tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSpring Training

Spring Training


It was March. James was really busy with work and I wanted to go visit my mother who lives in Arizona. I haven't seen her for a while and it is Spring Training for the baseball teams. I am an avid baseball fan, you know, and the Cats do preseason right outside of Phoenix.

James drove me to the airport and bid me a good trip. He told me to write him of any wonderful adventures I might have.

Then he said, "be sure and tell Sal I said hello."

I giggled and promised to write or call him if I ran into any interesting men during my travels.

He was needed back at work, so he left me to wait the two hours for my flight.

I was wearing a loose fitting blouse with a few buttons unfastened and a mini skirt that really accentuated my hips and legs. I was sitting alone reading a sexy novel when a young man sat next to me. I looked up from my book and smiled, then went back to my reading.

"Are you going to Arizona?" he asked.

"Yes, I am. I'm a big baseball fan and I'm going to see the Cats Spring Training." I answered him and went back to my reading.

"Wow, that's great," he responded. "I don' t know many women who like sports; and baseball is one of my favorites."

It was clear that I wasn't going to get much reading done on this flight; or at least while I was sitting here. So I marked my spot and closed my book. "Why are you going to Arizona?" I asked him.

"I have friends in Phoenix; maybe we could get together and go to a game together," he suggested.

I smiled and said, "That might be nice. Have you ever been to Spring Training there? This is my first time. I'm really excited about it. I've heard that the players are much more friendly during Spring Training and I'm hoping to get to talk with Sal Sargents."

"Wow, no, I've never been, but it does sound good. Who's Sal Sargents?" he asked.

I had to laugh. I couldn't believe there was anyone who didn't know Sal. "He is the Cats best player," I told him.

He blushed, "I'm a football fan, sorry," he said. "But if we can get together for a game, I promise to learn something about the sport."

I laughed and said, "What is your name?"

"Oh, I'm sorry, my name is Logan, what's your?" he replied.

"I'm Morgan," I said. Then I accepted his offer. "Well, Logan, if you would like to join me for a game, I would like to have the company. I can maybe teach you a little about the sport on the flight and we could get to know one another too."

For some reason, my eyes, at that moment glanced at his crouch and he had a massive hard on going on. He noticed my eyes and her blushed.

I said, "Oh Logan, don't be embarrassed, it pleases me that you are turned on by our conversation, or by me."

He said, "I have never been real good with talking to women I don't know and I find you very attractive."

"Thank you," I said, " it looks like you have a nice size penis there."

He blushed again, and said, "It's not really that big."

"Well, it looks healthy to me," I told him. "I haven't had a good dick in a while."

He didn't know what to say. He looked around he waiting room and there weren't many people waiting for the flight. He said, "I bet I could sneak you into the men's room. And I know I could make you feel good."

I smiled and said, "Let's do it."

He took me by the hand and led me to the men's room. He left me outside the door and went in to check it out. When he returned, he said, "The coast is clear, let's go!"

I followed him in and we entered the stall closest to the door. He unzipped his jeans and out popped a nice size dick. It looked to be easily eight inches long and it was thick. I licked my lips in anticipation of having that penis in my mouth and my pussy.

He looked at his watch and said we have an hour before the flight.

I said, "Well, we best get started, I'm hungry for that piece of meat you have there." And I knelt down and put his penis in my mouth and sucked with all of my might.

"Mmmmmm," he moaned when he felt the warmth of my mouth as I took him in. He had to sit on the toilet because he legs got weak. When he did that, I climbed on top of him and forced that nice penis into my pussy.

He breathed deeply as I slid him into me. He unbuttoned the next two buttons on my blouse and took one of my breasts into his mouth and sucked it while I positioned myself on his hard cock. I used my legs to pump myself up and down on his massive tool. It felt really good deep inside of my wet pussy.

I could feel the pressure building up in him. Evidently it had been a while for him too. We had only been fucking for about ten minutes when he exploded his cum into my still thirsty pussy.

"I'm sorry," he moaned, "I guess I was more horny than I knew."

"Seems that way," I replied, "oh well."

He said, "We have a two and a half hour flight to Phoenix, I will try again in the plane bathroom. I'm sorry, I think I was a little nervous too."

"Yeah, we can try again," I responded, pulled on my underwear and buttoned my blouse.

Logan straightened himself up, checked the men's room and we went back to the waiting area.

We got our boarding passes and got in line to board the plane.

Once in the air, Logan said, "I think I'm ready again, do you want to try?"

I still had the itch and I hoped that he would have a little more stamina this time so I told him, "Go back there and I'll join you in a few minutes. Don't touch yourself while you're waiting for me because I want it to last a little longer than last time."

I smiled and said, "It's okay, I just need a good fuck." I could feel the juices flowing into my pussy.

After he headed to the restroom, a male flight attendant came by my seat and sat next to me. "I hope you won't be offended, but I just wanted to tell you that I think you are really hot ma'am."

I smiled and said, "Thank you very much; no I'm not offended."

I noticed his crouch twitched. I said, "I'm about to go to the restroom to join a friend, do you have time to join us?"

"Oh ma'am, that would be wonderful, but if I got caught I would lose my job," he said.

"I understand," I said, "maybe some other time."

"Are you deplaning in Phoenix, ma'am?" he asked.

"Yes, I am," I replied.

"Then, maybe we can get together there. Here's the number where I'll be staying. My name is Ryan and I look forward to hearing from you," he said as handed me the phone number.

I put it in my purse and thanked him and said, "Well, my friend is waiting for me in the rest room and I don't want him starting without me. I hope to see you in Phoenix." I smiled and walked toward the back of the plane.

Logan was in a panic, "What happened?" he asked; "I'm about to go crazy."

"Sorry, a flight attendant needed to talk to me,” I told him. Then took off my panties and undid his belt and slid my wet, juicy pussy onto his throbbing hard dick. It felt so good going into me. It seemed even longer than at the airport, or maybe I was just more eager to have that cum in my pussy.

He stood up and pushed my back against the wall and he pumped me hard and fast. Someone knocked on the door and he placed his hand over my mouth to keep me from giggling. "Sorry, it's occupied," he called out.

My hips kept pushing me towards him. I wanted that hard penis to ram me for the rest of the flight. He had more stamina this time. He pumped me for forty-five minutes with four more interruptions before that thick flow of hot cum filled my hungry pussy. It felt explosive and it warmed my entire being. As he pulled out I reached down and pulled some cum out of my pussy and played with my clit until I enjoyed a fifth orgasm. It was the one that calmed me.

"That was great," he said, "and I really liked watching you play with yourself after I came. That's a real turn on for me."

"It was good for me too, thanks," I said.

He opened the door, and checked that the coast was clear and he motioned for me to leave. I walked to my seat and he joined me a few moments later.

The rest of the flight he fingered me and rubbed my breast under cover of a blanket. I was really relaxed when we reached Phoenix.

I had told my mother I would take the shuttle to her house, so I knew there would be no one waiting from me. I told Logan, "I'll call you tomorrow and tell you my plans for the games."

"Great, I'll look forward to hearing from you," he said, "Thanks for making this a great trip."

"It was my pleasure, I assure you," I told him.

As we deplaned I saw Ryan and smiled. He smiled back and winked. I said, "I'll call you this evening, maybe we can get together."

"That would be wonderful," he said and he headed for the terminal as I went to pick up my luggage.

As I was waiting for the shuttle, Ryan came driving by. "Ma'am, do you need a lift somewhere?" he asked.

"Oh no, I'm going all the way to Mesa," I told him. "I wouldn't want you to go out of your way."

"On the contrary," he replied, "Mesa is where I stay. Please let me give you a lift."

So I stepped into his car, put my luggage in the back seat and we were on our way.

We talked about our backgrounds for a short distance. He kept looking at my breasts and bare legs and I couldn’t take my eyes off the bulge in his pants. He asked, "What is the address where you are going?"

I told him and he said, "Oh that's close to where I stay. Would you like to have dinner tonight?"

"Oh that sounds nice, but I'm sure my mother will have a meal planned. Why don't I just call you on that?" I asked.

"Sure, that will work," he replied.

He dropped me at mother's front door and kissed me good-by and one of his hands reached for my wet crouch, which exploded with pleasure to his touch and the other hand reached for one firm breast whose nipple instantly became a rock. A fire grew in my groin. My pussy filled with hot juices; I wanted him. After the kiss he said, "I hope you don't mind, you are just so sexy and I had to see if you found me desirable."

"No, I don't mind at all; I hope you received the answer I tried to give you. And I reached for his hard cock. I hope this feels as good to you and that felt to me.

And I hope you will touch me more when we get together later," I told him then kissed him back; I gathered my luggage and got out of the car.

My mother was glad to see me and I met her new boyfriend. He was real nice and I was glad that he was there to take care of her. We talked and had an early supper. I told her of my plans to meet Ryan later on and she was fine with that. I just knew that I could not sit there and watch TV with them all night.

I called James after dinner and told him that I had arrived and hinted to him that I had been a bad girl, but I couldn't rally talk because mother and her boyfriend were sitting there watching television. I did tell him I was going out that evening to have drinks with a man I had met.

"I'm looking forward to hearing all about it," he teased me.

"I hope I have some great adventures to share with you," I whispered.

At eight o'clock I had about enough television and chitchat as I could take. I called Ryan and asked if he was busy. He said, "No, I was just thinking of you, jerking off, and hoping you would call."

I asked if he could pick me up and he said he would be glad to. I told my mother and her boyfriend that I was meeting a friend and we were going out to have a drink if they didn't mind. I showered and by the time I was dressed, Ryan was at the door. I introduced him to my mother and her boyfriend and told them not to wait up.

When we got tot the car, I kissed him passionately and said, "I am so horny, I need to be fucked really bad."

His penis shot up like a flare and I reached over and untethered it from his pants. It was easily nine-inches and two-inches around with a mushroom head that was pink and full, I leaned down and licked the head and I could taste precum. I wanted to feel this massive penis in my pussy.

He drove me to the hotel where he was staying and we had a drink. While we were in the lounge he had his hand up my skirt rubbing my clit. I rubbed the head of his dick through the unzipped opening. My pussy filled with blood and moisture in anticipation of his massive cock filling her.

We talked for about a half-hour, him touching and feeling me all the while. My hand was exploring his massive manhood. When he felt that my clit was standing at attention and the moisture was about to flow out of my pussy he paid the check and led me to his room, his penis pressing tightly on his now zipped pants.

Once in the room he ripped off his shirt and my blouse and he suckled my breast as a newborn baby. He moaned and his hands explored every inch of my torso. When his wonton hands reached my juice filled pussy he stopped sucking my breasts. He fell to his knees and rammed his long tongue into my slit.

I exploded! His tongue felt as long as his dick looked. He swirled it around and around and pushed it in and out of my moisture heavy pussy. It felt like electricity running through my body. My clit was on fire and it was throbbing while it awaited his attention. He did not make her wait long. My legs went weak and I had to hold onto the chair for support.

When his tongue touched my clit I exploded in an orgasm. He had a really great tongue. I thought, "Wow, you are good." And I gave myself to him. He licked me for close to a half an hour and it was like fireworks in my pussy.

Then he lifted me onto the bed. He tore off his pants and freed the beast that had been pushing against his zipper. I looked twice, just to make sure he wasn't black, because the massive piece of meat that fell from his pants appeared to be eleven-inches long and at least two and a half inches around. I reached for it and I could not even get my hand around it. I tried to go down on him but he pushed me back up. "I want to fuck you first, then you can blow me," he said.

So I laid back and relaxed and let him pleasure me. He started slow, teasing me with the massive head of his penis. In my pussy just a centimeter then out again. I smiled at his game. I knew this fuck was going to be really good.

He teased me for about five minutes and then all of the sudden he pulled high above my body and he rammed all eleven-inches deep into my hungry pussy. It tore at my skin and I could feel the burning deep inside. It was warm and felt so good in me.

He fucked me hard for about ten-minutes and I had two orgasms in that short period of time. Then he slowed down, almost to a halt. His rhythm became methodical. He was slowing down and I feared he was giving out.

All of the sudden, he pulled high above my body and rammed his hard cock deep into my ravenous pussy. The thrust shot deep into my person and my entire body shook with pleasure.

Then he slowed once again and chose a rhythm that would afford him the luxury of a long, leisurely fuck. My body responded happily and my hips started following his.

Over and over again, he brought me to the edge of an orgasm and then he would pull back enough to not let it happen. It was the most exciting fuck I had ever had.

He would change positions, which would light a fire in a different part of my body. Then he would speed up again and when he knew I was close to an orgasm, he would again shift his position and the heat would explode, but he would not let me orgasm. He played this game with my body for about two hours.

Finally he slowed his pace. He positioned his penis lower in my pussy and he took upward strokes as he sucked on my beasts again. My nipples were hard as rocks from the excitement he was causing in the lower regions of my body.

He was now deliberate. I could tell by the sound of his breathing. His breath became shallow and short. I could feel his penis growing in my pussy. Then wham! He hit my G-Spot. My body trembled and the orgasm was so deep my toes seemed to curl. I could not control the vibrations that his penis was causing to travel to the individual parts of my body.
I felt the hot fluids flow from him into my anxiously awaiting cunt. His cum felt so thick that it was like lava, burning my insides. I trembled as its heat flowed deep into my being. I wanted to take this man back home with me and make him my Bull.

When the last drop of his cum entered my body, his body trembled and he sighed deeply. He laid still, all his weight on top of me. I reached up and touched his face; there was sweat running off it. I lifted it and looked into his eyes. "You wouldn't want to do that again, would you?" I asked.

He smiled, "Give me two hours and I'll give it to you again," he replied.

I kissed his sweat soaked face and placed his head on my breast and he fell asleep. After taking his cum from my pussy to lubricate my clit for one last orgasm, I soon followed him into slumber. I could still feel the pleasure he had given me.

The next morning I awoke early. I smiled as I looked into his face. He looked so innocent and I remembered the pleasure he had given me the night before and thought how looks could be deceiving. I kissed him goodbye as he slept peaceful.

I slipped out of the bed and as I did a hand reached for me. It was but a reflex though and I slipped away easily. I left him a note thanking him for the best fuck ever and I called a cab. I returned to my mother's home just in time for breakfast.

I was tired but not tired enough to go to back to sleep. I read some and checked the schedule for the first game. Then I decided to call Logan and see if he wanted to go with me to learn a little about baseball.

He was just waking up when I called but he said he definitely wanted to join me. So we agreed on a time. I borrowed my mother's car and we met at his friend's house about an hour before the game. He introduced me to his friend, Jose' and they invited me to have coffee. I said, "I'd love some."

We had it in the back yard as we watched the roadrunners run around the yard in the low humidity weather of Arizona. Jose' asked how often I came to Arizona and I told him about every two years. He said that he felt gratitude that he had a chance to meet me. He could not take his eyes off of me.

Logan said, "Jose' knows a lot about baseball, he likes the Cats too."

"Well, you should join us then," I told him.

"Oh, I would love to!" he said.

Then Logan went in the kitchen and got himself another cup of coffee. Jose' scooted his chair closer to me and he said, "My friend, Logan said you have a pretty, shaved pussy. I have never seen a shaved pussy. I would like to eat your shaved pussy if you would allow me."

I smiled, "Oh really? It's interesting that Logan would tell you that. Have you much experience eating pussy?"

"Yes ma'am," he said, "eating pussy is my favorite thing."

I had on a short skirt and no underwear so I spread my legs and took his head and pushed it down to my pussy.

"Give me a demonstration of how good you eat pussy," I commanded.

All of the sudden I felt this long hard tongue enter the deep regions of my cunt. It was warm and moved like a snake around the recess of my pussy. It would come out occasionally to pay allegiance to my clit then it would burrow deep inside me again and strategically find my G-Spot to ignite a shock of electricity through my pussy.

He licked me for ten-minutes giving me three orgasms. Then Logan reappeared with cherries to eat and I let him feed them to me as Jose' continued to lick my now once again soaked cunt.

Finally, I pulled Jose' out of my pussy and said, "Okay, you guys, we have to go. I don't want to miss this game."

Jose' had a hard on but he arranged himself and we headed for the ball field.

There was no large crowd there and we could sit anywhere we chose. I am a right-field spectator so we found three seats in the front row over the dugout. I explained a little of the game to Logan. Jose' said he had a working knowledge of baseball since he had played in little league.

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