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Son of a...


I was out in the garden pulling weeds when I heard the car pull up. I looked up from my work to see Reverend Sam Walker and his son Billy Ray get out of the car. They both waved at me and I waved back, dirt covering my hands. The Reverend helped my father set up the chairs for their weekly meeting circle. A dozen or so people from around the neighborhood would come over to hear the Reverend speak about things that mattered and then to sit around and talk. Usually, this process went four about three hours or so.

I didn't partake of the meeting, the things mattered that to the adults didn't really matter to me. I was eighteen, sure, but I was still a kid in my own mind. I didn't mind that my dad did it; I just didn't want any part of it. I figured it was a good time to work on my chores.

I looked back down at my mother's garden, trying to figure out where to start next. I was starting to move to the other side of the garden box when a shadow fell over me, long in the setting sun.

"Hey." I looked up, my blonde ponytail swinging behind me, squinting toward him. It was Billy Ray.

"Hey," I responded. I had never been a real good friend of Billy Ray's but our dads were life-long friends, so they wanted us to be the same.

Billy Ray crouched down next to me and started pulling weeds with me. He looked at me and smiled, obviously trying despite my lack of interest. He was a good-looking guy; about six foot four, even though he was only eighteen. A longish mop of brown hair topped an always-smiling face, his blue eyes always shining.

Billy Ray was an athlete, lettering in football and basketball. I was more focused on academics, having made Honor Roll since first grade and getting academic scholarships to several colleges. He was the outgoing life of the party while I was introverted. We were friends but only on the surface. We were too different to be true friends.

We finished the weeding, my last chore of the day. Billy Ray asked me if I wanted to do anything, but I just shrugged. I usually went in and read books, but I figured I should at least make an effort to be nice to him.

"You want to go for a walk in the woods," he asked. I nodded and wiped my hands on my jeans. We headed for the woods that bordered our property. I put my hands in my pockets, realizing they were shaking slightly. I wasn't worried about being alone with him. Could I possibly be anxious?

We talked about this and that as we walked, though I was just playing along when the talk turned to sports. I'm sure he was too when I was talking about the latest scientific research that interested me. It's something we did when we talked. We were in different worlds, each not really caring about the others interests.

We walked for a while, almost an hour. We were halfway to nowhere. We weren't in shouting distance of much of anybody. I was tired from all the yard work I had done, so I sat down on a fallen tree, Billy Ray standing there looking at me.

"You know," he said. "Regardless of how it seems, I've always liked you."

"Why's that," I asked.

"Well, you don't care about sports, so you don't care what I do on the football field or on the basketball court. You're real. You're not fake like a lot of people are."

"Fake?" That was all I said.

"Yeah. Especially the girls. The just want to know me because of what I can do, not who I am."

I shrugged, not knowing what to say. Billy Ray sat down next to me on the tree.

"But you're different," he said. "And I've always thought that was great. And attractive."

I turned to look at him, peering into those blue eyes and feeling my heart jump a little. "Me," I asked, my breath catching in my throat.

"Yeah," he said, his arm going around my shoulders. "You. With your long blonde hair and your bright blue eyes." I could only look at him. He leaned over and pulled my face gently to his, my heart starting to race. His lips brushed mine and I felt his tongue brush the insides of my lips.

I had never felt anything like it. It was like electricity flowing between us, conducted by our tongues as they touched. My heart was pounding so hard I thought it would burst through my ribcage. One of his strong hands held my neck, keeping my face close while the other touched my thigh, making me jump.

He broke the kiss and looked into my eyes. "Gently," he said quietly, taking my hand and kissing my fingertips, bring further blush to my face. He leaned in and touched his mouth to my neck, his tongue brushing the skin, making me moan slightly.

"Please," he said quietly into my ear. "Let me love you." I could only nod.

He smiled and pulled off my shirt, leaning in to lick my nipples. I groaned and pulled his head to my chest. He licked one nipple and then the other on my flat chest, the areolas getting hard in his mouth. His hand went to my pants, undoing the button and the zipper, his fingers brushing my pubic hair, making me shiver.

I reached out for his shirt, Billy Ray lifting his arms to help me. I tossed it to the side and latched my mouth onto his neck, feeling his pulse throb in his throat. His hands went to my waist, trying to get my jeans off. I let go of his neck and leaned back on the log, raising my hips to let hi pull them off. He gasped when he saw that I wasn't wearing anything underneath them.

His hand went to my crotch, his fingers brushing my skin gently. I moaned and pushed my groin to his fingers, trying to feel more of him. He brushed my sensitive spots, my wetness coating his fingers, which he licked clean and smiled.

"Please, Billy Ray," I whimpered. "I need to feel you in me."

He grabbed a shirt, his or mine, I didn't care, and laid it over the trunk of the tree and pushed me backward to lie on the shirt. He stood, peeling his pants off, showing me the bulge behind his boxer shorts. I wanted to touch it, to caress it, to feel it fill my mouth, but my overriding need was to feel him inside me. This need was as strong as the need to breathe.

He pulled his boxers down, showing me his smooth penis. I ran my eyes over it's long, wide cock, knowing this was the one I wanted more than any other. He reached down and stroked himself a few times, looking straight into my eyes. I licked my lips, wanting him, needing him in any way.

He knelt between my legs on the tree, using his knees to push my legs apart. He licked his hand and rubbed his beautiful cock, getting it wet, almost knowing that I was tight. He placed the head of his cock against my hole and paused, looking at me.

I bit my lip and nodded and he pushed slowly, making me cry out from his girth, stretching me to the limit. I pulled my legs closer to my chest, allowing him more room to thrust into me. He pushed further, half of his length in me, an orgasm already building in me, wanting so bad to cum.

He filled me with his cock, his balls resting against my ass, his fingers playing with the sensitive head of my crotch. That did it. I arched my back and orgasmed, my fluids coating his hand. He moved in and out slowly, my hole feeling every inch of his cock, how wonderful it felt, every vein throbbing in me.

Billy Ray's eyes were boring into mine and I could feel his already large cock swell inside me, ready to fill me with his hot cum. I moaned and pulled on his arms, wanting him close.

He leaned down and pushed his tongue into my mouth, making me moan loudly into his. His shifted weight pushed down on my legs, spreading them out. He shoved himself into me to the hilt and groaned loud and I could feel his cum spurt into me, the warmth making me orgasm again, and my juices ooze out, though less powerfully this time.

Billy Ray slumped on me, putting his forehead to mine, both of us trying to catch our breath. He pulled out of me and I groaned from the soreness in my hips from his thrusting. He gave me one last kiss and sat back on the tree, looking into my eyes, smiling his winning smile.

I sat up, feeling his cum start to slide out of me. I pushed my fingers into my hole and scooped it out, bringing it to my mouth and licking my hand clean.

"I wish we could be together all the time," Billy Ray said, suddenly looking off into the distance.

"Why can't we," I asked, reaching over to take his hand.

"It would never work and you know it. People wouldn't accept us being together, especially my dad. You know how he feels about relationships." I nodded. "Besides. We're too different for this to work."

I nodded again, knowing what he said was true, but hoping it wasn't. Billy Ray suggested that we head back since we had been gone so long. I nodded and stood up, not being able to think of anything to say. We held hands on our way back, breaking our grip only when we got close enough to be seen.

When we got back, the meeting was breaking up, everyone helping put chairs away and cleaning up cups and cans and bottles. My dad looked up when we entered the garden and waved to us. Billy Ray and I waved back.

"Where have you two been," he asked, giving us a weird look.

"We just went out walking," I said. "We just talked and stuff. You know. Football. Physics. That kind of stuff."

He nodded and walked inside, Billy Ray's dad waiting for him at the car. We said quiet goodbyes, not looking directly at each other. He finally turned and walked off and I watched them pull out of the driveway, my heart feeling like it had a small hole in it that got larger as the car pulled away.

Once they were gone, I walked inside, meeting my mother in the kitchen. She looked up at me from the sink and said, "You're clothes are filthy like you were rolling around on the ground out there. You need to get cleaned up before bed."

"Yes, mother." I started to head for the stairs up to my room.

"And we need to talk about you and Billy Ray, you understand me?"

"Yes, mother," I said, halfway up the stairs.

"I mean it, Michael Steven."

I didn't hear anything else.

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