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Sloppy Seconds


Oh God, I thought. I can't believe this is actually happening.

I stood in a small hotel-style room with twenty other guys. Behind us, the cameraman prepared for the shoot, but unlike what most people would've thought, we weren't shooting an informercial. No. We were shooting a porno—a gangbang porno at that.

"Listen up," the director said, stepping forward to survey the men. "You know the drill, gentlemen. It's all very simple. No acting—just plain, raw fucking."

At this, the men snickered. Some reached for their dicks. Others reached inside their pants and began to rub their dicks. Considering the star hadn't even arrived, it was somewhat of a sight.

How the hell could I have gotten myself into this mess?

Of course—I was broke, horny as hell, and wanted ass. The $1000 they were offering each of us, while small, was no lunch money.

I guess I should explain a little bit about myself. I'm vers, but usually bottom. I have to say—I love bottoming, but there's something about ass that just makes a man wild, but it's not very often I get it. Most of the guys I get with are uber macho types—'straight-acting' or 'down-low' men who want to suck, fuck and then leave. That's not to say I'm feminine, though. At five-foot-six, I'm broad-shouldered, have a full but light chest of hair, and substantially hairy legs. My long hair and soft voice are usually what get me into the more submissive role, but that doesn't matter. Right now, I was here—in this room, with these guys—and I was about to get what I wanted.

I reached down and grabbed my crotch.

Beside me, the door leading to the prep room opened.

Our resident fuckee came out.

He was tall—about six feet—and ginger, clean-shaven from his face to his toes and toned to the point where he had muscle definition but not too much of it. Fully-naked, he was something of a sight to behold, but it wasn't until he walked past me and I saw his ass that I really got excited.

Fuck yeah, I thought. Awesome.

Around me, the men fell silent.

The ginger spread out along the bed and propped his head up on one shoulder, watching the crowd for any sign of interaction.

Like dogs to a bone, the men went crazy. Shirts went flying, pants came off, and underwear dropped faster than you could've snapped your finger.

The first guy had the luxury of breaking him in.

The lucky number one was a tall older man. Clean-shaven, with a hairless chest, hairy legs and arms and with a dick that, though not hard yet, was already formidable—he descended on the ginger and pressed his hands against the bed while forcing his mouth against the fuckee's. Moans came from the ginger's mouth, though whether or not it was because the guy's dick was rubbing against his asshole or if the guy preparing to fuck him really was a good kisser I couldn't be sure.

"Eat his ass!" someone cried.

It didn't take long for the guy to oblige.

I stepped out of my clothes and reached down to take my throbbing dick as the guy shoved his face into the ginger's ass and began to lap at it like candy.

The ginger moaned.

Slurping noises echoed across the room.

It didn't take long before the whole process began.

It wasn't a traditional porno shoot. Unlike what most shoots like this would've been like—where all the guys would've worn condoms—there was no protection, merely bareback. While that was usually a risk, we'd each undergone a rigorous series of STD and HIV tests in the weeks prior to the shoot. I have to say—going a month without sex was unbearable. My hand became my best friend, as did a few dildos. But in the end, it all came down to one thing—the guy was a comedump, and us lucky fellas were going to get a piece of it.

The first fuck of the day was expected to be slow, mostly loosening the guy up without hurting him too much. It started off easy—a few slides here, a thrust or two there. Then it became more and more animalistic. At one point the sound of flesh was so overwhelming it was all I could hear, but that didn't bother me too much. It made excellent jacking off material.

In a few moments, the first guy came—a long, guttural sound which sounded from his throat as he pumped his load deep into the ginger's asshole.

"Spread it," one guy said.

The ginger spread his ass and flexed his hole. A teardrop of come slid out.

A guy of a larger build stepped forward and took his place.

Thus began the breeding festival.

Most would've seen the ginger as a self-absorbed whore who was only lowering himself to a standard. He couldn't have enjoyed it, they would have said, because it was all about the money. But there he was, taking it like a bitch—legs spread, ass open, begging for more as men used him in ways unlike anything he had ever imagined before. The men were equally as ecstatic. Grunting, groaning, panting, gasping for breath as his insides worked their dicks and they shot their loads deep into his ass—the moans that echoed across the tiny room filled with twenty-some horny men was enough to make my dick stand on end.

"You gonna get a piece of that?" the man next to me asked.

"Later," I said.

The gross and horrible truth was, I wanted to wait until later—after the guy had a few loads in him. As much as I was loathe to admit it, I couldn't wait to sink my dick into his asshole and feel the come surrounding my dick, wrapping around my shaft and inviting me into its soft, warm, creamy depths. I'll be honest—I'm somewhat of a come whore. If I were in his position, I'd be in Heaven, but since it'd been months since I'd gotten any ass, I was more than happy to stick it in him.

Fact of the matter was, I have a six-inch dick, not too thick but not too small either, with a nice fat mushroom head. I may have been a bit smaller than most of the guys here, but I've been told it fills them up nicely.

The guy topping the cumdump—a forty-something with salt-and-pepper hair—thrust his dick into the guy's ass and cried out as he came.

My dick jerked in response.

"Shit," the same guy who'd spoken to me before said. "You sure to precome a lot."

"Yeah," I muttered. "I know."

The guy wrapped his hand around my dick and rubbed the head with his thumb.

Fuck, I moaned.

"Like that?" he asked.

"I'm saving it for him," I said. "Knock it off."

"Come on—let me lick it off."

"I said—"

Before I could finish, the guy fell to his knees. In one long, effortless stroke, he licked my shaft from base to head, cleaning the precome off in one lick.

Regardless of how tempting his mouth was, I couldn't do it. I was so horny that if I stuck my dick in his mouth, I knew I wouldn't be able to take it out.

With a grin, the guy rose and started to make his way back to his place at my side. He stopped, grabbed the back of my neck, and forced our lips together. Mine immediately parted for his tongue.

"Thanks, handsome," he said, licking my lips before reaching for his dick.

I sat back and waited for my time to come, watching desperately as one guy after the other topped and fucked the living shit out of the ginger. There was no number or order, merely first come, first serve. I tried to make my way up there several times, but when I was beat it by not one, or two, but three different guys, I decided to take my place at the end of the bed and wait for my turn.

Come on, I thought.

I couldn't stop jacking my dick. My hand was covered in precome—thick, white precome, which had since run down my dick and started lapping over my balls. The smell of sex in the air and the sound of flesh hitting flesh and the ginger moaning could've easily thrown me over the edge.

What the hell was taking so long for this guy to come?

When he finally threw his head back and let out a howl, I moved up onto the bed and rubbed his balls as they emptied their load into him.

The guy pulled his limp dick out of the ginger's asshole.

Taking my dick in hand, I prepared to enter him.

I was mystified.

His asshole was pulsing—throbbing, it seemed, as my cock came nearer and nearer—and as he flexed his cheeks and his hole contracted, miniature glances of what lay inside could be seen. A sea of come, so thick and white and creamy that it could have resembled something like melted chocolate, awaited me as I prepared to enter his hole.

"You want it?" I asked, slapping the head of my dick against his gaping opening.

"Yes," the ginger moaned. "God yes, fuck me sir, fuck me. Give me your load."

How could I refuse?

I sunk the head of my dick into his opening.

He groaned.

I moaned.

His asshole tightened around the head of my cock to the point where I thought he might break it off.

For being so used, I mused, he's fucking tight.

As I sank my dick deeper into his hole, giving in to the inner horndog that screamed to be let out, I reveled in the feeling of warmth—how, as I sunk deeper, and as the flaring head of my cock pushed his walls aside, the come from about a dozen men before me wrapped and twisted about my dick. The feeling alone was almost enough to get me off. The fact that here I was, the thirteenth guy in this hole, about ready to deposit my load into a begging and willing slut, was something out of a dream. Group sex is something amazing in itself, but when you can share one hole with a bunch of guys and not only make your mark in that hole, but experience the mark that others have made? That is amazing.

I started off slow—churning the butter, so to speak—and made slow, deep thrusts that brought but the head of my dick out and the entirety of it in. The come parted for my dick and always remolded around the head, wrapping it like a warm fist caked with cream. I couldn't get enough. I reveled in each and every stroke. Compared to the guys before me, I was going slow, but that didn't matter. I wanted this to last. I wanted to enjoy it.

Above me, the ginger was moaning loudly—legs spread, ass up for my cock. The position itself was almost deserving of an award.

"Come on," the guy moaned. "Give it to me. Hard."

I pulled my dick out and thrust it in in one stroke.

Then I went to down.

I fucked this guy unlike I'd ever fucked any guy before. My balls slapping his ass, my arms gripping his waist and my hips moving like pistols—I grunted and groaned as my body conspired to stop me but my dick forced itself to keep going. The come expelled under my onslaught and leaked out around my dick. The sight alone was enough to drive me to fuck him harder.

"Yeah!" someone cried.

"Come on pretty boy!" another cried. "Give him your load!"

"Oh fuck," I moaned, thrusting harder. "Here... here it... gaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh—"

My prostate tightened.

My dick exploded.

Come poured into the ginger's ass at a rate I couldn't imagine.

I threw my head back and screamed.

"Oh yeah," the guy moaned. "Fuck yeah. Give me that load."

"You want it?" I asked, fucking him harder, the come now seeping down to the base of my dick and mixing in with my pubes. "You fucking got it!"

I fucked him for a complete minute before I could go no more.

I pulled out and spread his ass to view my work.

Glorious come winked out at me as his asshole flexed.

Without much thought whatsoever, I leaned in and lapped up the juices pouring out of his hole. The salt, the sweet, the tang, the cream—all poured over my lips as I buried my tongue in his ass.

I ate him out for a full minute before I pulled away.

"Bet you enjoyed that," the guy who had tried to suck my dick said as he mounted the ginger and sunk his cock in.

"Hell yeah," I said. "I did."

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Fucking a hot bottom after he has been used already is my fave too. I have 9 thick inches so having a loosened boy cunt to fuck is always a treat

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