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Shy Wife's Ankle Chain


This story contains details of wife sharing, so you should only read it if that turns you on.

* * * * * * *

My wife was stood at the quayside, strongly backlit by the low afternoon sun. The light summer dress she was wearing had become almost transparent and the shape of her legs (and the promise of the gap between them) was clearly visible.

I'm sure I'm not the only man who finds that effect incredibly sexy. It's not as if you can really see much; certainly there's less on view than if the woman was in a swimsuit. She's fully dressed, perfectly respectable, but you have this almost x-ray view of what is beneath her dress. That's what's so appealing – the fact that you're seeing something you're not meant to.

I realised that a few other men were enjoying the sight. There was no intent on Kim's part, it was perfectly innocent, but men were looking at her.

I couldn't blame them. She's five foot six and 136 pounds with a neat waist, shapely legs, a 36D bust and long dark hair. She has just turned forty, but people often think Kim is in her thirties; well on this view she could easily have been in her twenties.

I knew then that I did want to turn my fantasies about sharing my wife into reality. I was turned on partly by what I'd seen, but even more by the fact that other men had been looking at my wife (lusting after her if we are being honest).

I wanted to see her taking another man's cock. Perhaps she'd be on her back, legs spread wide or on all fours being taken from behind. Either way an unfamiliar cock would be sliding between her cunt lips, fucking her and then filling her lovely married pussy with sperm.

I wandered over and told her how gorgeous she looked from the rear. She got a bit flustered when I said how see-through her dress had looked, but I loved the sexy undertone it gave to the evening.

Kim was a virgin when I met her and her sexual experience was very limited. After we'd been married several years I very cautiously suggested that she might want to widen her experience. She was shocked, but not actually upset, by my suggestion.

She said it wasn't going to happen, but nevertheless it became a regular item of pillow talk for us. There was a glimmer of hope when she did admit that if the ideal circumstances came along then she might just be tempted, but she did stress that it would have to be someone who was seriously attractive.

It was October and at short notice we had rented a villa in Mallorca for a week. I couldn't resist teasing Kim about having a holiday fling and she joked about keeping her eyes open for a latin lover. Antonio Banderas would do fine was her comment.

On the fourth night we had driven the short distance to Puerto Pollensa and went to one of the bars on the seafront. We then took that wander through the harbour area before deciding to eat at a nearby restaurant.

It was a small restaurant and we had a table close to the pavement and were able to watch the world passing us by. We were about half way through the meal when one of the street traders came along. We'd seen a few of them trying to sell their wares and this young lad spotted us and headed in our direction.

Kim muttered something about getting rid of him, but we had time on our hands and I actually thought some of the bracelets he had with him looked quite nice. They were relatively cheap, but that was part of the appeal – a colourful holiday purchase of a type that you wouldn't normally make back home.

I picked one out and suggested that Kim ought to try it on. The young lad slipped it on to her wrist and then adjusted the fit. It looked good, but there were a couple more I liked the look of and I suggested to Kim that she ought to try them on.

The young lad spoke excellent English and introduced himself as Xabi. He chatted away in a very relaxed, natural manner as he helped Kim to try the bracelets on. Obviously he was in full sales mode, but it was clear he was paying a lot of attention to Kim. There were lots of smiles and his hands lingered on her arms just a fraction longer than was necessary. I realised that Kim was getting slightly flustered by the attention he was paying her.

However he was careful not to exclude me. I got several remarks and reassuring smiles and I had to admire his very polished and confident sales manner. Certainly I knew that Kim would be disappointed if I didn't offer to buy one or two items from him, so in that sense he had made a conquest.

It was the back end of the season and I realised that he must have had a lot of practise and refined his technique. He'd probably chatted to hundreds, if not thousands, of couples like us and with his natural charm and good looks I was sure he must have made a lot of sales.

Call me a bit slow if you like, but it suddenly dawned on me that he must have charmed the knickers off a lot of women. I could imagine him picking up women very easily in the bars and clubs once he'd finished his sales for the day.

I was intrigued by the way he was acting towards Kim. Perhaps it was simply sales technique, but I couldn't help but wonder if he did actually fancy her. She was clearly old enough to be his mother, but Kim is naturally good looking and has kept in very good shape and people often don't believe that she is in her forties.

My rapidly forming suspicions were suddenly replaced by a near certainty that over the course of the summer Xabi had probably fucked a number of mature women and in quite a few cases it would have been with the direct encouragement and involvement of their husbands.

My cock had already been semi-erect due to the flirtatious atmosphere, now it became very hard, almost uncomfortably so. My wife was being chatted up by a young stud and she was clearly enjoying the experience. With a careful nudge in the right direction I could see this situation developing to everyone's advantage.

So I asked Xabi if he would like to have a glass of wine with us. He spread his hands and shrugged.

"That would be very good, but it's not possible. I am taking my uncle to the airport and I have to go very soon, I cannot be late."

That was disappointing. I ended up buying two bracelets for Kim, then Xabi stood up and said goodbye. He shook my hand and gave Kim a peck on the cheek and said he hoped he would see us again.

As soon as we sat back down Kim asked me why I'd asked him to have a glass of wine with us.

"I just thought it would make a change, be something different, and anyway he seemed a very nice lad."

Kim didn't disagree with that which confirmed my suspicion that she would have been happy to chat with him for a while longer. It was a shame he'd had to go, but I felt the definite sexual undercurrent needed teasing out into the open. I was confident that it would lead to some sexy chat which would have the desired effect on Kim and in turn lead to some very good sex later.

"Anyway I loved the way he was flirting with you and how flustered you were getting. How does it feel knowing that a very attractive young man had the hots for you?" Kim's reply was exactly what I expected.

"Don't be stupid, I'm old enough to be his mother."

"That's true, but it didn't stop him fancying you."

The conversation continued in this vein for a while. I think Kim actually had very mixed feelings. Part of her genuinely believed that she was too old for Xabi to be interested, another part of her hoped that she was still attractive enough for him to be interested.

It wasn't too much longer before we headed back to the car. As soon as we were on the road out of town I moved my free hand and rested it on the inside of Kim's thigh. She parted her legs slightly which was a very encouraging sign, so I explored higher up and was pleased, but not altogether surprised, to find that her panties were damp. I tried to pull her knickers to one side, but must have caught a stray hair and she winced.

"Wait," she said. "We're nearly back." That made sense so once we were parked outside the villa I reached across, kissed Kim passionately and pushed my hand between her legs. She wriggled a bit at that, because I think she would have preferred to go into the villa, but like a couple of randy teenagers we made out in the car.

Still we weren't teenagers and after a couple of minutes we headed indoors. If we'd have been younger and more hyped up we'd never have made it upstairs. As it was we locked the villa up (all very sensible!) before I whisked Kim up to the bedroom. It took a few seconds to remove her sundress and knickers, and then I hurriedly undressed. She lay back on the bed and spread her legs as I moved above her.

There were no preliminaries I just slid my cock into her sopping wet cunt and we fucked like the proverbial randy rabbits. It seemed pretty obvious to me that the only thing which could have triggered this outburst of passion was the episode with Xabi.

We both like to say things during sex, so it wasn't much of a departure from the norm when Kim told me how lovely my cock felt. I know I was imagining a situation where it was Xabi's cock in my wife's pussy and I knew there was a good chance that she was thinking the same.

So I asked her if she could pretend it was Xabi's cock inside her. She didn't say anything, but gasped sharply and then began to buck and rear beneath me. Her hips jerked violently and she shuddered repeatedly as orgasmic waves swept through her. That outburst left me defenceless and my cock jerked and twitched, firing sperm deep into her pussy.

We lay together in a slightly dazed fashion for a while; I think we were both surprised by the sheer passion we had shown. Eventually we tidied ourselves up and although I wanted to talk, Kim said she just didn't have the energy.

The following morning we had breakfast out on the sun terrace as usual. At nine o'clock in the morning it was already hot. We'd both had fruit juice and some cereal and were sat with a coffee; it seemed a good time to ask the obvious question.

"Did you enjoy last night?" As soon as I'd said it I realised it was a slightly ambiguous question – did I mean Xabi's attentions or the sex we had. Kim must have felt the same because there was a definite pause before she answered.

"Yes, I did. It was nice, very nice."

"I don't mean to be pushy, but the thought of having Xabi's cock inside you was a huge turn-on wasn't it. It was like I'd pressed a button. I mentioned his name and wham, you came." Kim gave me a wry smile.

"I was waiting for you to say something like that. Does it turn you on that much?" It was a straightforward question about the intimacy at the core of our relationship. I saw no reason not to give a truthful answer.

"Yes it does, but what about you, how do you feel?" I asked her.

"Yes it turned me on, I can't deny that." She hesitated. "But please don't get carried away, I'm not sure I want to do anything about it - I am old enough to be his mother. Let's say we found Xabi again and I suggested that he could sleep with me. How would I feel if he laughed and rejected me?" I shrugged and looked at Kim.

"Personally I don't think that's likely, but I'm not here to pressure you into doing anything. Last night was fun. We're near the end of the holiday and if the circumstances are right and something happened then great, but if it doesn't then so what, we've had a great week anyway."

We pretty much left it at that and the subject wasn't mentioned for the rest of the day. That evening we went inland to a restaurant that had been recommended by another couple. We had a good evening but nothing of note happened.

The following day was our last full day and I was aware that if anything was going to happen it would have to be tonight. I wasn't obsessed with the idea of making something happen, but I was definitely in the mood for some sexy fun and I had a feeling that Kim was as well (or rather she might be if I could just conjure up the right combination of circumstances).

That night we went back to Puerto Pollensa and after a drink at one of the bars, I suggested we head for the same restaurant as the other evening. I know I was hoping that would increase our chances of seeing Xabi again and I wondered if Kim was thinking along the same lines.

I didn't ask her because I thought she was in a bit of an ambiguous mood and I knew she wouldn't want me to go on endlessly about what might, or might not, happen. Not for the first time I thought that there is a lot of pleasure to be extracted from plotting the downfall of your wife's knickers.

We were into our main course when I saw Xabi stood talking outside a café further down the street. I pointed him out to Kim and she smiled, but didn't say anything.

He worked his way down the street and when he got closer he recognised us as people who had bought from him in the past. He came over, I shook hands with him and he gave Kim a peck on each cheek. He told us he had many different bracelets today and would we like to look at them. I said yes and asked him if he wanted to join us for a glass of wine. He said yes and sat down.

Strictly speaking street traders like Xabi were illegal, but I'd been told they were tolerated if they didn't make a nuisance of themselves. The feeling was that they introduced a dash of colour to the local scene and certainly our waiter gave Xabi a friendly greeting when he brought the extra glass we had requested.

Kim tried on various bracelets and although she put one of them on the side as a possible purchase I could tell there was nothing she found particularly compelling. So I casually asked Xabi if he had any ankle chains. Kim gave me a sharp look and Xabi seemed slightly thrown for a moment. He said he didn't have any on him, but if we were willing to wait for a minute he would bring some for us to look at. I said that was fine.

As soon as he was gone Kim asked me what my game was.

"I just thought an ankle chain might be nice; you've only got one and it would be nice to have a choice."

A couple of years ago on holiday in Morocco Kim bought a silver ankle chain in a bazaar. A few weeks later when we were back home I suggested she wear it for a meal out we were having. She thought that was a good idea and proceeded to fasten it on her left ankle. I suggested that her right ankle was better. She looked a bit blank at that and I had to explain that for most people it's just jewellery and there's no significance in whether you wear it on your left or your right ankle.

However for some people left ankle means married and exclusive, right ankle means married and available (a hotwife). She refused to wear it after that, saying that we could easily meet someone we know and they might assume she was available. I pointed out that a lot of women wear them without being aware of that bit of symbolism, but she was quite definite that she wasn't going to wear it. She ended up wearing it indoors a few times when we were role playing, but that was all.

She said she didn't need a second one, but her protests lacked any edge and weren't terribly convincing; I had a definite feeling that there was a part of her which was happy to play along.

Xabi took a bit longer than he'd said, but five minutes later we were looking at a small, but interesting selection of gold and silver chains. I said silver was no good as Kim already had one and not surprisingly that met with her approval.

There were a couple Kim liked and I suggested she try them on. She reached across to pick one up and, with my heart beating much faster than normal, I suggested she let Xabi fit it on her right ankle. I knew this was the crunch moment, if she said no then that was likely to be the end of it.

"No, not here it's too public." That surprised and pleased me. She was saying no, but in a very limited way. It wasn't OK here, but somewhere else would be fine. I was about to suggest trying them on at the villa, but got another surprise when Xabi spoke.

"It will soon be sunset, I know a very quiet, private beach where the sunset is beautiful. It is only a short drive."

I said that sounded fine to me and looked at Kim. She didn't actually say anything, but gave the slightest of nods to signal her consent. I motioned to the waiter and while I sorted out the bill Kim nipped to the loo.

A few minutes later we were heading south on the coast road. Xabi soon guided us off onto an inconsequential track between some pine trees. A bumpy sixty seconds later and we were yards from the sea. We'd left a rug on the back seat of the car so that it was handy for general use and I grabbed that.

We walked south along the beach to a slight point which gave us a better vantage point to watch the sun disappear into the sea. It was a beautiful sight, but I'm not sure that any of us were concentrating on it. Once the sun had gone I felt it was time to move on to the main reason why we were there.

I said we ought to try the ankle chains on before the light failed and Xabi said round this corner hidden between the trees and a few rocks was the best place. I spread the rug out on the sand and motioned for Kim to sit down.

Xabi knelt at her feet and fastened the chain which had been our second choice round her right ankle. It looked fine, but I felt the other one would be better. Xabi swapped them over and Kim wiggled and flexed her toes and asked me what I thought of it.

"Beautiful, that's definitely the best one. We'll take it. I can't see your legs properly, why don't you pull the hem of your dress up."

The dress Kim was wearing was knee length, so I could see a fair bit of her legs, but I wanted to see more – and I wanted Xabi to see more. She pulled the hem of her dress up. Xabi must have had a clear view of her panties, but I told her to raise it further and she pulled it higher up her thighs.

Xabi moved so that he was kneeling between her legs and ran his hands along the insides of her thighs. Kim gasped and we both got a surprise when he began to tug at her panties. She raised her bottom slightly and seconds later a pair of lacy white panties were tossed to one side.

Without any hesitation Xabi buried his head between her legs and began to eat her pussy. It was abrupt, very direct and very sexy. In the soft evening light my wife gasped and moaned while Xabi licked and teased her most private place. Kim does like being pleasured orally, but she invariably sees it as foreplay, part of the build up to the main event. So I wasn't too surprised when she pushed at Xabi's shoulders forcing him to disengage.

"Enough. Fuck me now. Please."

Xabi hurriedly undressed while Kim pulled her dress over her head and off. He pulled his briefs down and a very erect cock sprang into view. If I had to use a word to describe his cock it would be stubby. He wasn't particularly long, a strictly average six inches at best, but his cock was quite thick.

Kim laid back and spread her legs and Xabi moved above her. I made sure I had a clear view of the action and could see Xabi manoeveuring himself so that his cock was resting against Kim's pussy.

He leaned forward and a spasm passed through me as my wife's cunt lips parted and she surrendered to the rigid arrogance of Xabi's erect penis. I watched as Xabi built up a steady rhythm, his cock thrusting in and out of Kim and making her gasp and moan. They kissed greedily, like lovers, not strangers. Then Xabi increased the pace of his thrusts and I realised he was approaching orgasm. Kim obviously knew because she looked at me and her eyes held mine as the pace increased. His cock went faster and faster. Kim's mouth was open and she gasped with each thrust, but her eyes still held mine.

Suddenly Xabi went rigid, Kim dug her nails into his backside, holding him deep inside her, her wedding ring glistening in the dull light. She continued to stare at me with calm intensity, I felt as though she was urging me to share that moment with her as fully as possible. The moment when another man's cock pulsed inside her and pumped sperm into her sweet married pussy.

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