tagIncest/TabooSoccer Dads Ch. 01

Soccer Dads Ch. 01


Note: Just a fantasy story about Soccer dads and their hot teenage daughters. Hope you enjoy it. All rights reserved.


Everyone knows about soccer moms who have the special license plates and bumper stickers. But in Redmond, Colorado it was mostly the fathers who did the taxi service to and from the soccer practices and game. Most of the women in the community worked at the Air Force base so they were basically the breadwinners while the fathers were stay-at-home dads.

Dan Brown stood by the bleachers watching his 18 year-old daughter Manni dribbling the ball from one sideline to the other. Her blonde ponytail flopped as she ran and he could see her well-developed breasts bouncing along with her hair.

Paul Johnson was also admiring Manni as well as his daughter Alexis who had only developed recently.

"The girls look great," he said over to his fellow soccer dad Dan.

"Yeah, but I'm thinking that they are looking too good. You know..the boys will be bothering them to quit soccer."

Manni and Alexis ran over to coach Bob when he blew the whistle. Their other best friend Dora moved next to them.

"Next week we will be traveling to Denver for the state championship. I will need one of your parents to go or will need a permission slip from your parents if you will stay with someone else."

As the coach handed out the slips Manni turned to Alexis and Dora. "Maybe we can all stay in the same room?"

"I can't. My dad won't share a room with another man," Dora frowned. "He has the homophobia thing going."

"Same here," Alexis said.

"OK so I guess we stay with our dads."

During the ride home from practice Manni asked her father again. "Why can't I stay in a room with Alexis and you share a room with her father?"

Dan shook his head. "I think it will be better if we share a room. I really don't know her father that well."

Manni had not shared a hotel room with her parents since she was like ten years old. "OK but don't be embarrassed if I dress very casual."

"Manni, you're my daughter. I've seen you in your undies before."

"OK, you asked for it," Manni grinned. She texted Alexis about the conversation and Alexis texted her back that she would do the same to her dad. If they embarrassed them enough maybe the fathers would allow them to stay together. They also contacted Dora who said she would do the same.

It was later that night when Dan's wife Angie talked to him about the hotel arrangements. "Manni told me that you don't want to share a room with another dad so the girls can stay together."

"Angie I don't want to stay with another guy. It's different with men."

"Are you afraid that he might seduce you?" She joked.

"No, but I'm not going to be comfortable staying with another guy. Besides they only give you one remote control for the TV."


The following Monday morning Dan and Mannie picked up Paul and Alexis. It was a two-hour drive to Denver so the girls curled up under blankets in the backseat in their pajamas while the men sat in the front. They followed the caravan of cars out onto the interstate.

"Do you want to start now?" Manni whispered to Alexis after they were an hour into the trip.

"Now? What do you want to do?"

"After we stop for a pee break we can get a change of clothes from the trunk and change here in the back seat."

"You are so bad," Alexis said looking over the front seat at the back of Mr. Brown's head. She had always had a crush on him and to be teasing him would be so much fun.

"We're going to stop," Dan said back to the girls. "You better use the restroom because we have over an hour to go."

The group headed to the rest stop and most of the girls were wearing baggy cotton pajamas that hid their bodies well. When they headed back to the cars Manni asked her father to pop the trunk so they could get something from their bags.

Dan figured it was an IPOD or something so Paul and he waited until the girls closed the trunk and moved back into the backseat. "We're off. Put on your seatbelts." He looked in the mirror and saw big smiles on both girls' faces.

"When are we going to do it?" Alexis whispered to Manni. They still had the large blanket covering their bodies.

"Now," Manni replied. "Alexis and I are going to change our clothes so don't peek back here."

"Do it fast because I want your seatbelts back on you as fast as possible." Dan said looking into the rear view mirror.

Manni and Alexis moved under the blanket and unbuttoned their pajama tops. Although they had seen each other in underwear this was the first time they would see each other naked. When the buttons were undone they pulled off their tops and peeked over at the other's bare boobs.

Manni wanted to get the men's attention so she reached over and cupped Alexis' smaller right breast.

"HEY NO TOUCHING!" Alexis said knowing what Manni was doing.

Paul heard his daughter's cry and instinctively turn but he couldn't see anything but the blanket. "What's going on?"

"Manni grabbed my boob," Alexis said trying not to laugh.

"Manni please," Dan said trying to keep his mind on the road and not the teenage girls touching each other.

Manni moved her head out and saw Paul looking back. It was then that Alexis cupped Mannie's nearest breast. "HEY SHE'S DOING IT TO ME NOW!"

Paul was about to turn back around but the blanket slipped downward until he saw his daughter's hand covering Manni's pure white right breast. His eyes quickly followed the blanket on the left side downward until her bare titty and light pink nipple appeared.

Manni made sure he got a good look and jerked the blanket back up. She moved back under the blanket again and watched as Alexis lifted her hips and pushed off her pajama bottoms and panties at the same time. She saw that her friend had neatly trimmed her dark bush and also that Alexis was as moist as she was.

Alexis could see Manni checking out her body and smiled. She waited until Manni too was naked and then grabbed Manni's clean panties.


"Shit," Dan gasped as he peeked into the mirror but it was aimed too high. He quickly directed it lower until he saw the bodies under the blanket.

Paul too was peeking back but could only see Manni's bare feet and lower legs sticking out the bottom. After seeing her bare breast he wanted to see more.

"NO!" Alexis laughed before turning around onto her front. She hid Manni's panties under her body.

Manni knew that the guys had to be looking so she grabbed the far side of the blanket and pulled.

"OH GOD!" Alexis screamed feeling the blanket leaving her backside. She realized her bare buttocks were now visible to the men's eyes.

Both Dan and Paul saw the wonderful firm and round butt cheeks and as she tried to reach back and pull the blanket back her legs opened enough to show a few dark pubic hairs.

Alexis pulled the blanket back and turned over to hand Manni her panties. Both girls were totally turned on now as they pulled on their panties and bras.

"Are you through playing around?" Dan asked now with sweat beads on his forehead. His left hand fell to his lap to over his hard bulge. Next to him Paul was doing the same.

"Yes," Alexis said moving out from under the blanket displaying her sports bra. Manni did the same next to her. They both saw the rearview mirror directed down at them and giggled.


After a long check-in to get everyone together they went upstairs to unpack and settle into their rooms. "Hey! We are next to each other," Alexis said. They hurried and opened the door to discover the rooms were adjoining. "Cool," Manni said after opening her adjoining door and waiting for Alexis to do the same.

"Shit," Paul said peeking over at Manni's boobs covered by the golden sports bra. He could see the shape of her nipples and remembered how the one looked naked.

"Let's go swimming," Manni said to her father after they tossed their clothes in the small dresser under the TV.

"I'm going to rest a little." Dan grabbed the remote and sat on the far bed with a pillow behind his back.

Manni pulled out her new red bikini and closed the adjoining door. "Close your eyes while I get my bikini on."

"Jesus Manni why don't you do it in the bathroom?"

"I told you that if we were going to share a room then I was going to be myself." She unsnapped her shorts and pushed down the zipper.

"Fuck," Dan thought when he saw her flat and pink stomach and then the white lace of her panties. He quickly closed his eyes and waited.

Manni was nervous undressing in front of her father even if he did have his eyes closed. She pushed down her shorts and removed her bra and turned to push off her panties. She was about to put her feet into her bikini bottoms when someone knocked on the adjoining door. She quickly turned and looked as her father opened his eyes and saw her naked backside. "DAD!" She cried out. She watched him close his eyes again and smiled as she walked naked to the door and cracked it open. She saw Alexis's face.

"Are you ready?" Alexis asked as she pushed the door open and saw Manni's naked hip. "Are you naked?" She whispered.

"Yes, I'm getting dressed," Manni whispered back.

"Where is your father?"

"On the bed with his eyes closed," Manni giggled. "But he peeked when you knocked."

Dan heard the girls whispering and peeked out again. Seeing his daughter naked was bad but she was so beautiful. He checked out her long tanned legs and magnificent ass.

"I'll knock when I'm dressed," Manni smiled and closed the door. She turned for the first time displaying her naked front and saw that her dad had a hard-on under his shorts. After pulling up her bikini bottom she put on the top. "OK you can look now."

"When did you get that?" Dan asked noting that it was very tiny and did a horrible job covering her breasts.

"Last week." She moved to the door and knocked before opening it. Seconds later Alexis came into their room wearing the same bikini.

"Whoa," Dan grinned seeing the shorter more stacked girl's body. As he took in her features Manni went it to say hello to Mr. Johnson.

"Aren't you coming to the pool?" Alexis ask as she moved closer to the bed. She too saw his excitement and knew that Manni was seeing her father's at the same time.

"I'll be...uh..down soon," Dan said trying not to look directly at her nice and firm chest.

"Good, I'll be waiting," she said before pivoting around to display her backside, which he had already seen naked in the car.

"Bye dad," Manni said when she came from the other room, closed the adjoining door and walked outside with Alexis.

Dan closed his eyes knowing the next few days were going to be tough.


Next door, Paul was feeling guilty for starring at his daughter's body when she came out of the bathroom wearing the tiny bathing suit. She had grown a lot since the last time he saw her in a bathing suit. Then to make matters worse Manni came in wearing an even smaller bikini.


Alexis and Manni stopped in the hallway. "God, they are so turned on," Manni smiled. "Both have boners."

"I know," Alexis grinned. "I saw my father looking at me when I was naked. Do you think that this is so wrong?"

"Men like to look and our dads are men," Alexis answered. "But that should be it. I mean they can't...you know..touch us or..or us them."

"It's not fair though. I mean we gave them hard-ons and it's not far unless we take care of them."

"You're sick," Alexis gasped. "I'm not going to jerk off my own father."

"That's not what I'm thinking of."

Alexis' eyes and mouth opened wide. "Are you suggesting that..that.."



Dan and Paul came down to the pool twenty minutes later and saw Dora's dad John sitting alone watching the ten or so teen girls running around in little bikinis.

"How are you holding up?" Dan asked John.

"Jesus, did I miss something?" John asked. "When did these girls grow boobs?"

Dan and Paul turned and saw John's daughter Dora sitting on the opposite side of the pool. Her huge breasts glistened with the pool water.

"We missed it too," Paul said sitting down. "I'm just glad there are no horny boys around."

"Just us horny men," Dan laughed. As they gawked at the girls two of the soccer moms on the team joined them. Becky Walden and Mary Kelly sat down next to them. Becky was married but Mary was recently divorced.

"Are you guys going in?" Mary asked checking out the guy's bodies.

"After a beer," Dan grinned. They could see that the women had on bathing suits under their robes. The women had a glass of wine and they too moved into the pool.

"Hi dad," Manni said to Dan when she swam up to him. "Let's play chicken."

"Yeah, let's play," Alexis said to Paul.

They had played this in their younger years but now the girls were not really girls anymore. Manni and Alexis ran to the steps and when their father's knelt down they moved onto their shoulders. For support the men's hands grabbed onto their thighs.

"Come and get me!" Mannie challenged Alexis.

Paul and Dan walked forward until their daughters reached out and grabbed each other. They pushed and pulled while the men did their best to stand up right. The men kept looking up at the gorgeous body across from them.

The pool had basically cleared out as the others headed back to their rooms to shower and change for dinner. Now alone Manni winked at her friend and when they pulled both fell forward next to each other. Their arms dashed around the other one's father who fell down and backwards.

Dan closed his eyes when his body moved under the water. He felt Alexis' breast against his chest and her legs wrap around his hips. He tried to break free but accidentally grabbed onto her covered left breast. He could feel the hard tip through the cloth before he quickly let it go. Their eyes opened underwater when Alexis dropped her right hand and grabbed onto his covered torpedo.

Next to them Manni managed to do the same. She had only jerked off her last boyfriend who was a lot smaller than what she held in her hand.

Paul had not expected it and thought it was an accident at first. He waited for her to let it go but when her fingers measured it and gave it one last squeeze he knew it was planned. As he surfaced he watched as she pulled her bikini from between her buttocks and walked out of the pool. "We're going to take the first showers," Alexis said back to the shocked men.

"Well I guess we might as well hang here for a while," Dan said to Paul. Both guys were still shocked that the girl's had grabbed their package. They were also nervous that this could turn into a big scandal.


Alexis opened the door to their room and then they ran in and started laughing when it closed. "Oh God I can't believe that we just did that," Manni gasped.

"It was your idea," Alexis said trying to catch her breath. "What's next?"

"Oh god I don't know. I mean they might get mad that we did this and tell us to stop."

"Your dad is so big. I never knew it grew that big."

"Same with your dad. So why don't we keep teasing but no more touching. We will know soon if they want this to stop."

"OK," Alexis grinned. She quickly pulled off her top and pushed down her bottoms before Manni could blink two eyes.

"You've got some bod," Manni said looking at the perky nipples and flat stomach.

"Did you like touching my boob?" Alexis asked.

"Hey don't get gay on me," Manni said nervously.

"It did turn on our dads watching us playing around." Alexis reached over and pulled the straps downward until Manni's bare boobs appeared. "Your nipples are harder than mine." She brushed her right thumb over Manni's left nip.

"We....uh..need to get in the showers." Manni pulled her top back up and moved into the next room.

Alexis watched the door close and smiled. She had wondered how it would be with another girl and since Manni was her best friend she had been in most of her wet dreams.


"We are supposed to meet at 6:00PM for dinner downstairs," Paul said to Dan as they stood looking at their rooms. "Call us when you are ready." Dan opened his door and peeked inside. MANNI I'M BACK!"

Paul too announced his entrance but both men heard the showers running in the small bathrooms. They also noticed that the bathroom doors were not completely closed.

Dan started to walk into the bedroom area until he heard his daughter's voice. "DADDY WILL YOU BRING ME MY SHAMPOO? IT'S ON THE DRESSER!"

Dan gulped and grabbed the shampoo. He moved to the opened door and stuck his arm inside. "HERE YOU GO!"

"I CAN'T REACH IT!" She yelled back.

"Shit," He whispered before pushing open the door about halfway and leaning his upper body inside. He was facing away from the shower and reaching back so she could grab it from his hand. It wasn't until he saw pink that he realized he was looking into a semi-frosted mirror as she pulled back the shower door. His eyes met hers and then dropped to her bare breasts and pink tips.

"Thanks Daddy," she grinned looking into the mirror before closing the frosted door.


Paul heard the shower turn off and expected her to use the blow dryer but he saw it on the table next to her purse. He grabbed it and walked to the cracked door. Just as he was ready to knock the door opened and Alexis stood with a white towel tied around her chest and hips. "I...uh...found..uh...uh.."

"Thanks. I was coming out to get it." She took it from him and turned to walk back inside.

Dan's eyes dropped to the bottom of the towel and saw again her pink buttocks. He closed his eyes and turned.

"You need to take a shower," she said as she leaned up to plug in the dryer. "We don't have much time."


She laughed. "Just go in and take off your suit. I can't see through the frosted glass."

Paul knew that he should turn but when she leaned up the towel moved up as well. His daughter's whole ass was now on display. "OK, that will work..I...uh guess." He turned sideways to prevent touching her butt and quickly moved into the shower.

Alexis grinned as she peeked at the shape of his body through the glass. Although she couldn't see details she could see shapes and shadows. When he removed his trunks she saw the darkness of his pubic hairs and then the long shape of his penis. He was hard...very hard.

As she dried her hair she turned towards the shower and watched his hands moving. She finished and moved to the shower door. He was facing the front so when she opened it she saw his whole naked backside. "Do you want me to leave the dryer plugged in?"

"Jesus Alexis. I'm naked. You shouldn't see me like this."

"Why not? I'm your daughter and it's not that big a deal. She continued staring at his firm butt. If we are going to share a room we shouldn't worry about it." She pulled off the towel and leaned in to show him her bare breasts and pink little tips.

"It's not right...we...." Before he could finish she closed the door and walked naked from the room.


Dan heard the water turn off and looked up when Manni walked out wearing only a towel. He quickly looked away. "Are you finished?"

"Yes," she smiled as she walked to the dresser and leaned over to pull out a pair of tiny lime green panties and a pair of black ones. "Should I wear green or black?"

"I really don't think it matters. No one is going to see them," he said seriously. "I better get into the shower.

Manni giggled and smiled when he closed the bathroom door. She heard him lock it and pulled off the towel. After putting on the black panties and matching bra she moved onto her bed and lay face downward.


Paul tried to wait for his manhood to shrink but it never really got all the way down. He wrapped a towel around his hips and moved out into the bedroom. "All done. Are you dressed?" he asked as he turned the corner. He froze when he saw Alexis sitting on the bed wearing only her panties. "ALEXIS!"

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