tagIncest/TabooSiblings Ch. 02

Siblings Ch. 02


Marco slept well last night. In his mind, he replayed the events of the night before. Erica seemed to really enjoy their time together, but her Marco lies, hoping she doesn't have second thoughts. His cock stirs at the thought of fucking his sister.

When Marco goes down for breakfast, he sees Erica and their older sister Sandy already at the table eating. Erica's reaction doesn't seem any different than normal. He goes through the day in a fog. His mind is distracted by the memories of last night and his hopes and desires for nights to come. Fortunately, his summer job keeps him busy this morning.

Erica is in her room when Marco gets home. He quickly changes out of his work clothes and into something more comfortable. As he ponders what to do with the rest of the afternoon, a door opens in the distance and Marco hears his sister's steps as she walks from her room to his. She stands in his doorframe wearing a light sundress and asks, "How was work?"

"Good," he replies. He wonders if she is going to bring last night up or wait for him to do it. "What were you up to?"

"I was out at the mall with Sandy," she replies. "We talked about a lot of stuff."

Erica and Sandy have been real close since their parents died a few years ago and Sandy took care of them, raising them. At twenty-nine, she has her hands full and Marco and Erica did all they could to help her out.

Erica pauses as if uncertain how to phrase her next words. "Actually, remember last night?"

"How can I forget?" Marco replies.

"Well, um," she says. "Sandy wants to watch."

"What?" he shrieks. "You told Sandy about us?"

"I just mentioned it and she was real interested."

"On one condition then," he says.

Erica smiles and asks, "What's that?"

Marco closes the distance to his sister and says, "This." As he bends his lips down to hers, one hand goes behind her back for support while the other cups one of her breasts.

"Mmmm," Erica moans into his mouth as she accepts his terms by melting into his embrace. Her hands clutch his back. Their hands roam frantically over each other's bodies. His quickly finds the ties holding her dress in place while she grabs the waistband of his shorts and pushes them down toward the floor.

A pile of clothes form as the two siblings quickly undresses each other. They tumble into the bed, Marco lying on top as Erica grabs his cock and guides it to her entrance. Marco pushes in and the two start thrusting at each other. This is not the gentle seduction of last night; this is the fucking of two people full of lust.

Almost as soon as it begins, Erica lets out a squeal of delight matched quickly by Marco's grunting as he unloads his cum into her pussy. Spent, he collapses on her before rolling onto his side. They both lie gasping for breath.

"I've been thinking about this all day," Erica says.

"You too?" Marco asks. "I was worried you regretted last night."

"No way!" Erica says. "It was too good."

She turns onto her side and presses her body up against Marco's.

"Always glad to help my sister out," he replies completing the embrace. His hands gently glide over her body. He realizes that he hasn't realized just how soft his sister feels. Last night he only got to caress her thighs, but lying here, right now, he is able to fully feel just how luxurious she feels. With the urgency dissipated, he can gently explore the soft curves of her breasts and ass.

"What's the plan with Sandy?"

Erica's hands absent-mindedly traces circles over Marco's chest as she thinks. "Well, tonight we can have her watch a movie with us and then see where that goes," Erica says grinning.

"Great idea. I'm sure we can make that work. And if she is as interested as you say, then she will be excited.

As Erica squirms in Marco's grip, she feels his hardening cock pushing against her legs. "I see someone else has gotten excite again."

"It's because you are so beautiful," Marco says smoothly.

Erica hits him playfully. "That's a bit corny don't you think?"

"Not if it's the truth," Marco answers smiling.

She moves closer, allowing his cock to slide between her legs. "You're wonderful anyway," she says. "I was beginning to wonder if I needed to make the first move."

'You?" Marco asks growing a little more excited.

"Well, yeah. I mean you've been making your moves every time we watched a movie. Why do you think I wanted to watch those scary movies anyway? I really don't like them."

"I guess I should have gone further earlier, huh?" he asks with a grin.

"Well, I can be intimidating," Erica says before covering his mouth with hers.

The two press against each other. Their hands hold each other closely, but gently as they share a deep, sensual kiss. After a few long minutes, Marco slowly adjusts his position to allow his cock to slide to the entrance of Erica's pussy. She feels the contact and slowly slides down to engulf him.

They continue their kiss as their bodies move slowly against each other. Marco holds his hands on Erica's ass while she strokes his back. Their hands guide their bodies slowly against each other as his cock gently glides in and out, brushing against her clit with each sensual stroke.

Time seems to pass quickly as they continue their dance. The pleasure grows slowly within them. Marco can feel the tension slowly mounting in his balls as the pace of their movements slowly accelerate. Erica's breathes in his mouth is faster and more uneven as she approaches her orgasm as well.

Marco pulls Erica tight against him as he releases his hot cum deep into her pussy. Like their lovemaking, even his climax seems like a gentle sensual release rather than a violent blast. Erica sighs contently in his arms as gentle waves of pleasure course through her body.

Erica sighs again and says, "You're the best."

"You too," Marco replies, holding her close. "We should get cleaned up before Sandy gets home."

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