tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSpying on Robin

Spying on Robin


I suspect my adventure began with a simple low-ball bid during our local high school’s silent auction fundraiser.

On the table was an array of auction items, from professional sport tickets to dinners at local restaurants, health club memberships to autographed footballs. I arrived early and was prodded into bidding on several items, knowing that in all likelihood I’d be outbid but would give the appearance of being a big spender.

One of the items which struck my fancy was a pair of top of the line Bushnell binoculars. Of all the items displayed, that was one which I could use when hiking the hills near my home. At the end of the night, my modest bid was rewarded, as nobody topped it and I was presented with my brand spanking new, fancy, binoculars.

I used them a few times, or should I say my son did. We’d be hiking along a trail near a local river, me carrying the binoculars of course, when he’d ask for them and spy on birds, deer and various forms of wildlife.

The binoculars remained in my closet over the winter, but I started toting them with me in the spring when we’d go on hikes. I particularly liked having them when I walked a local mountain --- okay, it was a large hill but it did sound better when I said I went out hiking on Bartlett’s Peak.

Sedentary acts over the winter led to a bit of flab, and I took the opportunity during pleasant early spring days to make my way over to the “Peak” to burn off some calories and enjoy the scenery. I parked my dirty Civic in a lot near the river, and then began my trek, first along the waterway before starting up one of the trails which led to the top of the 2800 foot hill.

The trail was easy to traverse, we weren’t talking Everest here, and I spied various birds frolicking in the trees. There were robins, cardinals and bluebirds along with dozens of other species. Following the more secluded trail away from the river (most people preferred the “A” trail, the one which gradually meandered up the hill as opposed to my choice, the one which followed the cut of the mountain and went up, down and sideways).

My choice was less traversed by less experienced hikers, which was a plus, and I liked the view much better. You could see the small nearby town, complete with its quaint old church, general store and train station. In the old days it was a Chessie set of tracks but now absorbed by Conrail. There was limited passenger rail service, but once each weekday there would be several double-decker trains carrying commuters to and from downtown.

Being spring, the trees weren’t full of leaves, and I could see relatively easily into the quaint, postcard like town. Sitting on a large rock, taking a quick break for some water, I noticed a blue Mustang enter the train parking lot and pull into a parking spot close to the railway tracks. I thought it odd, because the station was several hundred yards away, but I quickly surmised the driver was most likely there to walk a dog or possibly go on a hike.

I pulled out my new Bushnell’s and gazed at the town and then over to the parking lot visitor. There was a young woman in the front seat, reading a book. That struck me as odd, because the nearby state park where I had left my car was a more serene location. It was along the river and was more scenic.

Just as I was set to put down my binoculars I noticed her license plate: “Robn 77.” I quickly surmised the woman’s name was Robin, and that she was either born in 1977 or maybe had a sports favorite who wore number 77.

The more I looked at her, the more she looked like someone who was born in 1977. She was clearly in her mid-to-late 20s, pretty, but not gorgeous. She was wearing a light red poor boy cotton top, but from this vantage point I couldn’t see anything else. I spied around the area a bit more, and then went back to Robin. She was still reading, and I smiled to myself at how I secretly was looking at her without her knowledge.

Putting the binoculars away, I stood to restart my walk. Glancing one last time toward the parking lot, I noticed a Ford SUV pulling into the spot next to the girl. Wetting my interest, I sat back down and pulled out my binoculars to see what was going on. Could it be some kind of a drug exchange, or maybe just two friends getting together for a walk? My mind wandered around to various possibilities, but none centered on what happened over the next hour.

Robin exited her car, locked it, and slipped into the front seat of the SUV. The driver was older --- he appeared to be in his late 40s or early 50s, a distinguished sort of man with a spraying of grey hair. Probably a friend of the family, or maybe her father.

Fathers, however, don’t kiss their daughters the way I thought I saw these two kissing. The seemed locked in an embrace, and kissed for a minute or so before moving away from each other and talking. The conversation went on for a few minutes and again I thought about restarting my hike. Yet something kept me sitting on the secluded rock, observing the two in the vehicle some 100 yards away.

My mind wandered a bit as I thought about the couple. Probably lovers who live in different areas, secretly meeting at this spot somewhat central to their homes. They obviously weren’t married, but the kiss was more than a friendly peck on the cheek. No, they were seeing each other. It most likely was a secret meeting, away from prying eyes of a spouse or boyfriend.

Maybe he was seeing her on the side, maybe she was his secretary, and maybe … well the possibilities were endless.

The age difference was odd, and the more I thought of it the more I felt I had mistaken their early kiss. Could it have been they weren’t really trading tongue with their initial kiss? Maybe it had been a long peck on the cheek and then a hug. Maybe this was an uncle or something, because after their initial hello they had retreated to their own side of the front seat.

In the distance I heard a faint train whistle, then another. I also noticed the two in the front seat laughing at some sort of joke. Soon I realized how wise it was for me to remain in my out of the way location, as what followed was a voyeur’s dream.

As the train let loose another blast from its whistle I noticed the man reach down and unzip his trousers. He reached in and pulled out his cock, which I could plainly see with my binoculars. Robin then scooted over and lowered her head, licking the tip of the man’s cock before slipping it into her mouth. The man kept looking around the parking lot, watching for observers, while savoring the young girl’s oral talents.

The scene before my eyes was erotic, and my loins tingled as she slowly bobbed her brunette graced head over the man’s midsection. She had the dick held at the base, and was slowly stroking it, as her head moved in tandem. Unlike some women, she was clearly into cocksucking.

The freight train approached and quickly blocked my view of the two lovebirds. I kicked myself for not having a better vantage point, and stood to move up the hill.

I couldn’t believe what I had seen. I mean, the girl had clearly gone down on the man right there in broad daylight in the front seat of his car, right in front of the eyes of the engineer who, if he looked their way at all, had to see the oral assault.

As I strode up the hill I looked for a higher, better place to see into the parking lot, but it wasn’t easy. The best place required me to stumble along several rocks away from the path, and I had to take care as not to slip and fall. After much maneuvering I managed to find a great location just as the last train car had clackity clacked past the lovebirds.

Looking down, I observed the couple back in their original places, opposite each other in the front seat, talking as if they had never been doing dirty deeds. I was more than a bit disappointed at not getting to see her oral talents in full bloom. It would have been a first for me, other than having watched blue movies or the brief, dark and barely visible, movie I took of my wife and me one Saturday night.

This was different. This was stealing a peak at a real life couple doing real live naughty things in front of my eyes. No actors, no script, just raunchy sex. A blow job in a car seat, in front of an engineer, passing cars and who knows who else walking past, to say nothing of my prying eyes.

There was one time in high school where I was on a double date. I was making out with Jill in the front seat, not getting past second base, while Tom was in the back seat going at it hot and heavy with Anna. As I leaned over to lick one of Jill’s splendid breasts I was able to sneak a glance through the opening between the front seats.

Tom was leaning back and Anna was stroking his dick. She was kissing his neck while she was flailing away at his cock, and he was moaning in pleasure. He swore to me the next day he’d received a bj, but from my furtive glances into the darkness I believe it was at best a hand job.

In any case, this real life situation presented in the parking lot below me was exciting, and I could only wish I had seen the full show and not merely a preview.

It was funny, because watching the two lovebirds they seemed so nonchalant about what they had just done. I mean, they didn’t seem lovey dovey; they were just holding hands and talking. I don’t know, when my wife gives me oral sex we generally cuddle after the act. Their faces were clear, and while she was a little flushed there were no signs of a recent eruption, and he didn’t appear drained.

The two were talking and laughing and acting as if they’d just shared a sandwich or something.

Thinking my peep show was done for the day, I once again gathered my belongings and stretched a little before re-starting my journey up the hill. I tingled a little thinking of the two down below, wishing I saw more, but smiled at the thought of what I did see. Just as I was starting back toward the path, though, I heard another train whistle, this time from the other direction, and looked one last time toward the parking lot below.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. Again I saw the two moving toward each other, kissing, and I noticed her reaching down. With my powerful binoculars from my new vantage point I could clearly observe her reaching into his pants and slipping out man flesh. It was a hard and apparently mouthwatering dick if her look was any indication.

She stroked the hardening cock, slowly at first, then a bit faster as the train approached. Upon hearing a second whistle, she slipped up onto the front seat, moving into a kneeling position on the passenger side. I saw she was wearing a short black skirt, possibly some stockings. It was a very nice package for her lover.

Robin glanced around the parking lot, said something to her lover, then bent her head once again and began licking the lollypop below. Again the man alternated glances around the parking lot with looks down at the top of Robin’s head. My newer hiding spot allowed for a perfect view of the front seat action, and the binoculars allowed for a front row seat.

I saw the young girl grasp the older man’s hard cock, stroke it, and then continue her licking action. Her mouth concentrated on the tip, hand playing with his stem and balls while she held herself steady with her other arm. A car pulled into the parking lot and drove past, oblivious to the action inside the vehicle. The two never missed a beat.

As the train approached from the west I watched in envy as the man, who had been fondling the girl’s ass, reached down and lifted up her skirt, placing it on her back. He then felt her ass through her panties for a few seconds before lowering the dainty cotton briefs. A smooth, rounded and lily white ass was revealed, a view that was protected from the back of the car but was fully visible from trackside.

Robin was indeed wearing stockings, the thigh high variety, which gave contrast to the pale white skin of her thighs and ass. The panties remained high on her thighs giving a marvelous view of stockings, thighs, panties and ass cheeks to my voyeuristic eyes. The man continued to slowly stroke and fondle her ass as she mouthed his cock.

The sight was fantastic, and brought my dick to attention in my pants. I watched as she lovingly laved the rock hard missile, alternating strokes with her hand and licks and sucks from her mouth.

I realized two things as the train approached: it was a passenger train, Amtrak I suspected, and there was absolutely no way the engineer or anyone looking out the left windows of the passenger cabins could possibly miss the erotic sight of the two lovebirds in the SUV.

It was almost as if the pair wanted to be observed doing the nasty deed. One couldn’t miss her kneeling on the front seat, ass high in the air, and there was no question as to what she was doing with her mouth. I thought for a moment they were exhibitionists, but there was some degree of modesty as the man kept looking around the lot.

Robin’s bare ass was unmistakably high and in clear view of the train’s windows, so I could only surmise that part of the thrill was that they were giving those on the train a show and nobody else.

The train slowed as it approached the far end of the parking lot, preparing to stop at the station a couple hundred yards past the parked cars. Robin’s head began bobbing a little faster, and I noticed the man pushing his midsection toward her face. The two were moving in tandem as the train neared them, and the engineer had to have seen something as soon there were two long toots to the train horn.

Unlike earlier, when the train blocked my view, my higher elevation allowed for a view of the SUV as the train slowly went past. I could swear the man was looking right at the passenger cars and smiling as young Robin worked her mouth magic on the mushrooming cock.

The man continued to feel her bare ass as he savored her sucking mouth, and I watched as he said something to the girl. She looked up at her man, smiled while stroking his cock, then lowered her head once more.

The man slid his hand over the top of her head and guided the action. Robin was now in full assault on the cock, and her head moved quicker on the meat. The man’s head no longer was swiveling to and fro, looking for spying eyes. Rather, his head was back and his eyes were closed.

Soon I saw Robin’s pretty cheeks bulge, and not a second too soon as the train pulled to a stop. Her head slowed as she continued to mouth her man’s dick as he opened his eyes and smiled. She lifted her head, swallowing his seed while continuing to stroke his dick and looking out the window.

Just as passengers began exiting the train the man started the vehicle, backed out of the spot and sped out of the lot. All the while Robin had moved to her side and began tugging up her panties and smoothing down her skirt.

The last thing I saw was the SUV heading away from the station onto the main road. That’s when I noticed a couple of guys exiting the train and pointing toward the vehicle. I could only imagine what they were saying, but I am sure it was something like: “Did you see that girl giving a blow job in the SUV? It was unbelievable. Her bare ass was high in the air and her mouth was low on his cock.” Or something like that.

All I know is that my dick was hard from watching the lovers, and I only wished my binoculars had come with a zoom lens camera.

I waited a few minutes until my erection had subsided, knowing full well my wife would be getting boned extra hard that night.

My hike up the hill was uneventful, and I decided to return on the same trail I had gone up. When I saw the parking lot I noticed she must have returned for her car as it was gone, and I made a mental note to return myself in the future to see if I could once again spy on the two front seat lovers.

Thank heavens I bid on those binoculars.

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