Sold Wife

byttor 50©

After what seemed like an eternity, the arm was pulled from my ruined passage. I reached back to inspect the damage. It felt like a huge gaping mess. I slipped four fingers in with no effort at all. The flesh around my ass felt like mush. Upon removing my fingers and running them around my defiled orifice, I could tell my poor ass-hole was making no attempt to close up. I worried that it might never regain it original size. How would my husband react to the change, I wondered.

The stranger put his hands on either side of my hips and slowly pushed his penis into my open pussy. I could hardly feel it as he slowly pumped himself into me. He started lightly spanking my ass in a very familiar way. He then reached under my arms, grabbed my breasts, and pulled them out and back. He used them to gain leverage as he began picking up the pace. Soon he was really pounding his dick into me. Our bodies made a slapping noise as they came together. As I started having another orgasm, it became clear to me who my lover was.

"Honey is that you?" I called back..

"Yes dear it's me. I hope you don't mind, but it seems the only way I can fuck you is to pay for it." My husband Dave replied.

"I don't mind," I replied, "But I am afraid you ruined my ass. I hope you will be happy fucking my loose butt."

"Do you mind if I give it a try?" He asked.

"Of course not. You paid for it, you might as well get your money's worth." I replied.

He slowly removed his dick from my pussy and easily slid it up my ass. Even after the fisting I could tell he was enjoying himself as he plundered my back passage. I got into my whore role and began wiggling my ass around and moaning very loudly. He likes me to be vocal when we are having sex.

"Come on mister fuck the shit out of me. Fuck me like the whore that I am." I screamed. At the same time I reached between my legs and started massaging his balls. This brought him over the top and he came deep in my bowels. After waiting two weeks, he was able to dump a huge load in me. His dick seemed to keep pumping it into me for ten minutes. I took off the blindfold as his dick finally quit throbbing. He slowly pulled himself from me. I spun around and gently grabbed his shrinking member. I then guided into my mouth. I lovingly licked and sucked all the goo from his entire length. After I was satisfied that his dick was clean, I licked his ball clean one at a time.

Upon completion of my service I excused myself and went to the bathroom to take a long hot bath. The water felt wonderful and helped soothe my aching body from being in the sexual positions for such an extended time. I put on a robe that was hanging on the back of the door and returned to the living room. Randy and my husband asked me to take of the robe and let him look at my body. How could I refuse. I let the robe fall to the floor and slowly spun around to display my abused body. My husband said he could believe how red and swollen my breasts were, and how far my nipples had been stretched. He expressed his disappointment that my ass would have a stranger's name on it for the next couple of weeks. It would be like I belonged to the other guy. I told him that I knew how to take care of the problem and not to worry about it.

We sat around drinking wine and relaxing for a while. Randy and I started describing what had been done to me during the evening. My husband got very disappointed hearing what he had missed. He loves watching me acting like a slut. Randy offered set up another scenario that my husband could participate in if I was willing. Dave got very excited and looked to me.

"Well honey, would you consider being a whore for another evening?" He pleaded.

I thought about it for a minute. My poor body was crying no, but I knew in a couple of weeks I would be ready to go again. I couldn't disappoint my husband after he had been so understanding the last couple of weeks. Also I really love being a slut.

"Sure," I said. " But no more fists up my ass, ok."

They both agreed to my terms and the men made plans for our next adventure as I went into the bedroom and got dressed. When I came back out Randy kissed me goodbye and thanked me for being the perfect whore. He escorted us to the door and said goodbye. As we drove home I directed my husband to a tattoo shop on the way. We entered the store and I told the artist I wanted a tattoo on my ass. He led me to the back room. I took off my pants and crawled up onto a table presented my butt for him. He asked what we had in mind.

I looked at my husband and asked, "What do you want on my ass?"

"First get that other guys name off of her." He commanded.

Luckily the guy had a chemical that dissolved ink without hurting skin. When he was through cleaning the area he asked my husband what he wanted on my ass. He put his finger on my right cheek and described what he had in mind. After a few suggestions from the tattoo guy and myself, we decided on "I LOVE DAVE" outlined by the shape of a heart.

I gritted my teeth as the needle starting putting ink into my skin. I was just a little more painful than when the ink pen was used on me. After he was done they had me stand up and look back into the mirror to examine the finished product. It had been put low enough that my panties would cover it. It would clearly be seen by anyone fucking me. I told Dave, "Now when I am out being used by other men they will know they can only have me for little while, and that I really belong to you."

Now all I have to do is let my body recover and get ready for my next adventure.

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