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Small Dick Exposed!


I had always had a fantasy about being naked in public but it has taken a while to build up the courage to act on it. The fantasy is not just about being naked, but is also to do with exposing my small cock to others. I am quite tall and average build as I go to the gym quite regularly; however, my cock is only very small when flaccid and only about 5 inches when erect. I think that I'm fairly good looking so I really fantasise about the humiliation of other men seeing me for who I really am...a man with a cock the size of a boy.

Anyway, I was living in Australia and I guess being away from home gave me extra courage to put my fantasy into action and one day I headed to the famous nudist beach in Sydney. The beach is on the north shore along a fairly winding path but it is clearly signed when you get there. As I approached the steps leading down to the beach there were a couple of people coming the other way so I waited for them to pass before heading down to the beach. At the bottom I saw a few older guys sitting on the rocks completely naked, and more younger guys laying down or sitting up on the sand along the rest of the beach. I could feel that all eyes turned to me as I arrived and made my way along still fully dressed. I was probably one of the younger and fitter looking blokes there and I guess they were all thinking that I'd turn out to be worth a look once I stripped off...how wrong they would be!!

I found a small area of vacant sand next to some rocks and slowly kicked off my trainers and ankle socks; next I pulled my t-shirt over my head and puffed my chest out a bit then, in one swift move, I pulled down my shorts and boxers together and let my little cock bounce out in the open. The guys nearest to me furtively gave me a look up and down and one of them kept his gaze on my penis a little too long! I looked back and could see that his was average size.

I had worried that I might get an erection as soon as the air hit my exposed genitals but luckily I didn't. I stayed standing a while, packing my clothes into the bag, and then lay on my towel on the sand with my head propped up slightly so that I could see what was happening on the beach. It was an amazing feeling knowing that at last I was completely naked in front of people and the hidden truth about my little cock was exposed for anyone who wanted to have a look. Slowly some of the men wandered past and I could see through my dark shades that they were all staring at my cock...I imagined that they were all thinking about my small dick but I tried not to let that thought get me hard. After a while I stood up and stretched, attracting more attention to myself, and more pairs of eyes to my genitals. Then I walked to the waters edge and slowly wandered into the ocean for a swim. It was only when I turned back to face the beach that I looked up above and saw that the path at the top continued along and all the tourists walking along it could see directly onto the beach; there were two young guys and a girl watching everything now and giggling. The thought that so many fully clothed people had been watching me and probably laughing at my little dick made me feel even hornier.

As I came out of the water I did so slowly, gradually letting the water line pass my stomach and then my cock, which had shrunk even more in the cold sea water and was now not even big enough to dangle down, but the head just stuck out in front. I went back to the beach but sat upright on the rock this time, knowing that people above could see directly down and the naked guys walking up and down the beach had a better view of what I had on show. Just before it was time for me to go a young guy came down to the beach and, still with his clothes on, wandered up and down looking for a spot to sit and he didn't even pretend to look away when he saw my little dick, but instead he laughed to himself as he walked past. That was the highlight for me and I got dressed quickly and headed up to the public toilets a little further back along cliff path to jerk off otherwise I'd have shot my load right there on the beach.

I can't wait to find another nudist beach nearer to me so that I can expose myself again, this time I shall walk up and down the beach making sure everyone gets to see my little dick, and I shall lay next to the guy with the biggest just to add to my humiliation.

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