tagIncest/TabooSis Takes On Her Three Brothers

Sis Takes On Her Three Brothers


I was on a thirty-day leave from the Marine Corps. We celebrated my homecoming with a backyard barbecue attended by the whole family and many friends. My older brothers Dave and Harry were there with their wives Dot and Gwen. The star attraction was my gorgeous sister Connie, who was home for the summer after her first year of college. I could not stop looking at her.

Connie had long blonde hair, a golden tan, and a brilliant smile. She looked a little too sexy in a T-shirt emblazoned with her college mascot and white shorts that were too tight across her ass. I undressed her in my mind and mentally ogled her ripe tits and unblemished butt. A blush spread across my face and a hard-on sprouted in my pants. I quickly crossed my legs to conceal it.

My eyes were drawn back to Connie again and again. She smiled whenever she caught me peeking at her. She had known for a long time that I had a big crush on her. I had fawned over her all through high school and had done everything possible to break up her relationships with boys.

After most of the guests left, things got a little rowdy. The almost-empty keg of beer had a lot to do with that. Someone pushed Connie into the pool and then we all somehow ended up in it. Connie suddenly appeared beside me giggling hysterically as she bobbed up and down. The water had made her T-shirt transparent and her perfect brown nipples were on display. I came instantly when she grabbed my tormented cock through the cloth of my pants. My heart was racing as I crawled out of the pool. For the first time, I realized that I had a shot at Connie. Thinking about the possibilities made me horny again and I had to jack off to get to sleep.

I had a vicious hangover the next day and had to force myself to get out of bed. I found Connie sunning herself beside the pool clad in a skimpy white bikini that looked as though it had been custom-made for her. One glimpse of the stunning beauty and my cock lurched in my pants. If she had a hangover, it didn't show. "Last night was a blast, wasn't it?" she said. If she knew that I had blasted a load in my pants, she didn't let on.

My brother Dave called later that day and suggested that we have a picnic at the beach. My bored sister and I jumped at the chance to get out for awhile. Dave and his wife Dot came by to pick us up. After I bought a couple of cases of beer, we drove to the beach where Harry and Gwen were waiting. That beer turned out to be the best investment I've ever made.

We carried our stuff far down the beach to an isolated spot. Privacy was more important to us than having the services of a lifeguard. My brothers' eyes lit up when Connie peeled off her jeans and shirt to reveal her bikini-clad body. As I stripped down to my boxer trunks, I wondered how I would ever keep my unruly cock in line. I already had half a hard-on. To make matters worse, or better, depending on how you look at it, Dot and Gwen were also wearing bikinis. They weren't as hot as Connie, but they were definitely head-turners.

The shimmering blue water looked very inviting. We made a dash for it and were soon horsing around like kids. I kept hoping that Connie would give my cock another squeeze but all I got were playful splashes. My cock snapped to attention when one of her succulent boobs popped out of her skimpy top. Dot and Gwen called the rest of us out of the water to eat the picnic lunch they had prepared. I had to lag behind to let my cock soften.

We quickly polished off one case of beer and started on the second. Drinking beer on a hot day at the beach is risky business. For some unknown reason, the alcohol doubles in potency and takes effect very quickly. Before long, we were all dozing under the shade of our umbrellas. The drone of a baseball announcer's voice lulled me off to sleep.

I awoke to a tap on the shoulder. The first things I saw when I opened my eyes were Connie's bare tits swaying above me. Pointing to a small grove of stunted palm trees, she whispered, "Meet me over there in five minutes." Those five minutes were the longest of my life.

My eyes nearly popped out of my head when I entered the small oasis and saw Connie sprawled naked on the sand. She flashed a brilliant smile and reached down to slap her pussy. "Okay, jarhead, get those trunks off and get over here. I want to find out if the Marines made a man out of you."

I was so sure that it was all a dream that I pinched myself. That pinch hurt so good! It wasn't a dream! My drunken sister was still lying in front of me with her legs spread. My cock was so hard that I had to pull the elastic waistband of my trunks out nine inches to get past it. "Wow, what a beautiful cock. I knew you had a big one, but I didn't realize it was that big. I've never had one that size."

My heart raced with excitement as I tried to mount my sister. She planted both hands on my chest to stop me. "Not so fast, Private. Nobody fucks me without eating me first." That was fine with me. I sucked her pear-shaped tits first. Unable to make up my mind which was the tastiest, I constantly switched back and forth. Her nipples swelled up as hard as bullets. "That tickles," Connie said as I licked my way down her body. The only hair on her pussy was a narrow strip that ran down her slit. I had very little experience at eating pussy, but I was determined to give it my best shot. I shoved as much tongue as possible into her hole and then dragged it up her slit and across her clit. I repeated that basic maneuver again and again until a soft moan escaped her lips. She was soon squirming all over the sand, not because of my skill but because of my determination.

"Get on your back, Marine," she said, then she mounted me and gave me my first sixty-nine. She sucked my cock so skillfully that I figured she had plenty of experience. That thought brought forth a surge of jealousy. "Oh, please God, don't let me cum too quick," I prayed. It took all of my willpower to hold back my load when my nine-inch cock slid down her throat. Her mouth was so demanding that I was sure she intended to suck me off. I just wanted to last long enough to make her cum first. To speed things up, I reached out and toyed with her nipples. She began frantically humping my mouth. I stuck out as much tongue as I could and blindly rubbed it against whatever flesh it came in contact with. She let out a series of snorts that blasted warm air against my balls. As her love juice trickled down my cheeks, I shot my load in her mouth.

"COME ON, HURRY, STICK IT IN ME," she said as she rolled onto her back. I hesitated. The last thing I wanted to do was knock up my sister. She must have read my mind. "DON'T WORRY, I'M ON THE PILL. HURRY!" My cock was still jerking from post-orgasmic spasms as I shoved it into her cunt. She came instantly. She raked her fingernails across my ass and nipped me on the shoulder. A series of grunts blasted her hot breath into my ear. She clamped her strong legs around mine to hold me in place. We ground our sweaty bellies together for a long time. I don't know how many times she came. I lost count of the times her pussy clamped down on my cock. I gave it to her for about thirty minutes. As I was tensing up to cum, someone said, "We're next." I glanced over my shoulder and saw Dave and Harry with their cocks in their hands. Their naked wives were standing next to them. They smiled as they watched me plant a load in Connie.

"Wow, what a beautiful cock," Dot said. She and Gwen leered at me and extended their arms as though to grab me. As I staggered to my feet, Dot pressed against my front and Gwen pressed against my back. Two beautiful pairs of tits were pressed against my chest and back. Dot pulled my cock up and sandwiched it between our bellies. She rolled it back and forth with her slightly-rounded belly to keep it hard.

"That's right, girls, make a sandwich out of my little brother," Dave said. I had assumed that because they were my brothers they were hung like me, and was quite surprised to see that their cocks were only about five inches long. We must have inherited them from different sides of the family. No wonder their wives made such a fuss over my big fucker. It was bigger than their husband's cocks combined. My brothers lay on both sides of Connie and began sucking her tits and groping her pussy. They were so forward that I assumed that they had done her before, but I found out later that it was their first time.

Dot and Gwen went to their knees in front of me and sucked my cock like two whores. Their soft, warm lips coaxed the blood back into my cock. Gwen went to her back and crooked her finger at me. "Give it to her good, little brother," Harry shouted as I mounted his wife. Dot guided my cock into Gwen's tight, hot pussy. I drove it in hard and fast for a minute or so before she gave me a stinging slap on the ass. "At ease, Marine. You'll please me more if you use a little finesse," she said. She put her hands on my hips to guide my movements. "Ahhhhhh, yes, that's much better. You're a quick learner."

Dave and Harry were arguing about who should fuck Connie first. Dave said he should be first because he was the oldest, but Harry said that age shouldn't matter because I had been first and I was the youngest. Dot settled the argument. "Why don't you both fuck her at the same time? I bet that slut's pussy is big enough to take both of your cocks." In a whisper that only Gwen and I heard, she added, "Especially since you don't have much." Connie was thrilled when she heard what she was in for. "Oh, yes, please do. I've been wanting to try that since I saw it in a porno movie."

Gwen was so successful in teaching me the basics of finesse fucking that she was soon rewarded with a powerful orgasm. "My turn," Dot said as she flopped down next to us. As I slipped over on top of her, Connie began howling as her two brothers drove their cocks into her together. Saying she felt left out, Gwen got on top of Dot and I and ground her bush against my ass. It felt like an earthquake when Dot got her gun. Her clenching pussy milked a load out of me. Winded, we stopped to rest and watch the others.

"I CAN'T STOP CUMMING! CAN'T STOP!" Connie wailed. I felt a little jealous of my brothers for satisfying her better than I had. "Let's shoot, Dave," Harry said. "I can't hold it back any longer." Dave's eyes rolled back in his head and his teeth clattered. "OH, FUCK, I'M CUMMING! ARRRRGGGGGHHHH!" Dave and Harry shot their loads into her pussy simultaneously. It was a perfect ending.

We suddenly remembered that all of our gear was still on the beach. We quickly bundled it into our oasis so it wouldn't be stolen, then the orgy started up again. It didn't end until it was too dark to see.

I fucked Connie at least once a day for the rest of my thirty-day leave. On top of that, the six of us got together every weekend for an orgy. That was the best leave I ever had. I got to fuck my sister and my sisters-in-law.

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