Sophie's Football Dinner


"OOOOH, MORE, MORE!" She begged.

So he complied. Slamming into her as hard as he could, Ben loved watching the image in the reflection, but he wanted to make her scream.

"Do you love my dick?" He growled

"OOHH, YEESSS! UH! I UH LOOVE UH YOUUR BIIG MMMMMM DIICK! OH! UMMM, UH UH UH UH! SOOOOOO HAARD!" She panted. Her voice sounded like someone was drumming on her throat, and the table squeaked under the constant pressure of the illicit fuck.







The moans and groans from Sophie and the protests from the table carried on.

Sophie slammed her pussy harder and faster on Ben's dick, moaning and begging him to never stop.

"Pleaassse doonn't stoopp! Doonnn't evverrr stooppp! FUUCKKKK ME! OHHH YEEAHH!" She moaned.

Finally the pleasure got too much for Sophie and she collapsed on the table, still thrusting that tight ass back at Ben's every thrust.

She was one horny bitch that was for sure. Ben took in the whole scene and knew he would cum soon.

Sophie, his best friend's hot girlfriend, was bent over their glass kitchen table, topless, wearing a short skirt, yellow and white strappy shoes, holding onto the edge of the table. Her 36C large firm tits, which caught the attention of every guy, were pressed hard into the glass, squashed down as Sophie lay there. Face contorted in ecstasy, moaning, groaning, screaming and begging him to fuck her as her ass pushed back so that her pussy could help him, as his 10 inch dick pumped furiously in and out of her. Her bra and white top were lying all on the kitchen floor. She was moaning his name, the glass doors joining the kitchen to the lounge stood open and her boyfriend, his best friend, was sitting in there watching the game with the volume up because he thought Sophie was cooking! But not only that, he and Sophie had just fucked each other on the kitchen counter in full view of the lounge and he had brought her to a massive orgasm, one like she had never had before, after she had knelt down, again in full view of her boyfriend if he had looked, and had sucked him off and swallowed all of his seed that he shot straight down her throat. She had given him by far, the best blowjob ever.

She was screaming now! Josh must be able to hear!


He leaned forward and lifted her up, grabbing those tits of hers again. Cupping them from behind and squeezing them while his big dick pleased her hot pussy.

She fell forward onto her elbows again after a short while, still with his hands cupping her tits, holding them and pulling her back onto his dick with them. Pumping her full of his meat into her well-fucked pussy, he stared into the mirror watching the scene, hearing her call his name.


Squeezing those tits of hers again he asked, "Can I have you when, where and how I want?"

"YES! OH YES! YOOUU CANN FUUCKK MEE, WHEENEVVER..." She panted, coming close to orgasm, "WHEERREEVER...." Gripping the table white knuckled, face contorting even more, her eyes shut, " HOWWEVVER YOOUUU WAANNNTT!"

Pushing back she moaned.

Fucking her for all he was worth Ben cried out, "I'M GONNA CUM INSIDE YOU! INSIDE YOUR GIRL JOSH!!"

Ben reluctantly let go of Sophie's tits and grabbed a handful of her long blonde hair, yanking her head back, Sophie moaned louder than before, thrust backwards as he thrust forwards as hard as he could and buried his dick to the hilt inside of her.

"YES! YES! OHHH YEEAH! I'MMMMM CUUUMMMMMINGGGGG!!!!!!" Sophie screamed loudly for the second time that night.

"I'MM CUMMING!" Ben cried out, "OH YEAH, ALL IN YOUR PUSSY! I'M FILLING YOU WITH MY CUM!" He cried to Sophie.

Just then his dick exploded gobs and gobs of hot sticky cum deep within Sophie's pussy. Her boyfriend's friend's seed shot straight up her pussy into her womb.

Shuddering underneath him, head still yanked back by her long blonde hair, Sophie groaned loudly as her own orgasm hit her. Even more powerful than the first as she thought that she had just fucked her boyfriends friend for the second time and let him cum in her. She smiled.

"Sooooo gooooood" She moaned

As their shuddering and cumming slowly started to fade, Ben let Sophie's head go and she collapsed on the table. He collapsed in the chair.

"You are amazing." He told her breathlessly, "I have never cum so hard in my life."

Sophie lay on the table, the glass not as cool as it had been, with her large tits squashed against the glass of the tabletop.

All she could hear was her heartbeat, her breathing and the constant words of "sooo gooood" coming from her mouth. She could feel Ben's cum deep inside of her. Two loads she had taken from him, once in her mouth, now also in her pussy. She was well fucked, she felt so tired she just lay there for a while, relishing in the unbelievable fuck she had just had and this amazing feeling she now buzzed with.

Josh still sat watching the end of the game, completely unaware that his beautiful girlfriend, the object of so many men's desires, was lying across the kitchen table after a thorough fucking from his best friend. He didn't know that she had swallowed Ben's cum and had had Ben cum deep inside her pussy after two orgasm wrenching fucks. In fact, while Sophie was slamming her pussy back on Ben's long dick in the kitchen, getting filled with all of his hot cum, Josh had been eating a couple of chips with dip on watching the dolphins miss a kick. He didn't even notice they were missing! The Raiders were about to win after all!

Sophie clasped her bra back over her tits and pulled the top over her head while Ben was doing up his jeans and buttoning his shirt up again.

She walked to the mirror and straightened her hair as much as she could, it still looked a mess and her face was flushed. She also had a huge grin on her face, like the cat that got the cream, or a girl who just fucked her guy's best mate in the kitchen and certainly did get the "cream". Straightening her skirt she walked unsteadily on her legs.

Ben grabbed her waist from behind and stopped her just by the glass doors.

"That was great! Next time I want to fuck you in the bed you share with Josh while he is here." He told her.

"Come round soon." She said to him and kissed his cheek, "You can get a few of the guys round for a game of poker and you can poke me." She laughed.

"Maybe some of the guys will want to play POKE-HER with you." He said reaching up and squeezing her breast.

"Mmmmm, maybe!" She said with that teasing smile.

"Wear that eternity ring, I like looking at it as you call out my name while I am fucking you." He told her

"Ooooo, I will!" With a sparkle in her eye she answered and walked back into the lounge with Ben following her.

Josh watched as the Raiders made their final touchdown to win the superbowl and he jumped up yelling and screaming.

"WOOHOO! THEY DID IT!" He yelled.

He sat down and cracked open a beer to celebrate.

Just then Sophie came in from the kitchen. Her hair looked a little messed up and her face was red too. Why were her clothes crumpled? Ben came in, his shirt was crumpled and his face was red too.

"What happened to you two?" He asked

"We went to "make" dinner, it was "really hot" in there! I, we, didn't make too much noise did we?" Sophie said with a smile on her face

But Josh had already dismissed it. He told her that the Raiders had won the Superbowl and she walked over to him, quickly and on very unsteady legs, had she been drinking?, hugged him and gave him a deep passionate kiss. Her tongue probing his.

She must have put too much salt in the food, as her mouth tasted salty. He asked her as much.

"You wouldn't have liked the food, Even Ben wouldn't swallow it, So I had it all. I don't mind salty food; I have had two today. It was all thick and creamy and I couldn't get enough of it. Too bad I ran out of time to "make" some more, but I'll definitely have some more again, I enjoyed it too much not too" She said proudly and with a smile at Ben.

Ben had that cheeky grin on his face again.

"Well, I better go then mate, plane to catch tomorrow you know." Ben said to Josh

"Honey, Ben wanted to ask you if you wanted to host a poker game here some night, I don't mind if you do, I have lots I could "do"." Sophie said

"She must be really horny, she has that teasing smile on her face again." He thought

"Sure that's fine with me. Be prepared to lose your chips though Ben, I'm better at poker than you." Josh replied, bantering with his old friend.

"I think you had better be careful Josh, Ben is REALLY good at Poke-her" Sophie said with that smile. Only Ben picked up on the added emphasis on POKE-HER though.

"I'll see you out then mate." Josh said to Ben

"Bye Ben, I'll see you soon I hope." Sophie said smiling

When the two friends got to the door Ben turned around and said,

"I had fun tonight man. Thanks for asking me over tonight, it's been great. And mate, that's one great girl you have there."

Ben said thanks and Ben went out,

Sophie watched as the two guys left the room. Smiling inside and outside she loved teasing Josh, especially with those words that told of what went on in the kitchen. But Josh didn't notice, and that made her feel even naughtier.

"That was so kinky," She thought to herself, "I can't wait for this poker game. I will be the most entertaining hostess there can be."

She was ready to fuck again now. Life was about to get a lot kinkier for Sophie, and she was looking forward to it.

To Be Continued...

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