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Soft Dribble


He looked up between her tan, muscular legs, at the engorged labia. The lips of her hairy pussy glistened with the combination of his saliva, her recent cum, and the first sweet beads of her piss. As she began to bend her knees, the lips slowly spread apart, a clear viscous string of her cum draping across her cunt-hole. As she lowered her body she spoke. "You did such a great job of eating we, sucking my cunt and ass, I am going to dribble my pee all over your face. Do you want me to pee on you Little Boy? Ask sweetly and I may grant your wish, Cunt-eater."

He watched a small, yellow bead course the outer crease of her right labia, roll the length of her taint, and stop to collect itself in the pucker of her asshole. His cock throbbed involuntarily, his own drop of pre-cum falling into his curly pubic hair. "Oh, fuck, yes Mistress, please pee, just dribble all over my face, my lips."

There was laughter in her voice, ""You are really such a Nasty Boy, you are dirty. You want to be so dirty. Your cock just gets harder when you think of me peeing all over your face. Your cock is streaming juice as you think about what's coming. Take some of your cock-juice on your baby-finger and work it softly into my ass. Make your Mistress dribble." Lifting his head slightly, he was able to see she was right. A steady flow of clear pre-cum was running the length of his pulsing cock, pooling at its base. He drew his smallest finger from the base to the bright purple head. She watched without expression. But, he knew she was excited with the thought of his little finger wiggling past her anal sphincter. It triggered her ability to slowly release piss, enjoyably release piss.

Her knees bent to ninety degrees, palms resting just above her knee, she positioned her pussy directly over his face. "Like what you see Cunt-Boy? Ready to catch my pee? Put your finger in my ass, softly and slowly. Work it in your nasty way." He obeyed. The glistening bead resting atop his smallest finger was applied to the small, puckered brown hole. He touched her skin softly and, as he expected, her asshole immediately released and the intimate tissue pulsed. The hole repeatedly opened and closed in sensual anticipation. He knew he was about to pleasure his Mistress. Carefully he pressed the finger in only as deep as the first digit, and then he softly worked the finger in circles stretching the asshole wider than the finger was deep. He heard her emit a soft moan and her legs quivered. "Mother Fucker," she whispered. Her right hand dropped between her legs and her squat deepened slightly.

"Ask me to pee on your lips."

"Please Mistress!"

"Please what?"

"Pee on my lips. Piss in my mouth. Dribble in your soft way, dribble." Her middle finger, extending from a cupped fist, began to work small circles atop the nub of her clit. He reflected the rhythm of her finger in his own as it expanded and loosened the ass-ring in the nasty manner he'd learned from experience she loved. With each circling, he slightly bent his finger-tip to exercise the hole more from the inside than the outside.

"It... fuckin'... comes. Cunt-Boy for you." Droplets of her nectar, three, four, five, fell the short distance from her pulsing cunt, her pussy lips flying apart with each rotation of her middle finger. Yet her dribble was so sensually controlled. Not too much not too little. He was able to savor the cum-laced flavor of each drop to capture each in isolation on his tongue.

All the while her finger work her clit, his -- only the tip of the smallest finger -- erotically massaged her asshole. Her hips rocked back against his finger as if to ask for deeper, nastier penetration. Then, as if they had a mind of their own, the hips rocked forward again, as if they recognized her growing pleasure was more a product of the shallow workings within her ass.

She was moving closer to her orgasm, a combination of intense activity at her clit and subtle, stretching activity in her ass, driving her on. Both were, themselves, making it possible to maintain the steady dribble over his face.

"Please cum on my face. Let yourself go." His words came between dribbles as her flow increased.

"Fuckin' yeah, Cunt-Boy. Suck my sweet piss into your mouth. Mistress is gonna give you what you want." Hearing her words he knew what she'd expect of him. Softly, without forcefulness, he pushed the same small finger into her ass. To the hilt. His remaining three fingers and thumb thrust forward to rest against the opening of her throbbing cunt. As her rocking pussy brushed the knuckles of those fingers, she rested her weight upon them, forcing them deeper into the larger hole. Both holes were now filled. Her hips rotated and she moaned.

"Stick your tongue into my pee-hole. Fuck my pee-hole with it. Spread the hole open, softly." Her middle finger worked vigorously in the small space between his nose and mouth. That mouth and tongue within massaged all of her cunt-flesh and she oozed pee and squirt. She was cumming in a cascade of the same words, "Fucking nasty."

She wiggled for minutes, placing the full weight of her body on his face, as her orgasm subsided. He felt as if he might suffocate and yet his cock danced behind her in uncontrolled excitement. His face was slick with her juices of all kinds. Without adjusting her weigh on his face, she rotated one hundred and eighty degrees. She looked down upon his cock as his nose slid into her slick asshole.

"Now I plan to make you dribble, Nasty Boy." As she spoke, her right hand, slick from her own juices, encircled his cock. With only thumb and fore-finger she ran based to crown, back to base, rotating her wrist across the stroke. He moaned into her crotch and her combined fluids gushed into his gapping mouth. He choked and involuntarily thrust his hips high into the air, lifting her in the process.

"Ride'um cowboy!" she laughed.

As his approaching orgasm became apparent to her, she pushed herself down hard upon his face. She felt her Submissive, her Cunt-Boy struggle for air. She stopped her stroking and simply looked at the slit in the head of his cock. As he thrashed for air beneath her, cum oozed and dribbled from the lonely, untouched throbbing cock. She felt his sigh. Both had dribbled and were happy.

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