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Small Town Interracial Wife


It was Charlotte, we ultimately found out had caused all the trouble, but things can get complicated...

I had met Tammy in a small town, tall and blond at first she was a little standoffish but I won her over. Her family had some qualms with her marrying a man from New York but she was happy. Five years into our marriage I had done something stupid. Her friend and husband had been staying over at our house. Now Cindy could be a little bit flirty but I had put it off as something playful. However, with her husband out and Tammy asleep she had come into the office and one thing had led to another and before I knew it her nightgown was up and my cock was outside of its pajama flap pounding her dark haired pussy. It was a wicked quickie and was done in less than a half hour. A half hour I'd pay for for two years.

Somehow Tammy found out. I was cast out of the house, divorce was mentioned. Cindy's family and her family were not speaking, something which is really hard to do in a small town. During this time Tammy's friend Charlotte had come to visit with her. We went to marriage counselors and "couples camps" until finally after much groveling my wife took me back, on a trial basis of course.

In our second month back together Charlotte came to visit again. On her last day I drove her to the airport, chaperoned by my wife of course. At the convenience store Tammy popped out to get some coffee while Charlotte said to me that she was sorry that Tammy could be so unforgiving at times, and that I must have forgiven her for what she had done.

I looked at her and she made a face that said "Oh! No! I should have not told said that." I pressed her and she looked down and said, "Look I should not say anything but I thought you knew." I asked her about what beginning to lose patience. She closed her eyes and blurted it out "Two years after you got both got married Tammy had had an affair with her old beau that she had met when she had gone home to take care of her mother. Charlotte, eyes closed, blurted out the rest of the details. "Now you won't say anything. What is done is done." It took all my will power to drive her to the airport and not steer the car into a wall.

When we got home I sat Tammy down at the table, "You made me go through counseling. I had to live in a shit apartment, and even apologize to your entire family; meanwhile you had had an affair, and knew it the whole time." I said angrier than I had ever been in my entire life. At first she tried to deny it, but I knew all the details and threatened to call the man up right there and then.

"Please don't. It is over it was one time. He has a family now. Please?" She said in near tears. I asked what about me and all the shit I went through. "It was only one time for me also." I reminded her.

"What can I do to make it up to you? It hasn't happened again." She said desperately. I was sure it was not going to happen again, just like I was sure I was never going to cheat again, but I had to go through months of hell. Then an idea came to mind.

"Well if you are serious there is always..."

"Oh no! You are not going to bring that up? I told you no. It is wrong, perverted. Think of something else." She said actually backing up as if there was something dangerous in front of her.

I had had this fantasy of watching my wife with her long legs wrapped around a muscular black stud as he drilled her pussy and her sanity into the next week. I wanted to watch her scream things a porn actress would be ashamed of saying as he took her to new levels of satisfaction that I could only dream about.

Of course her upbringing said something else. "I will ruin my family if it ever gets out. Why not me and another woman, I might do that if you get me drunk enough." As tempting as that was I still had that fantasy of her interracial breeding.

Sometimes it was set in a barn. Her on all fours on a platform with nothing on but a thick leather collar chained around her neck. Several black men making her lick their assholes and balls then they fuck her for hours, at first she pleads for them not to do it but by the end she begs to be impregnated with their seed. Sick? Maybe, but it is what turns me on. And the more she fought against it the more I wanted to see it happen.

"Okay then let's get the counselors. What were their numbers?" Now she knew that she would have to be the one to go through all the public airing of the dirty laundry. She would have to be the "bad" one.

"Look! What if I just make out with a black guy? Would that be enough, maybe play with a dildo later?" I told her no. It went back and forth for a while but finally we agreed, she would give a hand job and maybe suck his cock.

The day arrived, we of course went to a hotel, out of town. My wife was nervous, so I had room service bring up two drinks.

She was about to start the "I can't believe you are going to make me go through with this speech." but she realized she was in the wrong. I had made all the arrangements. I had found through some swingers magazines a man who had the sort of cock my wife needed for her introduction to black dick. Me and the guy talked and he seemed excited to take a crack at a dyed in the wool small town queen.

There was a knock on the hotel room door, I opened the door and let Eric in. He was bald, muscular and tall. He confidentially walked into the room smiling. He looked over my wife and introduced himself to her. Tammy looked a bit uncomfortable and greeted him with the same politeness that she would use when inviting a salesman into our home.

"I don't think this is going to work. I can't go through with it." She said.

"Why not? What are you afraid of? Believe me I have dealt with racists like you in past, and have been able to win them over. Is this what you fear?" He said opening his pants and pulling out one of the biggest cocks I had ever seen. Even semi-hard it hung there at about eight inches and looked far thicker than mine.

"I am not afraid." Tammy said, but despite her words her eyes kept glimpsing down at the man's dick. She turned to me calling me a pervert for wanting her to touch it. "But still I said I would and I shall." She went into her bag and got out a pair of blue gloves like one wears when doing the dishes and put them on. The guy laughed as we sat down on the couch. She took out a bottle of lube and rubbed it between her gloved hands making them shine.

I watched as she reached forward and grasped his cock. "Finally the end of segregation." He joked as she held his cock in her hand, then she pumped his meat up and down. Her eyes focused on it as it seemed to grow bigger and thicker with each stroke.

"I'd like it if you'd cup my balls with one hand while you stroked me with the other."

"See here sir, you do not order me around." She shot back.

"Very well, but you have heard the rumors. I can last nearly all day. So if you want me to finish quicker you will help me out a bit." He said. She thought it over and put one hand underneath his balls.

He reach over to touch her breasts and she pulled away. "No! Just a hand job. And you would not even be getting that if my husband was not such a pervert." She said.

"Well then is it okay if he touches them. Just watching would help to get me off quicker." She was a little bit tentative as she tried to figure out if she was being tricked, then she said reluctantly that she would do anything to get this done sooner with mutterings about how her family would kill and disown her, in no particular order if they ever caught her doing this.

I reached around her and touched her tits though her bra and tight red sweater.

"You know it must have killed those men on the plantation to know their slaves were packing bigger cocks than they were, with their wives nearby." He said to taunt her.

"You don't have to insult my family or state." She fired back all the while rubbing that big African cock.

"I am not. And I think I want to get out of here. So let me see your tits I'll finish and this will be over."

She thought about it and then told me to take pull up her sweater. I did so and pulled down her bra. Even though she probably despised him she still wanted him to compliment her. He held back manipulating her mind.

I played with her breasts rubbing her nipples with my thumbs. I then kissed the back of her neck and felt her shiver.

"I bet this is turning you on having two men so close to you." He said.

"I can only count my husband. If you are referring to gentlemen." She said.

He laughed and told her to look at the mirror across the room, at how sexy she looked pumping that big cock of his. Her eyes did get wider at the sight of her own reflection. When she realized that we were looking at her she got all red faced and had a bit of retaliatory anger. "I am not enjoying this one bit." She said in a huff.

"No I think you are enjoying all the attention, I bet that little blond pussy of yours is nice and wet right about now. I can practically smell it." He said sniffing the air.

He gave me a look that said it all. I reached up her skirt. She tried to smack my hand away, but I snaked it inside her panties. Her pussy was wetter than I ever felt it to be.

"Honey!" she screamed out in protest but I kept fingering her. "What are you doing? This is not right."

"I thought it was only not right if he touches you, instead of me." I said continuing to play with her. "And right about now I want to see that pretty mouth of yours wrapped around his dick."

She called out my name, asking what sort of husband would want his wife to do such a thing. I told her she did not mind putting me through months of bullshit therapy while all the while she had done that selfsame thing with a friend of the family. "At least I am going to enjoy watching. Now kiss that fat black cock head. You know you want to do it. You just need to be "forced" to do so."

"I-I-I. Oh gracious! What if.." She ran through her inner struggle then she leaned forward. She stopped halfway. "Would you please put on a rubber at least."

This made him laugh. He said he wanted her to taste the "flavor." I worked her pussy some more. "You bullies!" She said almost childishly, as she leaned forward and then after what seemed a thousand years, the lips that must have said the "N-word" a thousand times kissed his fat dark purple cock-head, leaving her lipstick on it.

She nerved herself up and then took him into her mouth. It was the sexiest thing I had ever seen. "I can barely fit this thing into my mouth." She said then stretched her lips around it again. He said things were getting warm and took off his sweater showing off muscles only gained through practically living in the gym. My wife got a little bit uncomfortable but I could see her checking out his abs. I removed her sweater, then her bra so she sat half naked on the couch.

I started to finger fuck her some more, she cried it was not fair, but then she wrapped her mouth around his cock yet again with more enthusiasm than before. He kidded her that she was getting used to the flavor. Then to show his new command of her he put his hands on her tits and squeezed them.

"Man! Why don't you fuck your old lady while she sucks me off." He said, I knew where this was leading.

I got up on the couch on my knees and grasping her hips I moved her up onto the couch also and onto her knees. At this point she knew she could not argue. I hiked up her skirt which took me back to the years of my youth when we had to grab a "quickie" I rolled her panties down and pushed in to her. To my amazement she came after only a few strokes. She had no reason to fake it, if anything she would have acted like she did not enjoy it. I fucked her for a few minutes, and felt like I was about to bust my nut inside of her. I slowed down the fucking to last longer. Then he said the words that would change everything, "Maybe we should switch spots." He got up as he kicked off his shoes. He reached into his pants pocket and took out a small cellophane packet, ripping it open he rolled the rubber tightly onto his dick.

He took a step or two and let his pants drop to the floor and stepped out of him. I pulled out of my wife. She started to get up, "I am not going to let some..." and checked herself, she continued "other man fuck me."

"I know what you were going to say and you know something, this is just what you need. You fucked around on your husband and that was okay. He did it and you put him through pure hell. Now I don't quite get why he wants to see a black man bang your racist little ass. But I think it is what you need to stop feel guilty.

He got behind her grabbing her hips and pulling her ass high in the air. "Now I think it is time to desegregate that pussy of yours."

My wife always wanting to get in the last word said to me, "Only this once, then I hope it is out of your sys..." She was interrupted by him pushing himself into her, stretching her out like she had never been before. She made a small gasp and then he pushed harder until his head popped inside of her making her gasp.

"Look in that mirror girl, that is the way it should be. It was what your great grandma wanted." He said as he fucked my wife. I wanted to stick my cock in her mouth but I was getting off too much hearing her moan and groan. I should have been jealous but there was something about watching my wife be a whore for another man that turned me on like nothing else.

He turned her around without pulling out of her so now he was on top of her. He sucked on her tits, then he kissed her, she tried to pull back, which made him kiss her all the harder. "I know you are loving having a black cock inside of you, let go."

He shifted her again so she was on top of him while he sat on the couch, facing towards him. "You like watching me fuck another man don't you?" She said bouncing up and down on his rubber encased cock. I told her I did. All she had on now was our wedding ring and the gloves she had not taken off. It was a kind of fetish look.

"You like humiliating me like this, if this got out my family would disown me." She cried, then I noticed the rubber was slipping off his cock from her bouncing up and down on him. I debated it I should tell her or not.

"Honey his rubber is slipping off." I decided to let her make the choice.

"Oh shit!" she said actually stopping to think about what she was going to do next. She got up trying to fix it, but he slipped it off , then he pulled her back down onto it.

"No you need to feel the cum in you." He said beginning to thrust again. She started to say something but then to my surprise she began bouncing up and down on his cock again with even more gusto than before.

She saw the look on my face and said that it was after all what I wanted. I grew even more excited thinking of her fertile pussy bouncing up and down on his cock over and over again.

When he came he held her by the waist and pumped his seed into her. She got off of his cock and turned around putting her ass high in the air telling me to fuck her now.

"Fuck my black fucked hole. Stick it in me now that a better man has had me. That's it fuck me harder." She cried out. I thought she had gone insane as she moaned and wiggled like she never had before. Too my shame I came in less than five minutes. She got down on her knees and sucked his cock without shame now. Her face bright red as she crammed it down her throat to the point of gagging.

"Spank me! Tell me what a slut I am!" she said looking up at him pleadingly. He took her over his knee and spanked her ass red and raw saying how she was going to be knocked up by a black cock before the night was done. How he was going to come back and share her with his friends.

Then he fucked her again, even longer than before, and I again took sloppy seconds as he got dressed to leave.

Naked she pressed up against him and kissed him deeply before letting him out the door. Then she turned to me, "I can't believe you made me do that." She said kissing me deeply.

I told her she loved every second of it, and now her ass seemed a lot looser for the experience. After a weekend with one or two minor fights and a whole lot more sex than either of us were used to we started to talk. We had both cheated on each other (my wife two times, but once was with my permission); and then we realized we also had another thing in common, Charlotte. She had been the one to tip the hat both times. Was she just a gossip or was it something more?

In the middle of the night my wife woke up to realize something else. "That bitch!" I asked her who she was talking about. She told me she had beaten out Charlotte for home coming queen. "She never forgave me. That bitch." In the morning we thought of how we could and would give Charlotte a bit of payback. But like many things in life in a small close nit town it would be complicated...

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