tagIncest/TabooSmart Girls Rule Ch. 01

Smart Girls Rule Ch. 01


As a father of an adorable bit of fluff, I have to admit that girls are smarter than boys. Not only do they develop faster, they learn to be more realistic, and can leap over societal illogic that was induced by massive mind control. Long before they enter college, they learn that their 'coochie' (a parent concocted word) is really a pussy, and it takes high school to teach them that it is supposed to be a forbidden 4 letter word, - so they spell it correctly - as pusy, unlike us males that succumb to the abuse of spell checker!

Rita is a cute little girl of 5' 3" stature, with a touch of 'baby fat', a blue-eyed lady now that is just starting into sculpting her body through exercise because she is now 18, and is in college - through an accelerated program. She discovered the difference between boys and girls at 11, but suffered through this torment because of a dominant ultra conservative mom, so daddy's free thinking never really penetrated. Now liberated, she wants to be more competitive because her femininity is motivating her into a tribal family life, with the thought of new life as a blessing – that is when she is ready! She is still living at home to maintain tribal comfort, with the only restrictions imposed is to participate in the maintenance of our household. She definitely is PHD material.

"Dad, I have a problem!"

"Ok Rita, how can I help?"

"Well, it is now becoming much more serious, and we have to keep it between you and me Dad. What time is mom coming home?"

"A couple of hours dear, are you planning to play musical parents? If I say no to you, are going to ask the true power in hope of a better answer?"

"Silly, this is about your favorite subject, and I need help in finding a solution."

"Oh my god, you're talking about Sex! Ok sweetheart, I will be your guru. So what do you need to know?"

"May I remind you I am an open minded free thinking female, thanks to your influence. Being in our modern society with more education available, I probably can teach you a few things about sex; however, I am hung up on the primitive side of it. When I am with boys I can really get hot when they fool around, but I just can't allow them to go all the way, for my sexual relief. So the problem is, I still have a cherry (I believe), although some boys have put fingers into my pussy giving me enough relief to give them the blow job of their life, for payback. Regardless, I believe I have earned the title of prick teaser, and I need to turn that around. Will you help me?"

"Now you have me totally flustered Rita, besides turning me on! I suppose you do know boys cocks have a guiltless mind of there own, and I am stretching a bit, that is to keep it in control dear."

"Good, lets keep it simple. I want to give my cherry to someone that I can share the adventure with, that has affection for me, and not the empty headed creeps that I intend to use later in life, that is until I find a replacement for my initial correspondent. Dad, please help me? I need you to help get me past this - by being my first."

"All my life I had hoped for wild adventures, just like this darling, and even though you can see my cock is tenting my pants, I still have reservations of doing it with my daughter! Is there any other way?"

"Although mom couldn't possibly understand it, I just feel I need you in that special way. Please Daddy, help me, I have even bought rubbers so you would be able to cum inside me, and that is what I want! Total mutual satisfaction."

"King cock wins! Go to your bedroom and remove your clothes, and get into bed and I will be there shortly, after a quick shower – cold to insure control."

In the shower I am musing how pink her cheeks were, as she skipped her happy face off to her bedroom, and that although she was wearing a skirt, I never even saw her panties, yet I will soon see all of her in her glory!

The shower door opens, and in steps Rita. She pulls me to her and our lips meet. I am kissing a lusty naked woman, her mouth open with her tongue darting against mine. She proudly feels my cock pressing against her body, whereas she snickers looking me in the eye stating, "you boys are all alike, when pussy enters the room you come to attention. Let me take care of the preliminaries."

With that she goes onto her knees and starts kissing the head of my cock while I place my hands tenderly upon her head to stabilize the act. She starts to intensely suck until I feel pressure build in my balls, and I warn her that I am getting too close. She gets up, and I lift her, while pressing my erection between her thighs so we can both feel the passion build, while rubbing her clitoris with my shaft. We share another intimate kiss before we break apart - and quickly towel off.

We both charge for her bedroom where she makes a dive for the bed, and I turn the lights on. I tell her that I want us to record all the visual moments of her devirgination for posterity, and that brings a big grin onto her face. "Daddy knows best!"

We start kissing again pressing our bodies close together. I move down a bit and start licking on her exposed nipples, then start sucking on them. She lets out her first small moan.

"I thought you were a pussy man Dad? Mmm, You haven't checked me out to see how wet I am."

With that as an enticement I move down and she spreads her legs to give me access to her sex. I see her pussy's dew upon her pubic hairs, wetting her lips. This is too much, and I move forward and attempt to stick my tongue into her sopping cunt.

"Oh no Daddy, stop!" She starts to fumble with something on the nightstand; while I visualize the words "prick teaser" swarming in my mind.

"Daddy, put this on before we get too carried away."

"Oh, yes darling, but since I am to be your teacher, you should practice putting it on me."

After she playfully gives me a few sucks, she rolls it down my prick.

"Another first for your little girl, now we can get back to fooling around with a bit of insurance. You were about to eat me, and I am ready for it Dad, show no mercy!"

God she is juicy! I nibble on her lips, attempt to fuck her with my tongue while she thrashes about helplessly. Sliding up to her clitoris, I find it exposed for nibbling - that triggers her undulations and moans. Separating I slide my body up to look into her eyes. She feels my cock at her entrance, her cuntal lips kissing its bulbous head. She kisses me tenderly and relaxes. "Yes Daddy, I am ready to do the thing I was designed for."

With that I slowly enter while our tongues interplay. Pressing deeper and deeper seeking resistance, I feel my testicles bump against her ass, and I know I am to the hilt. "You are perfect darling, you really know how to relax." I whisper into her ear - on the edge of a small moan on my part.

"God you feel good Daddy. It didn't hurt at all? I guess those boys did most of it with their fingers, uhh, but I am glad you are the one that did the job properly. Oh Daddy," she pants as she looks deeply into my eyes. Now that you have made me into functioning woman, let us go all the way!"

We start moving together for a while letting her soak in the reality of what is transpiring and become more comfortable with it, only for me to stop and remove my cock from her dilated cunt, creating a worried expression upon her face.

"Let's stop fooling around and go for your first full real sexual orgasm Rita."

With that I pull back and place her legs upon my shoulders bending her double, opening her sex wide, I drag my cock to her opening and hungrily thrust into her making her scream with pleasure. I start pumping into her while she starts spasming and counter thrusting onto my invading cock.

"Oh Daddy, this is utterly beautiful." She moaned out at the verge of tears. "I never dreamed it would be so wonderful. Please fuck me and never stop."

After a couple of minutes of intense fucking, I feel her starting to shutter. "Oh Daddy, I feel so strange, I can't stop, and yet it is almost too intense."

Another Oh, and she stops and stiffens, making animal sounds. Her cunt is now frantically milking my cock that is exploding torrents of cum into her pussy. She is now relaxing, looking into my eyes with a big grin again on her face - matching mine.

I move back and let her legs down to be more comfortable.

With my cock replaced into her cunt she admits, "Dad, this is a wonderful secret that we both share, and we will keep it forever. Thank you lover! But we better get cleaned up, we don't want mom catching us!"

After a few more strokes I begin to soften. "Yes baby, oops girlfriend now."

As I go into the john to flush the evidence, and clean up, I go into shock!

"Rita, the condom is missing!"

We frantically check the bed with and no sign of the damn thing.

"Dad, don't worry for now. Get dressed and I will spray air freshener to kill the smell of our sex for now. Later on I will strip the sheets and wash them, and check to see if the condom is there, or whether it is stuck inside me. Thank God there is no bloody mess. I had thought you were big so I got large, now I know to get standard. Lets just worry about one thing at a time." She then started dressing.

When mom finally came home we were sitting smugly in front of the TV. Although feeling somewhat criminalized, I was proud of the way my little girl reacted to stress. She really is a woman now and I feel proud of my contribution; I can see she will be a very successful woman.


"Hi Dad, I just couldn't talk to you this morning with mom around. Just wanted to tell you the thing is out, and the hole is empty. In fact it almost fell out!" Modulated with a nervous chuckle.

"I gotta go to my next class, I love you."

"I love you too, Rita. We will talk later. Have fun and don't work too hard."

I am on pins and needles until Rita gets home. She pops in with a cheery "hi Dad," plops her books on the coffee table, and rushes into my arms. "I feel great thanks to you lover."

I am taken back a bit, but am enjoying her gregarious attitude.

"It looks like mating really agrees with you my love. Let's sit on the couch and talk. As usual mom will be late again."

"Ok Dad, and yes, today I was able to breeze through the school pressure without a care in the world, thanks to you."

"But what happened is dangerous dear! You could be knocked up – who knows what evil sperm can muster? Aren't you worried?"

"Dad, grow up! We take things as they come. I didn't plan to be alive, yet here I am! If I don't survive the pee test next week, we will worry about it then. For now we will be more careful. I went and bought a pack of regular size. Care for a quickie?" her face beaming, and blue eyes smiling.

"Dr Frankenlove apparently created a monster here! Look Rita, I still have obligations to my wife, and if unable perform because of excessive drainage, the woman will catch on sooner or later. I love your mother, and wish to be her partner forever. Yes, I do realize her night adventures may be because she is banging a lover, however she is a individual adult, and should do what is best for her."

"Well Dad I really must congratulate you for having such an open mind, but for now my new experience is too vivid, and I really do need you to seal the pleasure - and pad down the demand. I am taking my panties off, and please fill my cunt. Let me put your condom on – this time I will do it right."

"Darn it Rita, now I am one flustered dude with a soft off, and this may be the night mom might make demands."

"Dad, please don't fight me, just one orgasm and I will leave you alone. Now that I have my panties off, lets see your Frankenlove monster, and try to revive him. Here I am zipping you open, and gosh out he comes like a tiny wiener. Hang on dad and we will give him some artificial respiration so he can enjoy his real home."

"I give up!" while I watch my cock inflate inside Rita's mouth. Looking at her pussy I can see she is capable of swallowing me whole without being cautious.

Once I am resurrected, she whips out a condom and slides the snug fitting rubber down my cock.

"Hold on Dad", as she crawls into my lap to straddle me. Taking my cock and pressing it to her wet lips, she lurches forward and engulfs my prick with her heat and wetness. "Just relax and let me do it. Uh, I am on a short fuse here."

I then pull her close to me and place my lips upon hers, while she starts bucking intensely and kissing me frantically. After a couple minutes I say "Rita, since you are experimenting, lets do it a bit different. Get off dear, and put your forearms on the arm of the couch, while bending over. That's the girl, now spread your legs a bit further - and here is daddy doggy."

"Umph, this feels a bit different Dad, I like it! Oh, you are now slamming it into me! Shit, I can't hold this off. Here I cum." As she is now orchestrating her orgasm by undulating her pussy vengefully - forcing me to spew my sperm into the flexible gasket between us.

Gleefully we both race to the john. This time the rubber is intact, and Rita marvels how much cum is in it.

"You know Dad, when the rubber fell off the first time, it felt better to me, and I was able to feel you squirting; and I kind of missed that today. After I find out whether or not I am pregnant, I hope to enjoy it natural again, without the damn condom. If I'm still furtile, I will get mom to help me with protection. I will simply tell her one of the boys got my cherry when I couldn't control myself."

After cleaning up, we both hear the sound of Armageddon!

"Daddy, mom is home! You head for your room, and I will head for mine without being caught." Breathing heavily she gropes her drawer for a fresh pair of panties, and just about jumps into them.

Attempting to play it cool, she then saunters into the living room, gets a glimpse of her panties that were left on the couch, and pushes a pillow over them, figuring it would be wise not to sit too close to the evidence.

Mom then wanders toward to the master bedroom.

"So Marvin, how was your day?"

"Smashing Jean, simply smashing, I finally got ahead of the workload that was bothering me this last week, and Rita was a darling keeping out of my way."

A few moments later, after mom's return to the living room Marvin hears. "Rita honey, why do you have your panties on the couch?"

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