tagLoving WivesSisters Ch. 01

Sisters Ch. 01


This is the second series from a group of nonfiction stories that begins with "Angelina" and concludes with "Stacey."

~ ~ ~

There we were, staring daggers at each other. They were friendly daggers, but daggers nonetheless.

Strange lot, the four of us. We were childhood friends, having grown up together. As adults we lived apart, separated by four hundred miles of California coastline. Angie and I lived in San Francisco, while Julie and Matt made their home in Los Angeles.

For as long as any of us could remember, Angie and Julie were hyper-competitive with each other. Even though they were as close and loving as two sisters could be, they just hated losing to one another.

Maybe part of it was the fact that they were total opposites.

Despite their Sicilian ancestry Julie was fair of skin, with long, curly blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes; combined with her trim, athletic body and beautiful B-cup breasts, she looked like the prototypical California Golden Girl. She dressed like one too, her usual attire consisting of casual jeans or shorts, tennis shoes or flip flops and a t-shirt.

Angie on the other hand was Classic Italian Bombshell, with her darker olive complexion, luminous raven hair and full D-cup breasts. She had a much curvier figure, and whether we were at home or out in public she almost always wore stylish, sexy clothes.

Their personalities couldn't have been much more opposite either.

Julie was lighthearted and fun-loving, yet naturally cautious. When it came to sex, she was always a bit shy and reserved, preferring lights-off cuddling to wild, impulsive romps. Very much a people person, she lived to laugh and had lots of friends.

Again belying their sibling status, Angie was serious and intense. Considerably smarter and quite a bit more educated than her older sister of two years, she was much quieter in public. She was also a lot more aggressive, particularly in terms of competing. She absolutely loved to debate, and always had to win. Sexually, she was very confident and adventurous; little was beyond the pale for her.

Besides their maiden name, about the only thing those two sisters had in common was their obsessive competitiveness with each other.

In Angie's case that competitiveness also extended to Matt, Julie's husband. While the sisters were highly competitive with each other, the feeling of constant competition was even stronger between Matt and Angie. In fact, I'd wager that Angie would have rather lost to Julie than to Matt, and that's really saying something.

Speaking of wagering, it was a silly bet that started everything.

~ ~ ~

"Hey, little sister!" came Julie's happy voice through our speaker phone. "How would you like to have your big sister and her hubby come visit you guys for a week?"

"That would be awesome!" Angie exclaimed. "What's the occasion?"

"Matt has a week-long business seminar in Marin and we thought it would be fun to have me come along, you know, kind of like a mini-vacation. We figure we'll grab a hotel somewhere up there, but we can't go to San Francisco and not spend some quality time with you two lovebirds, right?"

"Definitely not. Don't be ridiculous, though. You guys are going to stay here with us. We have an empty guest bedroom, and we'd love to have you."

Two weeks later the four of us were sitting together at a nice harbor-view table in the airy, bustling dining room of Scoma's on Pier 47, enjoying an excellent dinner and a beautiful sunset on the water. After the usual pleasantries had been dispensed with and the wine had begun to lube everyone's tongues, the friendly bantering commenced in earnest.

The topic was Trivial Pursuit, which prompted Angie's teasing pronouncement that she and I as a team had never lost.

Matt laughed derisively. "Yeah, so? You're just along for the ride! Look at you taking credit for it, when we all know he's the one who answers nearly every question. The only ones you always answer are the movie questions and the 'Sports and Leisure' things about alcoholic beverages."

"Oh, bite me," said Angie, rolling her eyes. "I could beat you straight up."

"Great, and what are Dan and I supposed to do while you two idiots pound away at each other?" Julie asked.

"Fine," answered Angie. "Girls against boys. You guys up for it?" she grinned, putting her arm around Julie.

"Fine by me," I said.

"Fine by me too," smiled Matt. "You realize you have no chance against the two of us, right? Julie, what about you? What do you say?"

"Sounds fine to me. What do I care? It's just a silly game. It's not like we're playing for anything important."

"Ah, the built-in excuse," I teased. "'We weren't even trying, 'cause the game doesn't matter!'"

Man, Angie hated being teased about losing. Her dark eyes burned liked hot coals. "So what are the stakes then, smart ass?" she asked, her tone fairly dripping with sarcasm.

"What would you like them to be, sweetie?" Matt replied condescendingly.

"Oh, so it's 'sweetie' now, is it? You're that cocky about this, now that you've got Mister Trivia Geek on your side? Name the stakes. We're in."

Stiffening, Julie turned to Angie. "Whoa, hold on. I'm not agreeing to just anything here, not without knowing what it is first. I want some input in this too."

"Fair enough," I said. "Okay, how does this sound: We all pick the stakes."

"Oh, and how does that work, exactly? I know how you think. You're up to something, and knowing you, it's something totally perverted," Angie grinned.

"No shit," Julie said, smiling at me. "What's spinning through your devious little brain this time? I'm not running naked through a car wash, you freak."

She threw a crouton at me to punctuate her point.

"No, no, trust me, ye of little faith," I shot back. "You're so worried about me and what I'll pick for the stakes? As usual, I'm way ahead of you. I have it all figured out so that nobody can piss and moan about it. Like I said, we're all going to pick the stakes, and here's how we'll do it: We're each going to write down a command to the losing team."

"A command?" asked Angie.

"Yeah, a command. Or a set of instructions. Or a dare. Whatever you want the losing team to do, write it down. We'll each write down three things on separate pieces of paper. We'll throw all twelve things into a hat, and the losing team has to pick one each day. Just make sure you don't go too crazy with what you write down since you're going to have to pick blindly from the hat, and you may end up having to do your own command. See? We all pick the stakes, including you, Julie."

"What if I don't want to do the command?" she asked, ever the cautious one. "Like I said, I'm not running naked through the mall just because I lost a stupid game."

"Yeah," added Angie. "There has to be an 'out' rule, or something. I'm not so sure I'll be willing to do whatever it is you might come up with either."

"Ohhhh, lookie here, alert the media! The mighty Angelina is scared! Bwaaahahahaaa!!" taunted Matt.

"I'm not scared, you blockhead, I'm sensible. Who knows what sort of stupid things you might come up with? Besides, Julie's here too. You know, Julie, your wife? Julie, the cautious, conservative one?"

"You mean 'Julie the prude,' don't you? Just say it. I know that's what you guys all think," Julie said morosely.

"Okay, look," I answered, trying to rein them back in before everything fell apart, "here's the 'out' rule: The losers can decide to decline a command, but if they do then they also have to choose two more, and they have to do them one right after the other, no questions asked. There's no saying no on the second try. That'll make it risky to turn down a command, since there needs to be some sort of penalty for turning one down. Just keep in mind, half the picks in that hat will be things your team wrote, so you have a pretty decent chance of not picking something really bad. Besides, you never know, we may go easy on you."

"Oh, fuck off," Angie grinned, then she turned to Julie. "Quit worrying. Matt's not going to make us do anything too crazy since he knows you'll have to do it too. My hubby will also go easy on you...because he knows what's good for him."

Smirking, she gave me an evil leer.

"You know what? Screw this," Julie said. "I'm tired of being coddled. I'm your older sister, for Christ's sake. I don't need protecting, and I'm not a prude." She turned to Matt and me. "Let's do it. I'm in. Do your worst, you pricks. I'm looking forward to watching you two pay up."

"There you go! 'Atta girl!" laughed Angie, giving her sister a big hug.

Julie was beaming. She enjoyed being the center of attention, especially when it meant receiving praise from her sister.

"So, we're on? We're doing this for real?" asked Matt.

"Yes, we are," Julie smiled, "and like the saying goes, just be careful what you wish for...."

'Oh, I will. I am truly going to savor this,' thought Matt, staring intently at Angie.

Catching his stare, she returned it with even greater intensity.

~ ~ ~

"Okay, here are three slips of paper for each of us. Write down your commands, fold 'em up, and stick 'em in the hat," I said, pointing to the Cleveland Indians cap I'd placed in the center of the dining room table.

"Any rules about these commands?" asked Matt.

"Good point," I said. "Okay, I think we can all agree that no pain, physical danger or public humiliation will be allowed. Nothing illegal, either. We're not trying to be assholes to each other, okay? We're just having fun."

I looked around the table, and everyone nodded.

"Are we going to talk about what everyone wrote down, you know, before we actually have to draw from the hat, or are we keeping everything secret?" asked Julie.

"Everything has to remain secret," I said to the group. "We're not going to talk about 'em. Except for your own picks, nobody will know what's inside that cap. Again, though, don't go too crazy with your ideas. Remember, if you write down that the loser has to get naked and go grocery shopping, it's your cantaloupes that could end up on display."

"If I may," said Angie, "I suggest that we disallow any public nudity commands. None of us want to be put into that position, and I'm sure we can do better anyway. I'd like to think we can come up with much less juvenile ideas. I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm planning something a bit more devious for the loser...something a little more personal," she added, giving Matt a sinister look.

She and Matt were always like brother and sister. They got along great, and genuinely liked one another; there were no ill feelings between them. They just plain hated losing to each other.

"I agree. No public nudity commands. Anything else?" I asked.

"Does the losing team have to pick tasks one at a time, so that each person picks something different to do, or do both people on the losing team have to do the same task?" asked Julie.

"Hmmm. Good question," I said.

"Both people have to do the same task," Angie said. "That way there's no risk of one of the losers getting something easy while the other gets something really bad. Besides, with two commands per day - if we did one for each loser - and only twelve slips, we'd run out of slips before the week was up."

Everyone agreed, and I gave us ten minutes to write down our three commands. Then, after making sure that the slips were properly folded before they were placed in the cap, I had Julie shake everything up. Once we were satisfied that the slips were all thoroughly mixed together, Angie spread the game out on the table.

"LET'S GET READY TO RUMMMMMMBLLLLLLE!!" I intoned, doing a crappy job of a Michael Buffer impersonation.

~a couple of hours later, Team Testicles had defeated Team Italian Titties~

"Two out of three! Two out of three!" pleaded Angie.

"Why should we? What's in it for us? We already won. Your asses are all ours now," I said.

"What do you want?" Julie asked fearfully.

"Well," I began, "in order for this to make sense for our team, since we would be the ones risking something here, I say we have to give ourselves the possibility of gaining something too. Wouldn't you agree, Matt?"

"Absolutely. We already won. Why should we give that up for free? So, yeah, what are you thinking?"

"I'm thinking we increase the stakes. See, I already know what I wrote. You might say that I held back a bit."

"I didn't," Matt said, looking right at Angie again.

She boiled under his possessive stare. "Fine. We almost beat you, so name your poison. We're going to win this time anyway."

"Okay," I said, "what's going to happen now is that Matt and I are going to add three more slips apiece, only this time our commands are going to be, shall we say, a bit more pleasing to us should we win. We'll still have to do them ourselves if we lose, so I know I'm not going to choose anything too crazy, but I'm definitely going to up the ante on these three slips. Matt, are you okay with that?"

"I'm good. I've got some ideas."

"Just remember, dude," I added, "don't go crazy with any 'hot lesbo action' commands, 'cause if we lose I will have to kill you."

"Yeah, baby!!" laughed Angie. "I'd love to see you two down on your knees, barking like dogs and blowing each other!"

"Not gonna happen," Matt smirked. "God, who knew you were such a freak?"

Julia grinned, "You're just now figuring that out? Jeez, honey, where have you been?"

"Yeah, yeah," smiled Angie. "Okay, so we're all agreed? Two out of three?"

Everyone agreed, and Matt and I added our six Extra Spicy recipes to the mix.

~two hours later~

"Fuck," Julie said, watching as I filled in our final slice of the pie to win the game.

Thank god for the 'Sports' part of the 'Sports and Leisure' category, because that was my ace in the hole. I just pounded away at those things, giving us more chances at the harder pie slices, until finally it was over.

"I think I'm going to enjoy this," I said.

"Oh, you definitely will," Matt added, grinning ominously at Angie.

"Good game, sis," she said, resignation in her eyes.

"I'm ready," Julie said, with a determined look. "I'm not scared. You watch. You guys all think I'm scared, but I'm fine. In fact, hey, I'm on vacation, so bring it on!"

We couldn't tell whether she was just trying to psyche herself up or if she really meant it. Either way, we had to give her credit for being a good sport.

"Go ahead then, Julie," I said. "Draw one from the cap."

Julie pulled out a slip and handed it to Angie, then she looked over her sister's shoulder as Angie read the message aloud...

The losing team serves breakfast in bed to the winning team for the entire week...to each other's spouses!

Everyone laughed, and I looked at Matt. When he shrugged his shoulders, I made a face that said, "It wasn't me either."

Having figured it out right away, a smiling Angie turned to her sister.

"Okay, fine, I wrote that one!" giggled Julie. "I thought it would be really nice, and maybe even a little naughty too, so sue me."

She was grinning happily, evidently very pleased with herself and her good fortune over drawing her own command.

As it had become quite late, I suggested we call it a night, saying the fun would commence the following morning. Everyone agreed, and after Angie set Matt and Julie up in our guest bedroom we all adjourned for the evening.

~ ~ ~

I woke to the clinking of dishes and the pressing of something heavy on my bed. My eyes blinked open, and I sat up to see what was happening. It was still somewhat dark in the room, so I couldn't make out much.

The light on my nightstand suddenly clicked on, and there was Julie sitting beside me on the bed.

Angie was gone.

"Good morning, jerk face," said Julie, with a quirky smile. "As promised, I've come to pay my debt to society."

She'd placed a loaded TV tray on my nightstand and was sitting next to me as I sat up against the headboard. She had on a little slip of a nightgown; it was very pretty, though nothing overtly sexy or see-through. It was just a simple cotton nightie, white with lace edging, cut to a fairly low neckline. The lower hemline was about mid-thigh.

"Sleep well?" she asked; a bit too politely, I thought, noticing she was dividing her attention between my face and bare chest.

Angie and I slept in the nude, and even though Julie had seen me many times over the years without a shirt on, that morning was the closest she'd ever been to me when she knew I was naked.

My sheet was bunched up near my belly button, and I followed her eyes down my chest, over my stomach, to my...morning erection, which was making a very obvious tent in my sheet!

'Oh fuck. Not good,' I thought.

"Looks like someone was sleeping really well. Did I come too soon?" she smiled, all sugar and spice sweetness.

'Wow! Is my innocent sister-in-law actually flirting with me?' I thought, grinning to myself.

Without waiting for an answer, she stood and leaned down to grab the TV tray. Her nightie flittered up to where I got a really nice look at the backs of her thighs, all the way to the beginning of her ass. All I could see was just the start of her ass cheeks, and only for a brief moment. I couldn't tell whether she was wearing panties.

Turning back with the tray to set it on my lap, she exposed the tops of her bare breasts.

'Nice,' I thought. I couldn't see much, but what I saw looked really good.

When she lowered the tray to my lap, she bumped it into my hard-on, jostling the dishes.

"Oops!" she giggled. "Sorry about that. It seems I ran into a little problem there," she said, shooting me a mischievous grin. "Well, more of a really big problem, I should say."

'She is flirting with me! Okay, fine. Two can play at this game,' I decided. "Here, hold on to it a sec," I said, scooting up a bit higher. She looked at me with wide eyes, and I grinned, "The tray, smarty pants."

"Oh," she said, giving me a cute pout. Once I was situated again, she asked, "All better now?"

"Yeah, let's eat," I said.

Nodding, she bit her lip and stared.

While repositioning myself I'd made sure to rest the food across the tops of my thighs, well below my erection. Though my hard-on was still covered by the sheet, it was standing prominently above the tray. Knowing she was looking at it, I purposely bumped my cock with my forearm each time I reached for my plate, making it lurch and wobble for her.

She just sat there, nibbling on her toast while ogling my enormous erection.

I casually said, "I think I'm glad we won."

"I definitely wanted to win, but I guess as punishments go, this isn't so bad," she said, sporting a wry smile. "If we had won, it probably would have been kind of boring for you."

"Oh? How so?"

"Unlike you, obviously, I usually wear at least a little something to bed," she said, grinning as she stared at my cock.

"Well, like you said, you are on vacation. You know, when in Rome...."

"Hmmm, you may have something there. Still, I doubt it would be so obvious with me, the way it is with you." Nibbling on her toast again, she gave me another wry smile. "Yes, I think it's probably better that you won. This is much more interesting." After a lengthy pause, she added, "So can I expect a similar greeting every morning?"

"If you come when I'm just waking up, yeah, probably," I grinned.

I finished eating, and she lifted the tray away, uncovering me but for the thin sheet. While staring at my swaying length, she put her hand on my thigh. "Then I guess I'll have to make a point of booting Angie from your bed before you wake up. If you greet me like this every morning, breakfast may not be the only thing I serve you."

Giving me a sexy smile, she slowly slid her hand up my thigh. When my cock visibly throbbed beneath the sheet, she took it in her hand. Still smiling, she stroked it a few times and gave it a firm squeeze before releasing it.

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