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"Her pussy is now showing some obvious signs that she's getting ready for intercourse," I explained. "Can anyone tell me what it is?"

"She's getting wet! " a few of the girls volunteered to answer.

"Very good! In addition to her pussy juices, you can also see that her breathing is getting deeper, and her nipples are even harder." As I played with her hard pink nipples and increased the pressure on her clit, Maryanne jerked and screamed "Uhhhhh....jeeeez Mr. Gibson....ahhhh.....don't stop.....uhhmmm...I'm cumming...ooooh" Then she froze, as the whole class froze in silence, as if time has stopped.

"That, girls, was an orgasm, or what Maryanne meant when she said..."

"...I'm cumming." the girls said in unison.

"Very good! Now why do I get the feeling you girls know more about this than I do?" I said with a naughty grin.

"Now let's continue....:" as I opened up Maryanne's lips again. She must have recovered very quickly as she spread her legs wider as I started to explain. "At the bottom of the vulva, is her vaginal orifice" as I lightly touched the opening. I spread Maryanne's pussy wider and said "and just at the opening of her pussy, as you may call it, is her hymen." I searched for the thin sheath of skin that should've been covering her entrance. I probably kept fondling her pussy for a few minutes when finally, Maryanne whispered "I think I've lost it Mr. Gibson." I was shocked and very disappointed with her statement.

I whispered to her the consequence of this discovery "Didn't you know you could get expelled if the school knew you had sex with your boyfriend?"

Maryanne whispered back to my ear "I don't have a boyfriend and I haven't done it with anybody yet. I know....use my fingers....sometimes....and a zucchini.....I think that's when I lost it, Mr. Gibson."

I let go of her pussy and faced the class to announced "Ok, it seems that something's happened and we can't show you what a hymen looks like. So we'll just have to skip..."

Then Maryanne interrupted, tugging my shirt from behind, "I think Sharlyn can show us what a hymen looks like, Mr. Gibson! Right Shar?"

Sharlyn's eyes widened in shock at Maryanne's suggestion. There was a huge grin on Maryanne's face as Sharlyn reluctantly went to the front. "You didn't think you could get away that easily, did you Shar?" Maryanne whispered.

I asked Maryanne to move to her left so Sharlyn can sit beside her. Although Sharlyn was wearing a frown on her face and seemed to be reluctant to be a part of this, she was actually hiking up her skirt without even any instruction from me. She then dropped her shoes to the floor and took her white panties off in one fluid motion. She placed it over Kate's pink underwear.

"Would you open your legs, Miss Sharlyn so we can see hymen?" I asked.

She sat there still, as if not hearing a thing and staring straight to the back of the room. So I gently laid my hands on her thighs, and slowly parted her legs, revealing a moist pink pussy with soft curly hair that formed a triangle on her mound. I lifted and bent her knees so her feet rested on the desk, which really exposed her virgin pussy to the whole class. My hands were a bit shaking as I was about to further open her inner lips and reveal her hymen.

"Oh my gosh!" I accidentally said aloud. It was actually the first virgin pussy I've ever touched and seen up close.

Clearing my throat, I told the class "Um...see the pink sheath of skin covering her vagina? That's Sharlyn's hymen. Amazing, isn't it? It's the best gift you can give a guy...ever. So I would advice that you take good care of it."

"How do I know if I still have it?" Kate asked from the back.

"Well, you can squat and put a mirror on the floor, or you can ask a friend to check it for you." I replied.

Lin-Ay asked to my surprise, "Would you check if mine's still there, Mr. Gibson?"

"I'd be glad to Miss Kate. Maybe tomorrow after I check on your panties." I replied.

"What's it for?" Sharlyn asked, as she was trying hard to look at her own pussy.

Not really knowing the answer to her question, I said "It just tells guys that you haven't done it before, unless you played with toys or vegetables like Maryanne has."

"Why do guys call it cherry?" Maryanne inquired.

I forgot my dick was as hard as a rock and has now set up a tent inside my pants. "Maryanne, it's because girls usually bleed when their cherries, or hymens are broken the first time they get a dick inside it."

"So that's for number four?!" Maryanne exclaimed.

I was confused. What the fuck is number four? Then I looked back on the board and remembered: "4. INTERCOURSE = ____."

"Ah yes, that's number four. The first time you get to fuck a guy, you would bleed a little. And the pinkish bleeding is what we call cherry. And I have to warn you, it might hurt a bit, but it will be gone pretty soon." I told the other girls.

"Can you take Shar's cherry?" Kate said as she and the other girls surrounded the table.

"I can't do that girls, I'd be in big trouble." I half-heartedly explained.

"I really think you can, Mr. Gibson. And it seems obvious you want to!" Maryanne exclaimed as she rubbed her hand against my raging hard-on.

The other girls then started unzipping my pants and in no time, I was standing there with my pants off surrounded by 25 curious schoolgirls, two of them with their legs wide open waiting for me to make my move.

"Put inside Shar, Mr. Gibson. Let's see Shar's cherry get popped." Kate cooed.

I looked at the door and saw it was locked. "My dick is just too dry, it would really hurt Miss Sharlyn," trying to convince the girls to stop.

With that, Maryanne jumped off my desk and squatted on the floor. Grabbing my throbbing hard-on, she put the whole thing inside her mouth. I didn't even have time to react. Sliding forwards and backwards, I could feel Maryanne's tongue gliding under my shaft. In and out, in and out, Maryanne bobbed her head over my dick, while her hand reached down her pussy and rubbed her clit.

Maryanne looked up into my eyes and I was about to cum inside her mouth but she suddenly took my dick out of her full lips , stood up and said " there Mr. Gibson, I don't think that would hurt Shar too much."

Guiding my hips from behind, Kate led me to where Sharlyn was sitting, still with her legs open. With her white blouse still buttoned to her neck and her blue skirt hiked up to her waist, Sharlyn moved forward to meet my dick. I lightly rubbed my shaft up and down her moist slit, trying to get as much of her wetness into my dick. "Are you sure about this Miss Sharlyn?" giving her one last chance to say no.

"Deflower me, Mr. Gibson."

With her words, I slowly guided the head of my dick into her moist pussy and stopped when it was met with the expected barrier. She was looking straight into my eyes as I slowly pushed my shaft all the way into her tunnel.

"ahhh...." Sharlyn squirmed with her hips, as I broke through her hymen. I felt some additional moisture and warmth as my dick sank deeper into her. We stayed motionless for a couple of seconds, letting her to get used to my shaft shoved to the hilt deep inside her hot pussy, without breaking eye-contact. For a while, I forgot all the other girls staring around us, and it felt like we were all alone.

Then, as if by instinct, I pulled out until I could feel the head of my dick almost at the outside of her cunt lips, then pushed back as deep as the first stroke. I did this for a couple of minutes slowly at first, increasing my pace with shorter strokes. I could see in Sharlyn's face that her cheeks were turning pink and her moaning was getting louder and louder. A trickle of sweat started to run down her right temple. A girl next to her held her hand, as if wanting to share in her moment of ecstasy. "oooooh, ummmm, uuh" Sharlyn moaned.

"Do you like that Shar? Do you like my dick sliding in and out of your pussy?" I said.

Sharlyn didn't reply for a while, then suddenly, "YESSS, YESSS! Ah right there! fuck me Mr. Gibson...fuck my tight pussy. Yeah, cum inside me. oh please don't stop..."

I really wanted to pull out, but her legs were already wrapped around my hips. "oh shit! No shit! Ahhh." I screamed as I released and sprayed the insides of her pussy with my white hot cum.

"I'm cumming Mr. Gibson...I'm cumming ...ooohhh this feels soooo good... ahhhh" Sharlyn whispered in my ear as I collapsed on top of her. We laid still on the desk, and all the girls were quiet, stunned with what they just saw.

As my semi-hard dick slipped out of Sharlyn's newlt deflowered pussy, I noticed some pinkish fluid mixed with my own cum dripping out of her exhausted pussy lips.

Maryanne held my dick to wipe off our juices. She then looked at Sharlyn's dripping pussy, scooped some of the dripping cum with her finger, and licked it clean with her tongue.

"ummmmm....creampie! OK, my turn Mr. Gibson!" Maryanne said with a smile.

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