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Spiderman Meets J. Jameson Ch. 02


I would like to take a moment to thank all of you who voted on the first chapter to this story. I had not seriously planned a follow-up. Thank you all for they great feedback and I hope you enjoy this chapter as much as you did the first.

Hugh also known as Spiderman and Peter Parker, was standing in the darkroom developing pictures when the phone rang. Ah, forget it he thought, let the machine pick up as he stood looking at the pictures that were being developed. His mind played back a few weeks to when one Ms. Jenna Jameson's hot body had been spread eagle and she had been fingering herself for the camera. Teasing and tempting him to take her once more.

Jenna had figured out his secret, she had played that whole bubbly blonde persona and then cleverly scraped her initials down his back with her fingernails the day before. Somehow she had manipulated him into shedding his clothes the next day when she had come in for the photo shoot and then positioned him so that the camera would capture the telltale marking she had left. Once she had stood behind him in the darkroom and watched as they pictures came to view she had known his secret.

He stepped to the door and listened as the answering machine clicked on and heard her sultry voice gain his undivided attention, "Hello Huge," she giggled, "I happen to be back in town visiting a few friends and I have a ..... Well, a deep desire to see you again." She had emphasized that word deep and he knew exactly what she wanted, his cock again. "I don't know if you are there right now you stud, but I am in the same hotel, same room and everything," she cooed, "I will be out this afternoon but back around six, stop in if you can big boy."

His erection was bulging against the tight confines of his pants and he knew that he would be joining her later that evening. She was his fantasy and there was no way he was about to pass up the opportunity to have a repeat performance of their earlier tryst. He didn't know if the allure for her was his costume or just his cock but he was not about to chance either one. He reached up and grabbed one of the camera's he used to photograph for the Daily Bugle and of Spiderman. Hugh placed the camera into a small pack and set it aside, adding film to the bag throughout the afternoon. He decided on taking a few other cameras as well as he was planning for a wild night of sex.

There was only one small problem with this though. Mary Jane had been back in town for two days, but he had been so busy working and swinging over the town protecting his fellow New Yorkers, that he had yet to see her for more than a few minutes at a time. She had called shortly after Jenna had and told him she was having dinner with a new friend tonight, and she had hoped he could make it. Well, Mary Jane always was finding new friends and he figured that this one would be just like the rest, some aspiring actress and he felt this one could be passed up.

As he was slipping into his Spiderman leotards the phone rang, he lifted the receiver and spoke, "Hello, this is Hugh." Mary Jane's perky voice filled the line immediately, "Hmmm is this Hugh G. or Peter Parker?" she teased. "Hey, MJ, I was just on my way out what can I do you for?" he asked. "Well, apparently my new friend is a big fan of your work honey," she quipped, "I bumped into her at the class this afternoon she was giving a presentation for." He supposed she meant her acting class, so his earlier train of thought had been correct, it was another actress. "MJ, I just don't think I can make it tonight, maybe a rain check?" he asked wearily. "No Peter," she blasted back at him, "don't bother, maybe we need to reevaluate our whole relationship!" Then with a click she was gone. Well, I can smooth her over later but now I have a date to keep, he thought.

The flaxen-haired beauty sat across from Mary Jane with a broad smile on her face, she had really hoped to meet Peter Parker under different circumstances than last time. Earlier in the day she had gone to Mary Jane's acting workshop class and given a small performance on how to fake onscreen orgasms. A friend of hers taught the class and at his request she had popped in, besides she was coming to love NYC.

Mary Jane sat there and fumed, how selfish and stupid of Peter she rambled in her mind, he has no idea I am sitting across from one of his favorite pinup girls and adult film stars. Mary Jane had drank a few more than her tolerance level normally allowed because she had planned on giving Peter something he had longed for. He had begged her to try a threesome with any one of her friends and she had never had the courage to do. She was going to give him that allusive threesome, that was if the squealing queen of orgasms was into it, which MJ assumed she would be. Mary Jane's red hair was tied up in a ponytail and she had tried to look extra adorable tonight, for Peter and this blonde bombshell. Well, she figured, screw Peter, if he wants to be busy maybe I will just have to experiment without him.

The busty blonde sat there sipping wine and listening to MJ broach the subject of her women on women scenes in adult films. Mary Jane was obviously pissed and ready to be a little reckless which is just what she had hoped for tonight. She had laid these plans carefully and was not about to have them spoiled. The blonde saw the spark in Mary Jane's eyes as she asked lewd questions about tastes and feels. The more MJ drank the more lascivious her comments and questions became.

The actress then asked her how she felt about the town hero Spiderman. Mary Jane's cheeks flushed to a bright pink tint, she spoke quickly and without thought through a drunken lust filled haze now, "Oh, Spiderman, mmm, wouldn't you just love to find out what he is packing beneath those leotards?" she giggled. "He has actually saved My life a few times," she continued, "I wish I could properly thank him but every time the opportunity has been there I either think about my boyfriend Peter or he spins a web and swings out of sight." Mary Jane gave a deep breath and sighed. "Normally, Peter is so attentive and jumps at the chance to go out to dinner with me and any of my friends."

Mary Jane decided to go for it, "Umm, that was the real reason I wanted you to come out with me tonight," she was having trouble finding the right words and she didn't feel as brave now as she had before she started this question. "I wanted to see if you would be interested in a threesome with Peter and Myself tonight, kind of a surprise to him," she was beet red now and breathing harder. MJ went on, "You see he has a large collection of your work, and he also has begged and begged to get another woman into our bed, I wasn't interested until my trip to Europe."

The blonde reached over the table and put her fingers to MJ's lips, "Shhh, quiet now Mary Jane, I know what you want I can see it in your eyes, your ready to see if even without Peter you could enjoy another woman's touch and to touch another woman." Mary Jane nodded her affirmation and the blonde motioned for the waiter to bring the check. "Well dear, I think that might be a fine idea, and you know there may just be a surprise in store for you as well."

The limo driver pulled away from the restaurant and watched through the lowered partition as the blonde porn star leaned over and kissed MJ. Mary Jane responded immediately cupping the blondes voluptuous breasts and squeezing them and returning the kiss. She was drunk, pissed and horny and by gawd she was going to do something about it. She felt the blonde's tongue slither into her open mouth and her own breasts being cupped and kneaded. How strange and yet wonderful it felt to her to be kissing this well known porn star in full view of the limo driver.

The starlet reached down and spread MJ's thighs and slipped her hand beneath the next to nothing dress, her fingers pressed against the soft panties beneath and pressed them into the warm slit of the girl. She could feel the dew of her honeypot making her nice and slick and proving that no matter how she would object her body was in a fierce state of arousal. The blonde pulled the panties to the side and winked at the driver who was watching them in the review mirror every chance he got. She slipped to the floor breaking the kiss and lifted the skirt up over MJ's lap, and lowered her head between her thighs, her pink tongue slipped from her mouth as she pulled the panties as far to the side as she could. Her tongue lapped long hot strokes up and down the slit of this tight little redhead's juicy cunt.

MJ sat there in awe and pure lust, her moisture apparent as the blonde pulled aside her soaked panties and then she felt the woman's tongue lap at her labia, "My oh oh oh oh ," she cooed, "my gawd, I should have, eee yes, tried um this oh years um ooouuu ago." Her hips were rocking towards the kneeling blonde's face and tongue and she couldn't help the gyrations, her wanton little pussy had needs and right now they were being well attended to. She did think one fleeting thought of Peter and it was, well it's his loss.

The limo came to a halt just as the blonde pulled away and left MJ panting for more. The limo door opened as she realized her skirt was still around her waist and her red pubes, wet from saliva and pussy juice were exposed as well. MJ rushed to push her skirt down as the blonde took her hand and helped her out of the limo. Have a good night ladies the driver said as he winked in their direction.

Into the empty elevator they stepped and then as the doors closed their hands were all over each other. MJ had a handful of the blonde's tight round ass and her other hand was teasing her nipples hard, pinching and pulling at them as she liked to have done to her own. The blonde's hands were roaming freely as well working over the mounds of tit flesh and down to MJ's ass and then up beneath the skirt. Finally after what seemed an eternity to both the doors to the starlet's floor opened and they rushed down the hallway and the blonde struggled to relinquish the keycard from her purse. Once it was in hand she slipped it in the slot and waited for the light to turn green and the lock to disengage. The bolt slipped back and the go light came on. She turned the doorknob and led MJ inside.

Spiderman hung suspended from the ceiling, he was pressed flat waiting to pounce and surprise Jenna when in she walked with another girl. The lights were off but as soon as he heard the voices he knew there was definitely something familiar about it. "Oh, Mary Jane," Jenna cooed. What the hell had she just said! No, it wasn't possible! So many millions of people in this city and here Jenna was bringing in his girlfriend! MJ still hadn't discovered his secret identity up to this point and he wasn't about to let her find out now. But there was no way out of here without being seen.

He watched as Jenna led MJ to the bed and tossed her down ripping off her blouse and lifting the bra cups away from MJ's ample tits. She immediately feasted on them sucking and chewing the nipples being rough with the girl who seemingly loved some rough play. Jenna then turned her head and while sucking on the nipple of MJ winked at where Spiderman was on the ceiling.

Jenna had seen him as soon as the door opened and the light had spilled into the room briefly from the hallway. She had known he would be here. Jenna was confident, no man would turn her down, super hero or not. But she had also prayed silently that he would return because ever since a few weeks ago her pussy and body had ached and craved being filled and fucked by him again. She had brought him something special this time too. She had set a camera up on the TV and was hoping he had already seen it and known what it was for. It was for him of course, to tape their little exploit this time and to have something to remember her by on those long cold NY nights. She had wanted a copy also, but that would happen if he copied the tape or the next time she got to New York.

MJ was moaning and panting and wiggling out of her skirt and panties and pulling off the bra, she would have loved to have been stripped by Jenna but her passion wouldn't allow any further teasing. She needed to feel this porn stars naked body, the body that never failed to get Peter aroused, against her own heated flesh. She just wished Peter could be here, hmmm was that a camera over there on the TV she wondered.

Jenna pulled MJ back to the bed and had her sit on the edge with her legs splayed wide open. She had wanted to put on a little striptease for the Spiderstud and now she was going to do so for him and his girlfriend. Jenna walked to the camera and flicked it and the TV on so she could see how well focused the camera was and then she flipped on the little lamp shedding a little more light throughout the room.

Jenna flipped on the stereo and picked out an appropriate cd, then as the base started she swiveled her hips and dipped down spreading her legs wide and then closing them as she came back up. She sauntered over to MJ and leaned down kissing her before she backed away once more. Jenna then unbuttoned her blouse and pushed her big breasts together and jiggled them in MJ's face. MJ wagged her tongue over the tops of those fleshy orbs and breathed in the jasmine perfume Jenna was wearing. Jenna stepped quickly away once more.

She had yet to speak after that one brief moan of MJ's name, which had been for Spiderman's benefit. When she had arrived at the girl's class this morning she had heard her talking about her boyfriend and she had heard repeated a few times, one day the future Mrs. Peter Parker. That was all Jenna needed to hear. She immediately decided to see just how her competition for the web crawling wonder sized up. Or even better yet just what she had that kept the Spiderman happy at home. She knew a secret that this hot little redhead was oblivious too.

Jenna reached behind her and unclasped the bra and flipped her head down so that her hair surrounded her face and draped over her large pendulous breasts. Looking up from beneath the bangs towards the ceiling and then back to MJ, she dropped her hands from her breasts and leaned forward letting Mary Jane lick and suck the sensitive nipples. Jenna waited until the nipples were erect and begging for more attention before she turned her back to MJ and slipped her hair back over her shoulder. Jenna then reached back and looked over her shoulder and unzipped the skirt and pushed it down over her hips.

Mary Jane watched as Jenna exposed inch by inch of her glorious ass that men, or at least Peter, seemed enamored with. She saw the broken heart tattoo slip into view and she admired each new glimpse of flesh. She felt the effects of the alcohol she had consumed, and it mixed with her arousal, making her want Jenna naked and within her grasp. Jenna let the skirt fall to the floor and swung her hips back and forth. She backed her ass up until it was in MJ's face and then she bent over and pulled the thong aside showing Mary Jane the pussy that was awaiting her touch. Mary Jane could see the little golden hoop which pierced through Jenna's clit, and she found it naughty and erotic all at once.

Jenna swayed her hips hypnotically soothing MJ and then she pushed back urging MJ to lick her pussy, Jenna's arousal was at its own fevered pitch now and she had to find a way to entice Spiderman into the picture. She was watching herself on the TV screen and she raised her hands and cupped her big breasts and teased and pinched the nipples. She wondered how much teasing it would take. Jenna's hands undid the snap on her orange thong.

Mary Jane reached up breaking that cardinal rule of no touching the stripper and spread Jenna's asscheeks wide apart and buried her tongue inside the wet opening between Jenna's legs. She had to wiggle it pass the fleshy outer lips but once inside she tasted that sweet juicy cunt that had been waving in front of her just seconds before. She slipped her tongue out and drove three fingers deep inside switching her tongue to Jenna's asshole and rimming her. She had never thought she would find herself in this position but now that it was before her she was going to attack with no remorse.

Spiderman could take no more, witnessing his girlfriend licking from Jenna's pussy to her asshole and then sliding three fingers inside the hot porn slut was more than he could stand. He dropped down from the ceiling landing on the floor without so much as a thud. Jenna had watched all of this and then she licked her lips and winked at Spiderman. "Hey, Spiderstud," she cooed. Mary Jane was so entranced in tasting the blonde starlet that she had failed to notice Spiderman's presence. Mary Jane's tongue was driving inside Jenna's ass now as Jenna relaxed her tight little sphincter.

Spiderman stood there watching and then he coughed, "Ahem, my Spidey senses were tingling ladies and alerted me too a serious danger here. It seems that two lovely ladies," he said huskily, "have a desperate need for some Spidercock." MJ looked up from her position behind Jenna and nearly fainted. She had always wanted a shot at disrobing Spiderman and seeing his big meaty package that he had kept hidden beneath those leotards. She wondered if the mask would come off as well or if it would remain on. She had a fleeting thought of Peter and knew that she would be cheating on him but she wasn't about to give up a chance to fuck her own personal super hero savior.

Spiderman had rescued her numerous times and it seemed he was about to do so one more time and also get repaid in spades for his efforts. Mary Jane had never been so bold as to even consider his thoughts on another woman, yet Jenna had somehow managed to get her naked and ready and waiting for pussy and his Spidercock. OHHH, but he had other plans that had included only Jenna and now he was going to get MJ as well in a position she would have never given into for Peter.

He had secured the cameras to the wall with his web and he flicked on the timer and flash and set forth to get pictures of both of them naked and doing some serious pussy eating. "Stand up sluts," he commanded. Mary Jane's pussy immediately flooded, Spiderman had always been so gentle and tender with her and she was shocked to hear him bark commands and talk nasty to them. She complied quickly though, hopping up and standing beside the naked Jenna Jameson.

"I want you both to stand in the center of the room and kiss for me," his cock was growing as he asserted his manliness in this room. They stood there kissing as he walked around them drinking in each and every inch of their naked flesh. He wouldn't have to wait long though soon he would be slipping his rock hard shaft inside each of their naked, wet, willing pussies. He continued to circle them as they lewdly kissed and their tongues were plainly visible to his eyes.

He grabbed both of their arms and lifted them above there head and told them to interlock their fingers and keep their arms raised. "Spiderman is going to teach you two hot sluts what happens when you start the fun without him." He spun a web around their wrists and then shot it up to the ceiling securing them in position. He spun another long web and took hold of it spinning one extra one around it and looping it around the first. The girls giggled and both were tingling with mixed excitement and fear. This was a new experience for both, Peter had never so much as slapped MJ's ass during sex and even though Jenna was a porn pro she had never done the bondage thing.

He playfully slapped each of their asses harder and he watched as they both jumped and rubbed their pussies against one another. They twisted so that their legs scissored into one another and they could rub their clits against each others thighs. He held the webbing rope in his hand and stood back and lashed softly stinging Jenna's sweet asscheeks watching a slight welt rise up and then he did so a few more times each one causing her to squeal her sexy little mews of joy. He slipped behind MJ and gave her the same lashes and watched them wiggle and squirm some more.

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