tagNovels and NovellasSt. Mary's 6th Form Sluts Ch. 05

St. Mary's 6th Form Sluts Ch. 05


"C'mon Steve, help us out," pleaded Shona.

"I dunno girls," replied Steve, the assistant caretaker, "I mean, what's in it for me? I'd be taking a big risk letting you store that stuff in here."

"You know damn well what's in it for you," replied Jane hotly, "the same thing as always. Why do we have to go through this every time?"

"Just making sure you girls know what's at stake if I get caught hiding your booze," replied Steve.

"We know, we know," was Shona's exasperated reply, "You'd get the sack and we'd get expelled. Or are you holding out for a better offer?"

Steve smiled, "No," he replied, "I guess not. The usual fee?"

"Of course," said Jane.

"When?" asked Steve.

"You doing anything now?" asked Jane.

"No," replied Steve.

"Well then," said Shona, "Why don't you lock the door and we'll get started?"

Grinning, Steve made his way to the door, turned the key then returned to his seat. "You girls drive a hard bargain," he said.

"I think hard is the right word," said Shona stroking the growing bulge in the front of Steve's trousers as she knelt down in front of him.

"I should think so too," said Jane as she took her place next to her friend.

In no time at all, Shona had her hand inside Steve's trousers and had released his straining cock from its imprisonment. He sighed as her fingers began to work their way up and down his engorged shaft. Jane leaned forward and began to lick one side of his shaft as Shona started to lick the other. The girls worked their way along his rigid pole, licking and kissing every inch as the made their way towards the top.

Reaching the tip of his cock, the two friends kissed. Their lips pressed firmly around either side of Steve's knob as their tongues flicked over its surface. "Oh fuck, that's good!" groaned Steve as Jane and Shona shared his cock.

Jane nudged Shona's shoulder. Softly at first then harder. Shona reluctantly moved her head out of the way, giving her friend free access. She watched as Jane opened her mouth and wrapped her brightly lip-glossed, red lips around Steve's engorged knob. As Jane's head began to bob back and forth, Shona flicked her tongue over Steve's balls. She was rewarded with a satisfying groan of pleasure.

Steve was clearly enjoying the attention he was receiving. He sighed and moaned as Jane's lips slid along his shaft. Her tongue swirled over his knob and lightly flicked the slit at its tip. Reaching in through the leg of his boxer shorts, Shona teased the ridge of skin that ran from his balls to his arsehole. "Oh fuck," groaned Steve, his hips giving an involuntary thrust in response to Shona's touch, "Oh fuck, oh Fuck, oohhh!"

After a few minutes, Shona decided it was time for her to get in on the action. "My turn now," she said. Jane gave Steve's cock one final suck before reluctantly surrendering possession to her roommate.

Shona quickly took him into her mouth. His cock was slick with Jane's saliva. Beads of pre-cum were already beginning to ooze from his slit. As Shona slid her lips along Steve's shaft, Jane circled the root of his cock with her fingers and began to stroke the lower part of his dick.

Shona altered her pace from slow to fast then slow again. Her tongue flicked along the ridge of Steve's knob and across its slit while Jane sucked and licked his balls.

Steve's hips began to buck. "Get ready girls!" he cried, "I'm gonna blow. Shona pulled her mouth away. Jane pressed her cheek firmly against Shona's. Both girls waited expectantly, their mouths open wide as Steve's fingers frantically pumped up and down his shaft. "Oh fuck... Oooohhh!!" moaned Steve as his cock erupted. A thick jet of cum shot straight into Shona's mouth. A second struck Jane across the face. It dribbled down her cheek as he Steve straightened his aim and sent the next bolt between her lips.

Shona turned to her friend and began to lick Steve's cum from her cheek. Jane wrapped her lips around his knob and sucked the last drops of his cum into her mouth. She turned to Shona. Their lips pressed together, their tongues entwined in each others' mouths as they shared Steve's cum. Steve sat back in his seat, spent.

Finally, the girls stood up. "Well?" said Shona, enquiringly.

"If one of you is here at five, I'll give you the key," replied Steve, still struggling to catch his breath.

"Great," said Shona, smiling as she turned towards the door. The bell went to announce the end of lunchtime. "Fuck!" said Shona, "guess I'll have to do without my after dinner fag." She unlocked the door. Jane blew Steve a kiss then, laughing, the girls turned and made their way to their next class.


Jane selected a dress from her wardrobe and held it up in front of her. "What do you think?" she asked, looking across at her roommate.

Shona looked up. Waving her hand to dry her nail varnish she said, "It's a bit concealing by your standards isn't it? It can't come to more than about 3" above your knees."

Jane laughed. "Ok," she said, selecting another, "how about this one?" It was a short, tight black dress with red flowers, it was cut low at the front. Jane had worn it before and both girls knew that it showed her figure off to good effect.

"That's more like it!" exclaimed Shona, "For a minute I thought you were turning boring." She studied the dress a little more closely. "I assume you have had it cleaned since the last time you wore it?" she asked with a knowing smile.

Jane smiled back. "Of course it's been cleaned," she replied hotly.

"And just how did you explain what that particular stain was and how it came to be there to the dry cleaner?" asked Shona wickedly.

"Well...," replied Jane, "they guy in the shop was kinda dishy and as he was just about to lock up, I hung around for a bit then took him through the back and showed him exactly how it got there."

Shona laughed. "The sad thing is," she said, "I actually believe you."

"So what about you." asked Jane, "What're you wearing?"

"I thought I'd wear my black backless one," replied Shona, " you know, the one Craig likes so much?"

"I know the one," said Jane, "it's the one your tits keep spilling out the side of."

"They do not!" retorted Shona indignantly.

Jane laughed. "Well they would if that dress was any smaller, or if your tits were any bigger," she said.

Shona tried, unsuccessfully, to look hurt. "I like my tits fine the way they are thank you very much indeed!" she exclaimed."

"Mmmm, me too," said Jane, licking her lips suggestively.

"Well, they're right here if you want them," said Shona, letting the towel that was wrapped around her body fall away.

"So they are," replied Jane as she crossed the room to her friend's bed.

"Ooooh, that's good," purred Shona as her roommate's hands slid over the surface of her firm globes. Her nipples stiffened instantly and Jane lowered her head and sucked gently on each one in turn. "Oh, yes! Suck them," moaned Shona. Jane responded eagerly, sucking as much of her friend's breast as she could into her mouth then biting down softly with her teeth. Shona bit her lip. "Mmmm," she murmured as she felt Jane's hand slide up the inside of her thigh. "Ooooh!" she gasped as Jane's fingers worked their way between her lower lips and began exploring her pussy. "Oh Jane! Oh yessss!" she cried as Jane slowly slid one, then two and then three fingers into her cunt. "Oh... oh... oooohhhh! Mmmmm," she sighed as Jane began to pump her fingers in and out, her tongue flitting from nipple to nipple as she fucked her roommate with her fingers.

Jane could feel the walls of Shona's cunt tighten about her fingers as she drove them in and out. She hummed softly as she sucked her friend's nipples deep into her mouth. She could feel her friend's heart pounding within her chest as she drove her onwards with her fingers and mouth. Her own pussy throbbed. Reaching down, Jane began to tease the lips of her muffin with her free hand as she worked her fingers in and out of her roommate's pussy.

Shona felt a warm glow spread all over her. "Oh fuck Jane," she breathed, "Oh that's sooo good!" She clenched the walls of her pussy around Jane's fingers moaning over and over again as her friend slowly twisted them inside her.

Jane could feel her own juices trickle over her fingers as she teased her own entrance. She could feel the tension mounting in Shona's body as she drove her relentlessly towards her climax. Jane felt her own need growing. She began to rub frantically at her clit. She wanted Shona and her to come together. Her roommate's obvious pleasure drove her own excitement higher and she felt the first barely perceptible contractions ripple through her womb.

Shona's body trembled as the sensations inside her grew stronger and stronger. She was dimly aware of her friend's growing excitement as she surrendered herself utterly to Jane's touch. "Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Ohhhh mmmmm aaahh!!" she moaned as the pressure inside her built up. "Oh Jane!" she cried, "Oh yesss! Don't stop! Oh don't stop! Oooooh!" She began to shake more violently. Biting her lower lip, she forced herself to hold back.

Jane's teeth bit harder against Shona's nipple as she fingered herself with increasing abandon, responding to urgency of Shona's need for release. "Oh fuck, Jane," she heard Shona moan, "I'm cumming, I'm cumming! Oh Jane! Oh... Oohhhh!" The passion in Shona's moans, the wild thrashing of her body as her orgasm climbed higher and higher drove Jane over the edge. She pressed firmly against her throbbing clit as her own sensations peaked. "Yessss!" she cried, throwing her head back and giving voice to her release as wave after wave of pleasure pulsed through her.

Jane threw her arms around Shona, holding her tight as the two friends let their orgasms carry them away. Feeling Jane's body shake every bit as violently as her own, Shona returned her friend's embrace. She pressed her lips to Jane's and they shared a passionately lingering kiss as they slowly regained control of their bodies.

"Oh Jane, that was wonderful," whispered Shona into her friend's ear, "I guess I needed that."

"Yeah, well...," replied Jane, "That's one you owe me."

"Indeed I do," said Shona, smiling briefly before kissing Jane once more. "We'd better get a move on though, or we'll be late," she added.

"I guess so," said Jane with a sigh. She rose from Shona's bed and crossed to her side of the room. Shona watched as Jane wriggled herself into her dress. As she smoothed it over her stomach and hips, Jane turned to Shona. "Knickers or no knickers?" she asked with a wicked smile.

"Hmm, good question," replied Shona trying to look thoughtful. "You do plan on getting screwed tonight don't you?" she asked.

"Stupid question," replied Jane.

"I know. Just checking," said Shona. "I guess it depends on whether or not you want to spend the entire evening with cum dribbling down your legs."

"Good point," said Jane, "knickers it is then I suppose."

Shona laughed. "Well, you could always keep them in your bag and only put them on if you need to," she said.

"Nah" replied Jane with a shrug, "I'll put them on now. I'll only forget if I don't."


Even sitting in the caretaker's store cupboard, Shona could feel the beat of the music thumping through the walls. Sitting on Steve's seat, cigarette in hand, she took another pull of her Smirnoff Ice. Taking another long draw on her cigarette, she exhaled with a contented sigh. Shona heard the coded rap on the door. "It's me, Jane!" came the voice from outside. Shona unlocked the door and let her friend in, locking the door again behind her.

Shona reached behind the filing cabinet and brought out a drink for Jane. "Ta," said Jane, taking the bottle from Shona. She became aware of her friend's scrutiny. "What is it?" she asked.

"Something on your chin," replied Shona. "It looks suspiciously like cum," she added with a grin.

Jane wiped her chin with the back of her hand. "Oops," she said with a giggle. Shona looked at her enquiringly. "Ok, ok," spluttered Jane, "I took Gary Robb into the toilets and blew him." Shona tried to look disapprovingly at her friend but failed miserably. "If you must know," continued Jane, "I was still horny from earlier and I just couldn't wait for Matt any longer. Where is he anyway?"

Shona shrugged. "Got a text from Craig a few minutes ago," she said, "They'll be here shortly. Was he any good, Gary I mean?"

"I've had worse. To be honest he's a bit phallicly challenged," replied Jane, holding her thumb and finger a few inches apart and giggling, "although you'd never think it to look at him," she added.

“Hmmm,” replied Shona, shrugging. “I noticed that about him too.”

“Oh?” replied Jane, raising her eyebrows.

“Well,” continued Shona with an expression of artful innocence on her face, “I had to thank him for helping me with that Chemistry assignment last term, didn’t I?”

“I guess you had,” replied Jane. “Just once though,” she continued, “I’d like there to be someone that you haven’t beaten me to.”

“It’s possible,” said Shona, smiling, “but not too likely.”

“You bitch!” replied Jane, giving her friend a playful slap across the face.

The friends laughed. Jane took another sip of her drink. "I suppose we'd better finish these off and go and meet the guys," she said.

"Suppose so," said Shona, taking a final puff on her cigarette before stubbing it out in the ashtray on Steve's desk. The girls finished their drinks and Shona turned to unlock the door.

"And what're you two up to?" came a voice as Shona and Jane turned the corner and emerged into the main corridor. It was Avril Baker. Her twin sister, Audrey, stood beside her.

"None of your business," said Jane angrily.

Avril sniffed. "You've been smoking again haven't you?" she said to Shona.

"Prove it," replied Shona, "and even if I have, what can you do about it?" She grinned wickedly. "Even if you could do anything, all I'd have to do is mention Mark Tucker' party to the right people, wouldn't I?

"You... you wouldn't?" stammered Avril.

"Try me!" said Shona, "C'mon Jane, let's leave them to it." She took Jane by the arm and led her along the corridor.

"What was that all about?" asked Jane, "Go on, spill the goss."

Shona shrugged. "Seems The Battle-axe's favourite let her halo slip a bit. Sandra told me that Little Miss Starch Pants back there isn't quite as innocent as she'd like people to believe."

"Go on," demanded Jane.

"Well, allegedly, our Miss Goody Goody got just a teensy-weensy bit stoned and ended up doing a dance routine in the middle of the floor."

"And? Go on. Don't keep me in suspense." demanded Jane.

"The dance routine involved her removing her clothes," said Shona with a perfectly straight face.

"What? Avril Baker got out of her face then stripped? I don't believe it." replied Jane.

"Straight up!" replied Shona grinning broadly, "Just ask Sandra, she was there. There's a rumour that someone caught it all on video too."

"I'd love to see that," said Jane as she burst out laughing.

"Hmm, me too," said Shona. "She may be a pain in the arse but you have to admit that Avril has got a good body. Audrey too."

"Oh you!" exclaimed Jane, "You know that apart from you I only do guys."

Shona shrugged. "Well that's your problem, you should try it more often," she said, "You don't know what you're missing."

"I'm not missing a damn thing," replied Jane. "I like cock and so do you, I'm just not as keen on pussy as you are. If I do want pussy, I've got yours and that's more than enough for me."

"Why thank you," said Shona. "Look, there's Matt and Craig waiting for us. I do hope your drink has washed away the smell of cum off you breath," she added wickedly.

The girls greeted their boyfriends enthusiastically then led them through the corridor to the hall where the music pounded relentlessly. "What kept you?" asked Jane.

"Well," replied Matt with a shrug, "me, Craig and a few of the lads decided to stop of at 'The Haymaker' for a couple on the way here. I didn't think you'd mind."

"I didn't really, I guess," said Jane. Shona threw a knowing smile at her friend as they walked through the door into the hall.

Jane lost herself in the beat of the music. Without a care she ground her body against Matt's as she surrendered herself to the rhythms. Her body tingled with desire as she pressed herself into Matt's embrace. Turning around, she wriggled her bum against the growing prominence in the front of his jeans.

Shona felt bolts of electricity pulse through her as Craig's hands took advantage of the access afforded by her dress to stroke the sides of her breasts. Her nipples stiffened in response to his touch. Her lips closed on his, her tongue invaded his mouth as she rubbed her thigh against his stiffening cock. "What have we got here?" she whispered in his ear, taking advantage of a momentary break in the music.

Craig smiled at her. "Why don't we see if we can find somewhere quiet and I'll show you," he replied.

"Ok, let's go," replied Shona taking her boyfriend by the hand and leading him off the dance floor.

They made their way steadily down the corridor, making sure not to draw any undue attention towards them. The last thing Shona wanted was another run in with the Baker twins. Arriving unnoticed at the door of the caretaker's cupboard, Shona reached into her bag and produced the key. "In here, quickly," she said as she unlocked the door and pushed it open. Craig smiled and followed his girlfriend into the cupboard, closing the door behind him. His lips were on hers even as she turned to lock the door. With that task completed, Shona tugged urgently at Craig's jeans, undoing his belt and easing them down over his hips. She stroked his cock with eager fingers, feeling it expand still more in her hand. "Oh Craig," she sighed, "I want you inside me."

"Not so fast," replied Craig. He picked her up and sat her on the edge of the desk. Shona trembled in anticipation as he knelt down in front of her and began pushing the hem of her dress upwards.

"Oh Craig!" she gasped as he pulled aside the wet gusset of her knickers and slid his tongue between her hot, wet labia. "Oh fuck that's good," she moaned, reaching down to clutch the back of his head with one hand, pressing him more firmly against her. Her other hand slipped inside her dress, caressing her tits as Craig's tongue explored every fold of her pussy.

"Ahhh, mmm," sighed Shona as Craig sucked her swollen clit between his lips and flicked his tongue over the tip. Perched precariously against the edge of the desk, Shona rocked her hips, responding to the touch of her boyfriend's tongue. She pinched her nipples and felt lightening bolts of pleasure stab through her. Craig's tongue darted in and out of her hot, wet tunnel. Shona flexed the walls of her cunt, trying to grip his tongue as it flicked in and out.

Craig returned his attention to his girlfriend's clit, licking it with firm strokes of his tongue. Shona felt the first ripples in her womb as a warm glow spread over her. "Yesss! Mmmm, oh yes!" she cried as the sensations steadily increased in intensity. Her hands caressed her tits, pushing them together as she teased her nipples between her fingers. Craig's tongue flicked rapidly over her clit. Shona's hips began to buck, her pussy felt as if it was on fire. "Oh... Oh... Mmmm... Ahhh!" she moaned as her womb contracted more violently.

With her eyes clenched firmly shut, Shona gripped the edge of the desk as she felt the pressure mount. She bit her lower lip as she struggled to deny herself the release her body craved. Craig's tongue beat relentlessly against her clit. He could tell from Shona's breathing and the way her body flinched that she was on the brink of her climax. He sucked her clit between his lips, humming softly as his tongue flicked over it. "Oh yes... Oh yes... Oh Craig... Ohhhh!" cried Shona as her orgasm gripped her. Her body shook. Her hips bucked, lifting her bum off the desk. "Oh Craig," she moaned, "I want you soo much! Fuck me Craig! Fuck me now!"

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