tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersStart of the School Year

Start of the School Year


Jim felt extremely nervous as he made his way to his parents' room after dinner that fateful night. He had been thinking of how best to ask his question all week, and for almost 2 months before that. He had been trying to gather as much information as he possibly could, but being only13 his sources of information were limited by his parents at that time. Still, he had managed to pluck up his courage, and with a final deep breath, he knocked on their bedroom door, and entered.

His dad was sitting in an easy chair, reading his evening paper, while his mom was sitting in bed, reading a book. They both paused and looked up at him, curious why he wasn't out playing in the yard, or watching TV.

"Mom, Dad, I...want to ask you something. It has been on my mind for a while now, and I, um, well, I guess there isn't any easy way to say this so I'll just say it. I have always felt wrong, in my male school uniform, and since I am starting in a new school this year, with new friends, new classmates, and new everything, I was wondering if I could start in the new school with a new me as well?"

His dad looked at him curiously, and his mom looked a little confused. Thankfully it was his dad who asked him the first, obvious question on their minds.

"What do you mean by a new you, son?"

"Dad, I was looking thru the old baby books, and I found some pictures of me in a dress before. I know I was an infant, and you told me it was a christening dress, all babies wore, but Dad, when I saw it, I felt like something was missing. I know you and mom also would threaten to put me in a dress when I was growing up, to punish me. But you never knew when we lived in CT that one of our neighbors daughters actually dress me up, and it was the happiest I had been. I..I want to be that happy again, and so, since we have just moved here, and I haven't gotten to know anyone around here, I was wondering if I could become a girl for my time here?"

As he expected, his parents looked shocked, and then confused, but thankfully, they both didn't start shouting at him. He stood there nervously, almost afraid of what they were going to do to him. Being a devoutly religious family, they knew fire and brimstone speeches, and he really didn't want to hear one right then and there, but they held off on it. Instead, his mom looked at him, as if evaluating him.

"Well, we might be able to pull it off, if that is what you want. But if your father and I are going to allow you to try this, you are going to go forward with this fully, doing everything I instruct you in. If you show even the slightest hesitation, resistance, or rebellion during this, then you will be punished just like all girls are at your age by your father. He will pull you over his lap, raise your skirt, showing off your panties to anyone present, and spank your bottom until your blubbering and kicking your legs like any little girl. And I am going to teach you all about makeup, hairstyles, and proper deportment for a young lady. Also, since you're going to present yourself as a girl at school, that means you're always going to be a girl while this happens. That means for you, dresses, skirts, and all the time. No going around in anything boyish. Is that what you want?"

He stood there, a smile spreading across his face. He nodded his head eagerly, looking at his parents, trying to read their reactions. They were both surprised by his eagerness, but they hid it well behind a mask of mild amusement, and interesting curiosity. They both knew that eventually, they would have to either bring him out of it, or force him to choose, but for now, they were willing to indulge him, because they loved their son.

"Ok, then tomorrow I am going to take you out shopping, for both your school uniforms, and some around the house clothes. We will also stop and let you have a complete makeover, and once you are settled, we will register you at school. I guess we will have to give you a girl's name, unless you have one already picked out?"

"Mom, Dad, I always liked the name Julie/Jim . Could I be Julie/Jim?"

"Of course, Julie/Jim . Now, off to bed for you. You have a very busy day ahead of you tomorrow."

Jim (Julie/Jim ) smiled a broad smile, and left his parent's room. His dad was the first to speak, once he was sure Jim was away.

"Sandra, I know you like to spoil him, but to do this, well, there are some things that just can't be hidden, You know that as well as I do. If he is really going to pass as a girl, well, his lower leg is going to have to change. And last I checked, there isn't a way to do that."

"Stop your worrying, dear. There is a new shop in the mall, selling full body, female bodysuits. If he is really serious, we will get him one. If he doesn't want to do it, once the suit is on, it can be sealed closed for a programmed time. So he will be stuck, either way. Now, don't worry about it. She'll do ok. She is, after all, very brave in telling us now, when we can do something to help her."

"I guess so, dear. Still, if she does become our daughter, I intend to make sure she has a well spanked bottom. After all, that's how I got to you. I put you over my knee in your uniform all thru school too. And as I recall, you always seemed to find me, and beg me to spank you. So our daughter is going to get her own dose of spankings."

The next morning, Jim was awoken by his mother. She came into his room, and shook him on the shoulder. "Julie/Jim , sweetie, time to wake up. We have a very busy day ahead of us, if we're going to get you ready for school."

Jim smiled as he woke up. He was surprised to see his mother holding up a sun dress, and a pair of panties. He smiled, and crawled out of bed, surprising his mother with his sleepwear, namely a pink nightie he had purchased off of ebay. She smiled, and led him into the bathroom, where she had laid out some scented soaps, and a shaving kit. She told him to make sure he was totally smooth below his hair line, and then to come out with the towel wrapped around her midsection.

Julie/Jim /Jim loved her first true feminine bath, and took over an hour making sure everything was perfect. He then went out to his room, and saw his mother there waiting. He sat down, and allowed his mother to apply his makeup for the first time, sitting paticently as she explained that beauty isn't all makeup, but a mix of makeup and proper layering. He sat there smiling, as she finished by brushing out his hair, and putting it into a low ponytail. She then helped him into the dress and panties, before handing her a small purse, containing some lipstick, a tissue, and some other items.

As Julie/Jim /Jim and his mom left the house, his father got to work clearing out the old furniture, clothes, and other boyish reminders. He then got to work painting the room in a soft pink color, and arranging some new feminine furniture in the room. Included was a vanity, chest of drawers, and a larger bed, with a softer mattress. He also put out some stuffed animals, and finished with some electronics, to make sure their new high school student would have enough room to make sure that homework was done on time.

Julie/Jim /Jim and his mother meanwhile first stopped at a new store, selling the latest in petticoat punishment suits, the extended wear bodysuit. The sales agent smiled as she heard the story about Julie/Jim , and recommended the 5 year model. Julie/Jim /Jim and her mom sat thru the short demonstration, and while Julie/Jim /Jim went into a back room to slip the suit onto his body, Julie/Jim 's mom and the sales girl made some selections for the computer programming nessessary for the suit to function. One selection that seemed a bit odd was the "no removal" option. After debating with herself, Julie/Jim 's mom decided to enable it, and set the time for the maximum amount, 5 years. The sales girl explained that the suit would grow with Julie/Jim , and mould her into a perfect teenager, but then after 5 years, if they wanted to keep Julie/Jim /Jim as a teenager, all they had to do was set the program to halt growth, and seal for 99 years. The sales girl also made note that the suit would be activated once Julie/Jim /Jim left the store wearing it.

Julie/Jim /Jim returned wearing the suit under her dress, and Julie/Jim 's mom was shocked and pleased. It covered her son's whole body, from the crown of his head, to the tips of his ands and feet. No one could tell Julie/Jim /Jim was a boy. Smiling, Julie/Jim 's mother purchased the suit, and smiled. Both Son and Mother left the store, and despite a small gasp from Julie/Jim , no complaint was heard.

Mother and son then went to the various clothing stores, and picked out outfits for Julie/Jim /Jim for her time out of school. They also had her fitted for her school uniforms. Julie/Jim /Jim was all smiles the whole time, smiling each time she wore a new outfit, and smiling broadly as she got looks from both the girls and some of the more forward boys too. Julie/Jim 's mom knew eventually someone would try something, but the sales girl said not to worry, as the suits were designed to take any abuse and wear short of a killing blow.

Mother and son left the mall at 2:45 pm, loaded down with bags of clothes. Julie/Jim /Jim giggled to himself as he saw the amount of items he had bought during his first shopping trip. He knew he was going to enjoy the year. Since they were going to the school, Julie/Jim /Jim decided to wear her uniform, just to get used to it, and to present himself to the administration.

Julie/Jim /Jim and his mom waited at the school for almost an hour. It wasn't the line, but because of the unique circumstances presented. Julie/Jim 's mom had insisted on speaking to the principle before signing up her "daughter", and both had been led into his office a short time later.

"Principle Soso, I want to first make something clear, and ask what your school's policy is on the matter, before registering my "daughter" here. Julie/Jim /Jim isn't a normal girl. She is in fact a boy, in a new petticoat punishment suit. She has asked to live her life as a girl, and my husband and I want to let him do so. We have already made arrangements so that only you will know she is a he, but I want to be sure that is as far as it goes here in the school."

"Julie/Jim , Mrs. Jones, I can assure you, you are not the first family to make the request of me, to have their son enrolled as their daughter. I will of course allow it, with the following conditions. Julie/Jim /Jim will be subject to the same punishments as the other girls. She will have her skirt raised and her panty clad bottom spanked for any rule breaking and uniform violation. She also will have to take the ballet classes, and join the cheerleading squad, to improve her flexibility, and to give her a chance to make some friends. Also, our school, while doing everything in its power to prevent such occurrences, can only do so much, to prevent any practical jokes by the boys here perpetrated to the girls. The most common seem to be skirt flipping and bottom spanking. We do, however, punish the boys caught, by forcing them into skirts too, but without the feminine make over. Boys in skirts are fair game to the girls. Julie/Jim , if you can agree to these conditions, I see no reason why you can't enroll here."

Julie/Jim /Jim smiled and nodded. "Sir, I think I can accept those rules. And thanks for the heads up on the boys antics."

Julie/Jim 's mother smiled, and sent her child off to register. Meanwhile, she and the principle sat and talked some more. Julie/Jim 's mother had been at the same school, and had remembered the pranks, and the punishments. She had also remembered the principle. Mr. Saso also remembered her, and how she had kicked and squealed when her bottom was being spanked.

"Well, Margret. It seems it has been a while since I have seen you in my office, young lady. And you seem to be out of uniform."

Margret smiled, seeing that Mr. Saso wanted to play. She also had spied the school uniform hanging in the closet. "Yes sir, it seems it has been a while, and I guess I am out of uniform. Do you have one I can wear?"

"Yes Margret. It is in the closet there. Now, go get into uniform, and we can make sure you are properly punished for your transgressions."

Margret got up, smiled, and slipped into the large closet to change. She slipped off her summer dress, and pulled off her lacy panties, and then began dressing in her old school's uniform. She pulled on the white cotton panties, the simple white bra, the blouse, and finally the jumper. She had always hated the jumpers, since it reminded her of something the little girls wore, not the high school girls, but now that she was wearing it again, it brought back her childhood memories. She finished off by slipping on the knee high socks, and Mary Jane shoes, before doing her hair up in a ponytail and walking back out into the principle's office.

Mr. Saso smiled as he saw Margret back in her uniform. He had pulled a wooden chair out in front of his desk, and had sat down on it. He smiled, and beckoned Margret over to him, before helping her over his lap. Margret squirmed as she lay across his lap, and blushed as she felt his hand flip up the back of her jumper skirt, exposing the panties. She felt the movement of the air, then she felt the SMACK of his hand on her bottom, and she couldn't help but let out a squeak as her bottom once again fell under the principle's powerful spanking hand.

Mr. Saso spanked the squirming mother in her school uniform again and again, watching and listening to her squirming, kicking, and pleading. He marveled as her legs kicked and her bottom squirmed, trying to avoid the spanking she had desired. He was all to happy to put her across his lap, and spank her till she remembered what it was like when she was the school girl. Finally, after seeing her sag into the spanking, and begin to sob, he stopped, and lifted her up off his lap, and sent her to the corner while he admired her well spanked bottom.

Margret whimpered in the corner, her ass on fire from her spanking at the hands of the principle. She remembered all too well the times he had spanked her in school, and despite the pain with each spanking, how her pussy had become wet with her excitement. She hoped that Julie/Jim /Jim would receive the same spankings, but she wasn't sure how Julie/Jim /Jim would react to them. Margret heard Mr. Saso cough, and then heard him send her back to the closet to change, if she wanted to. Julie/Jim /Jim had registered for the classes she needed to take, and was just picking up her cheerleading uniform and ballet appeal from the school supply room. She would be back shortly, so if Margret wanted to change, now was the time.

Margret thought about it, and decided she would go out with her daughter, dressed in their uniforms. She smiled, and thanked Mr. Saso for her spanking, and for admitting Julie/Jim /Jim as he was. Mr. Saso smiled, and sent her out to meet her son.

Julie/Jim /Jim was surprised to see his mom walking towards him in a school uniform, but he accepted it for the time being, as being in line with the school. He figured, if a girl saw the principle, she had best be dressed appropriately. As they walked out to the car, Julie/Jim /Jim was all talkative as he told of the classes, and how nice the cheerleading coach seemed to be, and even how some of the students were looking him up and down with some eagerness and lust.

As Mother and son returned home, their father met them at the door. He helped his wife and son bring in the shopping, and then he asked them both to come to the living room, since he had gotten an unusual phone call from the school that they needed to discuss. Julie/Jim /Jim and his mom moved everything into Julie/Jim 's room. Julie/Jim /Jim couldn't believe how it looked now, and he couldn't wait to thank his father for giving the room such a feminine makeover. Once everything was put away on hangers or in the drawers, both Mother and son went down to the living room, still in their schoolgirl uniforms.

"Margret, Julie/Jim , I got a call from Mr. Saso. He says that Julie/Jim /Jim has been admitted as a girl, as long as he receives the proper punishments and puts up with the boys pranks. He also told me that you, Margret, seemed to be flirting with him, and I can see he decided to try to teach you a lesson. Well, I think it is time I gave you both a taste of what is to come. I think I'll start with you, Julie/Jim , since I want to see just how good this new body suit of your works."

Julie/Jim /Jim gulped, and walked over towards his father. He felt his father pull him over his lap, and flip the school uniform skirt up, exposing to his father the white cotton panties he was wearing. Julie/Jim /Jim squirmed a little, and then he felt the first SMACK on his bottom, and let out a squeak. Julie/Jim /Jim began kicking and squirming on his father's lap, as his father's hand continued spanking his pantied bottom. Mike was surprised at how lifelike the body suit his son wore reacted to his spanking. He could see Julie/Jim 's ass redden under the spanking, and he could hear his son's pleading as the spanking continued. There was no sign of any male arousal, but Mike could see the pussy in the suit begin to moisten as Julie/Jim /Jim got excited. Mike continued spanking Julie/Jim /Jim across his pantied bottom, till finally he decided to let his son up. He sent Julie/Jim /Jim to the corner, with her skirt tucked up to show off his pantied covered bottom.

Mike then took Margret across his lap, and raised her own skirt up, exposing her panties. Margret squirmed, but also smiled as she felt her husband expose her bottom. She then let out her own squeak as his hand began spanking her bottom. Margret had been hoping her husband would finally spank her after so many years, and now she was being spanked. She kicked her legs and squealed with each spank, each time, loving it more and more.

Mike too enjoyed the sight of his wife's bottom as it wiggled under his assault. He loved the way her legs kicked and her panties bunched up, cutting into the cleft between her ass and showing off her pussy in the gusset. He could also see her own juices begin to coat the gusset of her panties, and could tell she was really enjoying it. After spanking his wife, he lifted her off his lap, and sent her to stand next to her son. Both mother and son stood in the corner, their skirts tucked up, exposing their pantied covered bottoms. Mike smiled to himself and thought that maybe it would be fun to have 2 girls in the house.

Mike finally called them out of the corner an hour later, and told them both quite plainly that he was happy that they had taken their first spanking so well, but he promised them that any misbehavior and they both would be over his lap and being spanked in no time flat. Julie/Jim /Jim and Margret both blushed, both having been embarrassed but also excited by the thought of being spanked again. Mike and Margret and Julie/Jim /Jim sat down to dinner that night, excited for the following day.

Julie/Jim /Jim went to bed that night, and had the strangest dream. In it, she was standing in a room, with 2 people. Both of them were her, but in one, was his male side, and in the other, was Julie/Jim . Both of them seemed like they wanted Julie/Jim /Jim to choose something. Then Julie/Jim /Jim felt another presence in her dream, and he recognized the sales lady from the shop in the mall.

"Julie/Jim , this is a decision night suit. It will respect whatever decision you make, but you must make it tonight, and accept it for the rest of your life. Before you stand both of your personalities, the Male side and the Female. Each will offer you something and demand something as well. The male side offers you the opportunity to return to being a boy. It however demands that you kill the female side in you. The female side wants you to choose her, but its price is to allow yourself to become totally female including all the problems, challenges, and joys of being female. You can pick the side you want, by walking to it in your dream body, and embracing that side. The suit you now wear will do the rest. Just choose wisely, because both sides have their positives and negatives. Which ever you choose, the suit will alter time and history, to make that side seem normal. No one will remember the events of the day, nor will they remember the past. Both sides have their own history. In one, your male from birth, and have been active in sports, and destined to be a great player, but will likely cheat on your future wife, and loose a lot of money in the ensuing scandal. The female history is likewise bitter sweet. You were born female, and have been active in ballet and gymnastics, making you super flexible. You're destined to be a good stage dancer, and get married to a male partner, but your husband isn't always the most attentive, and he does abuse you. You do, however, give him a daughter. Now Julie/Jim, it is time for you to choose which life you would like."

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