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Sold Wife

byttor 50©

I was very sore when I got home with my husband after the giving my two favorite sailors a sendoff and being gang-banged in a parking lot. Together we surveyed the damage inflicted on my poor body. I took of my dirty dress and gazed in the full-length mirror. Most apparent were my poor breasts. They were all red and bruised. They were very swollen and hung down noticeably, especially my right breast that had been nearly yanked off when I was being fucked dog style. My nipples seemed to be at least and inch longer from all the milking they had received. As I glazed down my poor pussy came into view. My bare mound was very bruised and swollen. It hurt just to lightly touch it with my finger. My pussy lips were very distended as they hung down a good three inches.

I turned around to examine my butt. It was still glowing bright red but didn't really hurt all that much. I have become accustomed to spanking during lovemaking and really like it. Next was my husband's favorite part of my adventures. He really gets off seeing my stretched pussy after a night out. Without having to be asked I dutifully lay back on the bed, raised my legs and grabbed my ankle to present my abused holes for his inspection. He was very pleased at how much I have been opened up, especially my asshole. He started fingering my pussy and before I could stop him he had easily stuck his whole hand inside of me. I hurt quite a bit but I didn't have the heart to stop him. I felt I had to give him some reward for being so understanding. After he got done playing with my pussy he told me to raise my ass up a little higher to give him better access to my back passage. I immediately complied, pulling back on my legs and spreading them wider. He stuck four fingers in my hole without any trouble.

It was while I was in this obscene position that I informed my poor husband of my bargain. I told him that I had been sold to a guy named Randy for a night out in two weeks. I had agreed not to let anyone fuck me in my pussy or ass until then. Not even my husband. He was shocked and disappointed. He loves sloppy seconds, and now he was being deprived. I apologized and explain that the boys really needed the money. "This way I am the gift that keeps on giving." The boys will be able to buy several whores at their ports of call with the money. After he considered it for a while he was understanding and a little excited by his wife belonging to someone else for a night. He also knows no matter how many men I fuck I will always belong to him. When you think of it your wife is the only thing you can let someone else borrow. As long as she loves you she will always come back just the way she left, after a little healing time.

It took all of two weeks to heal up. All but a few of the bruises faded. My pussy and asshole tightened back close to their normal condition, aided by not being used. Needless to say I was extremely horny after the long period of abstinence. Randy called me two days to confirm our date. He had arranged to have a taxi pick me up at about 4 p.m. and take me to his house. He said he would have the money in an envelope as we had agreed. Before we got started the enveloped would be addressed to the boys and placed in a public mailbox that was outside his house. I asked if that was satisfactory to me. I indicated that it would be fine. He said he wanted my pussy shaved smooth and makeup a little on the heavy side. He wanted me to look like a prostitute. He also said not to bother getting all dressed up. He would provide several outfits that would be appropriate for the activities he had arranged for me. I told him I could hardly wait and would see him in a couple of days.

On the appointed day and time the taxi pulled and honked its horn. I kissed my husband goodbye and hurried out the door and into a cab. As we drove towards my fate I was trying to imagine what he had planned for me. Whatever it was I knew it would involve a lot of sex and abuse. I really get off on rough treatment and being the center of attention. When we pulled up in front of the house Randy came out and opened the door for me. After he helped me out and paid the cab driver, we headed for the mailbox. He handed me the envelope still opened so I could check its contents. I looked in and was satisfied that everything was in order. I then closed the enveloped and placed it in the mailbox. I turned to him and said, "It looks like you have bought yourself a whore." He then led me into the house.

Upon entering he offered me some wine and told me to get comfortable. When he returned with my drink he was pleasantly surprised to find that I had removed all of my clothes. He said he liked my attitude. I replied that I wanted him to get his money's worth. He told me that he planned to get all of his money plus make a nice profit on me tonight. He said," I am an investment broker and you looked like a good investment."

"Does this mean I am going to be your working girl tonight?" I asked

"Yep" he said " just consider me your pimp or business manager for the evening.

I was really excited by the prospect of men paying to service me. It was quite and ego boost until he showed me the menu he had offered my clients. It read as follows:

X First in pussy 100 X First in ass 300 X light bondage session 200 Fist in pussy 500 Fist in ass 1500 Straight fuck 50 Ass fuck 100 negotiable Oral sex 25 Double penetration 250 Gang-bang 200per person Special requests negotiable

I was amazed and concerned at the situation. Amazed at his organizational ability. Concerned for my body when I saw that fisting was on the menu. I asked what the x' meant. He replied that they had already been reserved and that my customers would be here in a short time. It was a relief to see there wasn't a x next to fist in ass. I inquired as to why my first in pussy was so low. He replied it was to do with my age and the fact that I had two children. I had to tell the clients that your pussy was a little big even on the first in. Basically all the first guy is getting is a clean hole. This brought the market value of your cunt down.

"My pussy has a market value?"

"O yeah, every thing has a market value. For Example if you were twenty-three and no children, everything else being equal, your pussy first in would go for four hundred easy. Ass first in would be six hundred."

Meanwhile he said he wanted a blowjob to get started. He said he really wanted to fuck my pussy but it would cost him too much of the profit for the evening. He was more than willing to settle for sloppy seconds. He said there would be no financial penalty for him using my mouth. He then removed his pants and lay back on the couch and ordered me to come over and service him. I quickly walked over to him purposely made my big breast bounce wildly along the way. I bent over and let my melons slowly drag over his erection. I then put him in my mouth and started bobbing up and down. I made a lot of slurping noise as I went about my cocksucking. He didn't last very long and shot a huge load down my throat. I swallowed ever drop and licked him clean. He pointed to the restroom and told me to wash out my mouth out really well and then it would be time for my first client.

Upon returning he led me to his garage. He said the first guy was my bondage session. He had also bought first in on my pussy. So he could do about anything he wanted as long as he kept out of my ass. The customer had been very specific on how I was to be prepared for him. I had to be naked of course and bound by my wrists from the rafters. Randy wrapped my wrists with some rags so that the ropes wouldn't cut into my wrist. I thought it was concern on his part but he said it was to early in the evening to have marks on my body. That would bring my price down as well. He then tied the rope to one wrist and through the end over a hook in the rafter above my head. He had me step up on a cement block then he tied my other fastened the rope to my other wrist and drew in tight. He then had me step off the block. He had tied the rope just the right length so my toes barely touch the floor. I could see why the guy wanted me in this position. My breasts stood straight out, my stomach was pulled in and my butt felt like it was pulled very taunt. I asked him what the hook was normally used for. He replied that it was what he hung his deer on after he had been hunting. I knew what the deer felt like. Randy told me this guy had spent a lot of money on me and I should be especially attentive to his wishes. He was told he couldn't hit me hard, but I should scream like he was killing me. Also he bought first in on my pussy so I should moan and pretend he was the best lover I had ever had. He then left to greet the customer.

When Randy brought the client in I was surprised to see how old he was. He appeared to be about sixty. He told Randy that I was beautiful and that he was very pleased. He then produced a small whip and proceeded to lightly strike me mostly on my jutting tits and sensitive nipple. I moaned and writhed in mock pain, begging for mercy. He gave me an evil laugh and kept on striking me without mercy. He moved the whip down to my bald pussy and stuck a little harder. This made me jump, as I was more sensitive in that area. He was very skilled with the whip as he continually found my clit. After a few minutes of this I came to a screaming orgasm. I momentarily passed out putting all my weight on my arms. The pain brought me back to reality very quickly.

He then began to suck on my left nipple. He spent quite some time on it, first sucking, then licking and finally pinching it until it was rock hard. When he seemed satisfied at the state of my excited nipple, now sticking out about and inch away from my breast, he produced a nipple clamp with a large weight attached to it. He grabbed my breast roughly with one hand and attached the clamp with the other. I let out a yelp as the clamps sharp teeth sunk into the tender flesh of my poor nipple. I was allowed a few seconds to adjust to the pain and then he let the weight fall from his hand. I screamed in agony as the weight hit bottom and jerked my nipple. I could feel the clamp slip a little and then the teeth dug in, forcing my nipple to stretch like a rubber band. The process was repeated on my other breast and then he stood back to admire his work.

"This slut has the perfect tits to torture, when they are weighted the nipples nearly reach her belly.

He then grabbed me by the shoulders and twisted me back and forth. This caused the weights to swing my tits violently from side to side. I was screaming constantly and begging for mercy. He just laughed hysterically.

My backside was his next target. He told Randy that I had the biggest ass he had ever seen.

Randy said." Go ahead and really put the whip to the bitch's ass. A few marks won't be a problem back there."

This got him very excited and he viscously laid into my butt cheeks. I was now screaming constantly and writhing in pain, which made my weighted breasts swing violently causing the weights to bang together. After a few minutes of enjoying my agony he seemed to be satisfied. He told randy that he was ready for my pussy and to get me down. He had me step back on the block and he untied my wrists and moved me over onto a weight bench and retied my arms to the bottom of the bench closed to my legs. This caused my big breasts to be pulled to the sides by the dangling weights. Randy then pulled my legs back behind my head to allow my client full access to my cunt. He pulled out an average sized dick and slowly pushed it into my wet pussy. I moaned and wiggled just like I was a virgin again.

Meanwhile my poor breasts were involuntarily swinging back and forth as the weights turned into pendulums. He told Randy that he had been right about my pussy being very loose I felt myself turn red with embarrassment. He made me feel a little better by saying he preferred loose pussies. He just didn't like going second. He then inquired if fisting my cunt was still available. Randy said it was. He then pulled out and started working his hand into me. It didn't take much effort as his hand wasn't especially big and my pussy was still feeling the effects of my recent gang-bang. I screamed out as he started punching his hand straight into my belly. I was concerned because the night had just started and I already had a stretched-out pussy. Luckily he soon tired of that and replaced his hand with his cock. He pumped me real hard a few more times and came deep in my hole. He gave Randy the money and quickly dressed and was out the door.

Randy kept me in my current position but removed the clamps and weights. It was good to feel the circulation return to my poor nipples. Surprisingly there was no blood. I figured my nipple had been toughened over the years from breast feeding my babies and the constant attention they get form my sexual partners. Randy called for someone named Bob to come in. Bob appeared to be a computer nerd that probably lived in his mother basement. Randy told me he had bought first in on my ass as Bob was removing his clothes. I was relieved because his dick wasn't very big and I hoped he wouldn't last to long.

He approached me and started fingering my asshole. "She seems a little loose. Are you sure her ass hasn't been used for two weeks? He asked.

"Hey man I warned you she was a loose old slut. If you want a virgin ass, you are going to have to pay a lot more." Randy replied.

"Three-hundred seems a little steep for an ass this sloppy." Bob complained. "I assumed that even if she is a slut, her ass would be a little tighter after not being used for two weeks as you promised."

I felt totally humiliated. I would think this guy would be glad to get any ass and here he was complaining about how loose I was. I decide to help Randy with a little salesmanship.

"I swear that no one has used me for two weeks." I said. "If you give me a chance I promise that I will be a great piece of ass. I am obviously very experienced and you can really fuck me hard."

Bob seemed to still be unsatisfied so Randy said, "I will knock off fifty dollars and she will suck you clean when you are done?"

Great I thought, not only was I being marked down, I have to lick the contents of my ass off this guys dick for free.

Bob agreed to the new terms. I raised my legs and grabbed my ankle to give him access to my back passage. I asked him to stick his dick in my pussy to get it wet first. He rubbed it around my wet cunt lips a few times and the slip it in easily. He then gave me a few pumps, wiggling his member around to gather as much juice as his dick could hold. He with drew from my wet hole and started pushing into my ass. He entered me clear to his balls in one big push. There was only a little discomfort, but I decided to put on a show for him to make him feel better. I started moaning and told him how good he felt in my ass.

"Come on baby, fuck the shit out of me," I pleaded

With that encouragement he reach up and roughly grabbed two big handfuls of my breasts and used them for handles to really pound his dick into me. I could feel his balls slap against my ass as he buried him self completely in me. He started taking bigger strokes and soon his dick was coming all the way out of my ass before being jammed back in. It wasn't long until my over worked butthole began making horrible squishing noises. It sounded like a plunger in a clogged drain.

"Listen to this old whore's ass. She is totally worn out. It is so loose that I am going to have to finish in her mouth." Bob complained.

"Get on your knees if front of me and suck my dick bitch" he ordered as he pulled himself from my back passage. I immediately complied, as I really liked to be submissive with a strong male. When I was in position he said, "That is a good slut, now beg for my dick."

" Please let me suck my shit off your dick. Please cum in my mouth." I pleaded.

"Sure bitch, I will allow you to drink my cum, But first your going to lick my ass." He commanded. He started to turn around but thought the better of it and ordered me to crawl around behind him. When I was in position he bent forward presenting his hairy ass to me. I hesitated for a second and then plunged my tongue into the pungent orifice. I nearly became ill as I licked his butt clean. When he was satisfied I was ordered back around in front of him. After making the trip I placed his swollen member in my mouth and licked the remnants of my ass off of him. Luckily my ass was cleaner than his was and it didn't taste as bad. After his dick was nice and clean I decided to give his balls a good tongue bath. I gently place each one in my mouth and rolled it around as he softly moaned. I then went back to his dick and started bobbing up and down on his shaft. I really use a lot of tongue action when I am being a good cocksucker. This got him excited. He grabbed the back of my head and began fucking my mouth. He pushed his dick all the way into my throat as he pumped my face over and over. He suddenly jammed his rod as far into my throat as he could and started to cum. I thought I was going to suffocate as he pumped his seed into my belly. I started seeing stars. Finally Randy came to my rescue.

"Let her breath," Randy screamed.

This startled Bob and he mercifully removed his dick from my gullet. I took a deep breath and lay back on the floor to regain my senses.


Bob left and Randy wanted a turn with me He had me get on the floor in a doggie position. When he removed his pants I noticed his dick was already hard from watching the others use me. He approached from the rear and mounted me. He easily slid his member into my pussy and began to roughly fucking me. He expressed his amazement at how good my pussy felt even after the fisting. He slapped my sore ass and told me to start making some noise or he would grab one of my tortured nipples. I started moaning and wiggling my ass as he pounded me furiously. I lay my chest on the floor and reached back with my hands to massage his balls. This made my pussy even more available to him and his cock went even deeper.

Without warning he pulled out of my cunt and slammed his rod into my open ass. I yelped in surprise as he easily penetrated my ass clear to the balls on the first stoke. His balls were slapping against my pussy lips as he butfucked me without mercy. I screamed,"that's right, ride me like a bitch. Cum in my whore ass." That was all he could stand and he came deep in my bowels. I felt his dick pulse as it pumped me full of sperm. After his dick shrunk out of my ass I swung around and sucked his dick clean. He thanked me for the best fuck he had ever had. He told me to go take a bath and get ready to go to my next appointment.

Upon entering his bathroom I found it very well stocked with every hygiene product and woman would need. Randy was ver y organized. He must have put a lot of thought into this. I spent an hour cleaning every part of my body. The warm bath water seemed to wash help soak away all the aches and pains inflicted on my body. Randy had even provided an array of makeup and perfume for me. When I reentered the bedroom that adjoined the bathroom there was a sheer black robe laid out on the bed for me. I put it on and looked at my reflection in the full-length mirror that was on the wall next to the bed. The robe was very transparent and when the light was right you could easily see the silhouette of my breasts. It was also very short. It left the bottom of my butt cheeks exposed and my pubs peeked out of the front.

Randy called from the living room and told me my next clients were waiting for me to come out. I checked my hair and makeup one more time and made my entrance. When I saw the men that were waiting for me I became very excited. There, sitting around the living room were three of the most handsome black men I had ever seen. They were all in their early thirties and appeared to be very prosperous. They also were very big and athletic looking. I said," hi everyone, I'm Patti. I will be your entertainment for the this evening." They all said, "Hi Patti" and introduced themselves. Their names were Jamal, Michael and Samuel.

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