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Sleeping Carly


Once upon a time in a little mountain town there lived a beautiful young princess, her name was Carly. Carly was a bitch of a princess who liked to tease the older village men all the time by flirting outrageously and sitting on their laps. As a result of this all the middle aged guys in the town walked around in raincoats all the time, but they loved Carly anyway.

One day an evil witch came into the town and tried to pick up several of the local guys in a bar, but they all refused because they all wanted Carly's tight little pussy and beautiful breasts. This made the witch very angry and she visited Carly and tricked her into drinking some laced beer. The old witch cackled that now Carly would sleep forever and no one would ever slide their tongue along Carly's moist slit and she went out to root the town ragged.

Luckily Princess Carly lived with her fairy flat mate who looked after her every need. On seeing Carly's limp but pretty body slumped on the floor he cast his own spell over her saying that rather than sleep forever she would just sleep until awoken by an orgasmic fantasy, and he placed her on her bed where she lay waiting for Mr Right. Weeks went by and as Carly lay there many tried to wake her. Some touched her softly and kissed her gently, but not so much as a drop moistened her tight little pussy. A few tried to caress her and whisper sweet messages into her ear, but still she remained dry. While this was going on her fairy flat mate watched over her and wouldn't let anyone enter her until she was properly aroused.

Soon the word had spread far and wide about the beautiful sleeping princess and men flocked from everywhere to try their luck. One man came with sensual oils and slowly massaged them into her body careful to work the thick sensual liquid into every pore of her supple flesh. Unfortunately for him the moment it touched her tight little pussy it dried up she remained that way. Others tried licking her body from head to foot, sucking her nipples and toes and biting her neck. One pulled out his dick and just wanked over her naked body until he came but still not a drop escaped from her sweet sex. For two months her body was the object of kisses, caresses, lick, bites, sucks and all types of wrappings, but eventually the lines dwindled and the men drifted away and soon it was just the fairy flat mate and Carly, the sleeping princess.

Then one day into town came Tobias, the bad man from the big city, he had gotten word of the pretty young princess' plight and come to town with a mission, although not a mission to save her. You see the Carly and Tobias had met before and like all others she had teased him with her sensual play, but unlike the others he had vowed to have her and make her pay for her teasing. This had upset the princess who had banished him to the city where he could do her no harm. Now he was back and he smiled sardonically as he strutted up to the town gates.

Tobias wandered though the small town and, ignoring the shocked and horrified stares of the locals, strode up to the princess' flat. A couple of stragglers still milled around her door, hoping to get their chance at waking the sleeping beauty but they soon drifted away under the icy gaze of the former resident. He knocked forcefully on the door and was greeted by the horrified face of the fairy flat mate. The fairy flat mate stood in the doorway hands on hips and told Tobias that he would never enter the princess' room and that if he didn't leave town immediately he'd be in big trouble. Tobias pounded the fairy flat mate into the floor then trussed him up and dragged him into Carly's room where he sat him in the corner to watch the proceedings. He then walked over to Princess Carly's bed where she lay dressed in a satin nightgown, her face expressionless, her chest gently rising with each breath.

Tobias grabbed the nightgown and ripped it off her body, pulling it roughly over her head and causing her body to flop back down naked and slightly twisted. Much to the horror of the beaten fairy he then picked up Carly and bent her across his knee and thrashed her ass severely until it glowed red and angry. He smiled as he told the sleeping princess "that my beauty was for the teasing".

Tobias then grabbed hold of her limp body and bent her over the dressing table. He glanced in the mirror at her slumped body and noticed her pussy glistening slightly. Tobias laughed out loud "you're mine now bitch" and dropped his pants revealing his raging hard on, thick, long and angry. He stared down at the naked beauty, bent limply across the dresser and turned her face sideways. Tobias then opened her slack jaw and slid his hard cock into her mouth, forcing her pretty lips to stretch wide. He taunted her telling her to say something now as he fucked her mouth, sliding his cock deep into her until he felt the back of h er throat. Carly gagged involuntarily causing him to fuck her harder. Then he clamped her nose shut forcing her to suck as her body searched for air and he continued to fuck her mouth this way, thrusting his cock hard between her pretty lips until at last he came, shooting his load down her throat and across her lips and face. Tobias remove his cock from Carly's mouth and let her head slump back down onto the dresser, and stared once again at her naked body hanging limply.

Moisture slowly gathered around Carly's thighs and he slid his fingers inside her and laughed. "So that's how you like it". Slapping her ass once more just for the fun of it Tobias took her by the hips and entered Carly from behind a began to fuck her hard and fast. His cock was still hard and he still wanted her to know who was in charge so Tobias pounded her helpless body driving his prick into her harder and harder. Suddenly her body began to move as if in response to the furious fucking and she pushed back onto his cock in time. Soon without even knowing what was happening she was fucking Tobias as hard as he was fucking her. Carly's body shook with excitement and a moan escaped her lips.

At that moment Tobias bit down on the back of her neck as he continued to drive himself into her tight wet pussy. Carly screamed in delight as her body shook in orgasmic pleasure and for the first time in months opened her eyes. Unaware of how this was happening but wrapped in the pleasure that her body was experiencing, Carly gripped the dresser and met each of Tobias's thrusts, then she looked into the mirror and saw who it was that was fucking her so hard and so well.

"Noooooooooo" she wailed as she recognised his face but she was unable to do anything but continue to take his cock and push back as another orgasm ripped through her body. All the weeks of pent up sexuality exploded as she cried out in anguish but continued to fuck. Tobias continued to have his way with Carly until at last he too came again, pumping her full of his lust and filling her with his seed. When at last he had finished, Carly once again slumped down, this time out of exhaustion, cum sliding down her legs and her pretty face red and stained with semen. Carly looked up at Tobias and smiled.

"Thank you" she said.

Tobias just smiled and looked across at the bug eyed fairy flat mate in the corner.

"You better let him go" he said as he pulled up his pants and headed for the door.

"But aren't you going to stay?" she pleaded, tears beginning to well in her eyes.

"Why should I?" he asked. "I've had what a came for."

And with that he left never to be seen in the town again.

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