tagNovels and NovellasSpreading Seeds Ch. 07

Spreading Seeds Ch. 07


Chapter 7 - Able and Amelia

I awoke in the morning in warm sunshine. Audrey was in my arms. I kissed her before slipping away and thought I'd made a clean get away when Audrey said, "Don't go."

"I have to," I said. I really did. I had to pee so badly. She got up and took my hand and led me to a door and inside was a urinal and a toilet. I didn't even wait for her to close the door before I started to drain the dragon. She hadn't left but was peering over my shoulder. I reached for her hand and let her guide the stream. She laughed but I finished up and she pushed me out of the way and squatted slightly over the urinal.

Her hands were on her knees and her breasts swung attractively in the dim light I stooped over and cupped one and kissed her while she pee'd. She squirted a few times then stood up into my arms and we kissed for a long time. She finally pulled back and said, "Oh Josh, you have duty and I have to castrate more goats today."

"I don't really want to go." I said.

Audrey kissed me and said, "Nevertheless we have duty and I am Bahia now and duty comes first." She backed up over the urinal and began to pour water on her bush, using her other hand to rinse herself. She smiled at me reached down and I saw her wince and I asked, "What's wrong,"

She smiled and said. "I'm just a little sore."

"Here I'll check," She let me fondle her pussy and only winced again as my fingers examined her opening. She was just a little chafed but nothing major. I patted it and kissed her, "You'll be all right with a few days rest." I said.

She put her hand on mine and pressed it to her. She was giggling and said, "What if I don't want a few days rest?"

I kept my hand on her rubbing her lightly, "I'll have to rest, I have duty at the bath house tomorrow or the next day and I have to save up a load for then." I kissed her, "Besides," I said, "You need to convales and wait your turn."

We made our way out and found our clothes. Audrey asked my help with her dress so I helped her and she buttoned my shirt for me after taking liberties with my chest.

Finally dressed, she took up her shawl and we left. Only one woman was at the desk and she just smiled and waved as Audrey and I walked past her. Audrey stopped at the front door and ran her hands through my hair and straightened up my shirt and fixed my collar. Then she reached up and kissed me, "You go on and get to breakfast," she said with her arms around my neck. "I'm going out the back door and change out of this dress. "I'll see you later." I kissed her again and turned to walk out the door.

I found that I was lost and asked two girls about 9 or 10 where the mess hall was. They both looked at me and each other and shook their heads. "The Dinning hall?" I asked.

They both smiled and pointed down the hill. "We are going to eat, could we walk with you?" one of them said.

"Sure, I'm Josh Perkins. What are your names?"

"I'm Emily and this is Margret." We shook hands and the two girls each took one of my hands and led me down to the dining hall. Emily kept up a skipping constant chatter while Margret practiced her proto-go-fer girl marching.

The girls didn't let go of my fingers until we were in the Dinning hall. They made sure that everyone saw them with me and then said good-bye and ran into the rapidly thinning crowd.

I Saw Able and Steve setting with a few women and went over and sat down across from them. "Josh, Sarge is looking for you." Able said as he finished up his eggs and sopped the yoke off his plate with a tortilla.

"Did he say why?" I asked suspiciously.

"Didn't say but he looked like he was just making a headcount." Able said.

About this time a motherly type came up to me and said, "Oh Josh," and giggled a little before she continued, "We can only make you some eggs, the corn mush is all gone. You'll have to get here earlier next time."

I looked at her, she was smiling and waiting, "Some eggs would be fine, ma'am."

"My name is Winifred Desoto, call me Wini," she said putting out her hand.

"Pleased to meet you." I said shaking it, "Are you kin to Astral then?"

"Josh everybody is kin in Barney, except you all," she waved off-handedly at Steve and Able but I knew she meant the whole team. "I'll see if I can find some ham to go with those eggs."

A woman came over and herded the girls that hovered around Steve and Able away saying, "Girls go get to work. These men need their strength and you are just getting in the way."

Able watched the last of them who had kissed him good bye leave and turned back to me and smiled. "Maidens, don't you just love 'em."

I said, "I'm surprised at the reception we gotten. I expected everyone to be, well I don't know not as friendly. But everyone has been mostly smiling."

"I'm not surprised," Able said. "It seems that there has been a feud going on for the last hundred years between the men and the women here. When we showed up, we broke the log jam and it seems everybody is happy. How long that will last I don't know."

Steve spoke up, "You can keep everybody happy some of the time and some of them happy all the time but you can't keep everybody happy all the time." He grinned as if he had just thought that up.

Wini came out and brought my eggs and a small piece of meat. "We only had venison, Josh is that all right?" She said putting the plate in front of me along with a plate of warm tortillas.

I looked up at her and said, "Fine Wini I like venison. Thank you."

Able and Steve kept me company telling me about their exploits last night at the bath house.

"We got to the Kiva after dinner last night and started to sort out our gear when about an hour later Sarge told us to go down and take a bath. I thought he was commenting on Steve's hygiene but he said to give out a couple of freebee's and generally recon the area." Able began.

"You'd a thought that we had thrown a wild cat into the dressing area when we came in. Women were runnin' and throwing on their clothes, taken off their clothes and generally screamin', laughing or squawking like geese.

Steve and I got the hell out of the way and waited for it to settle down and let me tell you, it became calm and peaceful, a mandolin started to play and our clothes were off in no time, they plucked us clean and didn't hardly fondle our privates. Civilized people here."

"The women undressed you?" I asked looking up from my plate.

"Oh yeah, they were all so polite and helpful, weren't they Steve?"

"Oh very, very polite people," Steve said smiling and nodding.

"When we came in there were a lot of women and kids and a couple of teenies that strutted around later, but by the time we got into our robes and went into the baths proper, there were ten or so. Well Steve and I didn't want to start a scene so I sat down on the pedestal and a woman offered me a pipe and another a beer and things settled down.

There were a couple of women washing kids in the back and we weren't there long when a couple of Bahia came in those fancy robes of their's and everybody got up and welcomed them. They both bowed and opened their robes to expose their breasts. Then everyone, Steve and I included, caressed their breasts gently touched their face and blessed them for their service. Now I understand some more about the Bahia." Able said.

Steve piped up, "yeah we learned that they're Bahia for a year then they put on the uniform and focus on their jobs. They can have children, it seems, but they leave them in the nursery at six months, and then only see them once in a while after that."

"So it is kind of like joinein' the Corps?" I said pulling a tortilla over.

"Yeah," he said slowly, "but there's somethin' else," I just can't see it yet. But anyway, we sat down on the pedestal and the Bahia sat with their breasts exposed, almost posing for the audience, wouldn't you'd say that Steve?"

Steve nodded.

"Well we passed the pipe again and drank a beer with the women when I stood up and walked into the bath area and took a leak, you know in that urinal thing."

I nodded

"Well when I got back I noticed that everyone was laughing at me. Not real loud. Well I tried to ignore it and asked a woman what I had done wrong she smiled and said, "Your Robe."

I looked down and my dick was sticking out. I tucked it back in and helped her take back the empties and hand out the fresh beers around. When I noticed a little dark woman drying off a girl about 3-4 years old. She was really built. Strong woman about 30 and she had her robe off as she dried her girl. I watched her a second and turned back to watch as Steve discussed the Adoration of the Goddess with some of the women.

"Well the Bahia asked me to explain it and everyone was so interested." Steve said as I smiled at him.

"Well I turned around and saw the little girl coming at me. She was dressed in her robe and her mother was just putting her own robe on so I snuck a look at her. When she saw me looking she gave me a wave and closed her robe when I feel the little girls hand reach in and pull out my dick. She gave it a couple of squeezes and turned back to her mother pointed to it and said "See!"

Able and Steve both broke up laughing and I was choking on my tortilla. When we stopped laughing Steve said, "Tell him about the Bahia and the girl.
Able nodded. " Anyway, The Mother came over all embarrassed and I told her no problem and I got down and asked the little girl her name, Gloria it was, so I got down on one knee and told her. 'Gloria it's not nice to touch someone without asking first.' She hid in her mothers robe and her mother made her apologize and I patted her on the head. Then her mother told her to go and welcome the Bahia. Gloria got all excited and was looking around for them. I lifted her upon the pedestal and when she saw them she ran over and kissed one of 'em. And then all serious like touched her breasts and had a little conversation with her. Then she went to the second Bahia," Able looked at Steve, What was her name?"

"Joyce or maybe Joslin," Steve replied.

"So Gloria comes up to Joyce and says something to her and Joyce nodded and little Gloria kissed her tit and then sucked her nipple really hard. It made Joyce wince but Gloria looked over at her mother and clamped her hand on Joyce's tit and said "Pretty" and then she sat in Joyce's lap and was rubbing Joyce's titties all over her face and sucking the nipples. Well Amelia, got up and brought Gloria back and sat Gloria in her lap.

"Amelia?" I asked

"Yeah she told me her name was Amelia. Gloria, it turns out, is her 'niece' and Amelia was just watching her until her mother got off shift at the Dinning hall. Well about that time the Bahia had been adored enough and got up to bathe. All the women went to help and Steve followed and watched so Amelia and I kept Gloria busy and let them go do their thing."

Able smiled, "She was a pretty little thing."

"Gloria?" I asked

He looked at me and said," No, Amelia, Oh Gloria is cute as bug's ear but Amelia is just plain womanly attractive. She has real dark skin and almost no hair at all. Her skin is smooth and soft..." We lost him as he drifted off to a memory that was sure to be different from reality.

"Anyway Amelia is working for the Hydrology Administration so she is coming to pick me up and show me how they level and fill in new pasture areas."

"They are riding out in the country, you see." Steve said.

"Hey I'm a student of Hydrology! And she is doing some interesting work. They level the fields by moving rocks she said. Apparently they have been doing it since they set up here way back when. Anyway they have a lot of improved pasture and, Amelia said she thought that they might have a pasture or two that would be good for the oats."

Wini came out and ask me if I'd had enough. I wiped my mouth and handed her the plate and utensils. "Thank You, it was delicious." She wasn't phased a bit but called a girl over to take them into the Kitchen. She smiled at all of us and handed us each a package wrapped in a clean napkin. "I made some biscuits this morning and we had some left over. You boys need to put on some weight after that long ride out here. Oh and I stuffed some bacon in to them so they wouldn't be too dry. So take them with you and enjoy." She patted me on the arm and said, "Josh thank you for taking care of Astral the other night. She is so happy, thank you." She started to bawl then turned and walked quickly back into the kitchen wiping her eyes on her apron.

"I better go see what Sarge wanted." I said and Steve stood up with me but Able stayed in his seat. He waved good bye, waiting for Amelia of the dark smooth skin.

Steve was going back to the Kiva, he and Sarge were working the back room at the post today and he told me Bob and Raule were off today. He and Able would be off tomorrow he said.

When I got to the Kiva Steve pointed out my alcove, "I put your saddle bags and pack in there. It has a bed and a cupboard thing. I'm on the other side." He indicated with his thumb.

We found Sarge in the back; He had taken the rear most Alcove for himself and designated the two alcoves next to his as stores, leaving only two for visiting elders or poker games.

"Perkins, glad to see you're back. How did it go last night?" Sarge said in seeming sincerity.

"Real good Sarge," I said. "Dinner was real good and the company was very interesting."

"I understand you got to meet Irene Black?" He asked.

"I met the woman and she is very interesting, beautiful with the whitest skin I ever saw."

Sarge nodded "Redheads are like that, Like Ginny all freckles in the sun but snow white where they're covered."

"If you say so Sarge I never even look at Ginny unless I have to." Steve said.

"Anyway you boffed her?" Sarge asked.

"No it was very nice and polite, she was Audrey's escort and she had to stay with Audrey I guess, and Audrey talked her into letting her Inner Goddess out."

"Is that when she took off her robe?" Sarge asked intently.

"Yeah that was when she said,' Josh I hope you don't mind me letting my Goddess out and ..." I stopped and looked at them. Both of them were leaning in to me as I sat in the chair.

Sarge stopped me, "She was your escort, or you were hers, I'm not sure how that worked out. Anyway Mercer told me to put you on the detail because Irene wanted to try out the goods."

"You didn't tell me." I said

Sarge hit Steve on the arm, "See I was right.

"We watched with binoculars." Steve said.

"With binoculars?" I was surprised. Binoculars were hard to find and impossible to reproduce yet. Sarge made do with a half a binocular and my dad had given his set to my older brother when he had joined the Corps. Jacob still had the Nikon 8x35's and might pass them down to one of his sons if he ever stopped running around Socal.

Sarge reached into the cupboard and pulled out a worn leather pouch and extracted a pair of Schmitt and Bender 8x50's I had heard of S&B's but never thought I'd get a chance to see a pair.

"Wow!" I said, understatement being my long suite.

Sarge took them from my greedy hands and rewrapped them in a soft Angora wrap saying, "And the compass still works. I think we are on to something here men. Alice tells me that the Administration used to issue them to just about everybody in the Security Administration but there is still a warehouse full of these somewhere."

"Who's Alice? Anyway how did you guys see us?" I asked.

Sarge said," Well I was talking to Alice about another glass of beer in the dinning hall and she wanted to trade so I talked turkey with her for a while and jollied her around after one of the go-fer girls just went and gave me a beer. Anyway she said that a scout might need a pair of binoculars, she figured and might I be interested in observing the merchandise. So I followed her up to her place with Steve.

Well we inspected a pair of Bushnell's and they were pretty sad, then she brought out the Schmitt and Benders and I almost shit!" "I shouted 'Holy Mother on a Shining Shingle,' and she knew she had me."

Sarge was even tempered when he was trading, nothing fazes him and he generally gets a good bargain when he is motivated to trade. For him to do that, and admit it, was only a measure of the respect he had for fine trade goods like the S&B's. Besides they were doing more good in Sarge's hands than if they were stored in Alice's closet.

"So you saw us from Alice's place what did you see?"

"Well everything until you lay the little one down and then I quit looking. I saw every hair on her through the lenses; they have never been touched with anything but a brush." Sarge said.

"Anyway the deal I made was once a month for a year, or as long as I'm here and if I'm on the trail Steve has to stand in. She was trying for twice a month but I said the she deserved a chance to inspect the merchandise and we went up stairs. We were just getting started when Alice looked up and said "The Spider returns to her Web" or something like that and I stopped what I was doing because she was looking out the window."

"Anyway we ended up watching you thru the window in her bedroom. When I started watching, Alice handed me the Schmitt and Benders and pulled out a set of Nikon 8x12 variables and a tripod."

I was aghast, Nikons and Schmitt and Benders too, Wow!

"So we watched for a while and she was beautiful but Alice said Irene was only taking her ten percent off the top like the rest of the Bahia."

"Really, she seemed like she just wanted to watch." I said.

"I noticed you watched her really closely. I noticed you sucked the goddess plum out of her too. But that gave Alice an idea and we went back to negotiating the deal after you lay the little one, Audrey, down. So I was able to convince her to part with the Schmitt and Benders for once a month because she said she didn't think she could take me twice a month and still walk." Sarge laughed and of course Steve and I laughed along with him.

"But she wanted more; she said that she heard we had brought oat seed and wants us to deliver 200 kilos of the oats we grow for the mules to her in the mess hall. She said she wanted to try oat meal, all they get here is cornmeal mush."

"200 kilos," I said, "that is a lot of oats."

Sarge reached into his cupboard and pulled out a small angora wrapped package. "I got her to sweeten the deal a little," he said and handed me the package I unwrapped it a saw a set of small binoculars. The finish was hardly worn but was flaking off a little, they were very light but the engraving was still on them and I made out the script "Leica 7x42mm" on the shoulder boss. They still had their spring loaded lens covers on the objectives but the rubber eye cups were long lost and had been replaced with leather cups.

I looked up at Sarge and said, "For me?"

"He took them from my hands and said, "Only if you can get me 200 Kilos of Oats"

"Next fall?" I asked.

"Done" he said and handed me back the Leica's.

"Now Able found a lady who is going to take him out to look at land for oat fields today. I want you to go with them and pick out your fields. We've got ten mule loads of seed and we only need 200 Kilos extra so we should be able to put in a couple of extra meters to do this, right Josh?"

I looked up at him and said, "Yes indeed, Can do, Sarge."

"Well Able was going to bring the horses around as soon as his lady friend picks him up at the Mess hall. So go out and get started."

I got up and went for my field coat and hat. I decided not to take my saddle bags along and put the Leica's in the inside pocket of my field coat. They fit perfectly.

When I got outside Able was waiting with the horses. He was talking to a small dark woman and she was laughing. "You must be Amelia," I said, "I'm Josh Perkins."

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