Sister joins in on family games


" You're in so DEEP! Jeezus, I can feel you in my womb! AANUUUGGHH! Ohmygod, ohmygod. FUCK me with that HORSE-COCK! », she yelled. My sister was also puffing and blowing under my expert tongue's ministrations. Her quivering cunt tasted sweet and salty, as a mixture of her juices and my potent seed leaked continuously past her pussylips and onto my awaiting tongue.

" Oh, mummy, your tits are so BIG! Can I suck them? », asked my sister. I couldn't see with my face buried behind Kate's crotch but I could hear gasps from my mum as my sister probably licked her erect nipples. I moved my head to the side shortly to see what was going on. They were rubbing their massive racks against each other and my mum lifted one of her hefty milkers to lick around the puffy areola. My sister helped her and soon both their tongues were lavishing the distented nipple with slurpy licks. This made my erection harden even more and I could feel I wasn't going to last much longer. The constant rubbing of my mammoth cock with the velvety walls of my mum's tight sheath was fast bringing me to an orgasm of unequalled proportions.

" Aaaaargh! I'm gonna fill your tight cunt with my load any moment now, mum! », I bellowed.

" That's it, cum with me baby, hose my pussy with your virile seed! Nnnnnnhh, I'm cumming, I'M CCCUUUMMIIINNNNGGG! ». As she cried out, I felt my ramrod convulse and an immense jet of cum travel up the fifteen and a half inches of my exploding cannon. The biggest wad I have ever felt was propelled with incredible force up my mum's hot snatch. It drowned her overpacked vagina immediately but more space was made for my upsurging magma of cum as she raised her ass off until only the giant dickhead was left inside. My first jet must have lasted over five seconds, as a continuous stream of thick babyjuice poured inside her. I was becoming delirious with lust and stuck my tongue as deep as possible up Kate's spasming cunt, trigerring her own orgasm as we all came simultaneously. My mother stopped riding my huge cock as she convulsed frantically from the strength of her orgasm. Unable to pull out, I continued to unload my greasy cream. I fired four more powerful sperm shots up her shaking twat before she fell forward from orgasmic exhaustion. My sister draped her arms around Angela's neck and nestled mum's head in the vast expanse of her titflesh. I came some more, before managing to remove my granite-hard pillar out of her overfilled pussy. My monster cock was jutting up in the air, the giant cockhead well past her taut buttcheeks as several huge volleys of sperm splashed on her shoulders and cascaded down her shuddering back. A copious pool of sticky cum was forming in the small crevice of her lower back, but soon it overflowed and thick rivulets of my cream draped on either side of her narrow waist. My cock continued to throb and I ejaculated another three massive wads that landed on her back hair, gluing some strands together like hairgel. Finally, after more than twenty impressive blasts, I felt what had to be one of my most powerful spurting sessions end. A few more blobs of pearly come still oozed out of my cumslit but despite the enormity of my ejaculations, my engorged shaft remained as rigid as before.

" SHIT! That was hot! », I said as both my sister and mother remained silent, lost in the aftermath of their own climaxes. " Kate, why don't you go and lick the cum off my cock and balls. There's still plenty left for a meal. »

Slowly, my sister let the motionless body of my mum lie along my wide hairless chest and moved to the foot of the bed where she grabbed my turgid schlong with both hands.

" My God, you're still hard after THAT! Jeezus, Timmy, you're gonna make me cum just from looking at your huge dick! »

" I made a promise to deliver you my next load ans I intend to keep it. », I said matter-of-factly.

" Shit, there's so much come everywhere! And I can see nearly all the way up mum's pussy! Mmmmm, tasty! », she said as she slurped up my oozing cream. " There's more come just at the end of your knob that Scott can make in a month! ». At these words, I could feel my empty balls churning up more sperm for the next delivery. I squeezed my mother's huge breasts against the hard outline of my massive pecs as I held her tight bums and massaged their soft flesh. She finally woke up from her exquisite fainting episode and kissed me passionately. When my sister had finished licking my hard dong clean, she stood up on the bed and, slightly bending her knees and using Angela's upturned ass as support, lowered herself on my rock-hard cock. She squealed with delight as the giant head entered her tight hole. She moved up and down about five inches of my rod, massaging my sensitive cockhead with her soft pussy. Angela turned round and faced my sister who was now holding on to mum's shoulders while jumping repeatedly on the top third of my stiff shaft. My mother therefore seized the opportunity to grab my fat rod and to jack off my immense, pulsating organ with both her hands on top of each other. Her barely encircling fingers were pressing hard against the tumescent flesh as she moved in fast strokes up and down the ten inches or so of giant cunt-splitting maleness that were left exposed. Kate quickly reached several orgasms which seemed to blend ever closer until her climax was virtually continuous. And I hadn't even put half of my huge cock inside her yet. I decided to take matters in hand and, sitting up and holding onto my mother's powerful rack, I dragged my ass towards the end of the bed until my sister had to take more of my cock in order not to fall. That's when I stood up, lifting my sister clear off the bed. I carried my mother in my sinewy arms and my sister by the shear strength of my rock-hard giant staff. We were a lump of intertwined flesh, my sister and mother facing each other and frantically rubbing each other's tits as they held on to my powerful body and cock for support. I was showing superhuman virility as I pounded my poor sister's aching pussy with over eight inches of my oversized penis. She had to hold onto to our mother's shoulders as she bounced up and down my rod and her whole body swayed with each ramming I was giving her.

" Yeah, fuck me hard! I'm cumming again! AAAHHH! " , she grunted as my mother's nails clawed at my unyieldingly hard forearms. " Oooohhh, FUCK! Your cock is so DAMN HUGE! ». By now, her juices were literally pouring down my shaft, even coating my balls in a glistening layer of viscous girl-cum. My mother was moaning from the rough massaging I was giving to her mounds of titflesh. Loud guttural sounds of sexual pleasure were filling the room. I managed to keep the pace for about fifteen minutes before I felt my cock aching for release and my arms start to weaken slightly from the intense physical effort. I let my sister dismount my huge rod and raised my mum over my head to place the bulbous tip of my knob at her cavernous entrance. I pushed hard and shoved about six inches in easily. My previous pounding had turned her insides into melting butter.

" Timmy, you promised! I want your huge load in ME, mum has had enough already! », my sister begged.

" Don't worry sis, there'll be plenty enough for the two of you. », I answered as I continued my surging cock's upward journey deep inside my mother's hot snatch. I was now pummeling her with nearly a foot of hard cock and she climbed rapidly to her umpteenth orgasm of the afternoon. I was fast approaching climax myself so I decided to let my sister have a ride on my huge tool. Mother and sister switched place, and soon I annouced that I was about to come. My mother was kneeling in front of me looking up at the invading monster that was ramming past her daughter's cuntlips.

" Ooouuh! I can see his balls tighten . Get ready for a real blast Kate! », she said. My first spurt flooded Kate's uterus as my helmet surged past her vaginal canal into her womb. Five equally voluminous wads combined with the first to overflow her inner chamber. My mother encouraged me to " fill her up » as more spurts blasted out and filled her vagina. I let my massive cockhead plop out and mum took hold of it just below the rim with her hands, fondling my crown until a giant forceful eruption painted her face with what must have been half an ounce of sticky jism. The last four salvos drenched her upper body in white trails that pooled in her ample cleavage. My bloated tip bubbled out a few more grape-sized dollops.

" Uuumm! I can feel your cream slushing inside me! », Kate finally said.

" Let me suck it out for you, honey! », proposed my mum as she eagerly placed her pulpous lips to my sister's distended labia. She ate Kate out for a long time, but even so, long strands of thick cum escaped her mouth and dripped down her chin and onto the light blue carpet of my sister's bedroom.

" I think your room is going to smell of Timmy's spunk for the rest of the week! », my mother exclaimed. We all laughed and cuddled up in the bed for some much needed rest.

I spent the best part of that year's summer happily screwing my sis and mom. Our family had truly gained a new dimension in love and passion. Later though, my sexual appetite demanded new flesh to satisfy my engrossing phallus. The opportunity came when my sister invited her four stunning cheerleader girlfriends to our house one night. But I?ll talk about that story another time, maybe?

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