tagGroup SexSinnndy Goes To A Bachelor Party

Sinnndy Goes To A Bachelor Party


Let me give a little background first, I usually don't stick with one person for more than a week, but my boyfriend Billy is different, we have been together for 6 weeks, a record for me. What makes Billy so different, is that he doesn't have a jealous bone in his body, and myyyyyyy, what a body, he was married once before, and is in no hurry to do it again. He loves sex as much as I do, and loves watching me get gang fucked by guys he sets me up with, both friends, and guys he knows through business. He has helped fulfill almost every fantasy I have.

Billy is 31, 13 years older than me, about 6 feet tall, medium length dark brown hair, very masculine features, he works out almost daily, that's where we met, at our health club, he's not steroid big, but naturally muscular, and what a nice 8-1/2" cock he has, yummmmmy. He lets me have my space, and I return the favor, we just let the other one know what's going on, communication is the most important part of any relationship.

Billy was throwing a bachelor party for a buddy of his, and asked me if I wanted to go, he didn't have to ask twice, I was really curious as to what happened at those parties. He told me to dress really sexy, he didn't have to tell me that, because I always wear either really short skirts without panties, or painted on blue jeans to show off my ass. I went with a short black skirt, and a tight black tank top, with some sexy black sandals.

On the way to the party, I unzipped Billy's cock, and lowered by head on his limp cock, sucking it and licking it at the same time. I love it when a man's cock is soft, and I can feel it growing in my mouth. It is also an awesome feeling as is slowly grows, and snakes deep into my throat. He got hard quickly, so I started sucking him with great urgency, my head bobbing up and down as I firmly stroked his big thcik cock. I started stroking his balls with my nails, and he started groaning, then filling my mouth with his man cream, it was yummy, but I saved some in my mouth. At the next stoplight, I moved close to his face quickly, sliding my creamy tongue into his mouth as he tasted himself, and sucked on my tongue.

We arrived at the house of Billy's friend, there were about 25 guys there, and after about an hour of drinking and chatting, the first stripper showed up, she was hot, about 5-10, blond hair, looooong legs, and a sweet ass. She was great, teasing Rob, the groom to be, slowly taking off her cloths, then touching him all over, she had him take his pants off down to his underwear.

I could see he had a hard on, and it looked pretty big too, she got behind him and spanked him pretty hard, then she worked the room letting guys lick whipped cream off her tits and pussy, and when she got around to me, Billy bought me a licking, of course, I went for her pussy, it was my first taste of any woman's body part. With the guys, she let them lick the whipped cream, then moved on quickly to the next guy, but with me, she let me lick her pussy for about a minute, you should have heard the hoots and howls from the peanut gallery.

After she, Linda, was done, I went up to her, and we chatted about sex, stripping and more sex, she was really cool. A little later, the next stripper showed up, a brunette named Laura, she was really stacked, nice curvy body, but what a set of tits, they even looked real, but I found out later that they weren't, she did a similar show, and I got to lick her pussy too, I was having a blast, and so was Rob, the groom to be, Laura really teased him, licking his hard dick through his underpants, it drove us all crazy, she also did the whipped cream thing, and I got to lick my second pussy.

Afterwards, Linda and Laura worked the room, giving lap dances, and whatever tricks they knew to make some extra cash. The last stripper showed up a little later, she was beautiful, I have a thing for dark women, and Mia was oriental, short and petite, shoulder length black hair, 34C boobs, real too, and an ass to die for, I was in lust. She was a little dynamo, shaking her stuff, teasing the crowd, bending over everywhere showing all of her body, sticking her hands down Robs pants, it was the best show yet, but I didn't get to lick her pussy, I was bummed.

When Mia was done, she joined the other girls doing their things to please the guys, and lighten their wallets. Billy whispered in my air, the fourth stripper called, she can't make it, can you help me out? I was pretty buzzed by now, and wet and horny, so I borrowed Linda's stereo, and started to dance in front of everyone, it didn't take me long to get my clothes off, there wasn't much there in the first place.

I picked up and used a couple of moves from the other girls, but I had other plans for Rob, Billy just gave me the high sign when I looked his way, I pulled Rob's cock from his undies, and started licking his head, swirling my tongue all around, and then I licked his shaft, up and down, like a lollipop, all over, then back to his head, he must have been over 7" long, and very thick. I then slowly swallowed his cock whole, his pubic hair tickling my nose, then I started bobbing my head up and down on his cock, stroking his shaft with one hand, and tickling his balls with the other one, I could tell by Rob's breathing that he was close, so I stuck my finger into his ass, and deep throated his cock, that was it for Rob, he buried his load deep down my throat, and I swallowed all his tasty juice.

I was really horny by now, and all eyes were on me, even the other girls, I also had money all over the floor, when I counted it, there was over $100, that was really cool. Billy rounded up all the guys, and started speaking, saying it was time for the grand finale, I had no idea what he had in mind, but he told all the girls, me included, to go into the middle of the room, Billy is a real schemer, we ere all naked already, and Linda had a gym bag with her, we all got in the middle of the room, and started kissing and feeling each others bodies, I was really wet, and had never kissed a woman, let alone three women, it was very different than kissing a guy, very sensual and slow, we all got down on the floor, and made a chain.

I was eating Linda's blond bush, it was yummy, and Laura was eating my shaved snatch, wow, I have been eaten by guys, but Laura was unbelievable, I came in less than two minutes, she was really talented, and I was really getting into it, I loved my first real taste of pussy, and then Linda started pushing down on my head, and trashing around, then screamed she was cumming, I felt really good about that, we then switched positions, me in between Laura's nicely trimmed bush, Linda eating me, and Mia eating Linda, and being eaten by Laura, we all started licking and after a short while moaning and coming within a minute of each other, the guys were going crazy, but they stayed their distance, there were some large bouncers, and no one wanted any trouble.

After that last session, we had a group kiss, tongues everywhere, Laura reached into the gym bag, and placed a blindfold over my eyes, and told me to get on my knees, I did so, and a pussy was placed in my face, I knew it was Mia's, it was a different feel and taste, it was yummmy, I really wanted her bad too, I was very attracted to her, I felt a body going under me, I could tell by the large tits, that it was Laura, and then, I felt something hard at the door of my pussy, it had to be a strap on that she was wearing, and with a slow sliding shove, I knew it was, it felt great.

I then felt wet fingers dipping into my ass, I knew I was being lubed up, and what was going to happen next, Linda slowly shoved her strap-on into my ass, I was in heaven, I love group sex, and knowing that two hot women were fucking me, and I was eating Mia's pussy made me cum. I was in heaven, Laura was really pumping my pussy, and Linda was fucking me hard, slapping my ass, pulling my hair, they were well coached by Billy, and I was feeling great, I came again a couple of minutes later, and so did Mia, grinding her pussy in my face, and moaning out loud. I collapsed on Laura, and Linda took my blindfold off, Billy taped the whole thing with a camcorder, I couldn't wait to see the tape. We then got dressed, chatted for a while, kissed, and then Laura and Linda left, but Mia stayed behind, we told each other how hot we were for each other, and I invited Mia back with Billy and myself.

When we got to Billy's place, we all ripped each other's clothing off, as I pushed Mia on her back, turned on my hands and knees. faced the other way, and lowered my pussy into her face as I lowered mine to her pussy. We licked at each other hard and fast, trying to get the other one off first. Billy just sat back stroking his cock and watched as two hot young things licked each other in a frenzy, fingers sliding in and out of our pussies, as moans of pleasure filled the room.

I felt that wonderful feeling deep inside of me, and I buried my face in Mia's pussy, and she started moaning she was cumming. It was like we were meant to be with each other, bringing each other off at the same time. I turned around and kissed Mia passionately, as we tasted each other, tongues sliding in each other's mouths. I saw Mia's expression change, as I felt Billy climb onto the bed, as he slid his thick cock balls deep into Mia's pussy.

He fucked her hard and fast, and then pulled out of Mia, and slammed his cock home into my pussy, slapping my ass as his balls were swinging into my thighs. After a couple of good hard pumps, Billy pulled out of my pussy, and went back to Mia, pounding her good and hard. He had Mia get on her hands and knees, as I slid under her body, and at first, watched in awe as Billy's cock slammed into her moist box.

Mia started eating me again, and I repaid the favor by licking her clit as Billy continued his assault. Occasionally, I would lick his balls, and then he would pull his cock out and slam it down my throat as I tasted Mia's juices on his big cock. Billy started pistoning in and out, I could tell it wouldn't be long by his familiar groans. I was really working on Mia's clit, and she was bringing me close too, her tongue moving in circles on my clit.

Billy came first, filling her pussy with his cream, Mia followed with her own orgasm, and as she did, I pulled Billy's cock out of her pussy, and started sucking him dry. I am selfish when it comes to Billy's cum, and he rewarded me with a tasty splash into my waiting mouth. My orgasm followed quickly, as I grinded my pussy upwards into Mia's face.

It was quite an evening, we talked for a little bit, about the great fun we had that night, and about Mia's past, which I will get to in a future story. We fell asleep, with me in between my two lovers. Yep, it was quite an evening.

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