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Star Trek, The Literotica Episode


"Give her all you've got Mr. Scott," Captain James T. Kick yelled into the intercom from the bridge of the Starship, Enterprise.

"Aye Captain, I'm giving her every inch I have right now," Mr. Scott yelled back as the view screen on the bridge switched to the engine room. A young female technician was bent over a console with Mr. Scott's knobby dick flying in and out of her drooling pussy. Her big breasts swung to and fro from the assault. The slapping of his hips on her round ass sounding loud over the speakers.

"What the fuck?" Kirk asked.

The elevator doors opened behind Kirk and Bones stepped out with his big boner in his hand. "What can I do to help, Jim?" he asked quickly.

"I could use some ass-istance," Mr. Spock said from the Information console.

Bones and Kirk looked that way. Lt. Uhura was kneeling in front of Spock with his long shalong jammed down her throat. The skirt of her uniform was up over her back, her white panties down around her knees, her dark rounded ass bared to both their eyes.

Bones turned and dropped to his knees. "Ass-istance is my specialty," he said as he rammed his hips forward to impale Uhura on his boner.

Uhura's head came up and she yelled. "For a doctor you sure don't know an asshole from a hole in the ground."

Bones jerked his hips back and rammed them forward again. Uhura's eyes got as big as saucers as his big dick nailed her right up the ass. "Fuck!" she yelled.

"That was the general idea," Bones said sarcastically. "I'm the doctor around here and a little lubrication was called for."

"Lt. Uhura, please pay attention and not talk with your mouth full," Spock said as he pushed her head down and jammed his long shalong back down her throat.

Uhura groaned loudly and bobbed her head in time with the big boner running in and out of her tight ass. She was the chocolate center in a reverse Oreo.

Kirk looked at them and then looked around at the view screen. Mr. Scott was still pounding away at the Technician. "Has this whole ship gone to the dogs?"

Mr. Sulu stood up, dropped his pants, and bent over the flight console. "I love it doggy style," he whimpered as he wiggled his ass invitingly.

"What? You're gay?" Kirk asked loudly.

Mr. Chekov, jumped to his feet, jerked out his long thin dick and stepped over behind Sulu. "I seen it first, Captain" Chekov yelled as he rammed his dick up Sulu's ass.

Sulu's eyes went wide and then he cooed, "Spank that ass. Make it go at warp speed."

Kirk jumped to his feet. "Has everyone gone mad?" He yelled.

Electrical sparks flew around the room. Panels sparked and arched, small fires broke out. Kirk was the center of the energy field for a second and then there was a big puff of smoke. As the smoke cleared, Kirk stood there with a wide-eyed expression on his face and a baseball bat sized dick sticking out the front of his ripped uniform.

He lunged sideways and grabbed yeoman Colt. He lifted her up in the air and jammed her down, impaling her on the bat-sized dick. Her eyes were incredibly wide and her mouth open in a silent scream. The dick had ripped right through her cotton panties and was jammed halfway up to her throat. She stuck out her tongue expecting to see a dick instead.

"FUCK YOU ALL," Kirk screamed as he rammed the yeoman up and down on the massive dick.


Gene Roddenberry looked away from the screen and asked his assistant. "Where did you find the fucking writer for this episode?"

"Uh, an internet site called Literotica. You said you wanted to spice things up."

Roddenberry frowned and said, "Two things. Never go near that site again and for Gods sake don't ever let my daughter find out about it."

A few seconds later, Roddenberry groaned deeply and sat up straighter in his chair, his eyes open wide, his mouth open in a perfect circle.

"Uh, to late sir, I think she found the incest section."

"No shit!" Roddenberry said with a loud gasp as the head in his lap started to bob up and down.

"I wonder if she is going to use a stunt double when he comes his brains out?" The assistant asked as he stood up to leave the screening room.


"Was it too over the top?" The writer asked as the assistance stepped out.

The assistant grinned. "Tex, you might say that but for my money it was right on. Just don't look for a check in the mail anytime soon."

"Rats!" Tex said as he jammed his hands in his pockets and walked off down the hall playing pocket pool.

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