I had been looking at homes all day, my back hurt and my feet were killing me. As I pulled up to this heart stopped. It was the home of my dreams...

The sign said "OPEN HOUSE", so I knew that it was safe to wander around and check things out.

I entered into main living room and I knew that I had found the home of my dreams. I am getting excited as I wandered from room to room, looking for someone to help me. I start to go up stairs to the bedrooms when I hear some strange noises, coming from the master bedroom. I walk up and look in at the giant King size, four poster bed. There was the real estate agent, Ashley, laying on the bed with her legs spread, while her associate was going to town, eating her pussy. She looked up at me and I was frozen. I couldn't move! Totally shocked, BUT very turned on. This was not like me, I was a very conservative person, who never thought something like this would make me wet.

Then he looked up. He was very handsome, dark hair and eyes. About six foot and muscular. Ashley was blonde, slender, about five foot seven and had very large breasts, that seemed to hang all so naturally.

He helped her up and walked toward me. My heart was racing oh so fast. I wasn't sure what they wanted, but I couldn't move. I wanted to run far away, BUT something kept me there...waiting and wondering.

He reached over and softly took my arm.. and lead me to the center of the room. He was looking deep into my eyes, never breaking eye contact....It seemed like forever before I was able to even blink. All the while, Ashley was carefully rubbing up and down my arms, ever so softly brushing the sides of my breasts. With each stroke, I was getting wetter and wetter.

He leaned over and kissed my lips... I could taste Ashley's juices on them and they were OH soo sweet. Not anything like I had expected.

Ashley was unbuttoning my blouse while the stranger was kissing me, so very deeply. I felt like melting right here right now. Nothing like this had ever happened to me before. I was scared to death , but was loving every minute of it. Ashley undid my skirt and let it drop to the floor. I stood there in the middle of this wonderful master bedroom, in nothing but my white lace bra, matching panties and thigh high nylons. Gently this handsome stranger, pushed me onto the bed, sliding me up to the head of the bed, until my head rested on the satin pillows.

Then he reached under the pillows and pulled out silk ties...and tenderly tied my arms and legs to each post. While he tied each extremity, he was kissing and licking each arm and leg.

Ashley moved up and started caressing my breasts which caused my nipples to become erect. You could see them just slightly through, my see through bra. By this time my panties and almost soaked with anticipation of what will happen next. Together they un-clasp my bra, exposing my 38D breasts. Each one of them grabed one and started nibbling, kissing and licking them. I was in heaven. This was utter bliss. My head tipped back and my breasts seem to reach the sky. The dark stranger, slowly started making his way down to my stomach, tracing his way with his tongue. OH that feels good, I thought. I was moaning just a little. But deep inside I felt like screaming.

He came around to the end of the bed, kneeling between my legs and with one rip... off came my panties...

Ashley started to kiss my neck and nibble on my ear all the time massaging my breasts and squeezing my nipples.

Handsome started licking my newly shaven pussy and I am sure by now he could tell how wet I really was. His tongue stated flicking my clit faster and faster and I could feel it getting harder and harder...

Ashley's hand had wondered down to my pussy, not wanting to be left out, she joined in making my clitoris more and more aroused. My juices were flowing full stream ahead by now and I was very close to my first orgasm.... my back arched and eyes rolled back in my head. OHHH ohhh here it comes.... I am cumming! I came with such force I thought that I was going to die. I have never climaxed like that before.

The stranger then strattled my shoulders and stuck his large cock into my mouth. It was dripping with pre-cum. Mmmmm tastes so good, and he is sooo hard. He reaches up and holds my hair and he thrusts my head back and forth trying to get the rhythm that he wanted. Ashley decided not to let my dripping pussy go to waste. She started licking and sucking, like nothing that I had ever experienced. Oh my hell, she knows exactly how I like it. Soft but forceful and then rough at others times. I had the best of both worlds...a cock in my mouth and a woman eating my already dripping pussy.

I could tell that he was getting close to cuming...I could feel the pulsing of his cock in my mouth. Ahhh he screams and he lets his load go all over my breasts and my face... hmmm, That was very nice. Ashley un-ties my feet as he un-ties my arms. As I lie there thinking how wonderful that was...IT WASN'T OVER!! He grabbed my hips and rolled me over, pulling my ass up in the air. He slaps it...Oh that felt nasty!! I liked it!!

He gets into a rhythm as my ass turns a bright pink color. He pulls himself to me, just putting the head of his cock inside my hot, wet snatch. I got up on all fours so Ashley could join in on the fun. She slid in so she could eat my pussy and suck his balls at the same time...HMMMM both at once....What a thrill!! Now it was time to be FUCKED. Ahhh, I started screaming with each thrust of his powerful cock. Oh ya FUCK me good. Harder and harder, DON'T STOP!! IT FEELS SO GOOD! He pumped and pumped and I arched my back as I exploded again. At the same time I felt Ashley's body shaking body, she had brought herself to orgasm . The tall dark stranger too was cuming again, this time deep inside my wetness. The ripples of my orgasms had left me in a quiver. I was shaking and my arms couldn't support my body any more. I collapsed. Rolled over and smiled at my two new friends.

"SOLD" I said. I want this home!!

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