Spring Break at Home


Lilah released his spit-coated shaft and jerked him with one hand. "Sam, if this feels good, tell me so."

"It feels really good," Sam croaked. He gulped and cleared his throat.

"If you tell me to stop, I will," she said, as she prepared to go down on him again.

"It's okay," he said, words failing him.

She gently licked and sucked his balls, eliciting a long, sexy moan from the young man. At the same time, she absently stroked the base of his manhood with one hand. Then she sat up and smiled at him, her blouse stretched tight across her firm melons perched high on her chest. She grasped his dick in both hands and began rubbing his shaft again, corkscrewing her hands around his saliva-slickened cock as she pulled and squeezed. Sam could feel her soft fingers rubbing all around his sensitive glans. His body went rigid with sudden, intense pleasure, and he felt an orgasm churning in his balls. Try as he might, he couldn't hold back.

"Cum-cumming," he gasped, his eyes opened wide and then closed tight, his eyebrows knitted together as he concentrated. In two heartbeats, her mouth was locked around his helmet and not a moment too soon. His dick blasted her with a wad of salty-sweet, milky cum, immediately followed by a second mouthful, and as she struggled to swallow all of it a massive third spurt poured out, then several smaller ones. It was too much for her to swallow, and some of it overflowed, splattering the edges of her lips and running down his thick, veiny meat. Sam saw stars. He opened his eyes, breathing heavily, and watched his copious jism flow all over the hands that continued to slowly, gently pump his shaft. He closed his eyes again, feeling as though an angel was lifting him on clouds to heaven. Lilah held his cock ever so lightly in between her lips until she had swallowed every drop. Then she licked her lips, and down along his shaft until she had licked him clean.

"I can't believe it," Sam finally whispered. "That was so good, and you, Lilah, I just want you to know that you are so, so special to me."

"You are a sweet boy," Lilah sighed happily. "Your cum was actually sweet, you know. I can't wait to do it again."

"Again? But ... w-why did you do that in the first place?"

"I wanted to. Didn't you?"

"Yes, but how did you know I wanted to?"

"Oh, Sam. How does anybody know anything?" She rolled her eyes. "These things just happen naturally."

"But my dad—"

"Don't even mention him right now. Wow, are you still hard? "

They looked down, and sure enough his cock was still as rigid as it had been.

"Well, you licked it for a while after I came—"

"Oh my, oh my," she smiled, looking at the clock and then back at his cock. Annabelle was due to visit in an hour, but there was plenty of time. She arched her back and pulled her shirt up over her head while Sam eagerly pulled down her frilly boy shorts. She wriggled out of her bra, freeing her round cantaloupes. He immediately placed his hands on her lovely orbs, kneading and squeezing them. He couldn't imagine how it felt to have such a ripe pair of knockers but he tried to do what he thought she would enjoy. He watched her reaction as he pinched and pulled on her nipples. Lilah writhed and squirmed against his hands, and a series of sighs escaped her glittering lips. "Mmmm, I love the way you play with my breasts," she murmured. "Don't stop." He had his orders. Meanwhile, he kissed his way down her stomach, all the way down to her shaved snatch. Soon, he had his face buried between her legs. She lay on her back, legs up high and spread wide, while he licked her clit. He stopped fondling her breasts with one hand and explored her wet folds with one finger. She was soaking wet, and he slid his long middle finger into her quivering cunt.

"Oh, yes," she squealed. "Play with my nipples and my clit at the same time. Oh god, oh Sam, it feels great!"

He soon had two of his big fingers inside of her, rubbing her G-spot around and around. His lips pulled and sucked on her clit, each rhythmic application of his tongue made her writhe passionately. She ran her fingers through his short dark curls. She loved men with nice heads of hair, almost as much as she loved when they put their big dicks deep inside of her. It was why she had been able to make the marriage with Victor work, in spite of everything else.

"Okay, mmnh! So good, soooo good," she moaned. "Come up here, Sam." She pulled at his head, at his shoulders, but he kept licking her, driving her insane. He was determined to lick her to orgasm. She flung her legs wide for his flickering tongue. "Alright that's enough!" she squealed. "Oohoohohh, yes!" she moaned as he sucked on her sensitive nub. Her cries of pleasure never let up, and neither did Sam. A few minutes later, three fingers flashing in and out of her slit, his tongue whipping wildly against her button, she began to climax. Each push of his fingers against her G-spot took her higher and she screamed as the pleasure grew to be too much to bear. He relented in his cunnilingual onslaught and she continued to convulse, then shudder, until the last waves of pleasure had subsided.

They looked into each other's eyes for a moment, hesitating. Sam was too hard to think about being shy with Lilah any longer, and he felt sure there was still time for them to fuck before his sister arrived. Lilah eyed the dresser, which was a perfect height for Sam. She led him over to it, and opened the curtains to let in the light. Her body looked perfect; even more enticing in broad daylight, the bright streams of light shone through the window and made her skin glow. He could see every ripple, every jiggle as she moved. He helped her sit up on the dresser, and then opened her lovely legs. She wrapped them around his waist as he moved into position, looking down between them to watch her reach down to guide him, and he thrust up into her juicy, silky center. She looked up at him open-mouthed, as inch by inch, his thick member slid into her, spreading her love tunnel wide. She accepted his girth only barely, sometimes whimpering, as it squeezed through her slippery folds delivering stroke after stroke. She whimpered and moaned. Eventually the position was too much of a strain on her tailbone. They changed positions, and she bent over the dresser.

He slid his juice-slickened phallus back inside her from behind. Every movement was electrifying. She hoped she would not be hurt too much, as his big dick pounded her from this angle. Sure enough, she bottomed out against his phallus, but was relieved that she could feel his pubes tickling her ass delightfully as he did so. His lush, fat, cock head was lodged so deeply that it hit the roof of her vagina, and nestled firmly against her cervix. She moaned again as he began to move. Every millimeter of her pussy sang with pleasure at the friction of his fat, stiff pole, and she nearly choked, gulping hard, when he began to move at tempo. The pleasure went from intense to complete overload, and she lost her composure, drooling and moaning. Her hazel eyes, wide with shock, kept rolling back in her head. She had been with a dozen or more well-endowed men, but Sam had to be the biggest in that department. Not to mention, unlike some of the others attached to those big swinging dicks, he was so young and handsome. Soon she was coasting to her next orgasm, her head hung low below the top of the dresser, her knees touching, and her feet slightly apart.

Sam held her shapely hips up to the perfect thrusting height, and pounded away. It was his first time with a woman, and what a woman! Her hot, dripping wet cunt was every bit as tight as he had hoped a pussy would be. He felt every ripple and fold of her silken inner walls. As he thrust, he noticed that she was writhing and muting her own screams, until she began creaming all over his thrusting shaft, her petite butt bouncing against his thrusts. It was all so intensely erotic, and he tried to make the pleasure last, but she kept moaning, "Keep going, more, don't stop."

"I—I think I'm gonna cum soon," he panted in between breaths.

"Inside me is good, you can cum deep inside me. Fuck me, pump me, fill me with all of your cum!"

Annabelle had the worst timing in the world. Out of the corner of his eye, through the gauzy curtains and out beyond the budding leaves of the trees in the front yard, he saw his sister's car pull into the driveway. She was early! "Oh shit, she's here!"

Lilah cursed as she felt Sam abruptly slide his cock out of her. For her part, she would have kept going even if the Queen of England had walked in, but Sam was determined not to let Lilah suffer humiliation on account of him. If that meant he needed to be dressed in five seconds, he was damned sure going to try. He did a half cartwheel across the bed, miraculously slipping his baggy jeans on two legs at a time. He ran back around the bed to pick up his shirt, then ran to get a towel to tamp away the sweat coursing down his chest and neck.

Lilah seemed a little dazed, and she moved almost as if in slow-motion. The lovely red-headed Annabelle was already strolling up the driveway, and Lilah was only just putting her panties back on. Panicking slightly, Sam found himself wondering if, as a female, she was more affected by their abrupt stop in the middle of coitus. He realized, moments later when they hurried out of the bedroom, that he'd had it reversed, as blue balls set in with staggering intensity.

Their hearts jumped into their throats when they half-ran, half-walked out of the master bedroom, only to find Annabelle already at the top of the stairs, standing right there in front of them. They knew exactly what they looked like: a couple who had just been fucking, a fresh sheen of sweat forming on their flushed red faces.

"What were you two doing up in the bedroom?"

"Watching a movie," said Lilah.

"Oh, watching a movie. On the projector," echoed Sam.

"It was my idea," Lilah added.

Slowly, Annabelle looked first at one and then at the other, and said, "Really?"


"Oh, yeah," chimed in Lilah.

"Look Sam, I'm not going to tell Dad. He might just kill you if he found out. I'm glad I guess, you could say I've been waiting for you two to sort your feelings out. Lilah being the way she is, we figured it would only be a matter of time."

"Wait, who is we?" Sam asked. He saw Lilah grin at his sister with mischief and delight.

"Alright, you got us," Lilah said with a gay smile. "We weren't just watching a movie. Sam was just amazing though. Have you seen this boy at full mast?"

"No! Of course not, but I mean," Annabelle grinned, a fresh look of excitement on her face, "how was it? Is he ... pretty huge?"

"Pretty huge? He's like a horse, girl. No lie."

"Oh my god!" Annabelle put her hands over her mouth but the huge grin on her face was reflected in her twinkling blue eyes. "Well, congratulations, you two!" The women exchanged meaningful looks. Then they turned to look at Sam. "Sam. We have things to tell you," Annabelle said. "I think it's time." Lilah and Annabelle embraced and kissed right there on the spot, their hands caressing each other's bodies intimately. Annabelle scented the semen lingering on Lilah's lips.

Sam stood there in shocked amazement, watching and trying to make sense of the sight. One of his sister's hands squeezed Lilah's ass. As if their deep kissing was not confirmation enough, he chided himself.

"Alright, what is going on?" he finally interjected. "You two are—?"

"Lovers, yes," supplied Annabelle as she came up for air.

"Holy cow! So like, when was I going to be told about this?"

"We weren't sure about telling you. It goes way back," said Lilah.

"You were too young," said Annabelle.

"I mean, I didn't even realize you went that way," Sam said, his pride hurt a little. "Not that I have anything against it though, of course," he quickly added. "So, does Dad know?"

"NO!" they both shouted. "And don't tell him!" Annabelle added.

They moved to the living room and had a long family chat. First came the history of Victor and Gloria. Victor's first marriage was to Gloria, Annabelle and Sam's mother. She had found out about Victor's infidelity, and forgiven him time and again. Eventually she realized that he simply would not change. When she had threatened to divorce him and take the children, he had used lawyers and investigators to viciously smear her, in order to protect the half of his wealth to which she would have been entitled. The legal battles were unexpectedly traumatic for her. She had even spent a few months in a mental health facility, from which she had emerged with newly-diagnosed chronic mental disorders, several prescriptions for potent anti-depressants, and was never the same again. She and Victor did finally divorce, but on much more favorable terms for him.

Next came the story Sam had been waiting for, regarding what had happened to his sister. After Annabelle had graduated from high school, she couldn't find a job to support herself. Somehow Victor had convinced her that she didn't need to go to college. Sometimes, particularly after he had returned from abroad, he brought her into the shower with him, and had had sex with her. Sam listened quietly as Annabelle explained that at the time she had truly believed that she was protecting her brother in some way, by allowing Victor to do this to her. If she had consented, it had been only out of fear and confusion.

From the beginning, Victor had not been satisfied with just a hand job or even with her pussy. He had tried to fuck her ass, relenting after several painful attempts. So, he used her pussy, and came inside of her. It frightened her that she might become pregnant. She took a Plan B pill, and then got on prescription birth control. Finally she realized that what he had done was a form of rape.

At least, that was what she told Sam; but Annabelle had omitted what then happened over the months that followed: the part where, as she had started to meet other boys, she'd found that none of them really measured up when compared to Victor. In addition to size, his stamina was unreal. Lubing herself up with soap and letting him plough her in the shower had in fact become one of her guilty pleasures. Soon, the sex had become routine. He and Annabelle had had sex at least a hundred times, including dozens of times during the years after she'd moved out. Victor was a jerk and a tool for what he had done to her mom, but he was persistently horny and Annabelle felt that they needed each other. Part of her was disgusted with herself for wanting the man that she hated more than anyone else. At times, he made her feel like she was just another piece of ass, a sex object. She was using him as well, however, and that was where she sometimes got confused. They even had code names for all of the nearby hotels, all to keep their trysts a secret from Sam.

Obsessed with finding a way to perform anal sex with her father, for which he craved, she'd practiced and had finally been able to take his massive phallus into her rectum. She remembered his triumphant, lusty screams of absolute delight when he had first pumped her ass full of cum. She had relished the feeling of giving her father everything he wanted. Daddy's Little Girl had graduated to Daddy's Sex Doll.

Annabelle refrained from admitting all of this to Sam because the last thing she wanted was to risk Sam seeing himself as simply a replacement for Victor's big dick. He was still too young and inexperienced. Instead, she told Sam that she consented to sex with Victor somewhat reluctantly on multiple occasions since that first time, and then she kept the rest of the details light.

As for Sam, it had been difficult to learn that Victor had made Annabelle have sex with him. At that point, her tale had confirmed Sam's misgivings about his father, once and for all. As she talked on, the nineteen-year-old's attention diminished until he was only half-listening, succumbing to a daydream focused around impure thoughts about his sister, and anal sex. It was when Annabelle explained how she had come to move out that he focused again on what she was saying.

".... Some of my friends had asked me if I wanted to room with them, and I jumped at the chance. By that time there were emotional scars that needed to heal. I distrusted men, including you, Sam, even though I loved you dearly. So, I kept my distance, watching out for you as best I could, and, well, I began to explore my sexual curiosity about being with women. Lilah and I met through an LGBT chat forum, and we began to date."

For a long time, Annabelle had mentioned nothing to Lilah about what Victor had done. "When Lilah found out about the rape, she wanted me to report it but I insisted that we needed to be cautious. The case was not clear-cut in my favor, and our Mom had told me about how ruthless Victor and his lawyers had been. She warned me that Victor would sooner waste his money on legal battles than allow any of us to get our hands on it." There was some truth to the lie, but in point of fact Annabelle had never intended to expose her affair with Victor. She was simply too ashamed of the way she had participated of her own free will, countless times. She had even brought Lilah into the action with over a dozen steamy threesomes at a local hotel.

The goal for the two women had become revenge by gaining access to Victor's money. It was Lilah who had come up with the plan for her to marry him. "So the thing is, we are still an item," Lilah explained. "We are not completely exclusive, though. We treat each other as equals and we're always fair. When I want to play around with someone else, I always tell Annabelle first, because we like to share." She giggled as an impulse to say something naughty entered her head. "Although in this case, I'm not sure if Ann is going to follow through."

Annabelle blushed under Lilah's pointed gaze.

"What do you mean, follow through?" Sam piped in, but Lilah was focused entirely on Annabelle.

"You have to at least see this boy fully hard," Lilah went on. "It must be genetic," she added in a half-whisper.

"I was just kidding!" Annabelle murmured, trying for an innocent smile.

"Kidding about wanting to?" Lilah glanced at Sam. "Oh, of course. I'm sure you were just entertaining my naughty fantasy, Ann." She paused for effect.

Sam's heart was pounding. They both watched Annabelle blush deeply, her face turning as red as her hair.

"Well then, I feel like celebrating. Everyone in the jacuzzi, or are you two feeling bashful all of a sudden?"


The two siblings sat in the jacuzzi, somewhat awkwardly, avoiding eye contact.

"So modest," Lilah sighed with a grin, as she stepped into the master bath carrying champagne and glasses. Her ample breasts popped happily out from under her white wraparound towel. Sam sat in the jacuzzi, wearing his swimming trunks. His sister had donned her rather skimpy white string bikini. Lilah dropped the towel onto the floor and stood before them wearing only a smile, then lowered herself into the jacuzzi until her glorious breasts floated amid the streaming bubbles. She smiled, and dared them to go nude as well.

Sam was too innocent to apprehend that the girls had preplanned this, and he was utterly enthralled at the prospect of being with Lilah. He had become completely infatuated. Moreover, he'd fantasized about his sister for years. She was beautiful and slender, with the kind of body that could stop traffic.

The champagne flowed and Annabelle's bikini was soon floating among the bubbles, and at one point it became draped over his arm. The women giggled girlishly and snatched it, then threw it at him, and giggled some more. Finally they succeeded in cajoling him into removing his trunks. By that time, Sam was stiff and hot as a rod of plutonium. Both women teased him playfully, amidst talk about their past, and of Gloria. The champagne bottle was soon empty, and the trio were feeling rather flushed. "Now, whose turn is it to get champagne?" Lilah asked playfully. "Sam?"

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