tagLoving WivesSister-in-law's Ass

Sister-in-law's Ass


It all started five years ago. My wife and I were on vacation with her sister and her husband, and another couple. One morning we were all loading into the shuttle van that was taking us to the beach. We were not the only ones waiting to get on so I went to the last row with my wife. My sister-in-law Donna followed us to the back, but before her husband could get in, another couple loaded in the back. The seat only had room for four.

"Instead of pushing back to the front can I sit on your husband's lap," Donna asked.

"If its alright with Dan its fine with me," responded my wife.

I nodded and Donna sat down on my lap. As the van pulled away I smiled as I remembered everyone was in bathing suits. Donna had a cover-up on over her suit but when she sat down on my lap, it rode up and left her bikini bottom exposed.

For a while I tried to ignore the fact that her ass was on top off my cock. I looked out the window and drank my coffee while my wife and Donna talked about the day ahead.

Soon my thoughts turned back to Donna and her ass on my now semi-hard cock. Donna has been a jerk-off vision of mine ever since my wedding day when I walked in on her topless and in a thong. She may have small tits but she has a nice, big, round ass. I always wondered what that ass would feel like and now I had my answer.

I was getting harder by the minute and I knew she must have been feeling my cock on her ass by now. I looked at my wife and feigned boredom. Donna's next move surprised me. She started to slowly move her ass back and forth on my cock. She exaggerated every bump we hit in the road by bouncing on my cock. I was hard as a rock.

After 15 minutes of torture, just when I thought I was going to come in my bathing suit, the van arrived at the beach. As my wife started to climb out of the van I quickly reached around to the front of Donna's bikini and pressed my hand against her pussy. As she knocked my hand away, a moan escaped her mouth.

At the beach everyone was relaxing and enjoying the sun. I got up and offered to go get some drinks from the bar. I was not surprised when Donna offered to come with me. As we walked away from everyone Donna turned to me.

"I enjoyed teasing you on the way over but I didn't mean for you to get so worked up," she said with a smile.

I looked her straight in the eyes and said, "Five more minutes and I would have come."

She laughed and said, "Too bad it was a short ride."

We got the drinks and returned to the group. For the rest of the day I tried not to stare at Donna's ass. When she moved onto her stomach I was thrilled. I sat in my chair with my sunglasses on and looked at her ass for about an hour. I started to get hard thinking about that nice, big, round and now sweaty ass!

Soon it was time to catch the shuttle back to the hotel. All day I had thought about how to get Donna back on my lap for the ride home.

When we got into the van I headed for the last row again. This time Donna's husband was right behind me. When we sat down in the last seats Donna quickly jumped back there to sit on her husband's lap.

I was crushed when I realized there was no chance for me to get that fine ass back on my lap for the way home. The van started to drive and John (Donna's husband) and I talked about going out for steaks.

I looked over at him and I noticed Donna moving her ass on his lap. I couldn't believe she was doing it to him now, instead of me. This time there was no hiding what she was doing. She was grinding him hard and soon he stopped talking to me.

I knew then she was going to make him come. I watched her face as she moved her ass on him and she had her eyes closed in ecstasy. It was hot!

I started to get hard again and when I looked up she was looking right at me. She moved her body so she could lean back against him and really get her ass moving. All the while she never stopped looking at me.

John whispered something in her right ear.

"Oooooohhh," moaned Donna. She moved her ass faster and pushed down harder on her husband.

I started to rub my cock through my bathing suit. She looked down and saw what I was touching myself and licked her lips.

"Yeah baby ride it," whispered John as he grabbed her hips and started to dry hump her ass. I guess maybe the alcohol and sun mixture was enough to remove his inhibitions. He no longer cared if I saw what was going on. He reached up and grabbed her tiny tits.

"Oooh yes John, squeeze my tits." Donna said through gritted teeth.

John buried his face in her neck and growled," I'm coming!"

It was too much for me to handle. I jerked my cock faster and I too came in my bathing suit. When I opened my eyes Donna was looking at the stain on my suit and smiling. She collapsed on John and all was quiet.

Soon we arrived at the hotel, climbed out of the van and headed to our separate rooms.

When we got to our room my wife asked," What happened in the back row? When I looked back to talk to Donna her face was all flush."

"I think Donna was dry humping John's cock." I said with a smirk.

"I'm not surprised. My sister is such a slut!" laughed my wife.

After that vacation my sister-in-law took every opportunity to tease me with her ass. She knew I admired it and loved to show it off. She would bring new bathing suits over to our house to swim and model them for my wife while we sat by the pool.

"Does this suit make my ass look big?" She would tease.

I would pretend not to look, but my wife knew better. I was an ass man and Donna had a big juicy one! My wife seemed to enjoy my horny moods after her sister left. Her ass would always get extra attention from me after a visit from Donna.

One Monday after Donna had been over for the weekend I went down to my basement to look for fishing equipment. When I opened my tackle box I was pleasantly surprised. My sister-in-law had put a pair of her black thong panties in my box.

I got hard immediately thinking about her sneaking down there and hiding the panties. She really was a slut! I brought them up to my nose and sure enough they smelled like wet pussy.

I starting jerking off with them wrapped around my cock. I imagined the panties stuck between Donna's big, beautiful ass cheeks. I pulled them off my cock and brought the panties up to my nose again. This time smelling right where her ass touched them. After one long sniff I quickly put the panites back to my cock and I came all over them.

After I cleaned up I called Donna on her cell phone.

"I just want to say, thank you," I said to my sister-in-law.

"Wow! It sure didn't take you long to find them!" Donna laughed.

"It took me less time to come in them then it did to find them!" I answered.

"You are so bad, Dan! Don't let my sister hear you talk that way." sneered Donna, "I'll see YOU at Thanksgiving."

My wife and I arrived at Donna's house on the eve of Thanksgiving. It was clear from the open bottle of wine on the counter they had started without us.

As we said our hellos I noticed Donna was wearing a very tight fitting dress that hugged her beautiful curvy ass. I wasn't the only one who noticed either.

"Wow Donna, did you get all dressed up for us?"commented my wife.

We all took turns doing kitchen chores to prep for the big dinner the next day. At one point Donna and I were alone in the kitchen with John and my wife setting the table in the dining room.

When I turned around Donna had her dress pulled up to her waist and was shaking her ass at me. She was not wearing any underwear at all and I could see her pussy lips as she bent slightly.

I wanted fall to my knees and start licking and kissing that big beautiful ass but I had to play along with our spouses just a room away. I did the only thing I could think of which was to pull out my cock and start stroking it.

"Are you crazy?! Put that away," Donna whispered.

"I can't help myself when I see your ass," I smiled.

When we heard our spouses coming back we both quickly fixed our clothes. I did not have as easy a time as she did since I was totally hard.

When my wife and John came back into the kitchen, Donna was bent over, looking in a cabinet for a bowl. John walked up behind her when he saw this and started to dry hump her ass.

"Oooooh yeah baby shake that ass!" John said as he pushed up against her.

"Knock it off you pervs," my wife sneered.

I was jealous. I wanted to pull that dress back up to her waist and push up on that ass until I came buckets.

After many drinks and all the chores done, we relaxed in the living room. I sat down on the couch with my wife and she put her head in my lap. John sat across from us while we waited for Donna to come in after changing out of her dress. She sat on the carpet in front of John.

"My back hurts baby. I need to sit on the floor so you can rub my shoulders," Donna said.

While John massaged her, we all talked for about an hour when I realized my wife was asleep. Then John stopped rubbing and lay down on the couch. Soon he was asleep also.

I said,"I guess we should call it a night and all go to bed."

My sister-in-law whispered,"Don't be in such a hurry I want to show you something."

With that she stood up and pulled up her nightshirt to reveal her thong. She slowly and quietly took off her thong and sat back down on the floor. She spread her legs and started to finger her pussy. My cock was rock hard.

"You think you can jerk off your cock in front of me and that's it?!" cooed Donna, "Now you can sit there and watch me finger my pussy."

I wanted to pull out my cock and jerk off with her but my wife's head was still in my lap. I could only sit there with my sleeping wife and watch as my sister-in-law fingered herself and rubbed her clit to orgasm.

"Oooooh...fuck... this feels good," Donna purred. She moved her hand faster.

"I'm gonna come already...for you...NOW!" she moaned and closed her eyes. She stopped moving her hand and clenched it tight between her legs.

"You are so fuckin' hot Donna! I want you to sit on my face and do that you slut," I begged.

She walked over to me, held her fingers to my nose and said, "Now I'm ready for bed."

We woke our spouses and headed up to our bedrooms. I had trouble hiding my huge hard-on and my wife noticed as soon as our bedroom door closed.

"What were you guys doing down there while John and I fell asleep?" She asked.

"Donna had too much to drink and started telling me a story about fucking John on our vacation." I answered trying to hide my excitement.

She looked at me and said, "Are you sure she wasn't showing you her ass? I know you like to look at it and she definitely likes to show off that fat ass of hers."

I just walked over to my wife and started rubbing her ass. "I love YOUR ass," I told her.

I got down on my knees and pulled her pants down. I started kissing and licking her ass all over. She bent over the bed and told me to put my cock in her pussy. I fucked my wife hard and fast. I was thinking about my sister-in-law's ass and fucking my wife. I flashed back to the kitchen with Donna shaking her ass at me. My wife's face was pressed into the bed.

"I'm gonna commmmme!" my wife squealled as I pounded her pussy from behind.

I watched her ass bounce as I pounded harder. When she came I pulled out my cock and shot my come all over her ass grunting the whole time.

As soon as I finished my wife said," That was different. You always come inside me. Why did you pull out?"

"I just wanted to come all over your beautiful this time," I lied.

"You wanted to come on my ass or MY SISTER'S ASS?" She asked with a smile on her face.

The next day after coffee my wife and Donna went upstairs to get dressed. Fifteen minutes later my wife called me upstairs. I went into the bedroom to see what she wanted. She sat on the bed and told me to sit next to her.

"I want to see how you feel about Donna's ass once and for all," my wife demanded.

With that Donna came out of the bathroom wearing a robe. I was already hard. She walked to the door and locked it and I knew something great was about to happen. My wife told Donna to drop her robe. My sister-in-law let it fall to the floor and stood there in a lacy black bra and thong. I was rock hard.

My wife leaned over and squeezed my cock. "You sure get excited by my sister," she whispered in my ear. "Go ahead Donna, show him that fat ass of yours," She teased.

Donna turned around and started to shake her ass and play with her thong.

"It may be a little big, but obviously someone likes it!" Donna giggled.

"Stand up and take off your pants." my wife said to me.

I stood there in my boxers straining to hold my cock down.

"Take everything off!" she commanded.

I took my boxers off and stood there naked in front of the two sisters.

"Donna bend over the bed so my husband can admire your prize from behind," My wife said.

I could only stare as Donna walked over to the bed and bent over at the waist. Her black thong almost disappearing in her big beautiful ass. I was in heaven!

"Get down on your knees and stick your face in her ass, now!" My wife growled.

My cock started to ooze pre-come as I realized I was about to fulfill a longtime fantasy of mine. I put my face in between her cheeks and the aroma was intoxicating. I slowly stroked my cock savoring the moment.

"Is that how you like it baby? You want to jerk off with your face in my sister's ass?" my wife teased.

Donna was moaning now and grinding her ass into my face.

"Your breath feels so fuckin' good on my ass," she sighed. "Put your tongue in my asshole," she begged.

"No! The only asshole his tongue is going in is mine," my wife answered. I could barely hear the words as I jerked off with my face in my sister-in-law's beautiful ass.

"Enough" my wife said, " Now stand up behind her and come all over that ass you love so much."

That was all I needed to hear. I got up and spread Donna's leg apart so I could see her asshole. With one hand I squeezed her ass and with the other I stroked my cock feverishly. I wanted to make it last forever but I knew I could not hold out long.

"Your husband is going to come all over my fat ass, " Donna moaned.

My wife walked around to the side of the bed and pushed her sister's head into the mattress.

"You don't get to watch this Donna," my wife grunted, " This is for my husband and I only."

"Come all over it for me, baby" my wife pleaded. "Show my slutty sister what she gets for shaking her fat ass in front of you all the time."

Donna moaned and moved her hand down between her legs to rub her pussy.

I felt like I was going to explode. I gripped my cock harder and pumped my hips, fucking my hand as if I was fucking Donna's hot ass. I was there! My come shot out of my cock like a fire hose and coated my sister-in-law's beloved ass.

I looked down and took the whole scene in: Donna's beautiful ass covered in my come, my loving wife holding her sister's head down on the bed and licking her lips, and Donna still rubbing her clit trying to finish herself off.

"Clean yourself up before your husband comes up here, Donna." my wife snickered.

My wife took me by the hand. "Come with me baby so we can shower and you can put that tongue of yours where it belongs...in MY ass."

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