feet. As she swayed back, I reached behind and unhooked her bra. Unsupported, her heavy breasts fell free, the dark chocolate nipples springing towards me. I grabbed her, and clamped my mouth to one of them as she fell back on the bed. She was just as fevered as me now and began to clutch at my belt. I kneeled up and watched her as she undid the buckle and slid down my zip. She was writhing on the bed at the same time, lost in her frenzy. For a moment, I admired her heaving tits and the dark, wet gash of her cunt, open now to show the pink folds within.

I helped her with the zip and buttons and stood up to drop my jeans and pants to the floor. My cock sprang free. She looked at it hungrily, reaching for me. I took a tiny step back.

"What do you want?" I teased her. She said nothing, but looked at me pleadingly.

"Say it," I commanded, "What do you want?"

"I want you to fuck me," she whispered fiercely.

Roughly I pulled her thighs to the edge of the bed and kneeled between them. She eagerly reached for my straining cock and guided me inside and in one single movement, we began to fuck.

I was boiling with lust by this time and had no desire to be gentle with her. I needed release and she was going to give it to me. I growled as I slammed back and forth into her, pulling her towards me by the thighs, staring down at her as she rolled back her eyes and took the assault eagerly. Unfettered now, she began to scream in time with my thrusts, "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me." She yelled, grabbing my hips, forcing me deep inside her.

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