tagNovels and NovellasSpreading Seeds Ch. 19

Spreading Seeds Ch. 19


Chapter 19 - A Question of Constitutional Law

I was going to meet Sarge and Bob in front of the Dining hall but I met them walking up to Lenore's bunker.

"Ah there you are Perkins," Sarge said as I met them on the path. "We waited as long as we could and then I figured that Ms. Black had a difficult problem to work out. You took care of her problem then?"

I nodded and held up three fingers.

Sarge grinned and said, "Josh, You are tougher than you look."

I smiled a little and said, "Bob, you are going to love Lenore. She cooks really well, she laughs all the time and she will fuck you into next week if you let her."

"My kind of woman." Bob said and laughed.

Lenore was reading her book under a tree when we got there. She got up and ran over to me and took my hands and kissed me. "Oh Josh you were so late, I was afraid you weren't coming."

I stroked her hair and said, "Lenore, Sarge has to tell you something."

Sarge took one of her hands, "Ms. Lenore I know you wanted to have lunch with Josh today, but I can't allow it."

"What?" She looked at Sarge and then at me.

Sarge held her hand, "It's a rule of the Kiva that a man has to wait three days after an insemination before he is ready to resume his duty to the Goddess. I let Josh come up here yesterday, but I have to tell you that he is not capable today and so I brought Bob up to inseminate you today. I hope you understand."

She obviously didn't, "But I, I ..."

Sarge took Lenore's hand and presented her to Bob. "This is Bob Krenn. He is a fully qualified Scout Trader and is rested and ready."

Bob took her hand and kissed her finger tips. "A pleasure to meet you Lenore, Josh has spoken most highly of your attributes."

Lenore looked at him and then at me and said, "Oh Josh."

"Let me talk to her a minute," and I took Lenore off to the side and said, "Lenore, it's true; you've drained me of all the seed I had. Now maybe we have already put a babe in your belly. But if you aren't pregnant already, Bob will have a much better chance of doing it than I could ever have after you drained me so completely. Just look at Bob. He is real nice and very strong."

Lenore looked at Bob's dark good looks and back at me.

"Give him a chance Lenore. If you reject him it will hurt his feelings and Sarge will make you wait another three months if you reject the selection of the Kiva. Besides Bob is much more muscular that I am and he can pose for you better than me. Bob is a friend of mine and he will treat you with the same respect and loving attention as I do."

Lenore looked at Bob and then at me and kissed me. "I can see you again sometimes?"

"Yes Lenore I can come up and see you or you can come see me in the bath house. I'll wash your hair and give you a massage if you come to the baths sometime."

Lenore whispered to me, "Josh I had the Maidens Dream last night and when I woke up you were gone and the baby was gone and my nipples were sore. I wanted so much to do the Long Banana with you." She leaned on me and put her head on my shoulder.

I rubbed her back and whispered, "Bob can give you a much longer banana that I can Lenore. But don't let him smoke the number eleven. It has a long lasting effect. I just finally got my erection under control after yesterday."

Lenore smiled at me, "Ok, no number eleven. I made special tea though, Do you think that will be alright?"

I nodded, "Sure and look out for the sun today. You are so pale you'll burn."


"Yes Lenore."

"I was going to quote to you from this book today," She handed me the book she had been reading, pressed it in my hands and looked up at me. "Would you read the book and tell me what you think I would quote to you, out in the sun on the patio, as we were ... Well you know?" She was smiling fiercely and excited.

I kissed her cheek, said, "Sure," and held her a little, patting her back until she relaxed some. Then I turned her toward Bob.

Lenore kissed me and we went back to where Sarge and Bob were standing. I gave Bob Lenore's hand and kissed her cheek. Bob took her hand and put it on his arm. Lenore looked at him and smiled and waved to me as he led her down the stairwell into the bunker.

Sarge and I turned and walked down to the Dining hall the bell was ringing now and we joined the throng of villagers as they went to lunch. "Well Josh you did one good thing since you've been here."

"What's that Sarge?"

"Ever since you planted that alfalfa, the archers have been bringing in more deer and Wini told me that they were almost able to cut the goat ration in the mess almost off."

"That is good news." I said and wondered if I'd get as tired of venison as I have of goat?

"So what are you up to today Sarge?" I asked.

"Council meeting after lunch. Grace said I had to go because the Black Brothers raised an issue that involves the Kiva somehow. I hope I can stay awake. Those Council meetings are boring. How about you?"

"I'm going out to the barley fields and see April De Soto's new harvester. I need to get out of town and in the field again."

We got to the Dining Hall in the middle of the rush and Wini was at the door. "Sarge and Josh, would you step over here for a minute?"

She took us to the corner behind the door and said, "We are having a little meeting and we wanted to know if you men would sit up by the stage? I set up a table."

Sarge looked around at the confusion of 100 or so women and girls trying to find seats and visit with their friends and asked, "What are you serving today, Wini?"

"Well I have the first of the fresh green beans, steamed and salted and a lovely salad of spring greens with my special vinaigrette, and barbecued goat ribs." Wini was proud of her goat ribs. She smiled at Sarge's look of dismay over the goat again. "But we made peach cobbler out of the last of the canned peaches and there will be double portions for everyone who wants it."

Sarge smiled and kissed her hand, "Wini you are a dear."

Wini smiled and blushed and kissed Sarge on the cheek. "Now don't dawdle over your salads or you'll end up eating venison ribs." She stage whispered to us, "I'm a little short of goat ribs," and winked at us.

Sarge took Wini fast with one arm, kissed Wini with feeling and a pinch on the butt. "Where do you want us?" He said as he let Wini loose.

Wini blushed again and took him by the hand.

"I'll direct the troops, save me a seat." I said and stayed by the door.

The Dining Hall filled quickly and started to quite down as the green beans were served. I directed our men up to the front as they came in; when most of them were at the table I looked out the door and saw a formation of head knockers escorting seven of the Black Brothers toward the Hall. They marched with precision and even had a guidon carried by a go-fer girl leading their procession. They stopped with precision and the men marched in single file into the Dining hall. Only breaking step when they had stepped in the hall and removed their caps. Wini directed them to the table and I followed.

Sarge had saved me a place on his left and made Mike move over so Brother Stewart could set on his right. Our guys had left room between themselves and the Black Brothers shook hands all around and we all took our seats.

A woman I didn't know banged a gavel on the stage behind me and the hub bub created by the Black Brothers entrance died slowly. "Ladies, Ladies and gentlemen, if I may have your attention!" She waited and banged her gavel and finally the noise subsided. "Ladies and Gentlemen, today the Administration council is going to address an unprecedented issue and have asked us, citizens of Burney to give their consideration to the issue of the Fertilization Law. As you all know this law was passed at a time when Burney was in great trouble and it was very controversial at that time. Since then we have all learned to live with its consequences. However it is time to reconsider at least some aspects of the law. Brother Stewart Black has come to explain what the proposed changes will do and why these changes should be made at this time. Stewart the floor is yours."

Stewart stood and used his chair to step up onto the stage and took the podium. "Sisters, and Brothers. In the last year since we were contacted by the Nor Cal party we have learned that we are not the only survivors of the great Plague in the world. We learned that the residual effects of that plague are being overcome and that in several Generations we may be rid of the genetic mutation that the plague has visited upon us.

I come to you today to ask that the rights of association, assembly and freedom of movement which the Fertilization Laws removed from we men of Burney, be repealed and that we be allowed to live as free citizens of Burney, just as all you women enjoy.

Since Brother Thompson and his team have been here, they have enjoyed the freedoms that are every person's right under the Constitution of the United States of America. They have lived and moved freely among you without the restrictions that we are forced to live under. I offer that as proof that we do not need to be escorted in order to be protected from being ravished by packs of sex starved females, although some of us wish it were true." Stewart waited for the laugh that didn't arrive then continued.

"Given the results so far from, not only our esteemed Brothers of the Long Pole Kiva, but also our own men, in the insemination program that has been established, it appears probable that every woman who wants to be impregnated will be, in less than a year if current trends continue."

"And some that don't" a voice called out. Stewart waited for the cheers and jibs to subside then he raised his hands.

"Citizens of Burney, some of my bothers have asked if they can live in the village rather than the barracks, some have expressed their contentment at the present arrangement, particularly the Grandfathers, however the Black Brothers Trust has voted to build a structure much like the Kiva of the Great Raccoon in the village at a site to be designated, as soon as the Fertilization law is repealed or amended to allow your men to once more take their place in the company of women.

The Trust further will finance the installation of as many gas converters as is required so that every dwelling in the village is supplied with running water and gas.

The Trust further recognizes that many of the dwellings in the village are in need of repair or replacement, and will apply to the Administration for a planning committee to be established to create a new development plan for Burney." Stewart waited a minute for the bribe to sink in then he continued, "Ms Wini is eager to serve the rest of our lunch and has advised me that double portions of her fine peach cobbler will be available to everyone. After the cobbler is served we will open the floor to questions and comments. Discuss this among yourselves and after we talk I will ask for a vote, Major Amelia De Soto is standing by to take your comments and the results of the vote to the Council as they meet this afternoon.

Bon Apatite."

Stewart stepped down and brushed off his chair and the room buzzed all though the salad course. I dawleded over my salad, hoping to get some venison. Sarge took the approach of asking for more. Wini came over to serve him herself. "Ms. Wini this is the best salad I've had since I don't know when, could I have a little more?"

Wini put out her hand and a bowel of salad appeared in it. She used tongs to put a large portion in Sarge's salad bowel. Then put out her hand and the salad disappeared and an ornate bottle appeared. "May I suggest my special balsamic vinaigrette; I made it with your olive oil?"

Sarge smiled, "I'd be pleased to try it."

She shook the bottle, opened it and poured a liberal amount over Sarge's salad, and smiled at him.

"Might I try your special vinaigrette, Ms. Desoto?" Stewart asked.

Wini grasped the bottle hard for second as she made up her mind, turned then she smiled and put her hand on his shoulder, "Stewart Black, I sat behind you an a advanced calculus class one whole year, what was that 26-27 years ago? You can call me Wini, and since you are free of them at last. My special vinaigrette is sort of a welcoming gift." She shook the bottle poured a liberal dose of special sauce on his spring green salad.

Stewart looked at her and recognition spread over his face. "You yes it was you in Ms. Packard's class." He stood and took her hands, "Yes you didn't join that year, and I never saw you again." His smile made me think he has missed her.

"Well if you'll excuse me I'll go do my duty, you two, eat and enjoy and Wini walked off.

I started to eat my salad and watched Sarge and Stewart out of the corner of my eye. Sarge dove right in; He had to make liberal use of his napkin. Stewart was more precise. He cut his salad and took a less aggressive but persistent approach to his eating, commenting on the unusual combination of earthy and crisp flavors in the dressing. He also expressed dismay at find out that they had run out of goat.

I finished my salad and Sarge sat back with a big smile and drank his cold tea. "How did you like the special vinaigrette?" I asked Sarge.

"Very Piquant," he said and laughed and turned to Stewart who also laughed and they looked at each other again and laughed again.

I got a nice serving of ribs, they smelled magnificent, and turned my attention to them. The ribs were excellent and I was famished. Lenore had fed me well but my breakfast had been cut short and morning had been, well stressful. While chewing I turned my attention to the women many of whom had finished gnawing the chevon and were now gnawing on the issue of equal rights for men.

I ate with good appetite and a teenie dropped off a couple of extra ribs on my plate and took the old bones away. She smiled at me, giggled and ran off. I waved to her but she was too fast.

I was cleaning the last bone of succulent venison, when I heard the gavel bang away behind me. I wasn't making any real noise, so I ignored it and continued to eat.

The same voice I couldn't name called out, "May I have your attention Wini informs me that she will need a laundry detail tomorrow, because of the barbeque sauce. We need three girls in the morning to rinse and dry and three in the afternoon to iron and fold, so sign ups are at the door."

She waited a while then said, "Now I see that Brother Stewart hasn't finished eating but I'll open the floor to comments and discussion

An older woman in the dress of a goat herd stood and said, "The way I heard it, the escorts were more to protect us from them, than to protect them from us. Now the last Bahia Initiation was marred by an example of that. How are we to be assured that our girls are safe from the seducers and violators of our traditions?"

This caused a lot of discussing, nodding and "That's right" to spread around the room.

Andre stood and said, "I'd like to answer that." he stepped up on the stage and walked to the center. "Since that question addresses my conduct at the Initiation, it is only fair that I answer for myself, and on behalf of my brothers of Barney."

There was a rustle in the crowd and the woman at the podium banged the gavel and hammered down the noise.

"Andre, you may speak your piece now," The woman said.

Andre looked down for inspiration then looked up and scanned the crowd. "I see the reproof on your faces and it makes me ashamed of my recent actions. The Administration has fined me and the Black Brothers have censured me. The Village Council has set me a task to ask the pardon of every female in the village." He smiled and continued.

"I know that the reason I've had so much trouble complying with the resolution of the Village Council is that many of the women on my list have avoided me. I accept all this as my punishment for my stupidity, and lack of control. But I ask that you consider that my brothers have done you no harm, yet because of my actions have lost your trust.

They do not deserve to be punished for my actions.

I offer the following explanation not to excuse my conduct but to perhaps explain to you why it happened."

"All our lives we men of Barney have been sequestered and only are allowed to associate with women who are old enough to be our grandmothers. We are not allowed to even smell a woman unless we can find an excuse to get close for some innocent reason, helping with archery practice, or working on a difficult problem in mathematics or some such sorry excuse.

On the night in question, I was intoxicated by the touch of the Bahia the way their hands and yes, the way their breasts felt. In my whole life I had never felt such smooth skin, never felt their soft breath in my ear, I was mesmerized by their scent and the way they laughed.

Now I smoked and drank beer but it was the intoxication of women that clouded my judgment. Perhaps if I had been allowed more contact with women in my youth, I might have been able to resist my urges better. If I had been allowed to .." He trailed off and looked at the women in the room.

"For me and all my brothers it was a night of magic. I did not want to see it end, to be once more thrown in a cage and made to become a sperm bank. To be milked every three days by a grandmother twice my age, like a goat in the dairy herd. I lost my control and I will suffer the consequences, but don't make my brothers pay for my stupidity.

Andre's eyes streamed tears and they fell on his uniform causing dark spots to trail down his chest. He wiped her face and swallowed and regained his composure.

Andre looked up and scanned the room which had become very quiet. "Brother Stewart brought up the point earlier, that all the reasons that justified the revocation of our natural rights are now muted by the fact that we are not alone in the world, that there is a future beyond just huddling in our village watching the years go by. That there are other people who have chosen a different way to adapt to, and overcome the residual effects of the plague.

Thomas Jefferson wrote in the Declaration of Independence that all people are endowed by their creator with the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. This was the foundation of our Constitution. A document that we all hold dear and I would like to think that we all support. Those of you who are Bahia have sworn to preserve, protect and defend that Constitution. All we are asking is that you recognize our inalienable rights and release us from the unnecessary restrictions that we have lived under for all these many years."

Andre wiped his eyes and scanned the silent crowd. There were many moist eyes in the room. No one was eating their cobbler, except the younger girls and me.

He walked off the stage and sat down.

"Madame Chairperson?" Wini said waving her hand.

"The Chair recognizes Wini Desoto."

Wini came to the front of the room and wiped her eyes and said, "Women of Barney, we just heard first hand the results of sequestering our men as we have for a century or more.

I give Andre my pardon and ask that you also pardon him. But the issue before us is a Constitutional one. You all know that I do not like all the ways of the Bahia that I have spoken against many of their proposals. But we can not say we support the Constitution while allowing our men to exist in servitude to the Bahia and the Administration. To do so would be un-American." That brought a cheer and the Chair hammered her gavel.

Wini continued, "Allowing the Fertilization Laws to remain unchanged would be to show our new friends that we, the women of Barney are afraid to allow change to happen. But change will happen in our society.

In the short time that the NorCal Team has been here we have seen the folly of the current laws. We have felt the joy of association with men on a daily basis. Some of us have felt the touch of a man for the first time in our lives and like Andre would do anything to make that magic last as long as possible."

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