tagIncest/TabooSibling Benefits Ch. 02

Sibling Benefits Ch. 02


...continued from Sibling Benefits

***Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction.***


"Hey!" My little sister squeaked as my hands began searching the waistband of her pants.

"Relax," I murmured, quickly unbuttoning her and pulling the zipper down. Zzzzzip. I've heard the sound a thousand times in my life, but it never turned me on as much as it did now, watching the black fabric loosen and part from where they had hugged the curves of my sister's hips. I sighed as I saw the creamy skin of her lower belly, the slight protuberance of her hip bones, and the lacy, white edge of her panties. My dick began stirring back to life.

Alyx began squirming around the bed, red faced with embarrassment and sudden shyness. "You said you wouldn't--"

"And I won't," I looked her in the eyes. "I promise."

She looked at me for a moment, nervously, her eyes all wide. She is just so innocent looking, I almost forget the promise right there and then. Instead, I softly stroked her thighs and gently, but firmly began tugging down her pants. Alyx bit her bottom lips and closed her eyes briefly.

"Just... just go slowly." she whispered, trying but not quite maanging to look at me. Her blushing renewed tenfold and seemed to extend down her body. "You know... b-be nice, ok?" And then she kicked off her shoes, one after the other.

"Sure." I pulled her pants off, the whisper of fabric over her bare skin joining our heavy breathing and the faint stirrings of birds outside.

I took a moment just to look at her long, long legs, so pale and creamy. From her luscious thighs all the way to her feet, still clad in pink and black striped socks. If my dick had been merely stirring before, it was now about ready to explode from the sheer lust I felt. Damn, I wanted those legs wrapped tight around me as I plunged my cock into my little sister's tight, untouched pussy!

Alyx was looking at me uncertainly, so I wasted no more time. She had closed up her legs on sheer reflex, but I gently pulled them apart and lay between them, my face only inches apart from her panty-clad pussy. I could just make out the outline of her vulva, the soft, tantalizing bulge of her pussy lips. And just a little lower, there was the hint of a wet spot. I moved in and gently licked it. Alyx gasped out loud and tried to close her legs, but I held her thighs firmly. I pushed my face forward, kissing her down there, teasing her with my tongue. Half crazed with lust, I buried my face in my sister's warmth, reveling in her scent, partaking of her moist secrets. The wet spot began growing, slowly but surely.

Alyx gasped quietly, shuddering every now and then as the sensations hit her. I felt her every quiver, her every breath. My hands had let go of her legs and now her hot inner thighs pressed against my head. I was in my own world, in between my sister's legs.

"Just one more..." I whispered huskily, and I dipped my fingers into the waistband of her panties. Slowly, agonizingly, I pulled them down. I pulled myself up from that warm, wet world, my dick leaking pre-cum all over the bedsheets. As I fully pulled off the tiny, lacy panties, I simply stared.

My little sister's chest was heaving, her face flushed with exertion. Her mouth was open, those lush, full lips parted ever so slightly. How I wanted to press my lips against hers, slip my tongue inside and lose myself in my hunger. My eyes traveled further down to her other lips. Fine, light brown hair framed a pussy that made my mouth water. Just looking at those plump, soft lips, tucked together so neatly, gave off that exquisite feeling of tightness.

I spread her legs wide and resumed where I had left off. I nudged my nose against the little bud just peeking out of those tight folds of her pussy and felt Alyx tremble, biting off a gasp. I teased her, tracing the outline of her vulva with my fingers, nibbling gently on the area around it. I pulled her lips open just so much and breathed softly into her. She nearly sobbed with frustration.

Finally, I feasted with my tongue, lapping her up as if nectar flowed from her innermost depths, as if she was a fountain and I a man dying of thirst. She was neither sweet nor sour, she was simply woman, and I would never ever have my fill of her.

Her sweat streaked inner thighs were like a vise around my head. Her fingers clutched at my hair, pushing them down, pulling them up, unsure of their desire. She was crying out freely now and for just the briefest of moments I was thankful the old couple had taken yet another lengthy trip.

I focused my tongue on her little rosebud of a clitoris as my fingers delved into the velvety folds of her pussy. Her hips began bucking and I grasped her hips with both hands as she tensed up. I watched with satisfaction, my little sister's face all taut with sexual tension one moment, and then slowly, gradually relax in shuddering stages. She gasped aloud and half sobbed for a while, still recovering from what I guessed to be her first ever full blown orgasm.

I lick her clean as she lays flat on the bed, just looking up at the ceiling as she comes to terms with what happened. Then I pulled myself up and a little apart before taking my dick in hand, and jerking it for mere moments before I cum over the bedsheets. A bit of semen landed on my sister's striped socks and I had to stifle the urge to clean my dick on on her feet.

I sat down next to Alyx and stroked her hair softly before bending down to kiss her damp forehead. She gave me a shy, slightly uncertain smile. "Th-that was... " her smile grew larger, more genuine. "...really, really good."

"Told you." I smile back.

We just sat there in companionable silence for a little while, listening the birds and the sounds of a few, distant cars passing by.


"When do your classes start?" I asked, pulling on my shorts.

"Afternoon!" her muffled reply came back from the bathroom where she was taking a quick shower. "You?"

"Well..." I just then realized I was already pretty late for my morning class. "...er, same."

"Good! You can show me around."

"I thought that's what I'd been doing all morning."

I smiled as I could just imagine her furiously blushing in the shower.

"Shut up!" she cried cutely. "Don't get carried away, ok?"

As her talk turned towards local buses, textbooks, and stores, my thoughts turned elsewhere. It was far too late to not get carried away. At the same time, there was no point in rushing things. Despite what had just happened, she was still my little sister, and I wasn't going to force myself on her. A little part of me said I all but did anyway, but...

I wanted her. And if the day should come that she would want me just as badly, then I would take her with no regrets. Until then...

As I listened to the sound of running water, I wondered how Alyx would look in a pair of fuck-me heels.


To be continued...

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