tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSister Mary Learns a Lesson

Sister Mary Learns a Lesson


Sister Mary Joseph tapped her ruler impatiently on her large teacher's desk again. Her one major problem student, Jeremy, was at it again. He seemed to enjoy the attention he drew to himself by being the class clown. Sister Mary rose from her desk chair quickly, walking over to his student desk. "Jeremy, you already know the drill by now. Hold out your hands, knuckles side up, palms facing down." She rapped both of his hands with her ruler swiftly and as hard as she could ten times, then returned to the front of the classroom and continued her English lesson. Not more than ten minutes had passed when Jeremy boldly jumped up unto his desk wearing a hat he'd made out of his brown paper protective text book covering.

"Look at me everybody, I'm a pirate!" Jeremy exclaimed drawing all the eyes in the room to him and his tomfoolery. Some students snickered. But Sister Mary wasn't laughing at all. She'd had enough. She was a young nun and teacher and couldn't lose face in front of her other students. Besides, she had been given strict instructions from the ultra conservative school administration on how to keep control over her classroom. At all times, she was to utilize any form of discipline necessary to exercise her complete authority over her students. Angrily, she motioned for Jeremy to go stand in the corner. She told him to lean forward with his hands touching the wall in front of him.

"Count aloud," she said as she removed a large wooden paddle hanging from a hook on the wall behind her desk. The paddle contained small holes throughout its main flat surface, making it look similar to a large wooden spoon or spatula. She saved this punishment as a last resort and kept the paddle mostly for show, since thus far in her short teaching career, this was the first time she'd actually had to use it.

She swatted his bottom as hard as she could manage "one!" he cried out as the paddle made contact with his backside through his navy blue uniform pants. The paddle made a loud swooshing noise as she withdrew it from his body, repositioning it to swing at him again. Once more, she struck his buttocks at full force "two!" She hit him a few more times. By the time she got to the fifth strike, she was beginning to get tired, though she still persisted, intent on teaching the wayward boy a lesson. "Six!" he yelled, his voice wavering, sounding as though he were trying to keep himself from crying. Good, that'll teach him Sister Mary thought to herself with a great sense of satisfaction.

However, much to her chagrin, she discovered very soon why he was having a hard time trying to keep count aloud. As she drew the paddle back and was about to strike his body yet again, he turned to the side just ever so slightly so only she could see. Sister Mary realized that the boy she was paddling had a tremendous hard on. Shocked, she swallowed hard, trying to refocus her attention. He noticed that she had become distracted, losing her rhythm with the swats she was delivering to his body and he smiled. A couple more swats and he yelled out "nine! Yes sister, please hit me again!" Sister Mary tried hard to maintain her composure, trying not to appear rattled by his obscene behavior in front of the rest of her class. She braced herself and hit his bottom one last time at full force, harder than any of the rest of the swats he had received so far.

Just as she hit him for the last time, the bell dismissing class rung. Trying to catch her breath, she yelled out to the rapidly departing class of students "remember to read pages 288 to 319 in your literature books tonight and bring your essays to class tomorrow." Sister Mary recovered quickly and returned her paddle to the wall near her desk. Then she turned to look at Jeremy. It was then that she realized the front of his pants had a tell-tell stain in the front of them. Mortified, she turned away from him, hoping he hadn't seen that she'd noticed the stain on his pants. She faced the black board and attempted to keep her delicate facial skin from reddening as she began to erase the board's contents. When she thought she had regained enough of her composure, she spoke. "Well, I certainly hope you've learned your lesson young man. Really Jeremy, your behavior is simply appalling. What would your parents say?"

"Oh yes sister, I certainly have learned my lesson," unsettled by the tone in his voice, she turned back to look at him again. The fiery look in his eyes was unlike any she'd ever seen before and it was completely inappropriate for him to be looking at her like that. Alarmed, Sister Mary looked quickly towards the door, the only entrance into and exit out of the classroom. However, not only was the door closed, Jeremy also stood directly in front of her, blocking her path to it. She hoped that maybe a student would come in and interrupt this situation before anything got out of hand, but she knew that was unlikely. The next class period was her free block that she used to grade tests, correct papers and perform other administrative job-related tasks. After that would be lunch time, so no students would be entering her classroom for more than two hours.

Sister Mary's heart started beating rapidly and her palms became sweaty from apprehension. Jeremy really looked quite threatening now, though he was only a boy, a twelfth grader of about eighteen years old. He was really tall, especially compared to her five feet, four inch frame. He stood at about six feet, two inches with a muscular, athletic build. His piercing blue eyes, sandy blonde hair, good looks and easy smile had always made him very popular with all the young ladies on campus. Yet right now, all of his features focused on her were making Sister Mary feel very uncomfortable and afraid. He started walking slowly towards her and though she attempted not to, this action caused her to stumble and take a step backwards. "You know, I think you enjoy our little class sessions as much as I do," he said smoothly and evenly, still advancing towards her.

"W...wha... what are you talking about?" she stammered nervously, continuing to walk backwards, moving away from him.

"Oh come on now sister, don't be coy. I've seen the way you look at me. I know you want me. You know, it was very naughty of you to spank me in front of the entire class like that... though I did thoroughly enjoy it. But then again, I'm sure you did too. Did it get you off the way it got me off?"

"W... why are you saying such vulgar things to me?" she managed to choke out, still moving away from him, panic starting to sweep through her.

He chuckled softly, still looking her directly in her eyes. "Because I know you want to hear them," he said with a knowing smirk.

Sister Mary was horrified. What was this boy going to do to her? She hoped he wasn't going to rape her. She didn't know what to do. There was no way to escape from the situation. Even worse, since deciding at a very young age that she would devote her life to the Lord and become a nun, Sister Mary was actually still a virgin. At the age of twenty-five, she considered her body to be a temple of God and she certainly didn't want one of her own students to violate that sanctity.

Jeremy abruptly ended his advances towards her. He turned, and started to walk away from her. For a brief second in time, she felt relieved, thinking he had only been trying to scare her and was finally going to leave. Then, her feelings of abatement dispersed immediately when she realized what he was really doing. Jeremy had simply walked over to the door and twisted the dead bolt, locking the already closed door. Sister Mary was even more frantic now more than ever. She knew, as did Jeremy, that her classroom was once used as a music room. It had been converted into a regular classroom when the boarding school had built a new one in the addition recently constructed about three years ago. With her classroom still soundproofed, Sister Mary knew that even if she screamed for help now, no one would be able to hear her. No one, that is, except Jeremy and a God that seemed very far away at the moment. Sister Mary did the only thing she could now. Silently, she began to pray for rescue or some sort of reprieve from the circumstances in which she found herself at present.

As he turned away from the door, Sister Mary could see a wicked grin spread across the boy's face. Looking seriously depraved, he walked towards her again in a slow and menacing way. As he began to unloosen his navy blue uniform tie from around his neck, Sister Mary began to realize her prayer was not likely to be answered at this moment in time. "Jeremy, I don't think this is funny. That's enough. Stop now or you could be expelled from school," she warned him in a stern, authoritative tone of voice. Although truth be told, she was quite shaken internally.

"So what?" he asked calmly. "Trust me, it'd be worth it after I get to do to you what I have in mind." He smiled that evil smile again. Sister Mary had reached the wall where the paddle was hanging. She quickly reached up and grabbed it to defend herself as Jeremy closed in a few more paces and was then standing about a yard away from her.

"I'm warning you..." she began.

"You're warning me?" he let out a long, loud laugh that rumbled throughout the entire classroom. "What will you do sister?" he asked mockingly. "Paddle me again if I don't behave? Well ok then, go ahead." He turned away from her then and bent over from the waist to stick his butt out towards her. For a split second, Sister Mary was confused and wondered what she should do. None of her training as either a nun or as a teacher had prepared her for anything like this. In fact none of her life experience at all had prepared her for a situation like this one. As she contemplated swinging the paddle to hit him again and thought too about whether she could use this opportunity to get away from him, Jeremy suddenly said "here, I'll even make it easier for you." He then unfastened his belt buckle and pulled down both his uniform pants as well as his boxers to his ankles.

Not consciously meaning to, Sister Mary let out an audible gasp as she stared at his now exposed bright red ass cheeks. The general shape of the paddle was still visible across his buttocks. What really caught her attention, both fascinating her and simultaneously dismaying her, was his huge erection that she could see hanging between his legs from the position in which he was currently standing. She stood there motionless. She had never seen a man's penis in real life before and now there was Jeremy's, fully erect only a couple of feet away from her. "What's the matter sister? See something you like?" Jeremy teased her as he slowly stood up fully, then turned around to face her. She could see his full frontal hard on now and she nearly dropped her paddle, staring gaped mouth at him. She tried to look away, but her gaze was entirely fixated on his hard, huge male appendage. "Wanna try it?" he asked, smiling devilishly at her again. Though she wasn't accustomed to seeing it, she could clearly tell that the look in his eyes was full of lust.

"No! Stop it! You're being completely indecent. Get dressed and get out of here immediately," Sister Mary commanded.

"Now why would I go and do a thing like that?" he asked her teasingly, continuing to smile sinfully at her. He started moving closer to her and almost instinctively, she swung the paddle in her hands wildly in his general direction. With graceful precision and deft reflexes, he caught the paddle mid-way to his body using only one hand. Using the same hand, he gave the paddle a small pull and easily tugged it free from her hands. Sister Mary looked at the paddle, looked up at Jeremy's villainous face and now fully realized the severity of her current situation. "You see sister," Jeremy began, "I think you need to be taught a lesson." Quickly he moved directly in front of her, standing so close to her that she could feel him breathing down on the top of her head. Using one hand, he gently removed the headpiece of her nun's habit and placed it onto her desk. He ran his fingers through her enticing curly brown hair and caressed the side of her face.

Having never been touched like that before, Jeremy's hands left Mary with a strange and unfamiliar, yet welcome tingle between her legs as well as a lovely, warm glow all over her body. Jeremy's countenance had softened a bit as he touched her face. They looked deeply into each other's eyes and she was suddenly overcome by a strong feeling that she couldn't quite explain yet. Still holding the paddle in one hand, Jeremy ran his free hand over the top part of her habit, rubbing her breasts through her clothes. An electrical sensation ran through her entire body as he touched her, leaving her breathless. She closed her eyes as he caressed each nipple until they both stood out hard and proud. She heard a sound she was unaccustomed to and realized that it was her moaning. When Jeremy moved his hand away from her breasts, she opened her eyes to see why he'd stopped. He was putting the paddle down, leaning it against the wall beside him. He continued to undo his tie. She noted that there was a mischievous grin on his face again.

"As I was saying before sister, I still think you need to be taught a lesson. You know why, dear, sweet Sister Mary?" Mary shook her head slowly, looking down at the floor then, feeling embarrassed. She was trying desperately to lock her gaze on the linoleum underfoot, but she was very much staring at the boner Jeremy sported proudly on full erect display directly in front of her. "Because I'm willing to bet that underneath all these layers and layers of nun clothes, there's a very naughty girl waiting to be set free. And I'm gonna be the one to do that." As he spoke, Jeremy's words sent chills down Mary's spine, yet she had gotten over much of her initial fear of him and what he was going to do to her. Instead, though she would be too ashamed to admit it, a ravenous curiosity was brewing inside of her, threatening to spill over and expose her new secret at any moment. Was Jeremy right? Under all her pretenses, did she want him? Did she want him to punish her for being a bad, naughty little girl?

Jeremy pulled his tie free from the collar of his uniform white dress shirt. Mary still hadn't figured out what he was going to do with it. Then he suddenly grabbed each of her wrists in each of his hands. Her eyes grew wide with terror as he spun her away from him and grasped her wrists together in a single one of his hands behind her back. Then he began to tie his necktie around her wrists using his other hand. She was both frightened and excited at the same time as he bound her wrists together. Then he pushed her forward until she was leaning over the side of her desk. Realizing now what he intended, she was about to speak out in protest, when Jeremy shoved the part of her hair covering he'd removed earlier into her mouth, using it as a makeshift gag. "Shhh..." Jeremy said, smoothing her hair down and away from her face.

Even though he was behind her now and she couldn't see him, she could hear his movements, listening to his footsteps as he walked over and picked up the paddle. She clamped her eyes tightly shut as she heard him raise the paddle high over head. Thwap! The paddle came down cracking loudly over her clothing covered ass cheeks. The impact hurt even worse than she'd feared and she tried to scream out, only to hear a muffled choking whimper sound come out through the cloth stuffed into her mouth. Jeremy swatted her ass another four times and by now Mary felt like her butt was on fire. Tears streaked down her face after the second strike had landed on her backside and now the pain was getting so intense that she was worried if he hit her again she would black out.

Sensing that she wouldn't be able to handle much more, Jeremy lifted up the back of her habit. He pulled down her panties and removed them completely, throwing them on the floor before running his hands over her fiery red streaked butt cheeks. His hands were cool and felt soothing to her scorching hot behind. "Wow sister, your ass is even more perfect than I imagined." Though she was still sobbing quietly, Jeremy's words did something to her. He reached underneath her and rubbed her clit, which she hadn't realized before in her life was severely aching to be touched.

She moaned softly as he touched her in places no one had ever touched before. He ran his right index and middle fingers along her moistening slit. "See sister, I knew you were a bad girl. I knew you'd like being spanked then rubbed like this." He was right too. She really did like it, especially the way he was touching her now. He prodded her outer lips and then explored her inner folds. When he made his way down and should have been able to slip a finger or two inside of her, he found that he couldn't. There was some kind of soft fleshy barrier preventing him from doing it. "What the..." he began to say, confused for a second. Realization slowly coming into his clouded mind, he quickly ripped his hand away from her slit, lowering her clothing, then untied her hands. She slowly came off of the desk and he removed the cloth headpiece from her mouth.

"Why... why did you stop?" she asked, genuinely curious as she wiped at her tear stained face with the back of her hand. He'd stopped just as she was starting to really enjoy it.

His handsome boyish face had a sheepish, embarrassed expression on it and he was staring down at the floor. He had pulled his pants back up too. "Because... I didn't, well... I didn't know you were really a virgin."

"Oh," she replied, looking down at the floor too now, her face turning beet red. She'd forgotten there'd be clear signs to make that obvious to him especially since aside from being a virgin, she'd never douched, used tampons, or inserted anything else into her vagina. Her strict, highly moral and overly religious Catholic parents had always taught her to be chaste and that touching herself in a nasty way "down there" was a sin. They told her that no one was to do that except for her husband, but they had always stressed that it would be better for her to stay a virgin and become a nun.

"I thought..." his voice trailed off and he hesitated for a few seconds. He tried again saying "I thought that you were really a bad girl that just liked to tease me and flirt with me. You know, like you were using the whole nun thing as a disguise, or a cover story or something. At least that's how I thought of you in my fantasies. I didn't know that you were really into those nun vows and chastity and everything. I... I'm sorry, sister," he said, shame and remorse coloring both his deeply crimson colored face as well as his words.

His eyes were still on the floor and Sister Mary looked at him then, feeling very sorry for him suddenly. On impulse, she reached out to grab him, pulling him towards her in an embrace. "It's ok," she said rubbing his back trying to soothe him. Standing there like that, he eventually put his arms around her too. As they hugged, she looked up at his face to see if she'd consoled him. While a pained look remained on his face, she could tell the proximity to her was also causing his desire for her to stir once more. She felt it too and couldn't find the strength to deny him when he bent his head towards her and kissed her on the lips. Unbridled passion shot through both of them as they kissed fervently, fondling each other's body with hands roaming everywhere. Jeremy slipped his tongue inside her mouth and explored her warm, moist orifice. They tongue wrestled a bit and he ran his hands over her fully clothed breasts again. Not satisfied by the lack of direct contact, he reached down and pulled her habit up and slipped it over her head and tossed the clothing onto her desk.

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