tagFirst TimeSlightly, Once Ch. 06

Slightly, Once Ch. 06


I couldn't leave her. This is the first time I've ever recommended reading the preceding parts. You'll get the jokes and references.

Perfume. The perfect amount. My nose was nuzzled beneath Kim's earlobe, and I sniffed, taking it in. My Christmas present to her. "Opium." Intoxicating.

I hugged her tighter, and sniffed loudly. "Oh, my God, Kim! You're so...so...irresistible!"

"Don't make fun of me!"

"I'm not making fun of you! You're irresistible! I want to gobble you up!"

"Stop it!"

"I do! Here, I'll show you!" I bit her neck, lightly.

"Ow! Stop it!"

"I'm out of control! That perfume makes me wild!"

"David! Stop teasing me!"

"Teasing? Me? I would never do that. Just like you would never tease me."

"I never tease you!"

"Never? You never tease me? So you want a list?"

"Let's go to the fair."

"Don't change the subject when I'm teasing you about teasing me."

"Do you love me?"

"Personal foul! Illegal use of the mouth! Fifteen yard penalty!"

"Do you?"

"Double technical! Illegal change of subject! Two free throws and ejection from the game!"

"If you loved me, you wouldn't tease me."

"Well, then, if you loved me, you wouldn't tease me."

"But that's exactly why I tease you! When I tease you you're so...adorable!"

"But that's unfair!"


"Because, Kim, you're adorable all the time! I don't need to tease you to find you adorable!'

"Then, don't!"

"But I like it."

"And I like to tease you."

"So, the only way you can find me adorable is when you tease me?"

"Well, not the only way."

"When else do you find me adorable?"

"When you're a big oaf."

"A big oaf!"

"Yes. When you do something clumsy or oafish I just find it so...cute."

"I'm cute when I'm a dork."

"Well, yes."

" So I'm adorable when you tease me, and I'm cute when I'm an oaf. Wow. Now there's a strong basis for a relationship. How flattering."

"Oaf! Those aren't the only two words I think of when describing you."

"Let's go to the fair."

"Oh no, Buster. You started this, so you can take it like a man."

"OK. What other words do you use?"

"Handsome. Sensitive. Caring. Wonderful. Loving. Generous. Thoughtful. Sexy. Delicious."

"Now you're just trying to weasel out of it. Penalties still apply."

"What are you going to do? Spank me?"

There was a long silence while I engaged in a delightful daydream. "That might not be a bad idea. Would you like that?"

"Depends," she said, with a trace of wickedness, "On what else we were doing at the time."

"Kiss me, you fool," I said, reaching for her.

Let's take a moment and describe what I reached for. Six feet of lithe All-American basketball player, long blonde hair loose on her shoulders. A perfect, athletic body, incredible long legs. Mesmerizing blue eyes, and incredible charisma. She was spectacular in every way.

And today, a hot mid-summer day, had brought her to her front door in her father's white Oxford shirt, unbuttoned, sleeves rolled up, a navy blue tube top that emphasized nice-sized breasts by just hinting at cleavage and clinging so nicely. The famous cutoffs, and way at the other end of those legs, sneakers and rolled-down socks. She also wore the necklace and earrings I had given her for Christmas, along with the perfume that had started all this trouble. Casual, yet elegant.

"No more teasing, David," she said plaintively, and kissed me.

"You're just trying to escape."

"Yup. I don't want to tease any more."

"Won't the shirt be hot today outside?"

"Maybe, but it hangs down enough to cover my butt."


"I don't want guys staring at my butt."

"What about me?"

"In your case, think of it as the reverse: Touch, But Don't Look."

"Mmm. Sounds good to me. Can I ask you a question?"


"Where else did you dab perfume other than your ears?" I grinned.

"A girl never tells. You'll just have to find out for yourself. Let's go!"

I figured I'd have to find a way to find out later, as she brushed past me and walked to the car. I had to run to catch up and open the door for her, as I always did. It earned a smile and thanks.

Since we had decided on college, the whole atmosphere of our relationship had improved. It was like being relieved from pain that you didn't realize you had. All of a sudden, everything was better. Kim had signed on to Duke at a press conference, coach in attendance, reporters, flashes of cameras, film cameras. It was before the day of portable video. We watched her on local TV that night. I had given my formal letter of acceptance of my academic scholarship to Duke to one of the representatives, who more-or-less dismissively put the folded letter in her briefcase. That was fine. It was Kim's moment.

From that point on, we made a quantum leap closer. Not physically, but emotionally. It was like our spirits emerged from our bodies and merged. It was a little weird. I could almost always read her mind, and she mine. While we never had arguments, we did disagree sometimes over little things, but understood that they were little things, and so we could always settle differences quickly. Sometimes we pretended to argue, just so we could kiss and make up. The making up part was always so sweet, that eventually we dispensed with the argument part.

In other words, I learned about unlimited love. I had thought that I couldn't love her any more than I did. But each day, love grew. We'd talk about that, shaking our heads in amazement while we giggled. "How can it get any better?" we'd ask each other. Then it would, and a week later we'd ask again, usually sharing a milkshake, cheeks touching as we used two straws. A heart can stretch to any size, and keep on stretching. Love becomes infinite when you have someone like Kim.

We were off to the county fair for the day. Typically hot, the fair was the gathering place for young people, and we were bound to see many friends.

"I want to see the farm animals," I said.

"I want you to win me prizes on the Midway," Kim said.

"Maybe I want you to win me prizes?"

"Nope. I'm the girl here. I deserve to be pampered."

The fair was hot, crowded, and fun. I always had fun watching men watch Kim. She was a guy magnet, no question about it. While she seemed oblivious to it, she had, in fact, worn the white shirt. For her part, she would hold my hand or take my arm, clearly establishing territory (not that other girls gave me a second look, except to see what a stunning package like Kim would choose. I'm pretty sure they were disappointed in her taste.), and also signaling to the guys that she was taken. It reassured me, not that I really needed it.

We ate really bad, expensive food: tasteless Italian sausages with limp onions and peppers, fatty hot dogs with too many trimmings, fried dough sprinkled with too much powdered sugar, cotton candy that stuck to your nose, French fries dripping in grease with runny ketchup, Sno-cones with too-sweet syrup melting all over your hand, fresh-squeezed lemonade watered down by too many ice cubes. A fair is meant to be eaten through, in my experience, to heck with the cost. Or quality. I would burp and pat my belly. Kim would feign disgust at my manners. We would laugh and hold hands.

We strolled the aisles in the barns looking at the cows, hogs, horses, and sheep. We laughed at the looks of some of the exotic chickens. We perused the displays of prize-winning pies, cakes, and cookies. I bought Kim a thick leather belt adorned with lots of metal bits, large enough for her to wear loose around the shirt, slung low on her hips. I told her it was sexy, which was no lie. It accentuated the flare of her slim hips even over the shirt, and drew attention down to her classic legs. I think every guy in the place over the age of twelve stared at her. Younger ones, too.

We spent time with friends, going to the Demolition Derby in the sun on a hot afternoon. It was really loud, and I can't admit to becoming a lifelong fan. We laughed a lot, and even our friends saw our closeness. They were true friends, and happy for us. We were so obviously in love.

We made it to the Midway after yet another round of food, in the evening when the summer sun was low. Kim in low, warm sunset light was breathtaking. I'd like to say that my distraction with her beauty was the reason I sucked so badly at winning her prizes, but if truth be told, it was oafishness. I wondered how cute I was.

Kim was a little impatient. "Oh, here, let me try!" She did, and won. She did again, and won. A third time, and won.

"This is fun!"

"Yeah, I really enjoy being shown up by my girlfriend."

"Don't be a grouch. Being a grouch cancels out the cuteness of being an oaf."

She kept on winning most of the time. She also won the hearts of every hard-core carny in every booth with her warm smile and laughter. I think she got better prizes than most other winners. I was loaded down carrying all of them.

"I want that stuffed dog!" she said, pointing at a huge St, Bernard with a pink hanging tongue mounted on the wall behind the carny.

"OK. But it's my turn." I gave the money to the carny. He handed me a pellet rifle. "How many hits to win the big dog?"

"Eight out of ten," he said, lethargically. It had been a long, hot day.

I approached it scientifically, figuring that the sight on the rifle was off, intentionally. Not much room to spare, needing eight out of ten. And the targets were moving. Squeezing off a test shot, I predictably missed, but I had a good idea of how the sight was off, and had a sense of how far to lead the target. Taking a deep breath, I aimed.

To make a long story slightly shorter, I hit the next eight in a row. For a capper, I hit the last one, too.

The carny looked at me angrily, and took the dog off the wall. "Not to you," he said.' "To her." He handed the stuffed animal to Kim with a smile, who was clapping and hopping up and down. She took it and hugged it tight. The carny's grin widened. He gave me thumbs-up with a laugh. I think she made his day.

"I can't top that," I said. "Let's go home."

"Or somewhere," she said mysteriously, eyes flashing. How did she do that?.

Weighted down by all our treasures, we walked what felt like miles to my car. Kim hugged the big dog, and all the guys looked envious of it. The treasures and prizes went in the trunk, except the dog. It rode in the back seat.

Kim was all smiles. I got a huge hug and smooch when I climbed behind the wheel. Pressed against me in the middle of the bench seat, I could feel her silky leg along the length of my thigh.

I started the car, and we had another adventure trying to get out of the parking lot with hundreds of other cars also leaving. We chatted about the day. There was nothing we could do except be patient.

"Where can we go that's private?" Kim asked, eyes soft and seductive.

"Hmm. Let's go to the park. By the time we get there the pool will be closed, and there are some secluded spots in the parking lot."

"Sounds good!" Kim kissed my neck. Just the thought of parking with Kim had me hard as stone. We'd never parked before.

Forty-five minutes to get out of the lot. She had made her suggestion after five, so I was a little less patient after that, but it made no difference.

Finally, we were free of the fair's parking lot. Kim put her hand on my obvious bulge. "Finally!" She sighed. "I didn't want to do this with all those cars around." She unzipped my shorts, dug into the fly and brought out my hardon. Adjusting herself, she took me into her mouth.

"Kim, I don't know how safe this is," I panted.

"Keep your mind on your driving," she said, and resumed sucking. I could feel her smile as her lips slid on my shaft.

"That's easy for you to say," I said.

"It is," she replied. "I'm concentrating on what I'm doing. Why can't you?"

"Teasing again," I said.

She took me all the way down her throat, her nose in my pubic hair. When she came up, she gasped. "I don't think that quite qualifies as teasing."

"This is so unfair," I said.

"Too bad!" And she swallowed me again.

"Kim, this is dangerous."

"Only if you crash."

"Why only if I crash?"

"I'm liable to clench my teeth."

Now, there was the unthinkable. So I thought about it. I actually felt pain at the idea. I steadfastly put my mind on my driving, but the two opposite distractions were considerable.

Relieved to have arrived safely, I parked the car in the swimming pool parking lot under the branches of a huge oak tree in a corner, deep in shadow and more-or-less out of sight. Shutting off the lights, I raised Kim's head from my crotch and took her chin in my hands, kissing her. She giggled and kissed back.

"That's one of the nicest car rides I've ever taken," she said.

"That's because you weren't in mortal terror," I said.

"Scaredy cat," she said. "I knew you could do it."

"Let me kiss you"

"Yes, please!"

We necked, kissed, Frenched, nibbled. After a few minutes, my hand worked inside the Oxford and cupped a tube-topped breast. Her nipple poked the fabric, and I caressed it. She took my hand and moved it to the top of the tube, taking my finger and hooking it into her cleavage. She looked at me, eyes hungry.

"Take the hint."

Slowly, I pulled down the tube top with my finger. Soon, it was around her waist, exposing her beautiful breasts to the warm summer night air. My hand resumed its caresses, now on bare, soft skin. Soft except for hard nipples and goose bumps on aureoles. Her breathing was getting a little labored. We kissed for a long time.

I bent to kiss a breast, and took a furtive sniff. "Perfume!" I declared.

"Caught me," she admitted with a smile. I kissed her nipples a little more, then resumed with her lips. My hand came up, and I kneaded and pinched and held and rubbed.

Her hand took my forearm, and pulled it off her breast. Moving it down, she slid her hand to my hand, and put me between her legs, spreading them. This time, I needed no hint. I cupped her pussy through her cutoffs. Her hand moved and grasped my dick, still exposed from the drive, standing it vertically and stroking it, stopping her fingers just under my head, with a firm grasp.

I unsnapped the cutoffs, and lowered the zipper. Putting my hand inside, she lifted up so I could wrap my hand and cup her, my fingers on her labia. I began rubbing her pussy. She rocked against me. Our lips were locked, as we took turns sucking each other's tongues. I felt her wetness against my fingers. My middle one found its way, and I penetrated her. I continued stroking her with my hand, finger inside, palm against her clit. Her breathing increased, her stroking of my cock more urgent, her bucking against my hand more energetic. It excited me to feel her climax building. I added my index finger, my palm massaging her clitoris. I fucked her with my hand, and she was more than excited.

Then she came, pushing against my hand, breaking our kiss, and moaning. She bucked and bucked, and slowly came down.

"Take me into the back seat and make love to me," she said, looking into my eyes.

I looked in the back seat. "It's occupied."

"You mean, Hubert?"


"That's what I've decided to name him. Hubert."

"Well, Hubert's taking up a lot of space."

"Can we fit there with him?"

"Are you asking me for a threesome?" She slapped my arm. "I don't know if I'm ready to share you, even though it might be a turnon to watch." She punched me, hard, in the arm. "I was curious about whether you wanted him for that big tongue." For emphasis, I stuck mine out at her. That made her laugh.

"No, silly. But is there room?"

"Tell you what, Hubert can drive the getaway car if we need it."

In a moment, Hubert was installed behind the wheel. Both back doors were open, because both being so tall, we needed the room. I found myself with a beautiful naked woman lying on top of me on the back seat. Oh, and my clothes seemed to have been shed, too. My boner was squeezed between us, stretching from her pubic hair to nearly her navel. She kissed me and tickled my chin with her hand.

"I would be delighted to have you crush my ears with your legs," I offered. "I may not have Hubert's tongue, but as the lady says: 'It ain't the meat, it's the motion!'"

"You just want to know if I put perfume down there."

"I will admit to curiosity along with my desire to please you."

"Thank you, but I need you inside me."

"Ah, well. Maybe next time."

"That's a date. And by the way, yes."



"Oh. Thank you for telling me," I kissed her.

"Dave, I want you so much!" She moved her hips, and almost magically, my penis inserted itself into her. She moved again and I sank all the way. We held each other, kissed, and just enjoyed the feeling, the stillness. In that moment, skin-on-skin for the length of our bodies, stillness was all we needed.

Bzzzzzt. Mosquito. Looking down, in the dim light I could see one on her butt. I smacked it. Bullseye. I flicked the corpse off with my finger.

"Spanking me, huh? You couldn't wait to do that."


"Yeah, right."

"I saved you from malaria."

"You smacked my cheek."

"I did. It was a selfless act."

I smacked the other cheek.

"Ow! What was that for?"

"I needed to restore balance to the universe."


"I felt the universe was tilting to one side because I had only smacked you on one cheek. I had to restore balance to everything by smacking your other one."

"That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard."

"But it's true. Would you have wanted to slide off the seat as everything tilted? I haven't vacuumed the floor of the car."

"You're teasing again."

"It was another totally selfless act."

"I'd prefer a different selfless act." She clamped her pussy muscles around me.

"Can I spank you later? You deserve to be punished for teasing me the way you did."

Her eyes closed, and she rocked atop me. "You can do anything you want as long as he's where he is."

Instead of spanking (or balancing the entire universe), I grabbed two hands full of delightful butt. "OK, then how's this?" I countered her thrusting with my own, moving her hips with my hands.

Her breathing picking up, "Oh, yes, David, you can punish me this way any time. Punish me more! I'm such a bad girl." She started really fucking me. I kept steady, letting her do most of the work. Watching her ass buck up and down in the soft light was an incredibly erotic sight. My hands cupped warm flesh and just followed along.

She sat up, putting her hands on my chest, and grinding her pussy on my cock. "Fill me up! Punish me with that cock! Fuck me, David! Fuck me!"

I did. She did. We did. She rose and fell and I looked down to watch. I loved to see myself penetrating her. Stiff rod parting her puffy lips. Her hair hung down and tickled my chest. I moved it out of the way for a better look, ending up holding her chin in both hands. She panted, working towards an orgasm.

Me, too. No way I was going to last.

"Kim, here...I...cum!" I arched my back and my cum burst into her womb. She cried out and froze, orgasm flowing from her in wave after wave. It was always so special when we came together, bodies and spirits merging, love welling up. It was a full-body, almost out-of-body experience. The intensity surpassed description. It was sublime.

Kim lay on top of me, and we snuggled with millions of little kisses. We lay that way for quite a while. Fortunately, no more mosquitoes. I could just rest my hands on her butt, or stroke her back. Soft breezes rustled the leaves overhead. The night was perfect.

"Dave?" she asked with a lilt.

"Yes, my love?"

"Oh! It still gives me goose bumps to hear you say that! But Dave?"

"Yes, my most darling love?"

"Now you're teasing! Stop it!"

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