Snow White


With this urgency rushing her feet along, she soon found the elven cottage. Fortunately, the little men were away, courting and flirting with a school of mermaids down by the coast. The Dame then realized what a blessing her sudden age was in that the young girl would not recognize the woman who kicked her out of her own home. She scrambled up to the door and banged on it feebly. When the door opened, she was taken back from the pure, stark, raw beauty that revealed itself. Living in the woods, Snow White had matured into a vital, healthy creature with fresh skin and defined features. A plump bosom, confined by a loosely tied corset, pushed it's way through the mass of night stained hair that fell in waves from her bright face. The Dame feigned thirst and fatigue and pleaded for admittance. As she sat by the fire and drank cool draughts from a ladle, Snow told her of the life of observing the elves play their games. She described their activity with such detail and endearment that the Madam, who was a mistress of sin and libido, felt herself get damp and wiggled in her seat.

She wanted to return to the estate and find the nearest boy toy available. As she was leaving, she passed Snow White the apple as payment for her kindness. At first, she was refused out of politeness but the fruit looked so tempting that at last she took it. After the old maid was gone, Snow looked at the red, red apple. A sniff showed that it was odorless and a lick gave no sensation. Finally, a little saliva running out of the corner of her mouth, she took a bite. At first, it seemed to have no intense taste but it left a lingering desire to take another bite. It was as if there was something odd about the taste that she couldn't quite place. She took a chunk out and then another. Soon, the juice was running down her chin as she grabbed the fruit with both hands and shoved it in her mouth. She was down to the core and still did not feel satisfied. She took was last nibble and a tiny, dark seed slipped in between her lips. With a swallow, she felt it catch in her throat. Such a small speck and she choked. With hands upon her throat, she fell in a swoon, a deep sleep stealing over her.

When the Madam returned, so did her youth. She immediately gathered a large force of cut throats to go into the forest and retrieve the girl. The men were wary at first but she convinced them with money and assurances that the feisty youth would give no struggle to her abduction. She then hired a batch of new accountants in anticipation of the revenue her new asset would be bringing into the treasury. The bandits who went to steal away the sleeping princess moved cautiously through the woods, tales of previous attempts and rumors of elves heightening their fears. But the captain of the force laughed at them and described how these elves only knew how to stroke a thigh and ambush a nipple. They were lost in the pleasures of the flesh and knew nothing of the ways of violence. His encouragement lost conviction as an arrow leapt out of his mouth, splitting his tongue as he toppled over. The woods became alive with fleeting forms and flashing eyes. Arrows and knives tore through the leaves and brambles. The brigands tried to escape, dropping their weapons and pride but the elves became hawks swooping down on the scurrying vermin. Their passions transformed into a rage and the rage shred the men into scraps that only the mice in the thickets would find to devour.

The elves returned to their home to ponder upon what they should do with the sleeping Snow White. She lay on the dining table, legs straight out and arms at her side, perfection frozen. Well, they needed to have dinner at some point, so they moved her to the mushroom pavilion by the pond. The birds came out to flit about her and rabbits stood watch. Days and then weeks went by but she never woke up but remained fresh and pure as the first layer of snow of which she was named. The elves would come and read to her but nothing would awaken the slumbering lovely.

A month past till a young man came wandering into the woods, knocking on the cottage door. He came to learn from the elves but they only laughed. But he was so persistent and urgent that they let him hang around to sweep the floors and wash the pots. He tried to approach the vixens that came to the house for pleasures of the flesh but he always chickened out. He was just so shy. When Kisses sympathetically came to talk to him, the man couldn't even look him in the eye. The elf told him to walk up to the first girl he sees there and just plant his lips on hers. With poetic detail, he described the movement and pressure he should apply. The young man soon found a pretty girl waiting by the window but as she turned towards his face with a smile, anxiety got the best of him and he ran away.

Frustrated with his shyness and boiling over with pent up libido, he went for a walk. It wasn't long before he found the sleeping Snow White lying on the table with the watch of forest animals all about her. At first he was stunned by her beauty and thought that he was seeing a statue made by some master sculptor but a closer look showed that she was a living, breathing damsel, deep in a slumber that could not be broken. He sat by her on the table and looked long at her face. It was like no other image he could compare to but watching her was like looking at the moon when she is full and the clouds flow past as hair across a face. So intently did he gaze upon her that he did not notice that he was drawing closer by each second. Soon, his own face was familiarly close to Snow and he could catch the scent of her skin.

Before he was aware of what he was doing, he felt her lips on his own and he heard the voice of Kisses, the elf, telling him just what to do. It was like he couldn't pull away, her mouth was quenching a thirst he had buried so long. His tongue found it's way between her lips and he explored the warm, wet recesses of her mouth. Finally, in need of breadth, he lifted his head and as he did so, he felt something fall out of her mouth. He was not sure if it was himself or if he heard her give a sigh of relief and longing. He had finally found someone who made him feel comfortable and sure. Maybe it was the fact that she was asleep that eased him in the beginning but after kissing her, he knew that it was so much more. He knew she was a good, caring girl that knew exactly what life was all about just from the taste of her mouth. He would awaken her if it took the rest of his life. A kiss had sparked some semblance of consciousness. He needed to know more to bring her through the veil of slumber. He ran back to the cottage to get more advice.

From the time that she took the first bite to the point of the seed slipping out, Snow White was deep in her own passionate, complicated, afflicted universe. She saw the whole scope of her life from her tragic birth, witnessing the vices of perversion, the honest lust of the elves and now the endearing kiss of a young man. Deep inside, she discovered the passion and lust that she had always felt but disguised as anger and pride. She never let the libido flow knowing how it killed her mother and destroyed the lives of the young prostitutes who worked at her home. As she lay there the weeks through, she felt the urge to be touched and to taste the flesh of another. When the young man came to sit by her, in a dream state she saw everything from above. But the moment that the seed came out, she was drawn back into her body and felt an incredible heat warm her insides and she ached to pull him back on top of her. But she hesitated perhaps because for too long she had avoided and despised sex.

The elves made her see the beauty of it all but still she couldn't bring herself to engage in the abandonment of flesh. However, she was thrilled when she heard the man approach again with eager steps. He had spoken to Caresses who told him just what to do. He gingerly trailed his finger tips over her skin. Where ever she was exposed, he ran his hands along with the slightest amount of pressure. Even over her clothes, he felt her body beneath the fabric as the sweat began to roll. This excited Snow White so much that she began to move. To her utter disappointment, this caused him to suddenly get up and run away. She was so distressed that she almost jumped up and chased after him. But she lay still, just trembling slightly. Fortunately, he soon ran back and once again lay his hands on her body. But this time, the pressure was much harder and repetitive. Moving over her form, along the curves and crevices, his hands stroked her limbs and torso. There was a hungry urgency to his rhythm as he kneeled atop. Every inch of her body was rubbed and some areas received more attention than others. She accidentally let out a moan and just as she feared, he ran off leaving her panting and clenching her fists in frustration.

But his return brought a deeper joy. With slow, careful fingers, he undid the laces and buttons of her dress. It was all that she could do to lay still and not tear the material off herself. With each inch of newly exposed skin, he trailed his tongue and kissed her body which felt so hot and sensitive. Lips, teeth and tongue explored and salivated her flesh, making her wet inside and out. Laying atop of her clothes, she wiggled and moaned as she thrust her hips up towards his face. But this movement seemed to waken him from his reverie and he looked at her face. For a second, she remembered her embarrassment and lay still. But when she snapped out of it and reached for him, he was gone. She beat the table and cried out so that she almost didn't hear him return. Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed that he was taking his tunic off as he ran back. This time there was no hesitation on his part. He lied on top of her and wrapped his arms about her waist and shoulders. She felt his young muscles as he squeezed her against himself. All the while, he moved and pulsed his body against her, like a wave flowing against the shores of a tiny, circular island way down in the South. She threw her arms about him and pulled him down hard to her. This sudden action made him look at her again.

But as her eyes were shut tight, he thought that she was still asleep. To her absolute despair, he got up to pull his trousers on and ran off again to who cares knows where. But he wasn't gone for nearly the same length as usual and he returned to climb back on top of her naked, sweaty body. But first, he reviewed all that he had learned. Fingers revisited the soft bumps and lengths of skin. His mouth followed suit and he licked the salty drops that formed on her. When his mouth found hers, they interlocked and she wrapped her arms and legs about him to make sure that he did not go anywhere this time. They squirmed and rocked, trying to press into each other till finally, like two puzzle pieces finding the right placement, they connected. At that moment, she opened her eyes and looked deeply into his. They paused for a second and then slowly began to move. In circular grinds, they separated from each other just enough and then deliberately pushed into the other. They concentrated on keeping in unison as they looked into each others eyes but as the pace began to build, she shut her lids and tilted her head up. He placed his hands firmly on the table and created a motion that sent waves of ecstasy through her body. It was a good thing that the table was made of thick oak with two mighty tree stumps for legs as anything weaker would have surely cracked. In a blinding flash of release, they moaned into their ears and collapsed gently on each other.

They lay there for a few moments when he suddenly startled. "There is one more elf I have to talk to because he said that his trick was the best," he said to her urgently.

She just pulled him back down and said, "Never mind, I'll tell you about him later" and they lay there till the moon came out to shine.

The elves were pleased as punch to see Snow White up and moving about again. And they were even more pleased when they knew that it was their once inept student who brought her out of slumber and chastity. But as the two became more acquainted, he was outraged at the mistreatment that she received in her own home. It was pleasant enough living in the cottage but her home was in the old estate. He devised a plan.

The Madam was fresh and attractive again well within the walls of the manor. She made as much money as ever and even the sting of never getting Snow White as a product did not bother her too much. But when word came that someone had captured her and was willing to sell her for a handsome sum, she immediately sent her acceptance. Standing at the castle gate, she saw the once princess tied up and brought by a single, young man. Her prize was finally coming home, she thought. At each step, she was making calculations as to the revenue that would be brought in by the unwilling, buxom girl. But just as she neared the estate, a struggle occurred. It appeared that Snow broke out of the ropes and struck down the captor. Immediately, she turned about and ran back to the forest. The madam screamed in anger and shouted for the guards to follow.

At first, they were hesitant but when she herself ran out down the hill, they followed behind. The Madam was quick upon the heels of Snow White and boldly dived into the woods, secure that her troops were right behind her. But she was so intent on catching the renegade beauty that she did not notice when her men were cut to ribbons the second they entered the forest. As silent as bats, the elves dropped down on the guards to slice them like melons. Still the queen ran on, her steps faltering and breath failing. She realized too late the aging that occurred to her once she left the estate. There she was, an old, greedy, vain woman chasing after a young, beautiful girl. Each step brought another year and finally, she collapsed. As she lay panting on the ground, Snow returned to her and looked down upon the old witch.

For years, she had thought about this moment and believed that she would snap her neck like a dried piece of wood but all the anger and hate had left her. Her passion found something more fun to occupy itself with now. She helped the woman up and led her to the cottage. She told the elves that this old woman would make a good maid and would cook and clean up for them after their pagan orgies. Snow White and her lover returned to the mansion. The remaining prostitutes cheered to see her return. She announced that she was going to begin a co-op and that they were all invited to stay. The simplicity and joy that once reigned over the lands was brought back but there was still a lot of sex going on.

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