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Starting My Morning Off Right


This is my first submission. I'd love some constructive criticism, or effusive praise.

xoxo - Pebbles

I'm home "sick" from work today. I love days like this when I can just lounge in bed, lazily playing with myself. Just teasing. Warming up for the day ahead. It was chilly last night, so I slept in flannel pj bottoms and a tank. I usually wear panties with my pj's so I don't have to wash them as often, but last night I never put any on after my bath.

Anyway, laying in bed, hand in my pants, just teasing myself, thinking about coffee and work, and the girl in the cublicle right outside my office. I started getting good and horny. My fingers were slick and I could feel a little trickle seeping from my pussy down to my ass. It was a hard decision, but I had to stop for a little bit, at least. I needed to catch up on my other blog and make coffee and all that real life shit.

With my coffee made, I sit down to start working on the other blog. Mind you, working on that blog means looking for, sorting through, and commenting on pictures of beautiful, sexy women. It's not long before my coffee's forgotten and I'm sorting through pictures with one hand and the other's back in my pj's. This time, it's not so much teasing as it is me wanting to get off. NOW.

My fingers are running through my wet lips, just barely poking into me, then running back up through them to spread my juices on my clit. I'm looking at a picture of two teens, topless in contrasting thong panties, smiling at the camera. Ther firm young tits standing out proud. Thinking of myself there with them, I slide my finger inside myself. I'm so wet, it slides right in. It feels so good. I give it a little squeeze with my pussy, then slide it out, rubbing it over my clit. Circling my clit a few times with my finger, then I bring it back down to my pussy. And in. Deeper this time, I lift my hips off my chair a little bit. And I'm inside myself deep. I twist my finger a little bit, then push forward, rubbing against the front wall of my pussy.

I move to the next picture. It's of a striking woman in her 30′s. She's sitting on her bed with an office skirt hiked up to her waist. Her legs are spread and she's got one foot up on the bed with her. Her pantyhose and panties are hanging in a tangled mess from her foot. One hand is propping herself up, and the other is holding a camera. There's a burst of light that obscures her face, but that's not where I'm looking right now. I can clearly see her pussy. Her dark brown bush is trimmed close, but it's not shaved. I can see that her pussy is wet because it's glistening in the light of the flash. Her pubic hair is matted with her juices near her pussy lips.

My fingers are running over my clit ever faster. Sliding down between my lips and then inside me. Two fingers now, pinching my swollen clit between them as they come up, then plunging back down into my wetness. Deeper, and harder. My pj's are soaked now...the entire area under my ass is a mess with my pussy juices. Worse, the waistband is keeping me from going as deep as want to. Not wanting to stop, but knowing I have to, I stand up quickly and pull the pj's off and kick them across the room. Or try to. They get caught on my foot and end up draped on my desk- the enormous wetspot looking up at me.

I sit back down in my chair, legs spread wide now. My right hand is rubbing furious circles around my engorged clit while my left hand is plunging two fingers into my pussy. In. Squueze. Twist. Out. In. Squeeze. Twist. Out. Faster and faster. My pussy is making loud squishy noises and there's a thin white froth at the bottom of my fingers. Faster. And now I can't squeeze anymore. I'm so close to cumming. I just relax my pussy as my fingers piston in and out, my clit tingling like mad as my other hand rubs it.

Closer and closer. My breath is shallow and I'm moaning now. My eyelids close briefly as my orgasm almost hits. A false start. I open my eyes again and look at the woman on my screen. At her wet pussy. Another small convulsion. Another loud squelchy sound from my pussy. My office now reeks of my wet pussy and I wonder what the girl in the cubicle next to my office would think if she could see me now. If she could smell me now...

And I explode. The strength of my orgasm makes me jackknife in my chair. My thighs clamp around my hands, trapping them against my wet sex. Wave after wave of pleasure convulses through me- starting from me clit and extending outward towards my toes and fingers. I see purple. My scalp tingles.

Slowly, the feelings subside and my sticky thighs unclench. I'm feeling so warm and glowy. I give a little shudder as I pull my fingers out of my pussy...look at the sticky wetness on them. I smell myself. Smile. Ah. That's better.

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