tagNovels and NovellasSpreading Seeds Ch. 40

Spreading Seeds Ch. 40


Chapter 40 - Topock Graduation

Out on the duck boards, naked in the moonlight, I pondered the coming trip. I listened to the camp quieting down. Oh there were a few "HOG" calls and plenty of percussion, but the singing was dying away or taking on a more romantic tone, at least in part. I heard a choir of girls singing something in the distance. They must have been singing down at the river, because I couldn't hear words, just their musical voices drifting on the breeze. There were a couple of grunters down in the tents just below the Major's. I couldn't tell if they were men or women.

Charlotte came up behind me and put her arms around me. She kissed my back, "Are you ready?"

"For what?"

"You just have to keep time, while I introduce them to Aunt Sadie," Charlotte slithered around under my arm, letting my ribs feel her warm breasts. She kissed me and smirked. "Well we have to test their stamina, Josh."

"Do they know who Aunt Sadie is?"

Charlotte grinned and took me by the hand, "They'll soon learn!"

We went into the tent; Charlotte took the lamp off the table and joined the others. I looked over Linda's shoulder and saw Denise sitting on her bed, she had a wooden box on her lap, Amelia and Linda were kneeling beside her looking down as she opened the box. Amelia gasped, "No! Oh no!"

Denise laughed, "Oh this is just Bill." She held up the Aunt Sadie and stroked it in the lamplight. 'Bill' was about a size 14 and at least four fingers around. "I keep Bill around for extreme emergencies. I generally use Bruce here," she held up another dildo that was far less intimidating, at least to Linda and Amelia. It was more tapered and ran from about three fingers around at the base to a little more than one where it flared into a tulip shaped knob on the end. It was more than as long as Denise's hand, and she had big hands. Both of the dildos were darkest midnight black and twisted along their length.

As she affixed 'Bruce' to the Jenkins patented rocker which formed the larger part of the harness Denise said, "There, a Jenkins "Aunt Sadie" rocker, finest mothers little helper you ever felt," she took 'Bruce' by the tip and said, "See here when you rock on the pad, the knob down here," She indicated a small bulb on the opposite side and end from 'Bruce', "This fits in your pussy and the rocker just tickles your clit." She giggled and rocked the dildo to show how it worked.

Amelia's hand reached out, she stroked 'Bruce's' length and felt the size of the knob on his end, "Oh, that's not too bad," she said and let Linda stroke it.

Linda licked her lips and asked, "Why are they black?"

"It's the coating, it has to be cured in the sun, and they sunburn like that." Charlotte said, "My Great Aunt Sadie, developed the coating formula, it's been in our family for generations."

"Denise, let Amelia put it on," Charlotte said, and handed me the lamp, "I'll go get mine on."

While we waited for Charlotte, Denise had Amelia stand and began to attach the straps around Amelia's waist and between her legs adjusting it so the rocker fitted correctly. Denise rocked 'Bruce' up and down and Amelia flinched as she did, "Oh! My!" her eyes lit up and she grinned at me.

I put up my hands, "No you don't Amelia, I don't switch hit!"

Linda laughed at me, stood and kissed me on the shoulder, "But Josh."

"Nooooo! I don't do Aunt Sadie! I'll be here to help but in my own way."

Charlotte came back wearing her Aunt Sadie. "What do you think?" It too was black and showed a heavy spiral. It was a little shorter and more the same diameter along its whole length. The knob was a little bigger and not as tapered as Denise's.

Linda went back on her knees and stroked it, looking up at Charlotte with a grin. Charlotte lifted Linda up and kissed her, "If you will assume the position we may start now."

Linda looked at her and asked, "What position?"

Denise laughed and said, "Follow me." She knelt on the bed and spread her legs looking back at Amelia. Amelia pointed to herself and looked at Denise. Denise laughed, "Yes you!"

Linda took Charlotte's strap-on in her hand and blushed. Then she assumed the position next to Denise. Amelia and Charlotte kissed each other and stepped up to address their quarry.

Amelia had no problem penetrating Denise, but Charlotte had a little trouble with Linda. Charlotte withdrew, spit in her hand and lubricated her Aunt Sadie. She tried again and Linda squealed as the spirals rippled against her pussy lips as they entered her. Both Amelia and Charlotte began a slow stroke and Denise was moaning after the second stroke.

Linda started to moan after the third full stoke and shifted to a whimper as it rippled her pussy on the way out, dropping her down on her elbows.

Charlotte put her hand on Amelia's arm and said, "Now sink it deep and rock."

The both sank their dildos deep and began to rock their hips. Amelia was moaning, Charlotte joined her, Linda was whimpering and humping a little and Denise was full bore stroking 'Bruce'.

The girls were all working slowly but Amelia was rocking a little faster and pounding Denise hard after two to three minutes.

Charlotte kept a slow pace and Linda was moving a little to left and right as Charlotte rocked her hips and worked her own end of the dildo. Charlotte tried to look at me but had to close her eyes when Linda's movements made it impossible for her to keep them open. Charlotte backed out and just rubbed Linda's pudenda with her hand, watching as Amelia was pounding and rocking, waving her hips left and right and moaning.

Denise wasn't exactly quiet either. She whimpered and moaned and was UPPing all over the place. Amelia was jamming her fast and hard, Denise was waving her hips and meeting Amelia in full stroke and suddenly the violence of their collective trajectories ripped 'Bruce' out into the air and when Amelia lunged back at Denise, 'Bruce' slipped right into Denise's ass as Amelia drove it home.

Denise groaned and drove back against Amelia who hit her again and Denise cried "Ah! Ah!, Ahhhh!" and slumped forward. Charlotte pulled Amelia, who was in something of a frenzy, away from Denise and began to rock 'Bruce' up and down with her hand while Amelia made, "Ibid, Ooooh!, Ah!" kinds of sounds, stumbled back and fell on Charlotte's bed. Charlotte lay with her a moment and then said, "Josh, put Denise on her bed properly. Linda come with me."

I put the lamp down on the wash stand and went to help Denise get straightened out. She was still pretty limp as I lifted her up and arranged her body on her back and put a towel between her legs. I sat on the side of the bed and kissed her hands. She opened one eye and said softly, "Don't go far Josh. I still need a second helping."

I leaned down and kissed her, "I'll certainly keep you in mind, Denise."

She laughed and pushed me away. I looked over at Charlotte; she was laying on one side of Amelia and was taking off Amelia's aunt. She lay it at the foot of the bed, turned and kissed Amelia. Linda was wiping Amelia's body off and was going well below her navel with the cloth. Amelia folded herself to Charlotte and the two shared a moment.

I stood there in the dim lamp light and took it in, the sounds of the camp were muted by the tent, Linda's soothing of Amelia's fevered breasts, Charlotte's delicate nuzzling of Amelia's neck, it all felt like home, like I was finally Home! Yet it was a phantom of my imagination and evaporated when Charlotte looked up at me, smiled and chuckled.

She extended her hand and curled her finger at me. Her expression was one of amusement. Another task was set.

Charlotte said, "Come Josh..." She hadn't finished when Linda laughed and said, "Don't cum, Josh, but sit on the bed."

The women all moved their legs to clear me a spot so I sat and looked at them. "You girls aren't going to gang up on me are you?"

Linda snickered and looked at Charlotte. Amelia just spread her legs and smiled. Charlotte said, "Josh, Poor Amelia has been sorely tested and deserves a, a ..." She paused with her finger to her lips and thought for a second before continuing.

I inserted, "A reward for putting up with pushy nosy Mother's?"

Charlotte gave me a harsh look for a second but grinned, "Perhaps, in any event she needs a man's touch," Charlotte was rolling Amelia's nipple and give me her pouty look. Amelia was just fluttering her eyes, I think because, when Charlotte rolls a nipple quite often your eyes roll too, "We've gotten her cooking, but the dish calls for just the right kind of sauce, you might say."

Linda said brightly, "I read the recipe, Josh, it calls for five to seven inches of..." Linda was muted when Charlotte reached across and put her hand on Linda's mouth.

"We'll keep our recipes to ourselves, Linda." Charlotte said removing her hand and kissing Amelia.

I looked at the three of them, Charlotte was lying on her side, Amelia on her back and Linda on the other side of Amelia on her side, massaging Amelia's breast and grinning at me.

Charlotte reached down and captured Amelia's knee and pulled it up over her leg, "Linda"

"Oh yes," Linda responded and did the same with Amelia's other leg. Amelia, now spread in a full butterfly, smiled, kissed Linda's cheek and grinned at me. She was beautiful in the lamp light, her olive skin, dark hair and eyes captivated me, sandwiched as she was between Charlotte and Linda who were both much fairer than Amelia, who was giving me a look of anticipation.

"Oh, I feel Inanna is with me Josh, come feel her too, please?" Amelia pleaded.

"But first you must show us some more advanced, oral stimulations, Josh," Charlotte said.

"Ohoo, Orals at level Nine!," Denise said from across the room.

Linda giggled and kissed Amelia's breast, I reached up and stroked Amelia's leg from knee to damn near pubis and shifted on the bed to kneel and bend over with my face close to Amelia's wet warm excited pussy. My first move was a a improvisation, I licked her slowly with the flat of my tongue. From her taint to just below her hood, then curled my tongue, slowly up and tickled her clit with the tip, before stroking her clit, with flat of my tongue.

That got her attention! She was holding herself stiff and pushing her hips to my face, but I kept a light touch and just savored the sensation. I moved on to a sucking clit vibratory move of my own invention and she flinched, so I slowed down and just licked her minor lips and sucked on them for a moment as she came down a little.

For a few minutes I alternated between pushing her higher and letting her slide back, just a little. I call it cranking the jack, but I'll bet the HOG has a code for it.

I looked up for a second, Amelia had her hand on Charlotte's "Auntie" and was evidently rocking it in reaction to my licking, Charlotte was UPPing softly in Amelia's ear and Linda was watching me, while massaging Amelia's breast, her lower lip clamped between her teeth. I knelt to my task and Amelia went over the top as I sucked her clit and fingered her ass a little.

I didn't hold her on the cusp long, I figured that the task was only half done and I was right.

Charlotte regained control of herself and stood, saying, "Linda give Josh some room to work. Josh, she needs completion but... "

"I know, don't cum!"

"Well Denise needs a second injection," Charlotte said and held her dildo, slowly rocking it up and down. The knob waving in the dim light..

Amelia pulled me up by my hair, "Come to me, Dimuzzie."

I slithered up Amelia's fragrant body licking her and sucking her nipples while fitting my cock to her. She took it smoothly, with a grunting sigh, I just sank it deep and held her solidly, kissing her and nuzzling her. Her hips cupped up to me and she wrapped her legs over my ass, moaning. I slow stroked her a while.

In the midst of my mantra, Amelia's silky slit and my now throbbing cock, I heard Linda and Charlotte talking and giggling, then Linda moaned, "Oh the three baller, feels so good."

I opened my eyes and looked back at them over my shoulder. Charlotte was fitting her auntie on to Linda and trying the rocker out to make sure that Linda was fitted properly. Linda backed away pushing Charlotte's hand away from the dildo. 'Josh' was waving around and Linda grabbed it, saying, "Oh, when it wiggles like that, it tickles."

Charlotte laughed, "Here do me and we'll watch Amelia and Josh." Charlotte assumed the position holding on to the back of the chair, bending at the waist and saw me watching. She grinned at me and blew me a kiss as Linda fitted 'Josh' into her. Charlotte's eyes closed and she moaned as it sank in. Linda rocked her hips and moaned, "Oh, Oh, OH!" She had evidently found the third ball.

I turned back to Amelia and gave her a quick deep double stroke. She whined and came back for more. I pushed my "Lone Pine" onto Amelia and ran the Lone Pine mantra through my mind to settle my surging physiology.

I began a long slow stroke; Amelia whimpered and was upping the ante by humping my slowly stroking cock. I didn't follow her lead but slowed down. Then I sank it deep gave her a rotating clit rub with my pubic bone. She was hot, wet and was groaning. Her hips rabbited me and I let her take over by backing out about half way and holding still as she humped my slick dick. I changed angles on her strokes and found the sweet spot a couple of times.

Amelia humped me and wiggled down on the bed to take as much as she could get. By now I was up on my knees, a little, holding myself up so I could let her "climb the pole". She was curled under me, reaching for it, trying to get the last inch in and sucking on my collar bone, hard. She gave me a long stroke, withdrawing so my cock was almost out and then said, "Oh give me.." and slammed her hips up, I had expected it and I came down on her sinking deep and rubbing her left and right.

Amelia groaned through her teeth and held it in grinding her hips against me. I double stroked her and she went, "Ah! Ahhh! Oh!" and humped me fast a couple of times, She was beginning, one thing that I had learned back on the trail is that Amelia took a long time to climax. Each second seemed an hour to me, as her slick pink pussy sucked my cock, trying to extract my seed. She rubbed her g-spot on the tip of my dick, before humping me hard a few times and wiggling her hips left and right as she tried to trigger the big bang.

I was trying to get Amelia to slide up on the bed. With her sliding down to reach me and my backing up, I had ended up with my legs under the rail at the end of the bed with my ass in the air. I put my arms under Amelia, lifted her shoulders up and lunged upward. Amelia groaned as she stopped and I rammed her hard.

Charlotte moaned and gave a little coughing sound. I turned and looked. Linda was hammering Charlotte's fanny pretty good and moaning with her eyes closed. Charlotte said, with some difficulty, "Oh, Linda, Oh, stop for a second."

Linda froze with her hips against Charlotte's fine hot ass and was rocking her hips. Charlotte began to roll her hips, making the attachment on the other end of the rocker move in Linda's pussy. Linda groaned and the two of them began to move against each other.

Amelia got my attention when her pussy grasped my shaft and she kissed me on the mouth savagely. Her hips were thrusting and she was wiggling and moaning, I figured that it was time to drive her home. I started a slow meat slap and picked up the pace. Amelia fell into my rhythm quickly and was double humping me until I finally got up to speed.

Amelia almost took my seed, but I went away, mentally. I was the lone pine in the howling wind, clinging by my roots in the brotherhood that formed my rocky promontory overlooking a stormy gulf of feminine lust. Insulated and serene, "Ugg! Ah!" I almost came again and Amelia saved me by biting my collar bone and thrusting her hips up to me as I continued to stroke. She went over the top quivering and biting, digging her nails in my back and finally groaning as her strength gave out and she collapsed.

I sank into her and held on to the slick hot juicy feel of her with my root. "Ohoo! Ah! Ahhh!" I could breathe again and I had control.

I got up on my hands and knees, while extracting my sensitive prick from Amelia, who whimpered as is slipped out, and I was able to breathe again. I leaned down and kissed Amelia, who took my face in her hands, slid them through my hair and crushed our mouths together for a moment and then, pushed me back a bit and looked at me.

Amelia looked over at Charlotte who was rocking Linda's end and moaning as well, "We'll just give them a few minutes," she pulled me down, kissed me softly and whispered to my lips, "You make a pretty good Dimuzzie, Josh, I'd say a eight or nine."

I kissed her quickly, "She was here, Inanna. Thank You."

Amelia pulled me down to her and rolled us to my right side, so I couldn't see Charlotte practicing her witchcraft. I could only hear her. Amelia snuggled to my chest and kissed my cheek, "Are all Davis women like Charlotte and Robin?"

"In what way?"

Amelia looked up over my shoulder as Charlotte made a surprised yelp and groaned. Amelia smiled and snuggled down to me again, "Linda may have surprised her."

"Linda is full of surprises," I answered and figured I'd let the background fade as I cupped Amelia's plump breast. She closed her eyes as I stroked the nipple, pulled on it, twisting softly between my fingers and kissing her on the neck.

"Josh, I should warn you that I still feel Inanna's electricity and if you keep that up..."


"I'll not be responsible for Inanna's reactions."

I smoothed her nipple under my palm and kissed her on the lips. I pulled back to look at her, "I think that women everywhere are the same, all different."

Amelia looked at me curiously, "What?"

"You asked if Davis women are different, I suppose you mean, than Burney women?"

She moved my hand from her breast to her hip, "Yes, what do you think?"

"I'm hardly a dispassionate observer, Amelia."

"Very passionate, I'd say," Amelia said and pinched my side a little. Her eyes caught the lamp light, her hair was wild and pulled back behind her ears, I captured that moment in my memory, for the odds were good I'd never see her like this again.

I massaged her damp breast and said, "Well, I'm used to Davis women, but Charlotte is one in a million. Robin was my Six adviser for two weeks last year, and she is a little twisted, but has a very giving heart."

"She gave me something but it felt more like tongue." Amelia whispered and chuckled.

"Did you reciprocate?"

"Well yes, Josh. It wouldn't be diplomatic or courteous to refuse."

"Stateswomanship is its own reward, I've heard it said."

Amelia grinned, "Oh, it's very rewarding some times!"

I felt the urgency of three beers so I took Sarge's advice, "When in doubt, take a leak." I kissed her and moved to get up, "I'll need a minute," I stroked her cheek, "I'll be back,"

I chuckled and kissed Charlotte on the way out. She couldn't release the chair without loosing her balance but she managed to growl as she gave me a wet kiss. I stroked Linda's breast in farewell, picked up a skirt, wrapped it around my waist tying it as I exited quickly.

I quick stepped down past the showers to the privy and got there just in time . Sometimes a beer might taste bad, but it feels good to get rid of, just the same.

The moon was low in the sky and I was tired. I walked back past the showers slowly in the moonlight, the air now seemed cool, the singing was gone and only a few moans could be heard in the tent city. I had a feeling that was going to change.

Despite my apparent vitality up in the cage of foxes, my ass was dragging and I decided to shower before going back for Denise. I turned and went back to the shower. There were two women in the entryway, doing the crab on one of the benches, but they weren't making too much noise and I figured they were distracted so I pulled the rope and let the trough fill. The water was still pretty warm but the air now was cool and I appreciated the reed screens blocking part of the breeze.

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