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Sissy Slave Fantasy


A fantasy written to my mistress..

Sissy kneels before you, her eyes down, waiting on your pleasure. Sissy is wearing frilly panties with a matching bra, thigh high black lace stockings encase my legs. The red dress barely covers her smooth bottom. The high heel shoes, locked on my ankles, crossed behind me. I can't speak because of the ball gag in my mouth, nor reach out for you because of the bindings on my wrists, held securely behind my back. Mistress walks around her sissy, carefully checking her appearance.

Hours before...

Seeing the caller ID, I new who was calling. Kneeling down as I have been trained, I answered the phone. "Yes Mistress, how may I serve you?" As my owners beautiful voice caresses my brain, I wait for her commands. "Be here at 5:00 pm, do not be late. I have special plans for you this evening." There is only one reply I can give, "Yes Mistress."

I arrive at your home at exactly 5:00 pm. Not early, not late, but on time as you commanded. Opening the door, you look over my clothes, face, and hair. "This will never do. " Your words and your look tell me that your are not pleased. "Go in to the bathroom and get rid of those clothes, Now!" I rush to comply.

I stand in the shower, letting the lotion you gave me soak into my skin. After 10 minutes have passed, I rinse away the lotion. As the hot water flows over my body, all my hair goes with it. My body is smooth and hair free! Mistress claps her hands, ordering me out of the shower. You hand me a large perfumed towel to dry myself with.

Seeing that my little clitty is hard, you bend me over the toilet and spank me until i am soft. You are angry with me for not controlling my erection. Handing me a small box, you tell me to open it. Inside I find a chastity cage. " A small cage for sissy's clitty." you laugh. In the box with the cage is a small lock, engraved on the lock are four little words "Property of Mistress Ann." The lock is open, but I don't see a key.

I look up at Mistress, noticing for the first time small key hanging between your breasts! "Put it on." you say. I fit the ring behind by balls, slide my small cock into the tube. "Now the lock." As I hesitate, you whisper in my ear "Lock it sissy, lock your little clitty away for Mistress." No longer having a will of my own, I close the lock. It makes a quiet click, but in my head it sounds like a door slamming closed, only to be opened by my Mistress. You kiss me on the forehead, and whisper "Good sissy."

Who is the woman looking back at me in the mirror? Sitting at the makeup table, I don't recognize myself! Everything is different. From my smooth legs, to the long painted nails on my hands. The flowing red wig (you say redheads are sluttier) on my head. My face smooth and pale, my red painted lips open in wonder. "Who is that woman?" I ask.

"She is a slut," You reply "She is my little Sissy Slave Slut!"

Back to the present...

You slide the dress up, checking my panties. You pull on the lock to make sure my clitty is secure. You walk around behind me, straightening the long tail attached to the plug you put in me. You tug it a few times, just to hear your gagged slut moan. You pull the dress back down and smile. "Your ready, do not move." I would not move anyway, but it's nice to be told what to do.

When you return, you are fully dressed. You are stunning! As you position yourself in front of me, you slide your dress up to reveal the strap-on hiding beneath! When you remove the ball gag from my mouth, I work my jaw to relieve the tension. You run your hands down my hair, then you tilt my head up until ours eyes meet.

"My guests will be arriving soon." With shock, I open my mouth to speak, but that is what you were waiting for. I can do nothing but moan as your strap-on passes my slutty painted lips. I lick and suck because sissy knows her place. You stroke in at out a few times, looking into my eyes.

When the doorbell rings, my eyes widen, but I can say nothing as you bury your strap-on deep into my throat. With my lips stretched around the base of your cock, you look into my eyes and smile. "Come in, its open." you call out.

My eyes still locked with yours, you say "My friends are going to have so much fun with you tonight!"

As you continue to stroke in and out of my throat, I know that I will make my Mistress proud of her Sissy Slave Slut.

To be continued...

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