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Special Saturday

byUncle South Loop©

It is our own private ritual. Beginning as a way to find time for the two of us to be alone. It has grown to be something so much more. A time the two of us to give ourselves totally and completely to the other. It is a time when our deepest needs and desires are shown honestly and openly. It is our time for our bond to be strengthened against those of others outside the two of us.

On the wall of our kitchen hangs a large calendar. Each day's square is filled with notes and reminders scrawled blue and black ink - "footprints" of our two lives. One Saturday each month is marked differently in bold red ink, by a single word - SPECIAL. It stands out clearly from the rest and as the day approaches, we both become aware of our own heightened anticipation it's arrival.

Beginning Monday as we approach our SPECIAL day, there have been subtle changes whenever we are near each other. We touch each other more often as we pass moving about our home. Our normal morning, evening and goodnight kisses and embraces lengthen a few seconds longer each day. Neither of want to spoil what has come to mean so much to us. We somehow find the needed restraint to stop and abide to our own ritual rule.

Our day has finally arrived. We rise, dress and then go out for breakfast at a restaurant nearby. While we enjoy a substantial breakfast, we review needed errands to be run and weekly chores to be done today. They are divided equally. Both our schedules are tight. There is no extra time if we are to be done at the desired hour. We leave the restaurant going in different directions to make our first stops.

It is 4:00 when all tasks are completed and we pause briefly next to one another in our living room. We embrace and kiss tenderly. Both of us relieved and content in knowing all is in order. All our phones are disabled. All entry doors are locked. We retire separately, you to the bedroom and I to the living room couch to enjoy leisurely naps in preparation for the evening. They are needed for what is yet to come this evening.

I awaken and raise my arm checking the time on my watch. I have learned to accept and no longer wonder how it is that my needs and desires know exactly when to end my sleep. Quickly, I shed drowsiness. I glance at the closed door to the bedroom trusting that you too are up and preparing yourself in the adjoining bathroom. I rise, all weariness gone, to make the first preparations for our dinner.

I hear the bedroom door open and await your arrival in the kitchen. We take turns choosing the mode of dress for our SPECIAL evening. We have dressed formally to celebrate an anniversary. Several times, our dress was chosen to fit a fantasy that one of us wishes to try to act out. Sometimes, our moods determine our selection. Tonight is your choice and I am anxious to see what you are wearing.

I am surprised as you appear wearing your full-length, heavy bathrobe. You smile as you see the look of puzzlement on my face. Before I can ask, you smile and speak first, "I AM wearing something beneath this robe. I've left what you are to put on in the bathroom. You'll see what I am wearing after you clean up and put on what is there for you."

I smile in return to let you know I am pleased you have found yet another new way to make our evening SPECIAL. I kiss and embrace you tenderly, lingering only a few short seconds before leaving to take my turn in preparing myself for what is to come this night.

Laid out and bound in a single red ribbon on the bathroom counter, I find a pair of new, black silk sleep shorts. They are short but appear loose fitting. I brush my hand against them to feel their sleek smoothness before beginning to prepare my body for your touch. I take the needed extra time to shave, shower and remove any rough edges from my nails. I slip on the shorts and, after combing my hair, do a final check in the mirror before leaving to join you.

I find you standing over the stove preparing our meal. Your robe is off and you are wearing ONLY a pair of sleep shorts that match mine. I step behind you, run my hands over your bare shoulders and down your back. Moving my hands to the sides of your waist, I bend to kiss the back and sides of your neck. My hands reach around to pass over your stomach and then rise up. I caress the smooth skin of your firm breasts. I run my fingertips, one at a time, over your two nipples. You raise a hand to clasp the back of my head and press yourself against the front of my body. My shins meet the back of your calves with my chest against your back.

It is hard, but I find the restraint to back away after a few minutes. While we both enjoy the other's touch, the night is just beginning. Neither of us want our desires to prematurely spoil what we know is yet to come. No apology is required. No words need to be spoken as we turn to continue our meal preparations.

We dine in candlelight seated across the table. Our meal is long. The time needed is due not to the amount of food. It is carefully selected to amply meet both our tastes and needs. And, to avoid any problems caused by over-eating. Our hands reach out often to touch that of the other. There is a frequent brush of foot rising to brush against the bare skin of other's inner thigh. Tonight, made possible by what we are wearing, there is the added visual pleasure of viewing the other's bared nakedness above the tabletop. Tonight, there are frequent lapses in our eye-to-eye contact. Fully understood to be intentional and silently accepted by us both. Our enjoyment in both viewing and being viewed is evident upon our faces when our gazes lift our eyes to again return to the other's face. I feel no guilt in knowing that my eyes drop down more frequently than yours do. You know how much I love the shape of your firm, smooth breasts. Your skin appears to glow faintly in the soft light. Throughout the meal, your nipples remain slightly erect - never lose their semi-rigidity. Outwardly revealing your enjoyment of my gaze and revealing your excitement at what you know will happen later.

Finally finished, we clear the table and clean up. Standing near the kitchen island counter, I take you in my arms and kiss you. Our arms draw us tight. Our kiss deepens. Our mouths open and our tongues swirl against each other's. My hands reach down and firmly grasp your waist lifting you up and onto the counter. My hand grasps the heal of your left foot and lifts it up. I kiss the top of your foot and move my lips to the inside of your ankle. I lay a trail of kisses upward on the inside of your leg to the knee with my hands sliding underneath following my head. My warm lips kiss continue upward across the inside of your knee to the soft skin of your thigh. My nose nudges the bottom of your shorts to push the silk up clearing the way for my lips.

You lean back on an angle from which you can watch me. Your upper body is supported by your arms extending straight out behind you. My mouth arrives at the crease where your leg meets your body. The tip of my tongue swipes along the crease. Then, I press my face press into the silk between your legs. I turn my head from side to side rubbing my face across the your warm slight dampness. After a few turns of my head, I back away to clasp the heal of your other foot to begin a second trail of kisses on it identical to those made on your left foot and leg.

I return my face to the silk between your legs. In pressing in, I feel a growing wet, damp spot in the sleek cloth against my face. I draw my tongue over the smooth cloth to taste what is seeping from you. I glance up to see the bottom tip of your chin as your head is tilted back. As I back away and rise up, your legs wrap around my waist. Your legs tense as you raise your upper body. Your arms encircle my neck. Your breasts flatten out against my chest. Our lips meet. Our mouths join in a passionate kiss. Using your arms and legs, you rise your bottom up and off the counter. I slip my hands under your rounded rear spheres. I steady myself as my body accepts your additional weight.

Continuing our hungry kiss, I carry you over to the nearest end of the table. Your legs release and fall to brush mine on the outside on their way down. You stand with your back to the table and reach your hands down inside the waistband of your shorts. You stretch the elastic out and lower the shorts down then release them letting them fall to your feet. As you slide back on the table, your free your feet from your shorts. You lie back to drop your upper body against the tabletop. On the way down, your eyes are on me as push down my own shorts. Your last glimpse, before the back of your head touches the table top, is of my swollen, hard shaft. You mutter one word, "Now!"

You spread your legs open. I point the smooth domed head of my shaft at your entryway. I feel your warmth meet the stretched skin at the tip of my shaft and press into the soft wetness. The rounded edges of my dome brush against the velvety tissue of your slippery inner walls. Each inch of my hardness is surrounded in moist, softness as it advances into your welcoming channel. Fully inside you, I pause as tingling waves sweep out through my body and I draw back and feel your legs encircle me. Nearly withdrawn, your legs tense and pull me back in. I grasp the sides of your hips and I begin repeated thrusts growing in strength and swiftness.

Our bodies move as one in short, frantic motions. Our releases are quick - responding to our building needs of the past few days and overwhelmed our thoughts in the last hours. Our bodies shudder in unrestrained spasms. I remain fully inside you, as our spasms peak and then ebb slowly. We both are spent and began to recover.

Our strength returned to our legs, I help you up and off the table. We embrace and kiss tenderly. Our bodies part and our hands join together as we turn and walk towards the bedroom. It is there where we will continue to give and receive to and from each other. There is much more yet for us to share on this - our SPECIAL Saturday.

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