tagGroup SexSinnndy Does Vegas Ch. 2

Sinnndy Does Vegas Ch. 2


The phone rang at 10AM. I was tired from last night's activity, so Billy answered it. It was a wake up call that Billy scheduled. "I'm tired, I'm not getting up," I whined. Billy got out of bed, and went to the bathroom. I heard the shower start, and fell asleep, but that wouldn't last too long. Billy picked me up screaming and kicking, and carried me into the bathroom. He opened the glass door to the shower, and pushed me in.

"Billy!" I screamed, "you asshole." The water was freezing. I tried to get out, but the prick was leaning against the door. So I turned the knob on the shower, and it heated up pretty quickly. Billy was laughing his ass off, and I was wide-awake now. He opened the door, and joined me in the shower. I punched him hard in the arm. He took my arm, pulled it behind my back, and started to spank my ass. I didn't resist him at all. I liked the spanking, and he wasn't hitting me too hard anyway.

He released my arm, and we continued our shower. I started stroking his half-hard cock, and got down on my knees, and took his cock into my mouth. I sucked on it gently, using my tongue on his head, licking it in circular motions. I knew we where short on time, so I started sucking him hard, stroking his shaft with a firm grip. He then grabbed the back of my head, and started fucking my face furiously, pumping in and out, using my lips like a pussy. In seconds, he was filling my mouth with my creamy breakfast. I stood up, and gave him a creamy good morning kiss. He hates when I do that. "Payback is a bitch," I said with a laugh. "Ha Ha," he replied. "We have to hurry if you want to eat before we head out," he said. We got all cleaned up. Billy told me to wear shorts and a T-shirt. We got dressed, hit the snack bar, and headed for the entrance of the hotel.

Billy led me to a van. There was a man in the front seat. Billy introduced me to Rich, the driver. "Where are we going?" I inquired. "It's a surprise," Billy replied. We headed to the highway, and the van took us away from Vegas. About a half-hour later, we arrived at an airfield. I had no idea what we were going to do. I thought maybe we were going to sky dive, but I was wrong. We were going to go soaring in a glider. I was a little nervous about being in a plane without an engine. Rich had been flying gliders since he was a young boy. His dad was a glider pilot, and taught Rich how to fly. That calmed me down a little knowing I would be up in the air with an experienced flyer.

We got into the glider with Rich. It was a three seater with Rich in the front, and Billy sitting next to me. We were connected to a bi-plane by a very strong cable. The airplane went down the runway, and then we were in the air, towed by the airplane. When we got high enough, Rich hit a lever releasing the cable from our glider, we turned right, and the airplane turned left, and went away from us. It was really cool; we were weightless, soaring in the air. I asked Rich, "how long could we stay up here?" Rich replied, "we will be up here for a half hour, but if I wanted to, we could stay up for four hours." Rich started pointing out the sights. There was a prison to our left, and some old mining town to our right. It was so beautiful and peaceful up there. I couldn't believe how quiet it was too.

Billy took his hand, and slid them into my shorts. He started playing with my pussy, and I got wet pretty fast. I reached over to Billy, unbuttoned and unzipped his pants, and started stroking his cock. Rich had no idea what was going on. He kept talking to us, and we just nodded back. Billy had two fingers fucking my pussy with his thumb circling my clit. My hand was firmly on his cock, stroking it up and down, with my pinky scratching lightly at his balls on the downward stroke. After a couple of minutes, I looked at Billy, I knew he was about to cum, so I really started stroking him hard, and within seconds, he shot a nice load. I moved my hand away quickly, so that his cum went all over his shorts. "That's for the shower this morning," I yelled into his ear. He gave me a, I can't believe you just did that look. With that, he removed his hand from my pants, and yelled into my ear, "just for that, you don't get to cum." I was pretty close to coming, and was disappointed, but looking at the mess he had all over his shorts, it was well worth it.

We started our descent, and had a relatively smooth landing. It was really a neat thing to do; you all have to try it sometime, and it's quite safe. We got out of the glider; Billy let his shirt hang over his pants, he usually tucks his shorts in, but he had an awful stain to hide. We got into the van, and headed back to the Bellagio, went back up to the room, and took a nap.

I woke up lying on my stomach. I realized that l couldn't move my hands or legs, and that I was blindfolded. "Hey, what's going on?" I asked. With that, I felt something slap against my ass. It felt like a whip, and I let out a loud yelp. It really didn't hurt me; it just surprised the hell out of me. I was then whipped on my ass a couple more times, each time a little harder than the last time. "Owwwwww, hey Billy, take it easy," I whined. "Silence bitch" a woman's voice said. I was in shock, it wasn't Sheila, this woman did not have an accent. With that, a ball gag was placed in my mouth. "You will not make any sounds now bitch," the voice said to me. With that, I felt a stinging whip strike my ass. I jerked my body. That really hurt. What the hell did Billy do to me now I thought. I guess that maybe it was payback for making him mess his shorts.

I waited for the next strike of the whip. I didn't have to wait long, but was surprised about the location. Right on my pussy, I jerked my ass in the air, and bit into the gag in my mouth. "Ouch, I thought to myself." Then came another strike on my pussy. This bitch is toast when I get untied I said to myself. I knew Billy was loving this, and I'm sure he was taping it too. "Little baby doesn't like pain does she?" The bitch sneered. Two quick blows to my pussy followed, and I tried to move away from the whippings, but was unable to. Then there was silence.

I was waiting for what was going to happen next. The next strike hit me right on my clit, bringing tears to my eyes. I tried not to cry. I didn't want to give her any satisfaction. Then, another blow right on my clit, and more tears, it was soooo painful, and yet my pussy was getting wetter with each shot to my privates. The ball gag was removed, and I said to the bitch, "untie me bitch, so I can kick your ass!"

"You think you can handle me huh?" was her response. "Anytime, anywhere, bitch" I replied. I felt my hands and legs being released. The blindfold was removed. I was pissed, and ready to kick some ass. I turned around, and looked up. She was tall, really tall, over 6 feet tall. She was naked, except for thigh high black boots. She had long red hair, and was very attractive. Firm 36C breasts, and a hairy red bush. What in the hell did I get myself into I said to myself. I wasn't about to back down however. I lunged at her, and she pushed me back onto the bed. She leapt on the bed, knocking me backwards. She grabbed my hair, and slapped my face hard. I saw stars. I tried to get up, but she slapped me again. She then grabbed my hair, and dragged me to the edge of the bed. I was stunned. She pulled me on her lap and started spanking me hard. I was really pissed now, and started getting my senses back. After a couple of swats on my ass, I swung my elbow back hard, striking her in the gut, knocking the wind out of her.

She fell to the floor on her stomach. This took her by surprise. I may have been outweighed, but I was brought up as a tomboy, I don't back down from anybody. I jumped on top of her, and grabbed a handful of her long hair; I then started spanking her ass hard. She finally caught her breath, and bucked me off of her. We both got on out feet, staring each other down. She reached out, grabbing my hair, pulling me towards her, and brought a knee up into my midsection. The wind went right out of my body. My mouth opened wide, but nothing came out. She then hit my face with two backhands, and kneed me again in my stomach. I blacked out for a couple of seconds. I was beaten, I had thought that no woman could take me. I found out later that not only was she a Dominatrix, but she also had been wrestling for years. Guys paid her money to wrestle with them, and she hadn't lost a match in 5 years.

When I came to, I was over her lap, being spanked again on my ass. A couple of blows came down on my pussy, but they didn't seem as hard as she had previously given me. She then told me that her name was Mistress Victoria, and that for my own good, I was to obey her. She then told me about her wrestling skills, and if I was smart, I would take my punishment, and be done with it. While I am feisty, I'm not stupid, and I knew I had met my match. She started spanking me much lighter now, caressing my ass, and fingering my pussy in between swats.

She now started paying more attention to my pussy, sliding two fingers inside, fucking it with her fingers, rubbing my clit with her other hand. I felt the third and fourth fingers enter my pussy. It felt really good. Her fingers on my clit felt soooooo good. Then, I felt her thumb enter my pussy, and her hand slid inside completely. I felt her then make a fist. It was the first time I had been fisted; thankfully, she didn't have a big hand. With her fingers doing magic on my clit, and her hand slowly sliding deeper into my pussy, I started having one of the greatest orgasms of my life. I was screaming so loudly, my legs were kicking around as she fucked me with her fist. Its amazing how flexible a woman's pussy is, how wide it can get, and how quickly it can close back to normal shape.

She slowly pulled her hand out, sticking her fingers one by one into my mouth. I licked each one clean, tasting myself on each finger. She then turned me over on my back, and sat down on my face. "Make me cum, slut, or I will punish you severely," she commanded. She didn't have to punish me, as I started licking her gladly. She ground her hairy pussy into my face as I snaked my tongue deep into her tasty box. The thing I hate about hairy pussies, and one the reasons I shave mine, is when you get a pubic hair on your tongue, it's a bitch to get it off, or if one goes into your throat, and you start hacking like a cat with a hairball, yuck.

I then started paying attention to her clit. It really extended out, farther than any clit I had ever seen. I started licking it up and down, she seemed to be enjoying it, but I knew I had to try something different. I then licked side to side and then in circles. I wasn't getting the response that I am used to. I then sucked on her clit, licking it at the same time. That did the trick, she started moving around, grinding into me, moaning loudly. I kept up my attack, releasing her clit, and then sucking and licking it again. She was really bucking now, so I stuck my finger into her asshole, which took her over the edge. She really pushed down on my face hard, spasming and moaning, her juices flowing into my mouth. I lapped at her tasty juices while continuing my finger's assault on her ass.

She then got off of me, and gave me a big, soulful french kiss. I looked up, and there was Billy, stroking his cock with one hand, and filming the whole thing with his camera in his other hand, and a huge smile on his face. Mistress Victoria then got off the bed, and put her clothes on. She went over to Billy, and gave him a big, sloppy, wet kiss. She came over to me, and kissed me the same way, and walked out the door.

I looked at Billy, and said, "now, I owe you one, you bastard." I walked over to him, and gave him a big kiss. I went down to my knees, and started sucking his cock. I really devoured it, sucking him hard, trying to get him to cum fast. He tried to grab the back of my head, but I slapped his hand away. I could tell he was getting close to cumming. When I put my mind to it, I can make any man cum within a minute. I then grabbed his balls firmly, and pulled my mouth away from his cock. I gave his balls a tight squeeze, pulling him down to his knees. "Who is in control now, slave?" I asked him. He was in no condition to fuck with me. "You are Mistress Sinnndy," he replied. "Good pet" I said to him. "Don't fuck with me slave, or you will lose these next time," and I gave another squeeze to his tender sack. I released his balls and got up to walk away. Billy got up, and pushed me down on the bed. He climbed on top of me, and forced his cock all the way up my ass. Shit that hurt, I knew I shouldn't have let him get off so easily. He started fucking my ass hard, without any kind of lubrication, it kind of hurt, but it was a good kind of hurt.

He started slapping my ass. That hurt because my cheeks were sore from Mistress Victoria. "Fuck with me will ya," he yelled at me. He had never been this rough with me, but I knew he would never really hurt me. He then slowed down, and gave me long hard thrusts, pulling his cock out completely, waiting a second, and then slamming the whole thing back in my ass, staying there and grinding deep inside me. I was rubbing my clit the whole time, and while he was grinding into me, I would rake my fingernails lightly on his balls. He really loves that. He then started fucking my ass hard again, pulling on my hair with one hand, and backhanding my ass with the other one. I started cumming. Its rare that I can get off by rubbing my own clit, but I was soooo turned on at this time, that I came hard. Billy was giving his familiar grunt; he then pulled out of my ass. He grabbed my hair firmly, and brought his hips directly into my face. I opened my mouth, and his cock went straight down my throat, his cum spewing deep inside of my throat. He left his cock deep in my throat, his hands still holding my hair firmly, keeping my nose buried in his pubic hair. He finally eased his grip, and I started licking and cleaning his cock with my mouth. I released his cock from my mouth, and he brought my face to his and forcefully kissed my, sticking his tongue deep in my mouth. We lay in bed for a while and he put his strong arms around me. "Thanks baby," I said. "It has been a wild wonderful trip so far," I added. "You ain't seen nothing yet," was all he said.

We finally got up, and took a shower together. Billy gave me a new outfit to wear. It was a tight white dress, short of course. You could see my nipples pointing out, and the outline of my aureoles. It's a good thing I shave my pussy, or you would have been able to see my pubic hair.

We went down to the entrance of the Bellagio, and got into a limo. He drove for about 15 minutes. We arrived at a small restaurant off of the strip. It was named "Pamplemousse." It was small, and very romantic, dark and cozy. There were no menus, the waiter had memorized the menu, and repeated it to us flawlessly, commenting on each of the appetizers and main courses. I decided on the black peppercorn steak, and Billy ordered the Salmon. He also ordered a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon. I have a hard time drinking red wine, but this was delicious, it didn't have a bitter aftertaste like most red wine I have tasted. We started out with a salad; it was a pretty basic salad, with house vinaigrette dressing. We also had a wonderful tasting mushroom soup, it wasn't cream of mushroom, but mushrooms in a beef broth with sherry added to it. I was having the time of my life. I really enjoy dining out, and we had never been to a French restaurant together, I like a little romance now and then. We were sitting next to each other again, and every once in a while; Billy would lean over and give me a passionate kiss. I didn't want to believe it, but I was really falling hard for Billy. I had never felt this way about any guy. I really didn't want to love anyone at this point in my life. I know Billy felt the same way. We had so much in common, and made each other laugh. Dirty jokes and taunting and teasing each other, never taking it seriously, and the most important thing in a relationship, we did not take each other for granted. I know that we had been going out for a short period, and that most relationships start out wild and fresh, but this was different, we both worked hard to keep things new.

Dinner arrived, and I almost came after taking the first bite of my steak. "Ohhhh myyyyy godddd. Billy, you have to try this." I cut a small piece of steak for him, and he placed some salmon on my plate. He nodded with pleasure to me after tasting the steak. "That's awesome," he said. "Try the salmon." I love lox, but for some reason, don't really like salmon. This salmon was different. It wasn't fishy tasting like salmon can be, it was scrumptious. We finished our meal, and the bottle of wine, and each ordered a Chocolate Mousse and an Espresso for dessert. I have a major weakness for chocolate; I never allowed it at home. I would yell at my mom and dad if the brought chocolate into the house. The Mousse was out of this world; it was so rich and creamy. It was so good, that I nearly came again.

Billy paid the bill, and we went back out to the limo. We drove for about a half-hour, and arrived at a place called "The Crazy Horse," a classy strip bar. While walking inside, almost every dancer we walked past, said, "Hi Billy." Some of them even kissed him hello. These girls were stunning. The type you see in porn magazines and porn films. Most of them had fake breasts, but they all had killer bodies. I looked at Billy and asked, "first time here?" He laughed, and led me to a table. We were seated right in front of the stage. Girls were dancing on the tables completely nude, and guys were putting bills in their g-strings. It was my first time at a completely nude strip club, and I loved it. I love looking at beautiful women, and the women on stage were hot. They came out in different costumes, dancing to loud music. Billy even gave me some bills to slip in their garters.

One extremely hot blonde came onstage. She was dressed as a cop, handcuffs and everything. She pranced around the stage, working the crowd. She was about 5-9, big, but real looking firm tits. The reason I thought they were real, was that when you see enhanced breasts, usually the nipples are higher up, and look out of place. They also defy gravity. These had very little hang to them and the nipples where right where they belonged. She also had loooooong shapely legs. I get really weak in the knees when I see a hot, tall leggy blonde, and this one was completely naked, except for her garters. She walked sexily straight towards me, turned away from me, got on her knees, sticking her ass right in my face. She had a really pretty asshole, and I could smell her pussy. I wanted to dive right in, and devour her pussy, but I knew that was against the rules. I slipped a twenty into her garter, and she turned around, and gave me a big smile, and blew me a kiss. She then walked right off the stage. The crowd was going crazy, guys were coming to our table, high fiving me, I was having a blast.

Billy excused himself, and walked away. I thought maybe he was going to the bathroom, but I saw go over to a man who looked like he worked there, maybe a manager or something. They shook hands like they knew each other well. They talked for like 5 minutes, and then Billy came back. I asked him, "who was that? What's up." Billy just told me to enjoy the show and that I would find out later.

The place was packed. There were mostly men there, but I was surprised to see so many women there. The DJ announced that there was going to be an amateur contest tonight. Anyone interested was to go to a room in the back of the place. I looked at Billy, he smiled and nodded, so I headed to the back, where the other contestants would be. We were told that we could pick out music, and would dance until the song ended. There was a 5-minute limit on how long the song would be. There were 10 girls there, the man that Billy knew, he was a manager there, told us that he would choose five of us, and that we would be rated by applause from the crowd at the end of our routines, the winner receiving $100. The man chose four women; they were all very pretty and shapely. He looked at the remaining 6 of us, and pointed at me and said, "you are the final contestant." He thanked the other ladies, and took us backstage. We were told that it was up to us, as to how much clothing we would take off. There was no pressure to completely strip, but that the chances of winning were better if we took off all of our clothing. I was then told I would dance last.

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