Sight & Sound


I awoke with a start. Panic reigned.

I was completely blind. No sight. No light of any kind. I tried to bring my hands to my eyes, hoping that somehow my fingers could open my eyes.

They couldn't reach my face. My heartbeat accelerated wildly. Only 2 or 3 seconds had passed.

As I completed my journey back to consciousness, memories finally surfaced and I instantly began to relax. I realized I wasn't in any real danger. For the first time, Annie had tied me up last night (Last night? Was it still night? Had I slept for a long time?) Confusion suddenly overwhelmed the relief I had just felt. I had been awake for 5 seconds now.

A quick roll call of my limbs ran almost automatically through my mind. I was lying on my back in our bed. My arms were stretched uncomfortably diagonally to the headboard's posts. Something (oh yes – those leather cuffs) was chafing at both of my wrists. An unpleasant tingling numbness in both hands became noticeable. My legs were similarly stretched towards the posts at the foot of the bed attached by the other half of the "Bondage for Dummies" kit I had ordered over the Internet. I had been awake for 10 seconds and only now did I recognize the background discomfort of a pounding headache.

I was still blind.... and deaf! I couldn't hear anything and I finally became aware of the wax plugs that were filling my ears. On top of those, padded ear protectors (probably the ones from my workshop, I thought, as my mind made another 'critical' deduction) were on my head. 15 seconds have passed.

Something soft was over my eyes and I became aware of two more straps – one fastened around my head at my temples and a second going across my cheeks below my ears tightening around the back of my head. I was pretty much alert now and starting to get pissed off. I yanked my right arm but it barely moved. Only then did I realize the true nature of my "bind." There were also straps tightly across my chest just below my nipples and another across my legs mid-thigh. I was completely immobilized on our bed (at least I thought I was on our bed).

How did I get this way? My mind was replaying its last memories. I remember surprising Annie in the bedroom and unwrapping the bondage kit last night. (Last night? Well maybe it was last night). I remember her looking cross and I remember the objections, – She wasn't in the mood, it had been a bitch of a week at work, couldn't we just climb into bed?, But I had lost my mind to my groin and I was pretty insistent that we try this out right away. I wanted to tie her up and demonstrate my incredible ability to bring her to orgasm – as least that's what I said to her. After 10 minutes of increasing whining and pleading from me, Annie had agreed but only on the condition that I go first. I had agreed instantly and as she went to get us some wine, I had happily and eagerly removed my clothes.

She came back with two glasses of our favorite wine and we drank quickly. Annie smiled and kissed me softly. Then she had begun to attach the cloth straps to the posts as I sat in the middle of the bed grinning from ear to ear. I remember her fastening one leather to my wrist and then... nothing.

I suddenly realized that Annie, my wife and lover, had drugged me and that crystallized my anger. I knew it was safe; she was a Vet after all. But this isn't at all what I had in mind. I was going to tie her up and lick her and eat her and fuck her, always letting her get close to orgasm but never allowing the final release to occur. I had fantasized about perpetrating all kinds of pleasurable tortures on Annie and taking my time – a couple of hours at least.

I had been awake only 30 seconds.

I realized that I was still naked – I could feel the coolness of our air-conditioned bedroom. There was a slight and unfamiliar tingling on my balls but other than that I was a little stiff from being in the same position for some time (how much time? My mind asked.)

And still not a sound and not a glimmer of light.

I tried to talk for the first time. "Hey Annie!" No response. "Annie", a little louder. Then I yelled as loudly as I could. "Hey Annie. Come on. Get me out of this." Still nothing – then I realized I was still expecting to hear something and given the work she had done on my ears I wouldn't be hearing anything.

I was completely helpless, totally restrained, I could feel things, smell things, but without any vision or hearing. And I was uncomfortably stiff from being restrained in this manner for who knows how long.

My remaining senses quickly began compensating. I found myself trying to isolate individual smells and feel vibrations. I found a slight smell of Annie's perfume, a bit of the cleaning products from our ensuite bathroom. I could easily smell the leather constraints and my own perspiration – it was, after all, only a few inches from my nose.

It was more than a minute since I had woken up.

I thought I'd try another call for help.

"ANNIE, HEL-". A stinging slap across my face ended the yell abruptly. Before I could say anything, something incredibly soft and wet enveloped my flaccid cock. The contrast of the slap and the sudden pressure down below temporarily fired most of the synapses in my brain. I was speechless and it seemed that every emotion had blended into a paralyzing stew in my mind.
It had to be a mouth, I thought. And that thought was immediately confirmed as a warm, wet tongue started tickling the underside of my rapidly hardening cock. As abruptly as this wonderful blow job had started, it stopped. I could feel my cock bobbing in beat with my pulse. I couldn't hear a sound. I couldn't feel anything. I couldn't see anything. In every sense, the ghostly mouth that had been stimulating me so wonderfully had simply ceased to exist.

"Annie, I –". Another stinging slap across my face interrupted me. I'm a quick learner. Apparently, I wasn't supposed to speak. Suddenly, I felt flesh in my right hand. It took me a moment but when my finger felt the unmistakable hardness of a nipple, I understood. I closed my index finger and thumb around the nipple and began to pinch it gently. It hardened further, puckering under the stimulation. Every ounce of my being had concentrated on feeling this disembodied nipple in my hand. It lingered in my hand, pushing against my palm and allowing my fingers to squeeze and massage it.

Then it left.

I was acutely aware of the blackness and the silence. Every sound I could hear came from my own body – the rapid thumping of my pulse, and the sound of the air rushing in and out of my lungs. I could sense every toe, every muscle, every inch of skin. Every extremity of my body was alive and alert, thirsting for the next touch.

It came quickly. My right nipple shot an electrical charge to my groin as a mouth closed roughly around it. I had felt no pressure on the bed or any other touch before this latest assault. I inhaled deeply, holding my breath as the mouth sucked harder and harder willing my nipple to grow fuller. After 20 seconds, the mouth stopped and a moment later, something ice-cold and hard was clamped around my nipple. I felt the pressure increase and the sweetness of this pain sent tremors through my balls. It was definitely a clamp of some kind and it continued to tighten. The pain was on the edge of excruciating but I was wildly excited. My cock was throbbing – I imagined it to be inches larger and deep purple. Then the treatment was repeated on my left nipple – first the mouth, then another icy cold clamp tightened to the point of pain. I had been holding my breath for quite some time and as I let it out in a moan, I softly said "oh god." There was an instant and vicious slap across my face. I knew I needed to exert more control.
It took a while but I realized that there was no new pressure coming from the nipple clamps. I was either becoming more accustomed to the pain or the nerves in my nipples were becoming numb. Other than my pounding heartbeat, I had no sense of time. I could have been left like this for two minutes or twenty. It felt like a long time.

I jumped when the hands first touched my body. Slick with some type of oil they began to massage every inch of my torso. It was a firm stroke, almost professional in its approach. Oil was being applied to my arms, my shoulders, my chest, my abdomen. After a brisk rubbing of my lower abdomen, the hands reapplied themselves to my feet. Each leg received a thorough massage and every inch of my body felt the relief of stimulation. My cock remained rock hard but untouched. I finally felt the bed dip as my Annie joined me. Her smooth feminine body straddled my chest. I could instantly feel the muscles of Annie's thighs on my rib cage and the pressure of her heels against my thighs. I could not move. I could not lift my hips because of the straps across my chest and legs, but I could feel her sex, open and inviting on top of me.

Fingers were put in my mouth and I hungrily sucked on them twirling my tongue around them. Annie's body rocked and slid against my chest and still there was no touch to my painfully throbbing cock. Suddenly the full weight of her body lay across my chest and I felt a wonderful breast placed on my mouth. In my heightened sense, it felt larger and heavier than in reality. I quickly found the nipple and sucked on it returning only a little of the dull pleasure that continue to radiate from my own nipples. My mouth could feel every pucker, every swelling of her nipple. I realized that without sight and sound, I was discovering this familiar part of her as if it were the first time. My tongue flicked rapidly from side to side across the engorged nipple. I felt it pop from my mouth. There was a sudden shifting of Annie's weight and another breast was placed in my mouth. I repeated the process doing my best to stimulate this nipple with my mouth. I realized that every inch of skin touching me was slick and lubricated and the sliding of her supple body on mine elevated the erotic charge in my cock. But there was still no touching. Her pussy was tantalizingly within reach of my throbbing phallus but I could do nothing to enter.

There was some sudden and confusing movement and for a brief moment Annie was gone but then a foot was sliding under my right outstretched arm, following by her weight on my upper chest, and another foot sliding under my left arm. I knew instinctively that in this position, her pussy was only inches from my mouth. Eager and aggressive hands grabbed the back of my head holding handfuls of hair. And I was brought to her pussy. My tongue reached out and was finally rewarded with a taste of Annie's wonderful opening – familiar yet different in my state of deprivation. I licked as best as I could as her wonderful slit rocked up and down across my face and nose. As far as I could tell, it was wickedly thrilling for my lover. Her hips, surrounding my face, began to move side to side, as well as stroking up and down. My tongue occasionally reached her asshole which hesitated for a moment of stimulation before yielding to other parts. Some small remaining logical part of my mind noted that this was new – I had never licked her anus before. In her pussy, I tried to fuck her with my tongue pushing it in as far as I could and when her clit arrived, I roughly pounded it with my tongue while sucking the whole area into my mouth. My sense of smell was overwhelmed by the intense musky sweetness of her juices. She was so wet; I felt drops rolling down my cheeks onto my neck. In my darkness, a chaotic movie of sexual imagery played – memories of our lovemaking, and our orgasms.

Suddenly her hands gripped my head and pulled me harder into her dripping pussy. Some detached part of me noticed pain as she violently ground her pussy across my face, rolling my head left to right, my pointed tongue striking her hardened button over and over and over. I felt Annie's thigh muscles that were encasing me, tighten even more and finally ripples of orgasm as her pussy contracted on my mouth. It lasted forever in my mind but I could hear nothing except my own moaning as I tried to satisfy my lady. And then I was encased in a warm and throbbing body as she collapsed on me.

It was perhaps the most exciting act of lovemaking in my life. In the darkness and the silence, I had just given Annie the most intense orgasm of her life – I knew it in my heart. As her heart pounded against mine and began to slow, I began to look forward to my release and I started imagining how I would turn Annie on her knees and fuck her from behind. Another thrill of excitement shot through my cock when I thought I could return some of her slaps by spanking her while I fucked her.

"Annie, my love. Its time to untie me. I want to be inside you."

Annie lifted up and pulled herself off my face.

I had the shock of my life when the hardest slap yet went across my mouth. I was so surprised not a sound left my body. Confusion, once again became the dominant emotion. I felt something warm and moist trickling down my chin to my face. The salty taste of blood filled my mouth. For the second time since I had awoken, panic began to course through me.

The next second brought a welcome wave of relief as I felt my left leg gain some freedom. Annie was untying me! In a few moments I would be pounding her pussy with my purple cock. My left leg was loose now so I bent it gingerly flexing the thigh and the calf muscle. I was still blind and deaf but I anticipated a rousing fuck in only a few moments. Suddenly I felt tension on my ankle and before I could even straighten my leg, it was being pulled up in the air and towards my shoulder. I only then realized that at some time towards the end of the assault on my face, the strap across my thighs had been removed. I was being stretched painfully but my left leg was already secured in some way to the headboard. There was a brief and welcome relief to the stretching in my groin as my right leg came free, I tried to twist it away from Annie but in seconds I think the strap had been wound around the other bed post and pulled tight. My ass was now in the air. I was still blind and deaf but amazingly, my cock hadn't softened a bit.

"Annie, what the fuck are you doing?" CRACK! She instantly struck me with something across my ass. It was a stinging, painful blow. I could feel the blood rush to the impact and the heat grow across my ass. I was frightened, helpless, and I had no idea where Annie was going with this game. Then a soft hand was gently rubbing my ass. Her hand was gentle and as she made wider circles on one ass cheek and then the other, my fear was replaced with excitement again. In this position, my cock was less than a foot from my own mouth. Her massaging of my ass continued until finally she was rubbing my exposed balls. I felt the slick massage oil drip over them and surges of excitement coursed through me as she rubbed it all over my balls and cock. Her strokes were incredibly erotic but there wasn't enough pressure to trigger my orgasm. I remained bound and helpless, orgasm only seconds away.

Suddenly, she removed her hands from my body and I felt her weight on the foot of our bed. Once again, I could hear only my own thudding heartbeat and feel the twitching pulse of my cock. I jumped when something touched my anus. It was a finger, I thought – just a finger. And I felt, for the first time, the pleasure of oil lubricating my ass. The finger probed at my hole, pushing and rotating. I clenched my ass as best I could but with my legs spread I had little ability to defend my own virginity. In one quick thrust, Annie's finger entered my asshole. My cock twitched again and again as she slowly pushed in and then pulled part way out. A detached corner of my mind thought that this feeling was exquisite while another part of me felt shame and betrayal. I was being raped by my wife and lover and my cock was harder than it had ever been, pointing straight at my own face.

Another finger joined the first and she increased the tempo of the slow pumping. Her other hand was gently rubbing my balls but nothing was touching my throbbing painful cock. Every part of my being was completely focused on the incredible penetration of my ass. I found myself grunting as she continued her work, fucking my ass with her fingers.

Then it stopped. 'What the fuck is she going to do to me now?" I thought. The very next moment I found out. Something a whole lot larger than Annie's fingers was pressed against my asshole. I moaned, "No Annie, don't" and two very nasty blows from something hard hit each ass cheek. I whimpered but remained silent. The thing poking at my ass was smooth and round, I could feel that much but I had no idea what it was. The pressure increased and finally it pushed my anus open and entered me.

I had no idea anything could feel this good without involving my cock. The object was slick and easily progressed up my ass, slowly exploring, inch by inch. I could feel it stretching my anus and I quivered when it reached my prostrate. Then Annie began fucking me for real. In my mind, I saw the image of a large dildo stroking in and out of my exposed ass. The rhythm started off slow but nevertheless, each down stroke pressed my prostrate and caused an instant jerk in my unrelieved cock. She increased the tempo and I began to rotate and rock my hips to meet the thrusts. New sensations erupted when the dildo started vibrating, I could feel the orgasm build beneath my balls as she stroked into my ass. I was grunting hard now and suddenly she went wild, fucking my ass faster than I had ever fucked her. Each downward thrust pushed my cock closer to my own face. I knew I was close.

Finally, two slick hands surrounded my cock. All of her weight was on me and the dildo was penetrating deep into my ass. She began to stroke my cock with both hands with the rhythm of her fucking. Everything I was, every muscle, every part of my mind was lost. The only thing I could feel was the fat dildo fucking my ass, stroking my prostrate while her two hands worked my cock. She came again. I could feel her trembling on top of me as she buried the dildo deep into me. I could feel each shudder and every muscle spasm. I felt her breath as she released.

Then I came.

The pressure in my prostrate exploded up my cock. I could literally feel the cum travel through my urethra and I was waiting when it exploded out of the swollen head. The first shot wasn't a lot but it landed right in my mouth. The second spasm caused a huge rope of cum to erupt and it too, splashed into my mouth. I tasted my own cum for the first time and I was forced to start swallowing it as it filled my mouth. As my orgasm roared through my body, stream after stream escaped onto my face. Her hands continued to pump me, now gripping my cock tightly as they pulled every ounce of cum from my balls. I could feel every muscle and my anus tightened around the dildo that remained buried up my ass. She had only one hand on my cock now, milking it strongly. Her other hand went to my balls and she gently rubbed them in a slow circular motion. A sob escaped from me and a single word...."Annie". But this time, to my relief there was no slap. Another tremor shuddered through me and the hands left my cock and balls. I was aching with the force of this orgasm.

The dildo remained buried in me, no longer vibrating. My legs were untied and they dropped weakly back to the mattress, forcing another almost painful pressure on my prostrate from the embedded object. The next thing I felt was gentle hands lifting my head. A cold drink was raised to my lips and I drank the sweet cola. It mixed with my cum that remained on my lips. Every part of me was pleading to be released and every part of me was relaxed. Another sip of the drink was offered and I started to relax. I remember my right arm folding limply across my chest then nothing....

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