tagGroup SexSophomore Year

Sophomore Year


"Want me to get another beer Chad?" Chad looked up and smiled at his best friend Brad. "Yeah of course." Chad watched as his best friend made his way through the crowd to the kitchen. It was the beginning of sophomore year and the annual frosh week was under way. They went to a small college in a small town and everyone partied together. Chad and Brad were both football players. They were tall and muscular. Both had blonde hair and blue eyes and wore their football shirts along with jeans.

Chad hadn't really been paying attention to what Brad was saying. He had his eyes glued to his girlfriend. Daniella was wearing the tiniest jean skirt with a matching denim halter-top. Her skin was very tanned and looked stunning against the black material. She was doing tequila shots with her best friend Cat.

Cat was absolutely gorgeous. She was blonde, had blue eyes, was thin, big breasted, and athletic. She was wearing a white dress with lace around the edges. If Chad paid attention to clothing he would have noticed that Cat always wore girly clothing. Of course in the bedroom, she was a completely slut.

"Here you go bro." Brad thrusted a cup of beer into Chad's hand and the two guys stared out into the crowd.

"These frosh seem fun. Some of those girls barely look eighteen. God, I'd love to fuck their brains out." Brad was a player and always had been. He was tall and good looking and there was never a lack of horny girls just begging to be fucked.

"I think you should go for that cute blonde over there. Her name is Cat. You'd like her." Chad grinned. Brad and Cat had an on again off again relationship. She was sexually aggressive and had totally intimidated Brad. Chad knew how intimidating Cat could be. He and his girlfriend had had many threesomes the year before.

"Yeah right. Last time I took her out to a movie, she fucked me so hard my cock hurt for a week. She's a total nympho. I bet she'd tire out three guys easily."

The moment Brad said those words Chad had an idea in his head. "What about two guys and a girl?"

Just then Cat and Daniella headed over to the tall football players. Daniella wrapped her arms around her boyfriend's neck and kissed him hard. Chad reacted by pulling her legs around his hips and pressing her against the wall.

They began to French kiss and both of them moaned when they pulled their lips apart so only the tips of their tongues were touching.

"Hi Cat. Wear out any guys lately?" Cat and Brad were use to their friend's behavior in public. Considering they had been dating for almost a year, it was impressive that their sex drive was the same, if not more.

"Fuck yeah. I worked as a lifeguard this summer. Wearing a bathing suit all summer gives you easy access to lots of quickies. Plus those lifeguards love tan lines."

"I was just suggesting to Chad that we should get you in an orgy or something, see if you can still outlast your partners." Brad was being very sarcastic with this comment and practically spit out his beer when she responded.

"I'd love to fuck the two love birds over there and you. They're already half way there." Brad and Cat glanced over and saw that Daniella and Chad were grinding hard against each other. Their hands were remaining over their clothing, at least for the moment.

"My parents are gone. Let's do it. Hey lovebirds! Were you paying attention or sucking face too much?"

"As long as I get to fuck her pussy first, I'd love to." Chad was sucking on Daniella's neck, smiling lustily at his girlfriend.


The four college students made their way down the street from the keg party to Brad's house. They were only a five-minute walk to the nicer area of town and this is where Brad's parents house was. He was the only one that lived in the town and it had both its conveniences and disadvantages. Right now, it was very convenient that his parents were in Europe. They had a California King size bed, which was definitely needed for what was about to happen.

They entered the home and after removing their shoes they walked up the grand staircase to the master bedroom. No one really said a word. It wasn't that it was awkward. It was that they were too horny too speak. Chad and Daniella were already all over each other. Cat was squirming and felt her juices soak her inner thighs. Brad's cock was in a permanent state of arousal, partially because he knew he would get to fuck Cat again, partly because his best friend was fingering his girlfriend as they walked up the stairs.

"I want to watch you two fuck. I haven't all summer and I've missed it so badly." Cat was the first to speak and stripped out of her clothing and then sat on the edge of the bed. She looked over at her best friend and boyfriend and waited. Brad desperately needed a good fuck and thus didn't care about Cat. He unzipped his jeans and slid them down his muscular thighs. He watched as Daniella undressed. It was easy since she wasn't wearing a bra or panties.

Chad pulled Danielle into his lap and guided his cock deep inside her. She was wet and hot and slick. He glanced over and grinned. Cat always got horny watching them fuck. Cat crawled over and kissed her best friend softly. The soft romantic kisses quickly turned hot and heavy. Cat leaned down and began to suck on Daniella's nipples. She had almost completely forgotten about Brad, but he made her remember when he pulled her onto her hands and knees. She was still sucking on Daniella's breasts and moaned when she felt Brad's tongue lick her throbbing clit.

"Oh fuck. Finger me. You know how I like it. You loved that time at the movie theatre." Cat was bucking back and forth against Brad's face. She had reached down under Daniella and was massaging Chad's balls. She knew exactly what to do to get the reaction she wanted.

"Jesus!" Chad bucked up hard and began to cum. It was an intense orgasm, brought on by his sexy girlfriend's pussy wrapped tight around his cock along with her slutty roommate rubbing his balls.

"Couldn't hold back could you bro?" Brad was still licking Cat's clit as he spoke those words. Daniella began to whimper and rock back and forth. "I need to cum." She always whimpered and whined when she was close to cumming. Chad was still hard so continued to fuck her while Cat rubbed and pinched her nipples.

"Cumming!" Daniella arched her back and began to cum. She slapped Cat's hands away from her sensitive nipples and slammed down hard against Chad's cock. "Oh god that was hot. Thank you." She kissed her boyfriend softly and then kissed her best friend softly.

"You guys are fucking amazing. It must have been like a porn video in your room last year." Brad was naked and stroking his cock now. His lips were still covered in Cat's juices.

"Oh yeah it was. I think Cat needs to get a good fucking now." Daniella slid off Chad and pulled Cat onto his cock. Cat moaned and felt his cock stretch her. "Brad get over here and fuck her ass." Daniella was standing now, barking orders at the two college guys. Cat purred softly as her ass was invaded with a hard throbbing cock. "Fuck." Cat orgasmed. It was a loud orgasm and she screamed out for almost a whole minute. When she was finished her eyes were full of lust. "Fuck me. Now. Do it. Fuck me hard or I'm leaving." The two guys got into a rhythm and fucked her senseless.

"Tell me how it feels knowing your best friend's cock is inside her." Daniella was enjoying this and wanted to know what the guys were feeling.

"It's fucking fantastic. She feels so much tighter this way." Chad gripped her hips and bounced her harder.

"Yeah." Brad was never a big talker during sex. When he was fucking a tight wet pussy he only cared about that. Fucking her tight wet asshole was complete heaven.

"Cumming!" Cat came again. Daniella pressed her breasts up against Chad's back and looked into her friend's eyes.

"Cumming!" Cat was having another orgasm. The room smelled like sex. The two guys were covered in sweat and were desperately trying to hold back their orgasms. Cat gushed all over Chad's lap and he exploded inside her wet pussy. "Fucking hell." Brad fell back on the bed. He was gasping for breath. He was in great shape, but having this vixen fucking him so hard was tiring him out.

"Let me cum on your face baby." Brad pulled his cock out of her ass and spun her around. He wrapped his hand around his thick cock and stroked a few times. His cum shot out all over her pretty little face.

"Mmm. That was so hot. Did I tire you out?" Cat was giggling. Chad was still lying on his back, cuddling up against Daniella. Brad was sitting on the bed as well, his cock softening.

"I think you did sweetie." Daniella gestured for her best friend to get on the bed. She cuddled up against her and before long all four college students were fast asleep.

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